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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 1.31.15: Impact Wrestling Results

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's this week's TNA Impact recap edition. Last week, feast or fired returned and rewarded its winners and gave a pink slip to one loser, unfortunately it was the best looking one of the group that was fired, Velvet Sky. Austin Aries will receive a TNA World Title Match, Rockstar Spud will receive a TNA X-Division Title Match and Magnus will receive a TNA World Tag Team Title Match. TNA World Champion, Bobby Lashley went to war with MVP and his Beat Down Clan, which ended up in the streets of New York City. Jeff Hardy threw out a "Monsters Ball Match" challenge to Abyss. Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle continue to have issues with the Beat Down Clan as well. What will tonight hold? Let's go to the recap.

- In Ring Segment with Bobby Roode: Roode is in the ring with Bobby Lashley's TNA World Title in his possession. Roode says the title doesn't belong to him because it was stolen from him by Eric Young. Roode won't rest until EY's blood is spilled. Roode calls out Bobby Lashley to talk. Lashley comes out and goes face to face with Roode. Roode says he doesn't blame Lashley, because MVP and his crew are the ones behind everything. Roode mans up, hands back Lashley's title and asks for a rematch. Lashley accepts the challenge, however, Austin Aries heads out to the ring. Aries says he's always the man with the most options and hints at cashing in his Feast or Fired briefcase, tonight. MVP is out next with words to say. MVP says Aries holds all the cards but should hold his breath permanently, accuses Roode of whining, crying and blaming everyone else but himself and is disappointed with Lashley for taking the TNA World Title when he knows it belongs to the Beat Down Clan. MVP wants to cut ahead of Roode and Aries and throws down a challenge for the title to Lashley. Lashley tells Aries to save his briefcase because he's giving Aries, Roode and MVP all title shots tonight, in a fatal four way.

- Next week will be TNA Lockdown on free TV.

- "TNA Knockouts Championship, Triple Threat Match": Taryn Terrell (c) vs. Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim: All three score near falls early. Kim gets tossed to the floor and Terrell cradled Rayne for a near fall. Rayne hits Terrell with a back elbow for a near fall, then sends Kim flying off the apron to the floor. Rayne near fall on Terrell with the northern lights suplex. Rayne hits a DDT/neck breaker combo on Kim and Terrell gets a couple more near falls. Kim finally takes control with a submission move on Rayne, then Terrell steps in with the dragon sleeper on Kim and we have a double submission attempt. The submissions are broke and Terrell and Kim take the fight to the turn buckle, where Rayne shoves them both over and to the floor. Rayne flapjacks Terrell on the steel steps. Rayne tosses Kim face first into the steel steps. Rayne hits the sit down buster on Terrell and gets a near fall, that's broken up by Kim, who applies a crucifix pin on Rayne for a near fall. Rayne counters Kim's "Eat Defeat" and a Kim cross body block. Terrell with a "Diamond Cutter" outta nowhere on Rayne for the pinfall and to retain the TNA Knockouts Title.

- Magnus plans to meet Bram at a bar tonight to talk out their issues with each other.

- Rockstar Spud and Mark Andrews are in New York City, hyping their match tonight against Ethan Carter III and Tyrus.

- In Ring Segment with Tommy Dreamer: Dreamer is in the ring and wants to talk to Eric Young. EY comes out and is face to face with Dreamer. EY wants Dreamer out of his business. Dreamer says EY was the first to offer friendship when Dreamer came to TNA and Bobby Roode was the second. Dreamer thinks EY is making a huge mistake for his recent actions and shouldn't turn his back on Roode or the fans. EY says that Dreamer being a good guy made him a fat loser, he doesn't want to burn his bridge with Roode he wants to blow it up, being Dreamers friend was a mistake and EY doesn't make mistakes anymore. Dreamer can't believe EY would turn on Roode just because Roode didn't offer EY a title shot, when EY could have easily just asked Roode for one. EY heard enough as he gut kicks Dreamer and plants him with a piledriver. EY knockouts out the time keeper and grabs a steel chair. Bobby Roode hits the ring for the save. EY shoves the time keeper into the barricade on the way out.

- Backstage, The Hardys hype their TNA World Tag Team Championship Match next week at TNA Lockdown. Jeff Hardy also hypes his "Monster's Ball Match" against Abyss later. 

- Magnus meets Bram at a bar and they're shown talking things out.

- Backstage, Kurt Angle calls Gunner a sleeping giant, a warrior and a hero. Angle smacks Gunner in the head and tells him to wake up and join Team Angle in Lethal Lockdown next week. Gunner says Angle will get that warrior.

- Magnus and Bram At The Bar: Bram says the Feast or Fired briefcase should've been his. Magnus talks some sense into Bram, reminding him that he'll be his partner when he cashes in the briefcase for the tag titles. Magnus says he's Bram's best friend, Bram's temper always played a part in him getting in trouble. Bram remembers Magnus bailing him out of jail, helping with money and helping him get a job. Magnus does what he does for his family now and Bram seems to understand as they agree to be on good terms again. Bram says he'll pay the bill and tells Magnus to go out the back door. Magnus goes to the back but there is only a stairwell with no exit. Bram hits Magnus outta nowhere and tosses Magnus into the wall. Bram takes a cue ball and hits Magnus in the back of the head with it and screams "Look at you now!" before walking off.

- "Monster's Ball Match": Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss: Abyss and Hardy brawl at ringside. Abyss chokeslams Hardy on the floor and busts out some weapons. Hardy grabs a trash can and busts it over Abyss' head over and over. Hardy counters a chokeslam with a "Twist of Fate" and "Poetry in Motion". Hardy goes for a springboard, but Abyss moves, causing Hardy to crash through a table. Hardy with a cheese grater on Abyss' junk (Ouch). Hardy misses a corner charge and crashes into a wedged steel chair. Abyss has "Janice" and stalks Hardy, but gets "her" stuck in the turn buckle, swinging at Hardy's head. Hardy hits a "Twist of Fate" on Abyss and goes for the "Swanton". Manik trips up Hardy, helping Abyss. The rest of Revolution hit the ring and attack Hardy. Matt Hardy hits the ring with a kendo stick and busts up Revolution. James Storm gets a trash can shot in, slowing down Matt. The Wolves hit the ring next and help Matt clear out Revolution, leaving it back to Jeff vs. Abyss. Abyss dumps out his bag of thumb tacks and goes for a superplex. Hardy counters and flip power bombs Abyss into the tacks. Hardy hits "Swanton" and has the pinfall. After the match, James Storm is pissed and slaps Abyss around.

- Backstage, Kurt Angle is on the phone, looking for more Team Angle members I'm guessing.

- Backstage, The Hardys vow to watch each other's back against Revolution.

- Ethan Carter III announces that he is denying Rockstar Spud and Mark Andrews tag match tonight and The Bromans will replace ECIII and Tyrus. 

- Rockstar Spud and Mark Andrews vs. The Bromans: Jessie press slams Andrews and he and Robbie E flapjack Andrews. The Bromans with a double running knee on Andrews. Andrews finally hot tags Spud, who goes wild. Spud hits a enziguri on Jessie, Sliced Bread #2 on Robbie E, then tags Andrews back in. Andrews hits the shooting star press on Robbie E for the pinfall. After the match, Tyrus lays out both Spud and Andrews. ECIII says he'll never give Spud a match. ECIII then announces Spud and Andrews vs. Tyrus at TNA Lockdown, next week.

- "TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Fatal Four Way Match": Bobby Lashley (c) vs. MVP vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode: Lashley goes right after MVP with punches and a tackle. Roode sends Aries to the floor. Roode and Lashley trade blows next, with chokes and corner whips. MVP goes to work on Roode's knees with kicks. MVP goes for the "Drive By" on Roode but Roode counters. Aries hits a suicide dive on Lashley. MVP sends Aries to the floor then hits the "Ballin'" elbow on Roode. Aries with "Last Chancery" on MVP. Lashley hits the "Dominator" on Aries. Lashley goes for the spear but MVP stops it from happening. Aries hits a dive on everyone. Roode locks a crossface submission on MVP. Lashley breaks up the submission and we next see the corner tower of doom spot. Eric Young hits the ring, pulls Roode to the floor, hits him with a steel chair and tosses him into the barricade. Aries counters Lashley's spear and applies the "Last Chancery" submission. MVP breaks it up and eats an Aries forearm. Aries goes for a suicide dive on MVP, but Lashley gets up and spears Aries. Lashley covers, scores the pinfall and retains the TNA World Title. After the match, Samoa Joe and Kenny King attack Lashley and Eric Young attacks Roode and Aries. Gunner and Kurt Angle hit the ring and make the save. Aries asks to be on Team Angle next week which Angle accepts. Angle asks Lashley to join. Lashley says he's not teaming with The Beat Down Clan or Team Angle and walks out to end Impact.

*** TNA Lockdown 2015 Card ***

- "Lethal Lockdown Match": Beat Down Clan (MVP, Kenny King, Low Ki and Samoa Joe) vs. Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Austin Aries, Gunner and ???)

- "TNA World Tag Team Championship Match:" James Storm and Abyss (c) vs. The Hardy Boys

- Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young

- "Handicap Match": Rockstar Spud and Mark Andrews vs. Tyrus

- Awesome Kong vs. Havok

- "An Amazing Race": Ms. Tessmacher vs. Robbie E

And that wraps up this weeks TNA Impact, till next time, tap or snap.


Friday, January 30, 2015

TV Weekend 1.30-1.31

By @nevaRWilliams

The Friar's Club Roast of Terry Bradshaw (FRI, ESPN 2, 8pm)
Constantine (FRI, NBC, 8pm)
Last Man Standing (FRI, ABC, 8pm
World's Funniest Fails (FRI, FOX, 8pm)
Undercover Boss (FRI, CBS, 8pm)
Hart of Dixie (FRI, The CW, 8pm)
Cold Justice (FRI, TNT, 8pm)
Cristela (FRI, ABC, 8:30pm)

iMPACT Wrestling (FRI, Destination America, 9pm)
New Japan Pro Wrestling (FRI, AXS TV, 9pm)
12 Monkeys (FRI, SyFy, 9pm)
Wake Up Call (FRI, TNT, 9pm)
Grimm (FRI, NBC, 9pm)
Shark Tank (FRI, ABC, 9pm)
Glee (FRI, FOX, 9pm)
Hawaii Five-O (FRI, CBS, 9pm)

Helix (FRI, SyFy, 10pm)
Blue Bloods (FRI, CBS, 10pm)
Banshee (FRI, Showtime, 10pm)


Saturday Night Live: SNL Sports Spectacular (SAT, NBC, 8pm)
NFL Honors (SAT, NBC, 9pm)
Red Band Society (SAT, FOX, 9pm)
Black Sails (SAT, Starz, 9pm)
Saturday Night Live, J.K. Simmons, D'Angelo and the Vanguard (SAT, NBC, 11:30pm)


Kings @ Cavaliers (FRI, FOX Sports Ohio, 7:30pm)
Mavericks @ Heat (FRI, ESPN, 8pm)
Bulls @ Suns (FRI, ESPN, 10:30pm)

Cavaliers @ Timberwolves (SAT, FOX Sports Ohio, 8pm)
Clippers @ Spurs (SAT, ESPN, 9pm)

All-Star Challenge (FRI, ESPN 2, 6pm)

Harvard @ Princeton (FRI, ESPNU, 6pm)
Monmouth @ Fairfield (FRI, ESPNU, 8pm)
Kent State @ Buffalo (FRI, ESPNU, 10pm)

Providence @ St. John's (SAT, FOX, 12pm)
Wisconsin @ Iowa (SAT, ESPN, 12pm)
Texas Tech @ West Virginia (SAT, ESPNU, 12pm)
Auburn @ Tennessee (SAT, ESPN 2, 12pm)
Xavier @ Seton Hall (SAT, FOX Sports 1, 12pm)
Tulane @ Temple (SAT, CBS SportsNet, 12pm)
Davidson @ Saint Joseph's (SAT, NBC Sports, 12:30pm)
Arkansas @ Florida (SAT, CBS, 1pm)
South Florida @ Tulsa (SAT, ESPNews, 1pm)
Penn State @ Illinois (SAT, Big Ten, 1pm)

Kansas State @ Kansas (SAT, ESPN, 2pm)
TCU @ Iowa State (SAT, ESPNU, 2pm)
Richmond @ VCU (SAT, ESPN 2, 2pm)
Villanova @ DePaul (SAT, FOX Sports 1, 2pm)
Georgetown @ Creighton (SAT, CBS SportsNet, 2pm)
Butler @ Marquette (SAT, FOX Sports Ohio, 2pm)
LSU @ Mississippi State (SAT, SEC, 2pm)
Rutgers @ Indiana (SAT, Big Ten, 3:15pm)

North Carolina @ Louisville (SAT, ESPN, 4pm)
Georgia @ South Carolina (SAT, ESPNU, 4pm)
Wichita State @ Northern Iowa (SAT, ESPN 2, 4pm)
Massachusetts @ St. Louis (SAT, CBS SportsNet, 4pm)
Vanderbilt @ Texas A&M (SAT, SEC, 4:30pm)

Purdue @ Northwestern (SAT, ESPNU, 6pm)
Texas @ Baylor (SAT, ESPN 2, 6pm)
Fresno State @ Colorado State (SAT, CBS SportsNet, 6pm)
Nebraska @ Minnesota (SAT, Big Ten, 6pm)

Duke @ Virginia (SAT, ESPN, 7pm)
Alabama @ Kentucky (SAT, SEC, 7pm)
Central Florida @ SMU (SAT, ESPNU, 8pm)
Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State (SAT, ESPN 2, 8pm)
Utah State @ San Diego State (SAT, CBS SportsNet, 8pm)
Memphis @ Gonzaga (SAT, ESPN 2, 10pm)

Sabres @ Canucks (FRI, NHL Network, 10pm)

Capitals @ Canadiens (SAT, NHL Network, 1pm)
Kings @ Bruins (SAT, NHL Network, 7pm)
Blue Jackets @ Lightning (SAT, FOX Sports Cincinnati, 7:30pm)

Waste Management Phoenix Open, Third Round (SAT, CBS, 3pm)

2015 Australian Open Tennis, Women's Final (SAT, ESPN 2, 9am)

Friday Night Fights, Karl Dargan vs. Tony Luis (FRI, ESPN 2, 9pm)
UFC Fight Night; UFC 183: Silva vs. Diaz - Prelims (SAT, FOX Sports 1, 8pm)

English Premier League: Manchester United FC vs. Leicester City FC (SAT, NBC Sports, 10pm)
English Premier League: Chelsea FC vs. Manchester City FC (SAT, NBC, 12:30pm)

X Games, Aspen Anthology (SAT, ABC, 12pm)
Figure Skating, U.S. Championships, Skating Spectacular (SAT, NBC, 2:30pm)
Track and Field: Armory Invitational (SAT, NBC Sports, 4:30pm) Predicts Super Bowl XLIX #SBXLIX #SB49

We all know that the Super Bowl is basically a celebration of commercials and halftime shows with a somewhat entertaining football game in the middle.  But between the deflated ball jokes and the many "I'm only here so I won't get fined" t-shirts, this should actually be a great game between the great Tom Brady for the Patriots and Richard Sherman for Seattle.  My prediction is that Katie Perry will throw in some type of deflated ball joke during her performance, the commercials will be extremely disappointing once again and the Patriots will win the game within the circus 34-24. - Mark West (@MarkW2112)

I'm going with the most violent team to win this year's Super Bowl. With that said I'm going 28 to 21 Seahawks. Patriots won't be able to deflate them. - Jaison Roberts (@Kratoslives)

When you give Hoodie and Tom Brady two weeks to figure out how to stop your best offensive weapon and throw darts between your defense, your chances are slim to none to win. Seattle will have to avoid turning the ball over and play a perfect game to beat the Patriots. Patriots 31- Seahawks 17.
- Chris Lee (@cleeverizon)

I'm going with the Seahawks. Will not have two awful games in a row. LOB will be ready. And they are not being bet on by the public. So, Seahawks 31-Pats 24. If you like to bet like me, take the Hawks as a pick 'em and I like the over. - Patrick Kocon (@CTown_WUJU)

Seahawks vs Patriots should be a good game. But past "good games" have been lackluster. I see the Patriots edging out the Seahawks possibly by a new hero kicker as time expires. Patriots 34 - Seahawks 31
- Chris Lulovics (@CLulovics)

I think it's going to come down to which quarterback wants it most. Tom Brady was dominate (flat balls or not) in the AFC Championship game. Russell Wilson played like Johnny Manziel did in his debut start, in the NFC Championship game, until the last four minutes. If Brady comes out dominate in the Super Bowl and Wilson goes flat, I highly doubt Wilson can dig himself out again. My prediction Pats 27 Seahawks 14. I gave my prediction, so I didn't get fined. - Brandon Albright (@B_Rock1978)

I keep trying to find reasons to pick the Seahawks because the Pats have annoyed the hell out of me the last two weeks but if you have to try and find reasons, they're not really there. Although I don't like how many people are picking the Patriots for such a close line, it's tough to pick against a HOF coach and QB. Patriots 24-Hawks 20. - Jason Disantis (@jddiantis)

After all is said and done, the snacks are devoured and Katy Perry is done jiggling, I think it'll be a close, competitive back and forth game until the man of the week, Marshawn Lynch, breaks out for a big play to seal the victory for the Seahawks. Russell Wilson will have two touchdowns, while Tom Brady will connect to Rob Gronkowski on two TD's of their own.
Seahawks 28 - Patriots 24 - Chris Williams (@nevaRWilliams)

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 1.30.15: SmackDown Results

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. Today's edition is your Smackdown recap from last night's show. Smackdown was in Hartford, Connecticut, the sight where RAW was supposed to be on Monday, till a blizzard canceled the live show. We found out on the "Snowed In" edition of RAW on that John Cena will face Rusev at WWE Fast Lane. Also Triple H has challenged Sting to a face to face meeting at WWE Fast Lane. No snow is stopping us this time, Let's get into this week's recap.

- In Ring Segment with Triple H: Triple H talks about the snowstorm cancelling RAW, almost cancelling Smackdown, one million WWE Network subscribers, makes NFL jokes about balls and finally is here to deal with Sting. Triple H says he'll resolve his issues with Sting face to face and talks about the controversy with the Royal Rumble. Roman Reigns interrupts and out comes the new #1 Contender. Reigns says there is no controversy, because Reigns won the Rumble and is going to Wrestlemania 31. Triple H puts him in a match with Big Show so he can see if Reigns can win his next match.

- Roman Reigns vs. Big Show: Show gets in some shots on Reigns until Reigns hits a chop block. Reigns sends Show over the ropes with a clothesline. Show goes to work on Reigns' knee. Reigns again sends Show to the floor and kicks Show into the ring post. Reigns with a clothesline and a samoan drop and Show rolls to the floor. Back in the ring, Reigns goes for the "Superman Punch" but Show counters, plants Reigns with the choke slam and gets a near fall. Show climbs on the turn buckle, but Reigns is up and plants not one, but two, "Superman Punches" on Show. Reigns dumps Show off the turn buckle then nails the spear on Show to score the pinfall.

- In Ring Segment with Seth Rollins: Rollins brags about his performance at the Royal Rumble, says he almost beat Brock Lesnar, feels great and throws out an open challenge to anyone in the locker room. Ryback answers and is on his way to the ring. Ryback gets cut off and attacked by Mercury and Noble. Mercury, Noble and Rollins three on one attack Ryback until Erick Rowan and Dolph Ziggler hit the ring for the save.

- Tyson Kidd (w/Cesaro and Nattie Neidhart) vs. Jey Uso (w/Jimmy Uso and Naomi): Jey lands kicks on Kidd early until Kidd plants an enziguiri. Cesaro ends up trying to interfere but Jimmy tackles Cesaro. Jey gets distracted, allowing Kidd to hit the spinning neck breaker. Kidd covers and scores the pinfall.

- In Ring Segment with Rusev and Lana: Rusev thinks he should be the Royal Rumble winner. Lana is upset and Rusev says he's the most dominant unbeaten superstar. Rusev calls John Cena a loser and Cena doesn't belong in the ring with Rusev. John Cena's music hits and out comes Cena. Cena tells Rusev to shut his mouth or he'll shut it for him, says he's the face that runs the place, talks about all his accomplishments and says he and Rusev can fight it out now. Lana tells Rusev he's wasting his time so they both leave the ring.

- Backstage, Paige talks about her future WWE Divas Championship Match. The Bella Twins interrupt and Paige attacks the sisters. The Bellas eventually over power Paige and leave her laid out.

- Goldust and Stardust vs. The Ascension: Viktor takes control early, slamming Stardust on the mat then sending him into the corner. Konnar gets in a couple shots and Viktor gets a near fall. Goldust is tagged in and delivers a clothesline, an atomic drop, some corner blows and plants Konnar with a power slam. Stardust tags himself in on Goldust and Goldust doesn't look happy. Stardust drops Viktor then drops Konnar with the "Disaster Kick". Stardust gets distracted as Konnar shoves Goldust off the apron. The Ascension unload the "Fall of Man" on Stardust and pick up the pinfall. Goldust doesn't look too happy with Stardust after the match.

- "Casket Match": Kane vs Daniel Bryan: Bryan connects with kicks and then gets in some mounted punches in the corner. Kane tries to press slam Bryan into the casket, but Bryan counters and hits Kane with a dropkick. Bryan flips Kane into the casket, but Kane escapes before he can close the lid. Bryan dives off the ropes and takes out Kane. Kane finally gets Bryan into the casket, but Bryan kicks the casket lid open to escape. Bryan hits a suicide dive, sending Kane into the barricade. Kane dumps Bryan into the crowd, tosses Bryan over the announcers table, then tosses Bryan head first into the casket lid. Kane goes for the "Tombstone Piledriver", inside the casket, but Bryan counters with knees to the face. Kane plants Bryan with the chokeslam and then rolls him into the casket.
Bryan kicks Kane in the face and then locks in the "Yes Lock" submission on Kane, right inside the casket. Kane escapes the submission, takes all of Bryan's stiff kicks and finally clotheslines Bryan in the ring. Bryan counters both the choke slam and the "Tombstone Piledriver" and kicks Kane in the head. Bryan hits the running knee, sending Kane into the casket. Bryan slams the casket lid shut, trapping Kane inside and picks up the victory. Smackdown closed out with the "Yes Movement" celebrating.

And that's this week's Smackdown. Have a great weekend, till next time, tap or snap.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

TV Tonight 1.29

By @nevaRWilliams

NBA Tip-Off (TNT, 7pm)
Nuggets @ Grizzlies (TNT, 8pm)
Bulls @ Lakers (TNT, 10:30pm)

Maryland @ Ohio State (ESPN, 7pm)
Dayton @ Massachusetts (ESPNU, 7pm)
WOMENS: Oklahoma @ Texas (FOX Sports 1, 7pm)
WOMENS: Rutgers @ Purdue (Big Ten, 7pm)
WOMENS: Tennessee @ Kentucky (SEC, 7pm)
Western Kentucky @ Louisiana Tech (CBS SportsNet, 7pm)
Connecticut @ Cincinnati (ESPN 2, 8pm)

Kentucky @ Missouri (ESPN, 9pm)
WOMENS: Ohio State @ Wisconsin (Big Ten, 9pm)
WOMENS: Mississippi @ LSU (SEC, 9pm)
Colorado @ USC (FOX Sports 1, 9:30pm)

Canadiens @ Rangers (NBC Sports, 7pm)
Blue Jackets @ Panthers (FOX Sports Ohio, 7:30pm)


WWE SmackDown (SyFy, 8pm)
The Vampire Diaries (The CW, 8pm)
The Biggest Loser, SEASON FINALE (NBC, 8pm)
Grey's Anatomy (ABC, 8pm)
American Idol (FOX, 8pm)
The Big Bang Theory (CBS, 8pm)
Mom (CBS, 8:30pm)

Reign (The CW, 9pm)
Party Down South (CMT, 9pm)
Scandal (ABC, 9pm)
Backstrom (FOX, 9pm)
Two And A Half Men (CBS, 9pm)
A to Z (NBC, 9:30pm)
The McCarthys (CBS, 9:30pm)

Archer (FX, 10pm)
Parenthood, SERIES FINALE (NBC, 10pm)
How To Get Away With Murder (ABC, 10pm)
Elementary (CBS, 10pm)
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory (MTV, 10pm)
Ridiculousness (MTV, 10:30pm)

3 Rivers Rundown 1.29.15: Super Bowl Week With John Jones

By @Kratoslives

Hello folks, I have a special treat for you.

I managed to get an interview with John Jones. Who is John Jones? He is a Super Bowl champion born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio who I became friends with. I know, how the hell does a "Ratbird" and Steelers fan become friends? Well truthfully, I don't know but it worked so here is the interview.

Jaison Roberts: John, what was it like preparing for the Super Bowl?

John Jones: "It was different for me because the week after the wild card game, I tore up my ankle in practice. I took a hit from Ray Lewis, which required surgery and put me on IR."

JR: Was there any special treatment for you?
JJ: "Yeah, none. I was still required to be in meetings and all team functions. In short, HELL NO!"

JR: What was the team meeting about the night before the game?
JJ: "Believe it or not, it was real relaxed, but they showed a clip from "Fight Club". The one where the guy kills everyone in the restaurant but one guy. He tells the guy that tomorrow will be the best day of his life. Which turned out to be the message to us, relax because tomorrow will be the greatest day in our lives."

JR: So was there ever any doubt about the game?
JJ: "Truthfully no. We knew we were going to win because we had the greatest D ever."

JR: So what was Brian Billick's half time speech about?
JJ: "I don't know."

JR: What do you mean you don't know?
JJ: "I don't know because I stayed out to watch Mary J. Blige perform. She was the half time show."

JR: Jones, man you're stupid. (Laughter) I can't believe you did that.
JJ: "Hey."

So there you have it Cleveland, the John Jones interview. I promise to bring you more from him. Maybe we'll be able to get his training camp story out of him in a later date.

Leadoff with Lee 1.29.15 #Browns #Cavs #JimboFisher #MarshawnLynch

By @cleeverizon

- Kyrie Irving scored 55 of the Cavs 99 points in their 99-95 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers. Stay connected and follow @triple3xthreat on Twitter and checkout for our coming feature on the Cavaliers by our own Cliff Gulley Jr. (@CLG2282).

- Former third round pick of the Patriots in 2008 and quarterback Kevin O'Connell, interviewed yesterday for the Browns QB coach opening. O'Connell was a quarterback in 2009 with New York while Mike Pettine was with the Jets. He currently serves as a private quarterbacks coach who worked with Johnny Manziel prior to the draft last year. Brian Hoyer beat out Kevin O'Connell for the backup job to Tom Brady in 2009.  After having O’Connell in to interview for quarterbacks coach job, they have former Florida offensive coordinator Kurt Roper scheduled for today.

- Former University of Kentucky head coach Joker Phillips will join the Browns staff as wide receivers coach. Phillips compiled a 13-24 record at Kentucky and was 0-1 in his only bowl game. He most recently was the wide receivers and recruiting coordinator at the University of Florida, a position he held from December 2012 to June 2014.

- It has been estimated that Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch received about $2.7 million dollars of free advertising. How? During his media sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, he wore his personal brand "Beast Mode" hat to the interviews. The NFL makes it clear to players that they cannot wear brands that conflict with league partners on the field during games and during post game interviews. It's not that his hat conflicts with it's current advertising partners, it's because his hat is unauthorized by the NFL. The league want every little dollar they can find and are mulling the idea of fining Lynch. But if I'm Marshawn, I'm going to say Who cares? Fines for violations of league rules are tax deductible. Fines for violation of public law (speeding tickets) are NOT deductible. By the way, #BeastMode hats are sold out as of last night. Great marketing idea Marshawn!

- Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher has signed a contract extension which run through 2022, worth $44 million dollars. And that's money he will receive before his bonuses and incentives are met.

Check out this list of bonuses:

Fisher will get paid $225,000 in base salary over the course of the season every two weeks until 2022, and will be paid $4,775,000 in "additional compensation" for the 2015 season. The additional compensation total will increase by $100,000 every season until the end of the contract.

Fisher will also make $1.2 million if he stays at Florida State until the contract ends.

If Fisher were to pursue another job, he has a $5 million buyout before Dec. 31, 2016, a $3 million buyout on that date in 2018, and only a $1 million buyout the day after on Jan. 1, 2019.

Fisher also has a plethora of bonuses tied into his contract, earning payments ranging from $50,000 to $250,000 if the FSU football team satisfies the conditions.

Fisher could earn a $100,000 bonus if FSU finishes first in the Atlantic Coast Conference's Atlantic Division and plays in the ACC title game; wins the ACC title game; is a participating team in the College Football Playoff; in any of the CFP bowls games during a year that game does not decide the CFP; and finishes the season in the Top 10 of the final CFP poll.

Fisher earns a $50,000 bonus for FSU's participation in any other bowl game.

Fisher could earn a $200,000 bonus if FSU plays in the national championship game; wins the national championship game; finishes the season with a Top 5 ranking in the final CFP poll; and has an undefeated season.

Fisher could also earn bonuses of $50,000 if he's named ACC Coach of the Year and $75,000 if he is named Associated Press National Coach of the Year.

Fisher also has a $250,000 bonus if he meets goals established by himself, the university president and athletic director for the team's overall GPA, academic eligibility, APR, community service, and observing several other FSU regulations. 

- The Phoenix Open which starts today, and will feature Tiger Woods, sold an additional 200k tickets once he committed to playing in it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

TV Tonight 1.28

By @nevaRWilliams

Trail Blazers @ Cavaliers (FOX Sports Ohio, 7pm)
Nets @ Hawks (ESPN, 8pm)
Wizards @ Suns (ESPN, 10:30pm)

2015 Australian Open, Women's Semifinals (ESPN 2, 9pm)

Penguins @ Capitals (NBC Sports, 8pm)
Blackhawks @ Kings (NBC Sports, 10:30pm)

SMU @ South Florida (ESPNU, 7pm)
Temple @ Central Florida (CBS SportsNet, 7pm)
Minnesota @ Penn State (Big Ten, 7pm)
South Carolina @ LSU (SEC, 7pm)
Wake Forest @ Florida State (STO, 7pm)
Duke @ Notre Dame (ESPN 2, 7:30pm)
Texas Tech @ Oklahoma (ESPNews, 7:30pm)

St. John's @ Creighton (FOX Sports 1, 9pm)
East Carolina @ Memphis (CBS SportsNet, 9pm)
Kansas @ TCU (ESPNU, 9pm)
Indiana @ Purdue (Big Ten, 9pm)
Mississippi State @ Mississippi (SEC, 9pm)
Georgia Tech @ Miami (STO, 9pm)


Arrow (The CW, 8pm)
The Mysteries of Laura (NBC, 8pm)
The Middle (ABC, 8pm)
American Idol (FOX, 8pm)
The Mentalist (CBS, 8pm)
Lucha Underground (El Rey, 8pm)
The Goldbergs (ABC, 8:30pm)

The 100 (The CW, 9pm)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC, 9pm)
Modern Family (ABC, 9pm)
Empire (FOX, 9pm)
Criminal Minds (CBS, 9pm)
Mob Wives (VH1, 9pm)
Top Chef (Bravo, 9pm)
Blackish (ABC, 9:30pm)

Chicago PD (NBC, 10pm)
Stalker (CBS, 10pm)
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FXX, 10pm)
The Americans (FX, 10pm)
Suits (USA, 10pm)
Workaholics (Comedy Central, 10pm)
Hindsight (VH1, 10pm)
Snooki & JWOWW (MTV, 10pm)
Man Seeking Woman (FXX, 10:30pm)
Broad City (Comedy Central, 10:30pm)

Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out (MTV 2, 11pm)
Guy Code (MTV 2, 11:30pm)

#WCW 1.28.15: Charlotte McKinney (@Char_mck)

By @nevaRWilliams

WCW: Olivia Munn
WCW: Kattya Heredia
WCW: Alexandra Daddario

Leadoff with Lee 1.28.15 #Browns #Colts #DunkContest #Cavs

By @cleeverizon

- What will the Browns do with Josh Gordon? What should they do with Josh Gordon? What is Josh Gordon's future with the Browns? What is Josh Gordon's future in the NFL? Should the Browns cut him? There are a lot of questions, but not enough answers at this time. The initial shock of Gordon's failed drug/alcohol test by me was cut him. But then I started thinking to myself "Why cut him?" The Browns should be in no rush to make such a move. The NFL hasn't officially given notice to the Browns, the actual results or notification that Gordon has failed a drug/alcohol test. The league may wait weeks to make the results official to the Browns. It's not certain if top brass have made any attempts to talk to Gordon or his agent about the situation.

Now with that said, what if Gordon and his agent decide to appeal the positive test? What if Gordon's camp argues that he tested positive because he used mouthwash before he took the test? Maybe the league called him at the crack of dawn and told him he needed to test? Gordon simply took a shower, brushed his teeth, used some mouthwash and went straight to the testing location. This may all seem ridiculous and crazy but, remember Gordon tested positive for nano grams of marijuana from second hand smoke. Now the appeals process is exactly how it sounds, a process. It will only take a day or two to complete, but when will the appeal, if it happens, be scheduled? So if he wins the appeal, no harm, no foul. It's business as usual. But if he loses the appeal, do the Browns release him? My answer is NO! Gordon will not be collecting his salary from the Browns, he will not take up a roster spot on the team. He will still be apart of the substance abuse program in the NFL. No team will likely pick him up until the 2016 season. The Browns should retain his rights and see what happens in the 2016 season.

This year's crop of top wide receivers is very shallow. See what's out there for the next year or so. Gordon is still playing under his rookie contract, which is dirt cheap. The last thing I want him to do is sign with the Patriots and live that Patriot life like LaGarrette Blount. So there is no need to make any roster moves with Gordon at this time. R-E-L-A-X

- Former Cleveland Browns and current Colt running back Trent Richardson's suspension for conduct detrimental to the team voids the guarantees of his $3.1 million dollar base salary. Richardson was inactive the last two Colts playoff games and missed the walk through prior to the AFC championship game against the Patriots, due to family emergency. Colts general manager Ryan Grigson told reporters that "Richardson was suspended from the game". "He’s suspended for two games, for personal reasons, so I can’t go into that, but he was suspended". The suspension would void the $3.2 million in guaranteed money that Richardson is owed in 2015, allowing the team to cut him without penalty. Richardson will likely file a grievance.

- Andrew Luck should have a new target to throw the ball to next year in Duran Carter. WR Duron Carter, son of Hall of Fame WR and ESPN analyst Cris Carter, is closing in on an agreement with the Indianapolis Colts.

- In other former Browns moves, The Colts have agreed to a new contract naming Rob Chudzinski Associate Head Coach. Chud was rumored to be a candidate for a number offensive coordinator openings. His deal is for one year.

- At Super Bowl Media Day, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch said, "I'm just here so I won't get fined," to 21 questions & left after 5 minutes. It's said that Marshawn Lynch could have been threatened with a $500K fine if he failed to be available for Media Day. "I'm just here so I don't get fined."

- The Cavs won their 7th straight with a 103-95 over the Detroit Pistons. Kyrie Irving scored 38 points, with 6 assists and 3 steals. LeBron James added in 32 points, 6 boards and 7 assists.

- Finally, the NBA listens to it's fans about the Dunk Contest. They will return to the classic format of the dunk contest at NBA All-Star Weekend (Feb. 13-15) with a two-round event (3 each round) with each dunker performing any dunk without time limits. Fatigue was a real issue making the event a drag on players and fans.

- The Indians announced their non-roster Spring invites yesterday: Francisco Lindor, Jake Lowery, Tyler Naquin, James Ramsey, Will Roberts, Ryan Rohlinger and Jordan Smith.

"I just wrote this so I don't get fined"

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

TV Tonight 1.27

By @nevaRWilliams

Cavaliers @ Pistons (FOX Sports Ohio/NBA TV, 7:30pm)
Bulls @ Warriors (NBA TV, 10:30pm)

Capitals @ Blue Jackets (FOX Sports Cincinnati, 7pm)
Lightning @ Hurricanes (NBC Sports, 7:30pm)

Nebraska @ Michigan (ESPN, 7pm)
Tulsa @ Tulane (ESPNews, 7pm)
Pittsburgh @ Virginia Tech (ESPNU, 7pm)
West Virginia @ Kansas State (ESPN 2, 7pm)
Xavier @ Georgetown (FOX Sports 1, 7pm)
George Washington @ VCU (CBS SportsNet, 7pm)
Vanderbilt @ Georgia (SEC, 7pm)

Florida @ Alabama (ESPN, 9pm)
Baylor @ Oklahoma State (ESPNews, 9pm)
Tennessee @ Arkansas (ESPNU, 9pm)
DePaul @ Providence (FOX Sports 1, 9pm)
Fresno State @ San Diego State (CBS SportsNet, 9pm)
Michigan State @ Rutgers (Big Ten, 9pm)
Texas A&M @ Auburn (SEC, 9pm)

2015 Australian Open, Quarterfinals (ESPN 2, 9pm)


The Flash (The CW, 8pm)
Parks And Recreation (NBC, 8pm)
Shark Tank (ABC, 8pm)
MasterChef (FOX, 8pm)
NCIS (CBS, 8pm)
Parks And Recreation (NBC , 8:30pm)

Marvel's Agent Carter (ABC, 9pm)
Marry Me (NBC, 9pm)
NCIS: New Orleans (CBS, 9pm)
Supernatural (The CW, 9pm)
Face Off (SyFy, 9pm)
Nellyville (BET, 9pm)
About A Boy (NBC, 9:30pm)

Justified (FX, 10pm)
The Real World: Skeletons (MTV, 10pm)
Chicago Fire (NBC, 10pm)
Forever (ABC, 10pm)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS, 10pm)
Chopped (Food Network, 10pm)
Sirens (USA, 10pm)
Framework (SPIKE, 10pm)
Real Husbands of Hollywood (BET, 10pm)
Ground Floor (TBS, 10pm)
Cougar Town (TBS, 10:30pm)
Kroll Show (Comedy Central, 10:30pm)

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II (MTV, 11pm)

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon: The Roman Reigns Hatred Burns

By @B_Rock1978

So why all the hatred for Roman Reigns from the WWE Universe? Sadly, Reigns, is starting to fall under the John Cena category. Push him hard, whether the fans like him or not and piss everyone off.

This past Sunday's Royal Rumble, was a huge example of this. As soon as everyone's fan favorite, Daniel Bryan, was eliminated, it was obvious that Roman Reigns was going to walk out of the rumble the winner. Considering Reigns has been talked about winning the Rumble for the past 9 months, I'm still not quite sure how this was a surprise to the WWE Universe. Granted, I too wanted Daniel Bryan to win, but once Bryan was eliminated, it was clear as day that Roman Reigns would go onto Wrestlemania 31.

So where did WWE go wrong with Roman Reigns? My best answer to this is, I feel Roman Reigns was not really built up good enough to be considered a main event superstar. Honestly, Reigns, in my opinion should still be a mid-card superstar at the moment. Reigns has yet to even win a mid-card title like the  Intercontinental title or the United States title to really cement himself into becoming a main eventer. I don't know, I guess I'm still stuck in old school wrestling, where guys like The Rock, Steve Austin, Bret Hart, or even Shawn Michaels, had to make a name for themselves in the mid-card, before they would even be considered a main eventer. I think Reigns should have been given at least a good four to five month run as Intercontinental Champion, before even being considered for a world title shot.

Let's take a look at Roman Reigns' career from last year's Royal Rumble to the present. I find it funny how at last year's rumble, how much the fans loved Roman Reigns and they wanted to see him win over Batista. And then fast forward to this year's Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns, played the part of Batista, and nobody wanted to see him win the Royal Rumble.

So we have a current fan favorite, Roman Reigns, that almost won the 2014 Royal Rumble, to start out the year. Reigns, next would then feud with Evolution, along with his Shield brothers. Ok he's getting a little bit of a build up because he's feuding with Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista, three big names in the WWE. It's right around this time that Reigns Is already being considered the top candidate to win the 2015 Royal Rumble. Why? He has not done one damn thing at this point in time, besides being the big man in a trio faction and showing off a few power moves. Next, The Shield breaks up and Roman Reigns is now a solo superstar, so now he can show the world why he should be considered a main eventer. But Reigns is already main eventing, as he competed in the Money In The Bank WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match and then a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way at Battleground. At this moment, Roman Reigns is already being shoved down the WWE Universe's throats, before we can even decide whether we like him or not. Roman Reigns goes on to face Randy Orton at SummerSlam. So okay, maybe WWE realizes we need a better build up for Roman Reigns so we'll start giving him singles matches against high-profile players. This is good so far. Next, they put Roman Reigns up against the current Money In The Bank winner, Seth Rollins. Orton one month, Rollins the next, build up is looking good. And then it happens, the one thing you hate to see a superstar have to go through, an injury. All that build up has now been deleted, as Roman Reigns has to take 3 months off for a hernia injury.

Roman Reigns returns in December, just one month away from his already more than likely guaranteed Royal Rumble win. And what has he accomplished to be worthy enough for a WrestleMania main event? A feud with Evolution, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, and a current feud in January with Big Show, that no one has really shown interest in. That is it, that ladies and gentleman is your future WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania 31.

So that brings me to my original question that I asked at the beginning of this blog, why all the hatred for Roman Reigns from the WWE Universe? The WWE Universe feels Roman Reigns does not deserve a World Heavyweight Championship match at this time. My opinion, I think Reigns can and will be a great main eventer in the company, but not yet. I think they should have held back Reigns from winning the Rumble this year, built him up better throughout 2015 and then have him win the 2016 Royal Rumble. And I honestly hope all of this negative heat towards Roman Reigns that he has picked up doesn't ruin his career.

So after all of the negativity, the "bullshit" chants, the "we want a refund" chants and the #CancelWWENetwork trend on Twitter, hopefully WWE can pick up all of the broken pieces and put things back together correctly for Wrestlemania 31.

Thanks for reading, tap or snap


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TV Tonight 1.26

By @nevaRWilliams

Trail Blazers @ Nets (NBA TV, 7:30pm)

Syracuse @ North Carolina (ESPN, 7pm)
WOMENS: Texas A&M @ South Carolina (ESPN 2, 7pm)
WOMENS: Illinois @ Michigan (Big Ten, 7pm)
Texas @ Iowa State (ESPN, 9pm)

2015 Australian Open, Men's and Women's Quarterfinals (ESPN 2, 9pm)

2015 AHL All-Star Game (STO, 7pm)


WWE Raw (USA, 8pm)
The Celebrity Apprentice (NBC, 8pm)
The Bachelor (ABC, 8pm)
Gotham (FOX, 8pm)
Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials 2015 (CBS, 8pm)
The Originals (The CW, 8pm)

Sleepy Hollow (FOX, 9pm)
Scorpion(CBS, 9pm)
Jane The Virgin (The CW, 9pm)

Eye Candy (MTV, 10pm)
Best. Ever., "Best Burger Ever" (Food Network, 10pm)
State of Affairs (NBC, 10pm)
Castle (ABC, 10pm)
NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, 10pm)

WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Results #RoyalRumble

By @B_Rock1978

It's time to begin the journey down the road to Wrestlemania! First stop, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the Royal Rumble. Tonight we find out who will be main eventing Wrestlemania 31 and getting their Wrestlemania moment. Let's jump right into last night's recap.

*** Preshow ***

** The New Day vs. Adam Rose, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro was originally supposed to be a six man elimination match, however, it was changed to a regular tag team match. **

- Kofi Kingston and Big E. (w/Xavier Woods) vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (w/Adam Rose): Big E takes control with a back drop and a couple back breakers for a near fall. Kofi is in and near falls Kidd with an elevated drop kick. Kofi gets a near fall with a forearm off the ropes on Cesaro. Kidd and Cesaro tag in and out and go to work on Kofi with kicks, chokes and a slam by Cesaro for a near fall. Kofi sunset flip on Cesaro for a near fall. Cesaro with the "Cesaro Swing" on Kofi and Kidd follows with a drop kick for a near fall. Cesaro holds Kofi, allowing Kidd to plant another drop kick for a near fall. Kofi hits a drop kick and finally hot tags Big E. Big E hits clotheslines and a belly to belly before Cesaro hits a big boot. Big E takes control and tosses Kofi over the ropes onto Kidd. Big E hits a spear through the ropes, sending Cesaro to the floor. Cesaro counters Big E's "Big Ending" with a european uppercut.
Cesaro takes out Big E and Kofi next with another european uppercut. Cesaro superplex and an elbow by Kidd for a near fall on Kofi. Kofi counters Kidd's "Sharpshooter" and kicks Kidd to the floor. Xavier Woods gets involved and hits Cesaro on the floor, causing Kidd to get distracted and rolled up by Kofi for a near fall. Kidd locks in the "Sharpshooter" on Kofi, but Big E breaks it up. Cesaro hits Big E, Kofi sends Kidd to the floor then hits "Trouble in Paradise" on Adam Rose. Kofi rolls up Kidd but Cesaro lands a european uppercut on Kofi. Kidd plants Kofi with the fisherman's neck breaker and scores the pinfall.

*** Royal Rumble ***

- New Age Outlaws vs. The Ascension: Billy Gunn and Road Dogg take control early with head locks, arm drags, hip tosses and arm bars on Viktor. Road Dogg next lands punches and a knee drop on Konnar for a near fall. Konnar unloads shoulders in the corner on Road Dogg and gets warned by the referee. Konnar and Viktor work on Road Dogg with a splash, a hip toss, a reverse chin lock and a fist drop. Konnar near fall on Road Dogg with a kick. Road Dogg counters a belly to belly with a cross body on Konnar and finally hot tags Billy Gunn. Gunn punches Viktor, hits the tilt-a-whirl slam and goes for the "Famasser". Viktor dodges, tags Konnar then they hit the "Fall of Man" on Gunn and score the pinfall.

- Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon say they'll destroy Sting if he even thinks about showing his face again in the House of McMahon. Paul Heyman arrives and offers Brock Lesnar's services to take care of Sting for them.

- "WWE World Tag Team Championship Match": The Usos (c) vs. The Miz and Damien Sandow: Jimmy flies off the ropes on Miz for an early near fall. Miz hits the running corner clothesline on Jimmy. Miz and Jimmy counter each other as they climb the turnbuckles. Miz finally takes control with stomps and teases a tag to Sandow but refuses to do it, angering the crowd. Jimmy misses a samoan drop and Miz lands a back breaker for a near fall. Miz teases another Sandow tag but again doesn't do it. Jimmy unloads on Miz with a kick, a samoan drop and a Rikishi corner splash. Miz DDT on Jimmy for a two count. Jimmy counters the figure four by Miz. Miz ends up on the floor, where he pulls Sandow in a flying Usos path. Uso number two flies and takes everyone out. Jey misses a splash and Miz hits the "Skull Crushing Finale", but Jey kicks out at two. Jey hits Miz with the super kick and then the "Superfly Splash" but Sandow breaks up the pinfall. Sandow hits the "Skull Crushing Finale" on Jey. Miz crawls over and covers Jey, but Jey kicks out at two. Miz goes for the superplex off the top rope but gets head butted by Jey. Sandow gets kicked off the apron, trying to help Miz. Jimmy tags in and plants a super kick on Miz which allows Jey to hit a power bomb on Miz. Jimmy climbs the ropes and hits the "Superfly Splash" on Miz. Jimmy covers Miz and scores the pinfall. The Usos retain the WWE World Tag Team Championship.

- Backstage, Seth Rollins yells at Mercury and Noble for playing the new WWE Immortals game on their tablet instead of focusing on tonight.

- The Bella Twins vs. Paige and Nattie Neidhart: The Bellas double team Nattie early. Paige and Nattie double suplex Brie for a near fall. Paige and Nattie tag back and forth, working on Brie. Brie finally drops Nattie on her head and tags in Nikki. Nikki works on Nattie with mat wrestling and gets a near fall. Nikki hits a shoulder on Nattie for a near fall. Brie and Nikki double team Nattie for another near fall. Brie running knee on Nattie for a near fall. Nattie lifts Nikki up on her shoulders and slams her, then counters a Nikki submission with a "Sharpshooter" attempt. Nikki counters it by kicking Nattie off her. Nikki clotheslines Nattie after Nattie lands a blow on Brie. Nikki misses a corner charge on Nattie. Nattie goes for the tag, but Brie knocks Paige off the apron. Nikki hits Nattie with a forearm in the head and scores the pinfall.

- "WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Triple Threat Match": Brock Lesnar (c) vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins: Lesnar, two german suplexes on Cena, a german suplex on Rollins and a double german suplex on Mercury and Noble. Lesnar blocks a Cena "AA". Another german suplex on both Cena and Rollins. Lesnar tosses Cena and more germans to Rollins. Lesnar locks Cena in the "Kimura Lock" submission. Cena powers out and Rollins hits a knee on both. Cena and Rollins double suplex Lesnar. Cena "AA" on Lesnar and Rollins gets a one count. Out to the floor, Rollins sends Lesnar into the ring post. Rollins blocks Cena's "Five Knuckle Shuffle" but Cena counters the block. Cena another "Five Knuckle Shuffle" attempt but Lesnar drops Cena with another german suplex. Lesnar goes for another german but Rollins kicks Lesnar.
Cena and Rollins both near fall each other. Cena hits three clotheslines on Lesnar, finally dropping the beast. Lesnar catches Rollins in mid air and "F-5's" Rollins. Cena breaks up the pin attempt and gets another german suplex from Lesnar. Cena hits three straight "AA's" on Lesnar but Rollins stops the pinfall. Rollins tosses Cena into the steel steps then "Curb Stomps" Lesnar for a two count. Cena spear tackles Lesnar right through the barricade. Next, Cena sends Lesnar into the steel steps, then hits Lesnar with the steps in the head. Lesnar is laid out on the announcers table as Rollins flies off the top rope and drives an elbow into the heart of Lesnar, putting both men through the table. WWE Medical rush to the ring and check on Lesnar, who isn't moving, as Cena and Rollins continue the match. Rollins, two near falls with a rollup and a kick on Cena. Rollins blocks an "AA". Cena power bombs Rollins for a near fall. Rollins turn buckle power bomb on Cena for a near fall. Cena counters the "Curb Stomp" with the "STF". Mercury and Noble attack Cena, breaking the submission.
Rollins and The Stooges triple power bomb Cena, but Cena kicks out at two. Cena dumps Rollins to the floor and double "AA's" The Stooges. Rollins gets an "AA" next, but kicks out at two. Rollins blocks two more "AA" attempts, hits an enziguri and a "Curb Stomp" on Cena but Cena kicks out at 2. Rollins hits an awesome 450 splash on Cena off the top rope, but Lesnar is back in and german suplexes Rollins after the landing. Lesnar hits a german suplex on Cena. Rollins hits Lesnar with his briefcase twice then goes for the "Curb Stomp". Lesnar catches Rollins and plants him with the "F-5". Lesnar covers Rollins and scores the pinfall to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

- 30 Man Royal Rumble:

The Miz
Bubba Ray Dudley
Luke Harper
Bray Wyatt
Curtis Axel
The Boogeyman
Sin Cara
Zack Ryder
Daniel Bryan
Tyson Kidd
Diamond Dallas Page
Kofi Kingston
Adam Rose
Roman Reigns
Big E
Damien Sandow
Jack Swagger
Dean Ambrose
Titus O’Neil
Bad News Barrett
Big Show
Dolph Ziggler

- The Miz and R-Truth are #1 and #2.
- Bubba Ray Dudley returns as #3.
- Dudley and Truth do the "What's Up" head butt and the "3D" on Miz.
- Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper re-align and double team Bubba.
- Erick Rowan (who's banned) attacks Curtis Axel and enters the rumble. All three members of the Wyatts are in the ring. Harper and Bray double team Rowan.
- Bray eliminates both Harper and Rowan.
- Bray talks on the mic, taunting the locker room, sings "Whole World In His Hands and goes on to eliminate The Boogeyman, hits "Sister Abigail" on Sin Cara, eliminates Cara and eliminates Zack Ryder.
- The fans go crazy as Daniel Bryan enters at #10.
- Later in the match, Bryan hits a suicide dive through the ropes on Bray.
- Diamond Dallas Page makes a surprise entrance at #14.
- DDP hits a "Diamond Cutter" on Stardust, a "Super Diamond Cutter" on Fandango, a "Diamond Cutter" on Bray and finishes with his trademark "Bang".
- Rusev blocks a DDP "Diamond Cutter" and eliminates DDP and Fandango.
- Bryan gets knocked on the apron, then sent to the floor by Bray, eliminating Bryan. This moment right here is when the rumble ended for the whole arena, as heavy and loud "Boos" broke out.
- Stardust tries to eliminate his brother Goldust but fails. "Daniel Bryan" chants break out.
- Adam Rose comes out and his Rosebuds catch an airbourne Kofi Kingston and crowd surf him back to the ring, avoiding elimination.
- Roman Reigns arrives at #19 and gets heavy boos.
- Reigns clotheslines the Rhodes Brothers, Rusev and Bray. Samoan Drop on Goldust, tilt-a-whirl slam on Stardust then eliminates both Rhodes Brothers. The fans don't care, as they continue to boo the hell out of Reigns.
- Damien Sandow arrives at #21 and The Miz tries to steal his spot, ordering him to give up his spot to Miz. Miz gets knocked out by Reigns and Sandow enters the rumble.
- Sandow gets tossed by Rusev and The Miz mocks Sandow.
- Jack Swagger in at #22 and hits the "Swagger Bomb" on Rusev.
- Ryback in at #23 nails Bray and Rusev and hits Reigns to cheers from the crowd. Ryback hits the "Meat Hook" on Rusev but then Ryback gets beat down by Bray. "CM Punk" chants fill the arena.
- Dean Ambrose is in at #25 to a big pop from the crowd. Ambrose attacks Kane, Bray and Rusev right away.
- Titus O'Neil comes in at #26, talks trash and is eliminated right away. Sorry Santino Marella, you still hold the quickest elimination record.
- Cesaro who came in at #28 hits his big mid air European uppercut on Ambrose.
- Big Show in at #29, choke slams Reigns.
- Show and Kane both eliminate Ryback.
- #30 belongs to Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler hits the ring to a huge pop from the fans. Ziggler immediately eliminates Bad News Barrett.
- Cesaro with the "Cesaro Swing" on Ziggler. But Ziggler comes back and eliminates Cesaro.
- Show hits Ziggler with the knockout punch and Show and Kane eliminate Ziggler. The fans boo and grew very hostile again. This elimination allowed Kane to break Shawn Michaels record of 39 total rumble eliminations and set it for himself at 41, by rumbles end.

*** The Final Four ***
- Ambrose, Reigns, Kane and Show are the final four in the rumble. Reigns and Ambrose team up and fight Show and Kane. Show choke slams Ambrose. Show and Kane eliminate Ambrose and the fans boo very heavily again and a "Bullshit" chant now starts, as Reigns is left against The Authority. Kane and Show end up getting into it with each other allowing Reigns to come up from behind and toss both men out to win the Royal Rumble. The fans are livid as we now have a "We Want A Refund" chant.

- After the match, Show and Kane attack Reigns. The Rock's music hits and the most electrifying man in sports entertainment arrives. Rock hits the "People's Elbow" on Kane, then blocks a Show choke slam, which allows Reigns to hit Show with the "Superman Punch". Rock hits "Rock Bottom" on Show. Rusev, who apparently wasn't legally eliminated, gets back in the ring and attacks Reigns. Reigns spears Rusev and eliminates Rusev to officially win the Royal Rumble. The Rock and Reigns celebrate to the fans still booing and have a stare down with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon who are standing on the ramp, as Royal Rumble ends.

*** My Predictions Score: 4-2 ***

The New Day defeat Kidd, Cesaro and Rose. WRONG
- The Bellas defeat Neidhart and Paige. RIGHT
- The Ascension defeat New Age Outlaws. RIGHT
- Brock Lesnar defeats Cena and Rollins. Rollins doesn't cash in money in the bank. RIGHT AND RIGHT
- Royal Rumble winner: Daniel Bryan WRONG