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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 10.7.14: #RAW Results

By @BSA1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's the RAW recap from last night's show. RAW took place live from Brooklyn, New York, home of one of the roughest, toughest son of a bitches to ever lace up a pair of boots in the WWE..........that's right I'm talking about the Brooklyn Brawler. Some highlights of last night's show consisted of Roman Reigns informing us of his current medical issue and timeline of a return to action. Rusev was supposed to face Big Show, however, The Authority ordered Show out of his match after the flag incident. The main event would see a "Handicap Match" with Dean Ambrose and John Cena vs Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Kane. All that and more, let's get to the recap.

- In Ring Segment with Seth Rollins: Rollins storms to the ring, angry about what Dean Ambrose did to him last week. Rollins shows off on the TitanTron what he did to Ambrose with the "Curb Stomp" on the briefcase last week and brags about being the future of the WWE. Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble come out and try to get Rollins attention. Rollins ignores them and continues talking. John Cena runs out and attacks Rollins. Rollins escapes and runs through the crowd. Rollins mocks Cena in the crowd but doesn't see Dean Ambrose appear behind him. Ambrose unloads on Rollins and Rollins runs back toward the ring. Cena grabs Rollins at ringside and Ambrose flies through the air taking out both Cena and Ambrose. Mercury and Noble hold Ambrose back as Rollins escapes. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon appear. Stephanie says they will not let tonight's show turn to chaos. Noble and Mercury were sent out to warn Rollins but his ego wouldn't listen. Triple H announces Dean Ambrose and John Cena vs Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Kane in the main event later.

- "Six Man Tag Match": The Usos and Dolph Ziggler vs Goldust, Stardust and Cesaro: Goldust attacks Jimmy Uso before the match and throws him shoulder first into the ring steps. Ziggler hits the "Famasser" on Cesaro but the pin is broken up. The Usos suicide dive onto the Rhodes Brothers on the floor. Cesaro with the european uppercut on Ziggler but the pin is broken up. Stardust hits his finisher on Ziggler but Ziggler kicks out. Stardust gets a triple super kick to the face from the trio of good guys. Jimmy hits the splash from the top rope for the pinfall.

- In Ring Segment with Adam Rose, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda: Dancing and Shenanigans. The New York crowd was very hostile in this segment which was the only enjoyable thing about it. Again, great talent wasted for this five minute segment of nothing.

- Segment with The Wyatt Family: A video on the TitanTron appeared with Bray Wyatt talking about setting Luke Harper free again.

- Mark Henry vs Bo Dallas: Mark Henry beats the life out of Dallas on the floor. Henry goes for the "World's Strongest Slam" on the floor, but Dallas escapes and rolls back into the ring before the ten count and wins by countout.

- In Ring Segment with Dean Ambrose: Ambrose says John Cena's been in his space and he doesn't like it. Calls Cena out to settle their issue now. Cena's music hits and out comes Cena. They agree that they don't like each other. Ambrose has no problem knocking Cena out and fighting The Authority alone if need be. Cena reminds Ambrose that The Authority put Ambrose out for five weeks. Cena says Ambrose has guts but Cena doesn't have an issue knocking Ambrose out right now too. Ambrose says he's going to eat at Coney Island and ride the Cyclone and Wonder Wheel, and tells Cena good luck alone tonight.

- Backstage Segment: During the commercial break, cameras followed Dean Ambrose. Ambrose gets on the subway train that leads to Coney Island.

- Backstage Segment with Triple H and John Cena: Triple H jokes about Ambrose leaving Cena alone tonight. Cena says he'll go through Randy Orton and Kane to get to Seth Rollins. Triple H promises he'll make sure Rollins start the match first.

- "Brie With One Hand Tied Behind Her Back": Brie Bella vs Summer Rae (w/Layla): Nikki Bella watches from the stage. Brie makes Summer smack into Layla and scores the pin with a knee to Summer's face.

- Backstage Segment with Kane, The Miz and Damien Sandow: Miz and Sandow sent Kane a fruit basket trying to apologize to The Authority. Kane says The Authority see right through Miz and order him to face Sheamus later.

- Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) vs Tyson Kidd (w/Nattie Neidhart): Kidd goes for the "Sharpshooter". Swagger reverses into the "Patriot Lock" but Kidd escapes. Kidd goes to the top rope but Swagger knocks Kidd off the ropes and locks in the "Patriot Lock" making Kidd tap out.

- Edge and Christian promote WWE Network for only $9.99 and promote watching their Smackdown best of show on the Network after RAW.

- Roman Reigns is live via satellite and says he's been good since his hernia surgery, will get back to 100% and be back soon.

- El Torito (w/Los Matadores) vs Mini Gator Hornswoggle (w/Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil): El Torito wins as the New York fans chanted "This Is Stupid" and "Derek Jeter".

- In Ring Segment with Rusev and Lana: Lana says today is Russian President Putin's Birthday. Lana says Big Show should be in jail for what he did to the Russian Flag. Rusev says America is nothing and Big Show is a coward just like all of America are cowards. IF YOU SMEEEEELLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN'! The most electrifying man in sports entertainment, The Rock, arrives, and is headed to the ring. Rock delivers his classic lines. Tells Lana and Rusev to know their role. Rock works out in the morning but doesn't pull his shorts up to his nipples like Rusev.
Rock tells Rusev he has a moose knuckle. Rock talks about hitting all five boroughs and chanting Derek Jeter just to get to RAW, setting up his "Finally The Rock has come back to Brooklyn" shtick. Lana tells Rock to shut up. Rock tells Lana to stop dressing like a Soviet street walker. Rusev calls Rock garbage and tells Rock to leave before Rusev crushes him. Rock tells Lana in person she's smoking hot but it's too bad she's walking around like someone shoved a Smirnoff bottle up her putin. Rusev gets angrier and begins speaking in Russian. Rock hits Rusev with the classic "It doesn't matter what you think" line. Rock calls Lana and Rusev international a-holes. Lana says Rusev is hungry, so Rock unloads punches to Rusev's face and sends Rusev to the floor. Rock dares Rusev to step back in the ring but Rusev and Lana leave.

- Paige and Alicia Fox vs A.J. Lee and Emma: A.J. walks out on Emma cause she wanted nothing to do with Emma. Paige hits the "Ram-Paige" on Emma for the pinfall.

- Segment with The Wyatt Family: Bray talks about setting Erick Rowan free.

- The Miz (w/Damien Sandow) vs Sheamus: Sheamus goes for the "Brogue Kick" but Sandow pulls Miz out of the ring. Sheamus goes for another "Brogue Kick" but Sandow jumps on the apron, shoves Miz out of the way and takes the hit. Miz rolls Sheamus up from behind for the pinfall. After the match, Sheamus grabs a steel chair and chases Miz and Sandow away.

- Joan Lunden advertised for breast cancer awareness month.

- Edge and Christian with more WWE Network advertising.

- "Handicap Match": Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Kane vs John Cena: Rollins starts the match like Triple H promised, but Rollins tags out right away. Cena goes for "AA" on Rollins but he gets attacked by Orton and Kane causing a DQ. Kane choke slams Cena. Dean Ambrose returns with a hot dog cart. Ambrose squirts ketchup and mustard in Orton and Kane's face and runs them down with the hot dog cart. Ambrose slides into the ring and attacks Rollins. Cena hits Orton with an "AA" as Ambrose dumps sauerkraut and relish on Rollins. Cena hits "AA" on Kane as The Authority finally retreat. Triple H and Stephanie arrive and announce that at WWE Hell In A Cell it'll be Dean Ambrose vs John Cena with the winner meeting Seth Rollins inside Hell In A Cell. The show closes out with Ambrose laying Cena out with a DDT.

And that's a wrap on this week's RAW recap, till next time tap or snap.

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