Sunday, November 30, 2014

TV Tonight 11.30

By @nevaRWilliams

Football night In America (NBC, 7 PM)
Broncos @ Chiefs (NBC, 8:20 PM)

2014 Grey Cup, Calgary Stampeders vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (ESPN 2, 6 PM)

DirecTV Wooden Legacy, Championship (ESPN 2, 10 PM)
California @ Fresno State (CBS SportsNet, 6 PM)

MLS: Western Conference Finals, Leg 2: Los Angeles Galaxy @ Seattle Sounders FC (ESPN, 9:20 PM)


Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas (FOX, 7 PM)
Mulaney (FOX, 7:30 PM)

2014 Soul Train Awards (BET, 8 PM)
Once Upon A Time (ABC, 8 PM)
The Simpsons (FOX, 8 PM)
Madam Secretary (CBS, 8:30 PM)
Brooklyn Nine Nine (FOX, 8:30 PM)

The Walking Dead, MIDSEASON FINALE (AMC, 9 PM)
The Newsroom (HBO, 9 PM)
Resurrection (ABC, 9 PM)
Family Guy (FOX, 9 PM)
Bob's Burgers (FOX, 9:30 PM)
The Mentalist (CBS, 9:30 PM)

Talking Dead (AMC, 10 PM)
The Comeback (HBO, 10 PM)
Revenge (ABC, 10 PM)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS, 10:30 PM)
Getting On (HBO, 10:30 PM)

Comic Book Men (AMC, 12 PM)

Weekend 3 Count: 11/24 - 11/30 #WWE #TNA

By @B_Rock1978

The Weekend 3 Count is brought to you by Triple Threat CLE.

*** Weekend Flashback ***

This week's flashback will be a highlight video of two up and coming superstars in the WWE. One is the current Mr. Money In The Bank and possible future WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The other made his name in Japan and on the independent scene and is currently wrestling on NXT.

Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) vs. KENTA (Hideo Itami) Ring of Honor 2006

*** WWE News and Rumors ***

- The major story of the week is the "Icon" Sting. Unless you've been living under a rock all week, I'm sure you've heard that Sting made his debut for the first time ever in a WWE ring. Sting arrived and helped Team Cena defeat The Authority at last Sunday's Survivor Series.

- What's next for the Stinger? As of now, WWE are throwing around two different storylines. Option number one is a Sting vs. Triple H match at Wrestlemania 31. Which makes perfect sense due to Sting dropping Triple H with a "Scorpion Death Drop" and costing The Authority their jobs. Option number two is the WWE might still go with Sting vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31. That is if Undertaker is even healthy enough to go one more match. So we will see where the WWE decides they will go with The Stinger.

- My opinion on Sting? I'd like both matches please. I was thinking they should keep Sting as a pay per view appearance only character with maybe one or two RAW appearances. Here's what I would do if I was booking Sting. At WWE TLC, I'd have Sting get involved with a Seth Rollins match and cost Rollins the match, keeping the screw The Authority angle going. Royal Rumble in January, we'd get Sting's first ever WWE match as he faces a pissed off Triple H. Sting beats Triple H and reappears at WWE Fast Lane in February and plants the seeds for his Wrestlemania match with Taker. We get one or two RAW appearances by Taker and Sting to build the match then get the payoff match at Wrestlemania. Now who wins that match, really doesn't matter to me with the streak gone. But I'm thinking WWE would put their guy over (Taker) before an outsider (Sting). WWE could possibly induct Sting into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, as a reward for losing to Taker.

- As for who is running RAW with The Authority gone now? It appears WWE is going back to the surprise GM of the night angle again at the moment. Daniel Bryan was this past RAW's GM and and tomorrow's RAW will be the return of the Anonymous GM that emails his decisions throughout the show.

- Tomorrow's RAW will be entitled "Cyber Monday". The WWE Universe not only gets the Anonymous GM computer calling the shots but also gets to vote on matches and stipulations throughout the evening by the WWE app.

- This week's Smackdown finally seen the debut of Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. The trio are calling their faction The New Day.

- There was a new WWE Divas Champion crowned at Survivor Series last Sunday. Nikki Bella defeated A.J. Lee in under 10 seconds to take home the gold. Also at Survivor Series, The Miz and Damien Sandow walked out the new WWE World Tag Team Champions. Be sure to head back and read my Survivor Series Results.

- Rumors were circulating that A.J. Lee may have asked for her release from the company, after the way she lost the WWE Divas Championship at Survivor Series. According to sources close to A.J., these rumors are false and she is planning on finishing out her contract. A.J.'s contract with WWE expires after the WWE TLC pay per view in December.

- Speaking of the Divas. Rumors are saying that WWE may be moving current NXT Women's Champion, Charlotte Flair, to the main roster in December. WWE have been very happy with Charlotte's progress and feel it may be time to use her on the big stage.

- CM Punk news!! Punk was recently on his best friend, Colt Cobana's, podcast and finally opened up about why he left the WWE, last January. Colt Cabana's podcast link is also in this article if you want to listen to the CM Punk interview

- Ryback, who was one of the men that Punk took shots at in the Podcast, responded on Twitter with a picture of eight Ryback action figures, surrounding a CM Punk action figure, which was put through a table. Ryback has since deleted all Twitter posts directed at Punk.

- And how does WWE feel about Punk's podcast? The boys in the locker room are happy this leaked. Vince, Triple H and all the higher ups, of course are denying all of it and are pretty pissed off with Punk right now. I think it is safe to say that CM Punk not only burned his bridge with WWE, but he blew the thing up.

- Bad News Barrett had some good news this past week. Barrett finally received his green card. Which gives him the right to compete in the United States without issues. Barrett has had issues in the past with his work Visa not letting him in the United States to compete at wrestling shows.

- Bully Ray was interviewed recently this week. Bully stated that he would be open for a WWE return and do a singles run. Bully stated that he would love to wrestle Brock Lesnar and John Cena. If used right, Bully could be a good addition to any storyline with his "I don't give a damn" attitude.

*** TNA News and Rumors ***

- TNA will begin doing TV tapings for their new TV home, Destination America, in January. Those shows will be taped at the Manhattan Center in New York City.

- TNA is making plans in doing a reboot when they premiere on Destination America. Not sure if that means they are rebooting champions or just rebooting the layout of the company.

- One change TNA is being rumored to be making, is at the announcers table. Sources are saying that TNA may be replacing Mike Tenay with former WWE announcer Josh Matthews.

- TNA is also discussing doing their first show on Destination America live. Honestly, TNA needs to do all their shows live. I really hate knowing what's going to happen two months before it actually happens. For example, if you read spoilers, we all knew Bobby Roode was going to win the TNA World Championship, Samoa Joe was vacating the TNA X Division Championship and James Storm and Abyss were going to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship, two months before it happened. Knowing this, for example, took a little bit out of that great series of matches for the tag titles that Team 3D, The Hardys and The Wolves delivered. We all knew The Wolves would retain after it was all said and done. All I'm saying, if you want to compete with the WWE then TNA needs to treat Impact like it is their RAW and go live every week.

And that's this weekend's 3 Count. Join me every Sunday afternoon as I post news around WWE, TNA and GFW. Till next week, tap or snap.

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 11.30.14: #Smackdown Results

By @B_Rock1978

It's A New Day!

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's the Smackdown results from last night's show. Last night's show took place in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This week's Smackdown consisted of the moment we've all be waiting for! The debut of The New Day! Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E make up the newest three man faction in WWE. Daniel Bryan, returned as acting GM, just like on RAW and filled out tonight's match card. Rusev defended the WWE United States Championship in a 20 Man Battle Royal, as punishment for blowing off his attempt at saying the pledge of allegiance on RAW. The main event saw Luke Harper defending his WWE Intercontinental Championship against former IC Champ, Dolph Ziggler. All that and more, let's get to the results.

- MizTV: Smackdown kicks off with The Miz and Damien Sandow inside the ring, hosting another MizTV. Miz talks Survivor Series and winning the World Tag Team Championship. Miz next calls out a man that shocked everyone at Survivor Series, The Big Show. Miz tells Show that everyone has negative things to say, he's been called a traitor and he never should have even joined Team Cena. Show says he did what was best for him and what was best for his family and no one has the right to judge him. Cue Daniel Bryan's music and tonight's acting GM of Smackdown. Bryan runs down tonight's card, pissing off Show, Sandow and especially Miz, who doesn't appreciate the spotlight being taken off of him. Bryan takes verbal shots at Miz then announces the first match tonight will involve Big Show, Miz and Sandow in a 20 Man United States Championship Battle Royal.

- "WWE United States Championship, 20 Man Battle Royal": Rusev (c) vs. Nineteen Other Superstars: The final four come down to Rusev, Cesaro, Jack Swagger and Tyson Kidd. Kidd goes for a springboard cross body on Swagger but gets caught. Swagger dumps Kidd to the floor and we're down to three superstars. Cesaro and Swagger both end up on the apron, fighting and trying to eliminate each other. Rusev gets involved and shoves both men to the floor for the win. Rusev retains the WWE United States Championship.

- Kane is again working the concession stand and has a comedy skit with Santino Marella.

- In Ring Segment with Bray Wyatt: Bray is in the ring with a mic. Says when Dean Ambrose climbed the ladder at Survivor Series, Dean looked like an angel, ascending to the heavens. Says there isn't room for people like them up there, there is another place they will end up, Bray molds his own demons, the devil works in mysterious ways, they've reached the point of no return and will smile at TLC when he puts Ambrose in the ground where he belongs. Follow the buzzards....

- Emma vs. Nikki Bella (w/Brie Bella): Emma gets a near fall rollup early. Nikki works over Emma's arm and shoulder area. Emma sends Nikki into the turnbuckles and then hits "DilEmma". Emma licks her hand and smacks Nikki's ass (hello) then slaps Nikki's face. Nikki lands an elbow then a kick to Emma. Nikki hits Emma with her finisher to score the pinfall.

- In Ring Segment with Nikki Bella: Nikki grabs a mic and says that she has worked harder, A.J. Lee needs to look at Nikki and see what a real Divas Champion looks like and A.J. will always be that pathetic manipulating girl from Jersey. A.J. Lee hits the ring and gets in a few punches before the Bella Twins flee the scene.

- Ryback vs. Seth Rollins (w/Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble): Ryback gets a near fall early. Ryback and Rollins have a chop off as they trade "Ric Flair Chops" with each other. Rollins sends Ryback to the floor, where Rollins runs Ryback into the barricade, then slams Ryback head first into the apron. Rollins with a near fall after landing a drop kick on Ryback. Ryback tosses Rollins into the corner but Rollins counters with a sunset flip for a near fall. Rollins another near fall with the flatline. Ryback catches Rollins off the turnbuckles and power slams Rollins. Out to the floor, Mercury distracts Ryback, allowing Rollins to shove Ryback into the ring steps. Rollins escapes a power bomb and lands an enzuigiri for a near fall. Mercury distracts the referee as Noble helps Rollins hit a turn buckle power bomb on Ryback for a near fall. Ryback gets back to his feet and goes after Mercury and Noble.
Ryback then sends Rollins crashing into the stooges. Ryback hits the spine buster and the "Meat Hook" on Rollins. Ryback goes for "Shell Shock" but Kane hits the ring with a steel chair, DQ'ing Rollins. After the match, Ryback hits the spine buster on Kane. Rollins distracts Ryback allowing Kane to connect with the big boot on Ryback. Kane picks up the steel chair and unloads chair shots, over and over on Ryback. Kane finishes off Ryback by choke slamming him on the chair.

- Curtis Axel, Titus O'Neil, and Heath Slater vs. Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods: The debut of The New Day has arrived. Mat wrestling by Axel and Woods. Big E and Woods double team Axel with a wheelbarrow splash for a near fall. Axel, Slater and Titus go on the offense and work over Woods with punches, kicks, drop kicks and back breakers. Woods finally hot tags Kofi and he unloads on Slater. Kofi hits Slater with a cross body block for a near fall. Axel, Slater and Titus end up on the floor where Big E tosses Kofi on top of them. Back in the ring, Big E hits the "Big Ending" on Slater as Woods hits an elbow. Woods covers and has the pinfall in The New Day's debut.

- Backstage Segment with Daniel Bryan: Bryan says that he had a blast as the acting GM, he misses the fans and as his last order of business as acting GM, announces Kane vs. Ryback in a "Chairs Match" at WWE TLC.

- Backstage Segment with Goldust and Stardust: The Rhodes Brothers say their cosmic keys are gone, their anger goes on, their goal has been snuffed out and darkness will fall on the new day.

- "WWE Intercontinental Championship Match": Luke Harper (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler: Ziggler early rollup for a near fall. Ziggler with a neck breaker for a near fall. Out to the floor, Ziggler shoves Harper into the ring post. Back in the ring, Ziggler hits a cross body block for a near fall. Ziggler misses a corner splash and gets choked by Harper, who is warned by the referee to break the choke. Harper lands an uppercut for a near fall. Ziggler explodes on offense, hitting clotheslines, a corner splash, a neck breaker and a leaping elbow for a near fall. Ziggler goes for the "Famasser", gets caught, but counters into a sunset flip on Harper for a near fall. DDT by Ziggler for another near fall. Harper goes for a side slam, but Ziggler counters with a crucifix pin, for a near fall. Harper back up, hits a "Bossman Slam" on Ziggler for a near fall. Harper goes for a power bomb but Ziggler counters and hits the "Famasser" for a near fall. Ziggler gets crotched on the ropes, hit with a big boot, then power bombed by Harper for a near fall.
Out to the floor, Harper tosses Ziggler over the announcers table. The referee begins counting both men out. The referee gets to nine as Ziggler lays Harper out with a super kick. Ziggler rolls back into the ring before ten and wins the match by count out. After the match, Harper attacks Ziggler. Harper goes to hit Ziggler with the IC Title but Ziggler ducks and lays Harper out with a "Zig Zag" to close out this week's Smackdown.

And that's this week's Smackdown. Have a great weekend, till next time, tap or snap.

Friday, November 28, 2014

TV Weekend 11.28-11.29

By @nevaRWilliams

Haven (Friday, SyFy, 7 PM)
WWE Friday Night Smackdown (Friday, SyFy, 8 PM)
Girl Meets World (Friday, Disney Channel, 8 PM)
The Amazing Race (Friday, CBS, 8 PM)

Grimm (Friday, NBC, 9 PM)
Shark Tank (Friday, ABC, 9 PM)
Frosty The Snowman (Friday, CBS, 9 PM)
Yes, Virginia (Friday, CBS, 9:30 PM)
Constantine (Friday, NBC, 10 PM)
Z Nation (Friday, SyFy, 10 PM)
The Flight Before Christmas (Saturday, CBS, 8 PM)
The Story Of Santa Claus (Saturday, CBS, 9 PM)
48 Hours (Saturday, CBS, 10 PM)
Atlantis (Saturday, BBC America, 9 PM)
Black Dynamite (Cartoon Network, 10:30 PM)
Saturday Night Live Classic, Ben Affleck, N.E.R.D. (Saturday, NBC, 10 PM)
REPEAT: Saturday Night Live, Chris Rock, Prince (Saturday, NBC, 11:30 PM)


Clippers @ Rockets (Friday, NBA TV, 8 PM)

Pelicans @ Wizards (Saturday, NBA TV, 7 PM)
Pacers @ Cavaliers (Saturday, FOX Sports Ohio, 7:30 PM)

NIT Season Tip-Off, Final (Friday, ESPN 2, 7 PM)
Orlando Classic, Second Semifinal (Friday, ESPN 2, 9 PM)
Rutgets @ Vanderbilt (Friday, NBC Sports, 7 PM)
Bradley vs TCU (Friday, CBS SportsNet, 7 PM)
Las Vegas Invitational, Consolation (Friday, FOX Sports 1, 8 PM)
La Salle vs. Virginia (Friday, NBC Sports, 9:30 PM)
Las Vegas Invitational, Final (Friday, FOX Sports 1, 10:30 PM)

Virginia @ Virginia Tech (Friday, ESPN, 8 PM)

Michigan @ Ohio State (Saturday, ABC, 12 PM)
South Carolina @ Clemson (Saturday, ESPN, 12 PM)
Cincinnati @ Temple (Saturday, ESPNews, 12 PM)
Illinois @ Northwestern (Saturday, ESPNU, 12 PM)
Kentucky @ Louisville (Saturday, ESPN 2, 12 PM)
West Virginia @ Iowa State (Saturday, FOX Sports 1, 12 PM)
Purdue @ Indiana (Saturday, Big Ten, 12 PM)
Georgia Tech @ Georgia (Saturday, SEC Network, 12 PM)

Grambling State vs. Southern (Saturday, NBC, 2:30 PM)
Michigan State @ Penn State (Saturday, ABC, 3:30 PM)
Notre Dame @ USC (Saturday, FOX, 3:30 PM)
Mississippi State @ Mississippi (Saturday, CBS, 3:30 PM)
Florida @ Florida State (Saturday, ESPN, 3:30 PM)
Rutgers @ Maryland (Saturday, ESPNU, 3:30 PM)
Baylor @ Texas Tech (Saturday, ESPN 2, 3:30 PM)
Minnesota @ Wisconsin (Saturday, Big Ten, 3:30 PM)
San Jose State @ San Diego State (Saturday, CBS SportsNet, 3:30 PM)
Connecticut @ Memphis (Saturday, ESPNews, 4 PM)
Kansas @ Kansas State (Saturday, FOX Sports 1, 4 PM)

Wake Forest @ Duke (Saturday, ESPNU, 7 PM)
Pittsburgh @ Miami (Saturday, ESPN 2, 7 PM)
Auburn @ Alabama (Saturday, ESPN, 7:30 PM)
Oregon @ Oregon State (Saturday, ABC, 8 PM)
Utah State @ Boise State (Saturday, ESPN 2, 10:15 PM)

Canucks @ Blue Jackets (Friday, FOX Sports Ohio, 7 PM)
Jets @ Bruins (Friday, NHL Network, 7 PM)

Capitals @ Maple Leafs (Saturday, NHL Network, 7 PM)
Blue Jackets @ Predators (Saturday, FOX Sports Cincinnati, 8 PM)
Blackhawks @ Kings (Saturday, NHL Network, 10 PM)

English Premier League: Sunderland AFC vs. Chelsea FC (Saturday, NBC, 12:30 PM)

On The Mark 11.28.14: #Buckeyes vs. #Michigan Preview

By @MarkW2112

Is this really the last regular season game for the Ohio State Buckeyes?  Time really flies when you're having fun.  And the Buckeyes, for the most part, have been having a ball all year.  With the exception of the (fluke) game against Virginia Tech in week 2, the Buckeyes have been sensational all year, especially on offense.  When Braxton Miller went down in the summer with a season ending shoulder injury, the job went to freshman J.T. Barrett.  Lot's of really good buzz came out of Columbus about Barrett.  Many thought he was ready to take the reins of quarterback and lead the Buckeyes to good things.  Others thought he was still a raw freshman learning on the job.  As it turned out, he was a lot less of the latter and a lot more of the former.  While he had growing pains, especially in the first 2 weeks of the year, J.T. Barrett has grown in front of us Buckeyes fans eyes to even be in Heisman Trophy conversations by national media.

So here we are, the final game of the regular season, with probably the greatest rivalry in all of college football, that School Up North.  The Michigan Wolverines have had a very difficult 2014.  Nothing has gone right for Michigan, both on the field and off of it.  Their AD has stepped down, their head coach Brady Hoke has made many questionable decisions on the field.  But when it comes to Ohio State/Michigan week, anything can happen.  Buckeyes fans know that they will play tough.

Quarterback Devin Gardner has 8 touchdowns and 14 interceptions for the year.  Compare that with J.T. Barrett's 33 passing touchdowns and 10 interceptions, he's been very pedestrian.  Running backs De'Veon Smith and Derick Green have combined for less than 1,000 yards combined.  The defense hasn't been that spectacular with no real stand outs this year.

My take: Don't discount Michigan against Ohio State, no matter how bad the Wolverines may be.  The Buckeyes are a 20 point favorite but the Wolverines will put up a big fight against the Bucks for pride and bragging rights.  But in the end, Devin Gardner is no J.T. Barrett and the 2 sophomore running backs are no match for Ezekiel Elliot.  Michigan also wishes they had as talented of receivers as Jalin Marshall, Michael Thomas and Devin Smith.

Prediction: in a cat fight, the Buckeyes will prevail at the Horseshoe.  It's possible this could be Brady Hoke's last game as Michigan's head coach.

What: THE GAME Michigan Wolverines at Ohio State Buckeyes
Where: Ohio Stadium, Columbus, OH
When: Saturday, 11/29/14, 12 PM EST

Thursday, November 27, 2014

TV Tonight 11.27

By @nevaRWilliams

Seahawks @ 49ers (NBC, 8:30 PM)

LSU @ Texas A&M (ESPN, 7:30 PM)
TCU @ Texas (FOX Sports 1, 7:30 PM)

Michigan State @ Rider (ESPN 2, 6:30 PM)
Georgia Tech vs. Marquette (ESPN 2, 8:30 PM)
San Jose State vs. Washington (ESPN 2, 11 PM)


Mom (CBS, 8:30 PM)

A Very Bonnaroo Thanksgiving (VH1, 9 PM)
Party Down South (CMT, 9 PM)
Two And A Half Men (CBS, 9 PM)
The McCarthys (CBS, 9:30 PM)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

TV Tonight 11.26

By @nevaRWilliams

Wizards @ Cavaliers (FOX Sports Ohio, 7 PM)
Knicks @ Mavericks (ESPN, 7:30 PM)

Flyers @ Red Wings (NBC Sports, 7:30 PM)

Furman @ Duke (ESPNU, 5 PM)
Campbell @ Ohio State (Big Ten, 7 PM)
Maui Invitational, Third Place (ESPN 2, 7:30 PM)
Georgia @ Gonzaga (ESPN 2, 9:30 PM)
Maui Invitational, Championship Game (ESPN, 10 PM)

The Ultimate Fighter (FOX Sports 1, 10 PM)


The Making of Peter Pan Live! (NBC, 8 PM)
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (ABC, 8 PM)
Hell's Kitchen (FOX, 8 PM)
Survivor (CBS, 8 PM)

A Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving (NBC, 9 PM)
Red Band Society (FOX, 9 PM)
Criminal Minds (CBS, 9 PM)

Snooki & JWOWW (MTV, 10 PM)
Stalker (CBS, 10 PM)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TV Tonight 11.25

By @nevaRWilliams

Warriors @ Heat (NBA TV, 7:30 PM)

Jets @ Blue Jackets (FOX Sports Ohio, 7 PM)

Ohio @ Miami (Ohio) (ESPN 2, 7 PM)

Loyola @ Syracuse (STO, 7 PM)
Northern Iowa vs. Virginia Tech (CBS SportsNet, 7 PM)
Texas-Arlington @ Kentucky (SEC Network, 7 PM)
Maui Invitational, First Semifinal (ESPN, 7:30 PM)
Arkansas @ SMU (ESPNews, 7:30 PM)
Eastern Illinois @ Creighton (FOX Sports 1, 8 PM)
Maui Invitational, Second Semifinal (ESPN, 10 PM)
Legends Classic, Championship (ESPN 2, 10 PM)

Inside The NFL (Showtime, 9 PM)


The Flash (The CW, 8 PM)
The Voice (NBC, 8 PM)
Dancing With The Stars, Finale Preview (ABC, 8 PM)
MasterChef (FOX, 8 PM)

Dancing With The Stars, SEASON FINALE (ABC, 9 PM)
Supernatural (The CW, 9 PM)
Marry Me (NBC, 9 PM)
New Girl (FOX, 9 PM)
NCIS: New Orleans (CBS, 9 PM)
Hotel Impossible (Travel Channel, 9 PM)
About A Boy (NBC, 9:30 PM)
The Mindy Project (FOX, 9:30 PM)

Chicago Fire (NBC, 10 PM)
Person Of Interest (CBS, 10 PM)
Real Husbands of Hollywood (BET, 10 PM)
Chopped (Food Network, 10 PM)
Ink Master (SPIKE, 10 PM)
Awkward (MTV, 10 PM)
Tosh.0 (Comedy Central, 10 PM)
Friends Of The People (Tru TV, 10 PM)
Chrisley Knows Best (USA, 10 PM)
Benched (USA, 10:30 PM)
Faking It (MTV, 10:30 PM)
Nellyville, SEASON PREMIERE (BET, 10:30 PM)

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 11.25.14: #WWE #RAW Results

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's the RAW results from last night's show. RAW took place last night in Indianapolis, Indiana. After a huge, memorable night at Sunday's Survivor Series, what will WWE have in store on RAW? With no more Authority in charge, who will be calling the shots? Read on and find out for yourselves with this week's RAW results.

- In Ring Segment with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon: Triple H and Stephanie are in the ring saying their final goodbyes. Stephanie says the WWE Universe doesn't know the meaning of respect, the courage to appear before them, being a leader and taking responsibility. The power couple blame Sting for their loss and Vince for making John Cena the only one that can reinstate them. At the end of the day they're still winners and they have each other. Triple H takes the mic next and says the WWE Universe are bullies, they cheer because The Authority is no more and warns the WWE Universe to be careful for what we wish for because no one can handle the power The Authority held every week. Triple H has no clue why Sting came to Team Cena's aide, then thinks maybe it was to make his career relevant. Triple H wishes the WWE Universe luck and wonders what we'll do when RAW doesn't exist anymore. Daniel Bryan's music cues and out comes Bryan. Triple H and Stephanie leave pissed off as Bryan gets the "Yes Movement" going with the WWE Universe.

- In Ring Segment with Daniel Bryan: Bryan has been put in charge of running RAW tonight. Bryan calls out the rest of The Authority. Bryan tells Seth Rollins he's in a three on two match tonight against John Cena and Dolph Ziggler and the WWE Universe will vote for his partners. Rollins isn't too happy. Bryan tells Kane he is no longer the Director of Operations, he is now Director of Food and Beverage. Bryan tells Rusev he has to either come to the ring dressed patriotic and recite the pledge of allegiance or defend his U.S. Title in a Battle Royal against the whole RAW locker room. Bryan tells Luke Harper he has to wrestle Dean Ambrose tonight. Bryan tells Mark Henry he's fighting Ryback tonight and that match is now.

- Ryback vs. Mark Henry: Ryback and Henry fight on the floor to start things off, before the bell. Ryback throws Henry into the barricade as WWE officials arrive to get them separated. The match finally officially starts and Ryback goes on to hit a spine buster on Henry. Ryback next hits the "Meat Hook" and it's over as Ryback scores the pinfall on Henry.

- Backstage Segment with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon: The former power couple leave the arena where they are met by Vince. Stephanie apologizes for letting Vince down. Vince says he's not angry, he's disappointed, odds will have to be overcome to fix their predicament and Vince has never been sorry once in his life except for this Thanksgiving when he has to have dinner with the family.

- "WWE Intercontinental Championship Match": Luke Harper (c) vs. Dean Ambrose: Back and forth exchange of punches, side head locks, elbows, arm breakers and shoulder tackles early. Harper goes to the floor and gets hit by a flying Ambrose. Back in the ring, more punches, kicks, european uppercuts are traded before Harper scores a near fall on Ambrose. Harper hits a gator roll, applies a reverse chin lock then tosses Ambrose to the floor. Harper sends Ambrose back to the floor as Ambrose got on the apron. Harper tosses Ambrose into the ring barricade before taking it back inside the ring. Ambrose lands punches, shoulder tackles, a splash in the corner, rolls up Harper and hits a cross body for two near falls. Both men trade head butts and Ambrose hits a leg drop from the ropes for a near fall. Harper with a "Bossman Slam" for a near fall. Ambrose with a back slide for a near fall. Ambrose counters a superplex, head butts Harper to the mat then hits an elbow off the ropes for a near fall. Harper lands a kick for a near fall.
Ambrose lands a clothesline for a near fall. Ambrose hits a suicide dive on Harper as Harper tries to leave. Ambrose goes for "Dirty Deeds" but Harper shoves Ambrose into the referee, getting Ambrose DQ'ed. After the match, Harper lands a big boot. Ambrose blocks a Harper suicide dive and plants Harper with "Dirty Deeds" on a steel chair. Bray Wyatt comes out of nowhere and attacks Ambrose. Wyatt hits Ambrose with "Sister Abigail", tosses Ambrose over the announcers table and buries Ambrose under steel chairs.

- In Ring Segment with Larry The Cable Guy and Santino Marella: Santino says he misses everyone and Larry and Santino make jokes about wrestling.

- "WWE World Tag Team Championship Match": The Miz and Damien Sandow (c) vs. Goldust and Stardust: Sandow mimics Miz throughout the match as usual. Miz with a near fall rollup on Goldust. Miz lands the "Awesome Clothesline" but the Rhodes Brothers go on the offense. Miz finally makes the tag to Sandow who hits the "Reality Check" on Stardust. The Rhodes Brothers get the upper hand on Sandow as WWE medical check on Miz at ringside. Goldust hits a spine buster on Sandow for a near fall. Sandow knocks Goldust off the apron, dodges a Stardust charge and locks Stardust in the figure four leg lock. Goldust breaks up the submission but gets dumped back to the floor. Stardust counters Sandow's "Skull Crushing Finale" but Miz blind tags Sandow in the process. Miz hits Stardust with the "Skull Crushing Finale" for the pinfall.

- Kane is shown being told what to do at the concession stand by the manager.
- In Ring Segment with Rusev and Lana: Lana complains that they are being treated unfairly. Rusev says he will not be brainwashed by dumb Americans. Daniel Bryan appears on the TitanTron and reminds Rusev of his choices. Bryan says he'll send someone out to help him with the pledge of allegiance. Sgt. Slaughter makes his way to the ring. An American flag comes down and Slaughter orders Rusev and Lana to repeat after him. After the pledge, it looks like Slaughter and Rusev are about to fight when Jack Swagger's music cues. Swagger and Rusev brawl as Swagger gets in the ring. Swagger locks Rusev in the "Patriot Lock" but Rusev escapes the ring.

- Kane is having problems with the cash register as Santino and Larry The Cable Guy are in line ordering food.

- Justin Gabriel vs. Fandango (w/Rosa Mendes): Back and forth action throughout the match. Fandango hits a clothesline and a suplex before climbing the ropes. Fandango hits the top rope leg drop on Gabriel for the pinfall.

- In Ring Segment with Big Show: Show says he's a human being that makes mistakes, he despised The Authority but he has a house and a family to feed. Show thought his team was finished so he did what he thought was the right thing and thinks he should be forgiven. Show demands respect, isn't a traitor, he hears people whispering that he's a traitor and demands he be told that to his face. Erick Rowan makes his way to the ring. Show says he's surprised Rowan came out, asks Rowan if he's a tough guy and tells Rowan to leave before he gets hurt. Rowan says he hates bullies and attacks Show forcing Show to retreat.

- In Ring Segment with A.J. Lee: A.J. says Brie proved that she is a bigger skank then her sister Nikki at Survivor Series.

- Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella) vs. A.J. Lee: The divas trade punches. Brie gets sent to the floor. A.J. hits a baseball slide on Nikki but gets attacked by Brie. Brie works on A.J.'s arm. A.J. grabs a rollup for a near fall. A.J. hits a splash and the shining wizard for a near fall. Nikki interferes and drops A.J.'s injured arm on the ropes allowing Brie to hit her finisher for the pinfall. After the match, A.J. grabs a mic and says it takes two Bellas to be champ, they don't amount to half the woman A.J. is and talent is not sexually transmitted (Referring to Brie and Nikki's relationships with Daniel Bryan and John Cena).

- Adam Rose and The Bunny vs. Tyson Kidd and Nattie Neidhart: Rose barks orders to Bunny. Later in the match Kidd tags in and wants a kiss from Nattie but gets flap jacked by Bunny. Rose hits a spine buster for a near fall. Bunny accidentally trips Rose during an irish whip causing Rose to get rolled up by Kidd for the pinfall. Bunny tries to apologize to Rose after the match.

- Ryback is backstage, gets congratulated on his win over Henry. Ryback is looking for a concession stand.

- Back at the concession stand Ryback confronts Kane and orders. Kane says they are out of what Ryback wants and throws a hotdog at Ryback. Ryback and Kane fight until Kane retreats.

- Backstage Segment with John Cena and Dolph Ziggler: Cena says he saw what Ziggler did at Survivor Series after being knocked out by Show. Ziggler says their jobs were on the line, he needed to find a way to survive, the odds were stacked against them and they needed a miracle. That miracle was Sting. Cena says thanks to Sting and Ziggler, The Authority are no more.

- The WWE Universe voted Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble as Seth Rollins' partners tonight at 93%.

- "Handicap Match": Dolph Ziggler and John Cena vs. Seth Rollins, Jamie Noble, and Joey Mercury: Mercury and Noble collide with each other and Rollins has to get their head in the match. Noble, nice offense on Cena until Noble misses a charge and hits the turn buckle. Hot tag to Ziggler. Ziggler hits the leaping elbow drop then a hesitation DDT on Noble for a near fall. Mercury distracts the referee, allowing Rollins to hit Ziggler from behind. Rollins tags in and sends Ziggler to the floor. Rollins distracts the referee as Mercury tosses Ziggler into the barricade. Back in the ring, Noble gets a near fall on Ziggler after a snap leg drop. Ziggler finally hot tags Cena and Cena goes into Super Cena mode with shoulder blocks and the "Five Knuckle Shuffle" on Mercury. Ziggler hits the "Zig Zag" on Noble and Cena hits "AA" on Mercury for the pinfall.
After the match, Daniel Bryan tosses Rollins into the ring. Rollins eats a Ziggler super kick then gets laid out by a Cena "AA". The "Yes Movement" begins within the WWE Universe.

- The Anonymous GM: As RAW closes, Michael Cole announces that he received an email from the anonymous GM. Next Monday is Cyber Monday and order and discipline returns.

And that's a wrap on this week's RAW results, till next time tap or snap.

Monday, November 24, 2014

TV Tonight 11.24

By @nevaRWilliams

Monday Night Countdown (ESPN, 6 PM)
Ravens @ Saints (ESPN, 8:15 PM)

Magic @ Cavaliers (FOX Sports Ohio, 7 PM)

Arizona @ Missouri (ESPN 2, 5 PM)
Santa Clara @ Michigan State (Big Ten, 7 PM)
Villanova @ VCU (ESPN 2, 7 PM)
Arizona State @ Maryland (ESPNU, 7 PM)
Eastern Washington @ Indiana (ESPNews, 7:30 PM)
Chaminade @ Pittsburgh (ESPNU, 9 PM)
Alabama @ Iowa State (ESPN 2, 9:30 PM)
Auburn @ Tulsa (ESPNU, 11 PM)
BYU @ San Diego State (ESPN 2, 11:30 PM)

Penguins @ Bruins (NBC Sports, 7 PM)


WWE Raw (USA, 8 PM)
The Voice (NBC, 8 PM)
Dancing With The Stars (ABC, 8 PM)
Gotham (FOX, 8 PM)
2 Broke Girls (CBS, 8 PM)
The Originals (The CW, 8 PM)
The Millers (CBS, 8:30 PM)

Sleepy Hollow (FOX, 9 PM)
American Dad (TBS, 9 PM)
Scorpion (CBS, 9 PM)
Jane The Virgin (The CW, 9 PM)
Major Crimes (TNT, 9 PM)

State of Affairs (NBC, 10 PM)
Castle (ABC, 10 PM)
NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, 10 PM)
Anger Management (FX, 10 & 10:30 PM)
Mike Tyson Mysteries (Cartoon Network, 10:30 PM)

WWE Survivor Series Recap #WWE #SurvivorSeries

By @B_Rock1978

Europe "The Final Countdown"

That is correct, it was in fact the final countdown for one of the two teams involved in last night's main event of Survivor Series. The Authority squared off with Team Cena in a traditional five on five elimination match. If The Authority lost, they would have to give up their control over the WWE. If Team Cena lost, everyone apart of Team Cena, except for John Cena, would be terminated from the company. Last night's show took place in St. Louis, Missouri, home of "The Viper" Randy Orton. Survivor Series also consisted of a traditional Survivor Series Elimination Divas Match. A.J. Lee defended her WWE Divas Championship against Nikki Bella. The Rhodes Brothers defended their WWE World Tag Team Championship in a fatal four way match. And Bray Wyatt battled Dean Ambrose. All that and more, let's get to last night's results!

*** Pre-Show ***

- Fandango (w/Rosa Mendes) vs. Justin Gabriel: Fandango made his return to the WWE with a new dance partner, Rosa Mendes, and new music. Fandango sends Gabriel to the floor where he drops Gabriel back first on the apron and gets a near fall. Gabriel gets in some offense and hits a moonsault on Fandango for a near fall. Fandango stops Gabriel's comeback and hits the top rope leg drop for the pinfall.

- Backstage Segment with The Miz and Damien Sandow: Miz is doing acting exercises, quotes the Karate Kid "You're The Best Around" song and talks about Miz and Sandow winning tonight. Sandow holds a frame and mimics everything Miz says, making it look like Miz is looking and talking to himself in a mirror.

- Bad News Barrett Returns: Barrett returns and stands at his podium. Barrett says if Cena's team loses everyone but Cena is fired except Cena. That is good but Barrett....HAS SOME BAD NEWS! Cena's life will be hell afterwards and he'll wish he was fired too. If The Authority loses they think the WWE will fall because they need The Authority in charge. Barrett......HAS SOME BAD NEWS! Barrett says if The Authority goes powerless then that will begin the era of Bad News Barrett.

- Backstage Segment with A.J. Lee: A.J. says the time for playing dress up is over, and plans on defeating Nikki Bella tonight.

- In Ring Segment with Cesaro, Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter: Cesaro comes out and says he's backing The Authority tonight. Colter and Swagger interrupt Cesaro, make jokes about Cesaro brown nosing Triple H and are supporting Team Cena tonight. Cesaro and Swagger have an impromptu match.

- Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter): Swagger counters a Cesaro stomp with the "Patriot Lock". Cesaro escapes by sending Swagger to the floor. Cesaro goes on offense and scores near falls with a slam and an elbow off the ropes. Swagger goes for the "Swagger Bomb" but Cesaro blocks. Swagger goes for the "Patriot Lock" but Cesaro counters. Cesaro hits two german suplexes on Swagger then goes for a third. Swagger counters the third into a "Patriot Lock" and Cesaro is forced to tap out.

- The Pre-Show Ending: The Pre-Show ends with a limousine pulling into the parking garage. The camera zooms in and out steps the CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon.

*** Survivor Series 2014 ***

- In Ring Segment with Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and John Cena: Vince is in the ring, runs down tonight's stipulations again and calls out Triple H and Stephanie. Triple H and Stephanie try to brown nose Vince but Vince sees right through it and calls Cena out next. Vince adds an extra stipulation to tonight's match. If Team Cena wins then Triple H and Stephanie not only have to step down and lose power but they will never be allowed to head WWE programing ever again unless John Cena gives the ok. Cena smiles and says The Authority will lose tonight and there will be no chance in hell Triple H and Stephanie will ever have control again.

- "WWE World Tag Team Championship, Fatal Four Way Match": Goldust and Stardust (c) vs. The Usos vs. Los Matadores vs. The Miz and Damien Sandow: Fernando and Miz trade near falls. Miz gains offense, thanks to a Sandow distraction. The match continues with tags in and out from all four teams. Stardust scores a near fall after dropping an Uso. Uso rolls up Stardust but it's broken up as Miz tags in. Diego with a "Backstabber" on Miz for a near fall. Goldust is in and gets rolled up by Diego for a near fall. Back and forth between Goldust and Diego, Goldust with a near fall back elbow off the second rope. Stardust later gets a near fall on Diego with a tornado DDT. The Usos are in next and hit Rikishi splashes on Goldust then plant Los Matadores and Goldust with super kicks. Goldust gets a near fall power slam on Jey. The action spills to the floor where we see Air Usos fly and take everyone out. Stardust hits the "Falling Star" next and drops everyone on the floor. Los Matadores launch El Torito onto everyone on the floor next. One flying Matadore onto the floor but the other is stopped by Goldust. Los Matadores, Goldust and Stardust hit a back body drop tower of doom. Jey Uso hits the "Superfly Splash" on Goldust. Miz tags in but Sandow cuts Miz off by tagging in and scoring the pinfall on Goldust. The Miz and Damien Sandow are the NEW WWE World Tag Team Champions.

- Backstage Segment with Adam Rose, The Rosebuds, Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil: Shenanigans and arguing set up an impromptu tag match for later.

- "Traditional Survivor Series Divas Match": Team Paige (Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae and Layla) vs. Team Nattie (Nattie Neidhart, Emma, Naomi and Alicia Fox): Layla and Emma near fall rollups. Paige in next, controls Emma on offense. Cameron in next with a near fall on Emma after a split. Naomi and Cameron go at it next and Naomi eliminates Cameron with a pinfall rollup. Summer in next and takes it to the other Divas. Fox is in and hits a triple cross body on Paige, Summer and Layla. Fox near fall on Layla with a suplex but then hits a back breaker for the pinfall, eliminating Layla. Nattie is in later and locks Paige in a "Sharpshooter" but Summer breaks it up. Summer back in and tries to imitate Paige but gets clotheslined by Nattie and then the "Emma-Bite-Sandwich" by Emma. Emma makes Summer tap out for the elimination. Paige left alone, tries to fight off the 4 on 1 challenge, but gets hit with the "Rear View" by Naomi and pinned. It's a clean sweep victory for Team Nattie.

- Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt: This match was exactly what was expected, an all out brawl. Ambrose and Wyatt brawl in the ring and out to the floor, starting the match. Ambrose leaps from the apron and takes out Wyatt. Back in the ring, Wyatt leaps into Ambrose for a near fall. Back on the floor, Wyatt tosses Ambrose into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Wyatt hits a senton for a near fall. Both men collide in mid air with cross body blocks, taking each other out. Back on the floor, both men again charge at each other and take each other out with double clotheslines. Ambrose blocks "Sister Abigail" and hits a second rope leg drop for a near fall. Later in the match, Ambrose goes for the slingshot clothesline but gets slammed down for a near fall by Wyatt. Ambrose hits a standing flying elbow drop on Wyatt for a near fall. Ambrose falls to the floor after taking a Wyatt clothesline. Wyatt follows and slams Ambrose on the ring steps. Wyatt grabs a mic and asks Ambrose why he's doing this because it never had to be this way. They could've ruled the world.
Wyatt grabs two steel chairs and tosses them in the ring. Ambrose grabs one as Wyatt drops to his knees and dares Ambrose to hit him. Ambrose hits Wyatt in the gut and gets DQ'ed. After the match, Ambrose hits Wyatt again with the steel chair, plants Wyatt with "Dirty Deeds" on the steel chair, puts Wyatt through a table with a top rope elbow drop, buries Wyatt under tables and chairs and finally celebrates on top of a ladder.

- Backstage segment with The Authority: Triple H and Stephanie promise fame and title shots, pumping up the team.

- Adam Rose and The Bunny vs. Titus O'Neil and Heath Slater: Slater near fall with a kick on Rose. Rose not wanting to tag in The Bunny takes the double team. Rose finally tags in The Bunny and The Bunny goes on the offense. Rose wants tagged back in but The Bunny hits Slater with a missile drop kick and scores the pinfall instead. After the match Bunny celebrates with The Rosebuds as Rose is left just staring at them.

- Roman Reigns Via Satellite: Reigns says he's getting stronger and should be back exactly a month from now.

- Backstage Segment with Team Cena: They are all on the same page and will have no regrets if they lose and get fired.

- "WWE Divas Championship Match": A.J. Lee (c) vs. Nikki Bella (w/Brie Bella): The bell sounds and Brie Bella is on the apron. Brie grabs A.J. and kisses her. A.J. breaks free, turns around and gets hit with a Nikki forearm. Nikki hits A.J. with "Rack Attack", covers and scores the pinfall. Nikki Bella is the NEW WWE Divas Champion. After the match, both Bellas are smiling and it appears they are on the same page again.

- "Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match": The Authority (Seth Rollins, Kane, Mark Henry, Rusev and Luke Harper) vs. Team Cena (John Cena, Big Show, Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler, and Ryback):

** The bell sounds and Big Show knocks Mark Henry out for the first pinfall, Cena leads 5-4.

** Show takes out Kane and Rollins next before tagging in Cena. It looks like we get a Wyatt Family showdown as Rowan and Harper are tagged in. It doesn't happen as Rollins tags in. Later in the match, Ryback and Kane go at it and Ryback scores a near fall after splashing Kane. Rusev and Ryback go at it next and Ryback plants Rusev with the spine buster then the "Meat Hook". Ryback goes for "Shell Shock" but Kane stops it. Both teams begin brawling all over the ring as Rollins hits a "Curb Stomp" on Ryback. Rusev plants a thrust kick, covers and pins Ryback. Teams are even at 4.

** Show battles Rusev then Harper next. Rollins tags in and gets a near fall on Show. Kane is in next and gets a near fall after drop kicking Show's legs. Ziggler gets in and gets put down by Harper with a side slam for a near fall. Harper, Rusev, Rollins and Kane tag in and out and beat down Ziggler. Kane sidewalk slams Ziggler for a near fall. Kane hits a big boot and Harper hits a right hand, Ziggler kicks out of both near falls. The Authority continue to work over Ziggler, keeping him from tagging out. All hell breaks loose again as Ziggler drops Rusev, Harper drops Ziggler, Cena hits "AA" on Harper, Kane choke slams Cena, Show choke slams Kane and Rollins hits a flying knee on Show. Rowan back body drops Rollins onto everyone on the floor. Ziggler goes for the "Famasser" on Rusev but gets caught and dumped onto everyone on the floor. Rusev sets Ziggler up for a splash on the announcers table but misses, as Ziggler moves and Rusev crashes and burns. The referee makes the ten count and Ziggler beats the count but Rusev doesn't, eliminating Rusev and putting Cena ahead 4-3.

** Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle then the "AA" on Kane. Rollins hits the "Curb Stomp" on Cena. Rowan and Harper finally trade blows. Harper applies a sleeper on Rowan. Rowan hits a kick on Harper. Kane hits Rowan, allowing Harper to hit the clothesline for the pinfall, eliminating Rowan. Teams are even at 3.

** Show, Cena, Harper, Kane and Rollins are all in the ring. Show, however, turns and knocks Cena out and causes Cena to get pinned by Rollins. Cena is eliminated and The Authority are ahead 3-2.

** Show walks over to Triple H, shakes his hand, leaves the ring and gets counted out. Putting The Authority ahead 3-1.

** Ziggler, all alone, begins taking a beating from Harper, Kane and Rollins. Kane goes for a super plex on Ziggler. Ziggler counters, hits a super kick, then a "Zig Zag", covers and pins Kane. The Authority lead 2-1.

** Harper hits a big boot and a suicide dive on Ziggler. Ziggler hits a super kick on Harper for a near fall. Harper gets a near fall with a sit down power bomb. Ziggler pulls a roll up out of nowhere and pins Harper. We are now even at one. Rollins vs. Ziggler with everyone's jobs on the line.

** Rollins throws Ziggler into the barricade. Ziggler near fall with a roll up. Ziggler hits a DDT on Rollins for another near fall. Rollins drops Ziggler on the turn buckle for a near fall. Rollins misses a "Curb Stomp" and Ziggler hits the "Famasser" for a near fall. Mercury and Noble hit the ring but Ziggler takes out the stooges and hits "Zig Zag" on Rollins. Ziggler covers and......near fall, as Triple H pulls the referee out of the ring. The Stooges attack again but Ziggler send them flying out of the ring and into Stephanie, who falls onto Triple H. Rollins turn buckle power bomb on Ziggler but misses the "Curb Stomp" Ziggler with the "Zig Zag", but no referee. A referee runs down to count but Triple H knocks him out too. Triple H attacks Ziggler himself, dropping Ziggler with a clothesline then hitting a "Pedigree". Triple H puts Rollins on top of Ziggler and waves for the Authority's crooked referee, Scott Armstrong to come out.
Armstrong runs out to count, however, the match is halted as music plays and a video plays on the TitanTron. For the first time ever in WWE.........STING!!!........appears and begins a dramatic walk to the ring. Sting knocks out Scott Armstrong, gets inside the ring and we have a Triple H/Sting stare down. After a minute of "This is Awesome" chants, Triple H swings at Sting. Sting ducks, boots Triple H in the gut and drops "The Game" with the "Scorpion Death Drop" DDT. Sting rolls Ziggler on top of Rollins and a referee slowly slides back in the ring to count the pinfall.
Dolph Ziggler wins for Team Cena. The Authority is out of power. Survivor Series closes with the fans singing "Goodbye" and chanting "You Got Fired" at Triple H and Stephanie. And Sting is officially a WWE Superstar!

WOW!! I'm not going to lie, I marked out big time when I seen Sting appear and lay out Triple H! What a pay per view. Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.