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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 10.12.14: Smackdown Results

By @BSA1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. Today's edition is the Smackdown recap from last night. Smackdown this week, was the show's 15th Anniversary show held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Highlights from last night's show included the return of Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis as both men led teams of 8 against each other. John Cena and Dean Ambrose air out their issues with each other on MizTV. Rusev battled Dolph Ziggler. Seth Rollins and WWE Divas Champion, A.J. Lee were in action. Let's get to the recap.

- In Ring Segment with Stephanie McMahon, John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long: Stephanie talks about this being Smackdown's 15th Anniversary show and mentions how her husband, Triple H, defeated The Rock on the very first episode 15 years ago. Steph mentions "the people" and out comes the leader of "People Power", John Laurinaitis. Johnny is ready to inject "people power" into tonight's show...but hold up...playa! It's Teddy Long, making his way to the ring. Johnny and Teddy argue over who the best GM of Smackdown was and decide to settle it in the ring. It'll be Team Johnny vs Team Teddy in a 16 Man Tag Team Match later, winning team will crown either Johnny or Teddy the best GM of Smackdown.

- In Ring Segment with Adam Rose and Stephanie McMahon: Before Stephanie can leave the ring from the opening segment, out comes Adam Rose and his Exotic Express Party Posse. Rose tells Steph to not be a lemon cause there's a party going on tonight. The billion dollar princess isn't amused with Rose's antics and announces Adam Rose vs Kane right now.

- Adam Rose vs Kane: Rose tries to avoid Kane and get quick offensive moves in. Rose applies a sleeper but Kane crushes Rose into the corner. Kane grabs Rose by the throat and choke slams Rose to hell. Kane covers and scores the pinfall. Ladies and Gentlemen.....Adam Rose's undefeated streak has ended. After the match Kane lays out the Exotic Express with choke slams and goes for The Bunny but The Bunny retreats back to his rabbit hole.

- Smackdown 15th Anniversary Rewind: John Cena's debut against Kurt Angle.

- AJ Lee vs Alicia Fox (w/Paige): Fox works over A.J. with mat wrestling as Paige coaches her from the floor. Fox gets a near fall with a back breaker. A.J. fights back and locks in the "Black Widow" submission, forcing Fox to tap out. After the match, Paige tries to attack A.J. with the Divas Championship. A.J. avoids the attack and sends Fox crashing into Paige.

- Smackdown 15th Anniversary Rewind: The Big Show and Brock Lesnar's superplex that collapses the ring.

- Kofi Kingston vs Seth Rollins (w/Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble): Rollins takes it to Kofi inside and outside of the ring. Kofi attempts a comeback but Rollins delivers a "Curb Stomp" for the pinfall.

- Video Segment: The Wyatt Family have another weird segment. All signs are still pointing to Erick Rowan and Luke Harper going solo.

- Smackdown 15th Anniversary Rewind: Edge and Jack Swagger cashing in Money In The Bank on Smackdown.

- Rusev (w/Lana) vs Dolph Ziggler: Rusev attacks Ziggler quick and mat wrestles him down. Ziggler lands a drop kick but misses a second one. Rusev over powers Ziggler and locks in "The Accolade", forcing Ziggler to tap out. After the match Lana complains about The Rock interrupting them on RAW. Rusev challenges The Big Show to a match on this week's up coming RAW.

- Smackdown 15th Anniversary Rewind: Steve Austin brawling with Booker T. in the Supermarket.

- The Philadelphia Eagles are in attendance tonight. They're having a great time considering they almost lost to the Rams on Sunday.

- Backstage Segment with The Rock, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon: Triple H mentions beating The Rock on the debut episode of Smackdown. Rock mentions beating him the following week. Triple H and The Rock then go back and forth about being victorious if they ever had a one on one match in present time.

- Smackdown 15th Anniversary Rewind: Steve Austin destroying the DX Express bus.

- Cake is delivered, celebrating Smackdown's Anniversary.

- Booker T., the 5x 5x 5x 5x 5x WCW World Champion arrives to do commentary in the big Team Johnny vs Team Teddy match.

- "16 Man Tag Team Match": Team Teddy: Mark Henry, Los Matadores, Sheamus, The Usos, Jack Swagger and El Torito vs. Team Johnny: Heath Slater, Titus O'Neil, Goldust, Stardust, Bo Dallas, Cesaro, Damien Sandow and Hornswoggle: A lot of action and hot tags through out the match. Sheamus hits "White Noise" on Cesaro but Sandow breaks up the pin. Los Matadores hit suicide dives over the ropes, taking out a few Team Johnny guys. The Usos go airbourne next, taking out their enemies, Goldust and Stardust. Henry has Dallas for the "World's Strongest Slam" but Dallas escapes and dumps Henry to the floor. Sheamus plants the "Brogue Kick" in Dallas' face but then Sheamus is snatched up by Cesaro for the giant swing. Jimmy Uso breaks the swing with a super kick on Cesaro. Sandow goes for the "Skull Crushing Finale" but gets hit with the "Brogue Kick" from Sheamus. Jey Uso flies through the air and splashes Sandow from the top for the pinfall. Teddy Long is the best GM of Smackdown.

- Video Segment: Another Wyatt Family weird segment. Set them free.

- MizTV with John Cena and Dean Ambrose: We get to see The Miz on the 15th Anniversary of Smackdown, he says we should be honored. Miz promotes Hell In A Cell which will include his guests tonight. Dean Ambrose and John Cena come out for their face to face. Ambrose says he laid Cena out on RAW because he doesn't care who he is or what he's done. You don't cross Ambrose and if you do he'll hunt you down. Says Seth Rollins is his and Cena won't stop him from getting his revenge on Rollins. Cena says Ambrose is unstable and the decision makers are scared of what Ambrose will do. Cena says he's impressed with Ambrose but at Hell In A Cell people may not care about John Cena but Dean Ambrose will know John Cena's name when it's over. Cena likes his chances. Miz tries to instigate more between Ambrose and Cena. Cena tells Miz to shut up. Miz says they are ruining MizTV. Cena and Ambrose decide not to fight each other tonight and instead they both attack Miz. Ambrose hits the double arm DDT, laying Miz out. Cena sneaks in, grabs Ambrose and lays Ambrose out with an "AA". Smackdown closes out with Seth Rollins on stage watching.

And that's this week's show, till next time, tap or snap.

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