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The Weekend 3 Count 10/6 - 10/12 #WWE #TNA

By @BSA1978

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*** WWE News and Rumors ***

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin making a come back? That's what rumors have been stating. Austin, himself, has even said on his podcast that he's been training for a comeback. Sources have said that Austin wants to have a huge involvement with WWE in 2015.

- Where's the Deadman? The Undertaker was spotted at the Wizard World Austin Comic Con in Austin, Texas this past week. Questions about Wrestlemania 31 and Sting were asked to the Death Valley Demon. Taker stated "never say never" about Wrestlemania but had no plans. As for Sting, Taker hasn't really thought about having a match with the Stinger.

- Happy Birthday Smackdown!! WWE Smackdown turned 15 this month. 15 years ago, Smackdown debuted on the UPN network with Triple H vs The Rock for the WWE Championship as the main event. Shawn Micheals served as special guest referee. I still have that show on VHS tape somewhere back when I used to collect matches on video tape.

- New Bray Wyatt followers? There have been rumors circulating that Bray Wyatt may be taking in NXT's tag team The Ascension as new Wyatt Family members. Which would explain why Bray is setting Erick Rowan and Luke Harper free in recent tv segments.

- If you don't want your luggage lost, than don't fly United Airlines. This week Dolph Ziggler's bags were lost, then found in Canada. What's interesting is that the WWE Intercontinental Championship was one of the items lost. Imagine finding a WWE title, how hard would it be to give back?

- After this Friday's backstage segment on Smackdown between The Rock and Triple H, talk of a match has surfaced. The WWE may possibly go with The Rock vs Triple H as one of the co-main events at Wrestlemania 31.

- Rumors are circulating that WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, won't return to defend his title until the Royal Rumble. What happended to the so called "30 Day Rule", where a superstar was stripped of the title if he failed to defend within 30 days??

- It has been officially announced that the 2015 Royal Rumble in January will be a 40 Man Rumble.

- Chris Jericho sent out a tweet on Twitter stating he'll be back in WWE in November.

- When you get time, check out this article written by Rob Simmons. It basically sums up how all of us feel about WWE's current product. Rob wrote a letter to Triple H and posted the link to it on Triple H's Twitter page. Very heart felt and very true.
Chair Shots Presents: Dear Triple H (A Letter From A Struggling 35 Year Fan).

- WWE's Hell In A Cell Card -
** John Cena vs Dean Ambrose
** "Hell In A Cell Match": Seth Rollins vs Winner of Cena/Ambrose

*** TNA News and Rumors ***

- Bellator MMA has officially announced that TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley will face Karl Etherington at Bellator 130, on Friday, October 24th.

- TNA recently made a play for the hottest free agent in wrestling, CM Punk. TNA offered Punk a Hulk Hogan type deal and promised him he would be the face of TNA. As of now, CM Punk, still has no interest whatsoever in wrestling again. TNA currently is denying this.

- TNA President, Dixie Carter, celebrated her 50th birthday this week.

- TNA recently announced new TV deals in Malaysia and Singapore. There has still been no word on if they are close to a new deal with a tv station to show Impact on in the U.S.

- After failing to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship this week on Impact, Bully Ray went to Twitter. Bully Ray stated that even though he and Devon failed to win the titles, they still have their sights set on winning their favorite titles. Rumors are saying that he is talking about the New Japan Tag Team Championship.

- More Kurt Angle free agent talk has surfaced. Sources have said that Angle would stay with TNA if they meet his requirements. Sources are also saying that Angle has also had a sit down with WWE and would be more than willing to return to the company that made him famous, if they give him a part time contract.

More news and rumors next week on Weekend 3 Count.

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