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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 10.9.14: TNA Impact Results

By @BSA1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's the TNA Impact recap from last night's show. Impact took place once again from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Some highlights of last night's show consisted of Bobby Roode trying to earn another TNA World Title Match. The finals of the Triple Threat Tag Team Series between Team 3D, The Hardy Boys and The Wolves in a "Full Metal Mayhem Match". A Triple Threat Knockouts Match between Angelina Love, Taryn Terrell and Madison Rayne to determine a new #1 Contender to the TNA Knockouts Title. Samuel Shaw and Bram in an "Anything Goes Match". All this and plenty more, now on to this week's recap.

- In Ring Segment with Bobby Roode and MVP's Stable: Impact opens up with former TNA World Champion, Bobby Roode, in the ring. Roode, wants an answer to the challenge for the TNA World Title that Roode gave Bobby Lashley last week. MVP and Kenny King emerge from the back without Lashley. MVP tells Roode he doesn't deserve another shot at the TNA World Title and has no right asking for one. Roode, MVP and King all take verbal shots at each other. MVP finally offers Roode another shot at Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Title...but...only if Roode can beat MVP and King tonight in a 2 on 1 match. And if Roode loses he can never get a shot at the TNA World Title again. Roode accepts the challenge.

- #1 Contender to the TNA Knockouts Title, Triple Threat Match: Madison Rayne vs Taryn Terrell vs Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky): Before the match even starts, Love and Sky beat down Terrell until Rayne steps in for the save. Rayne and Terrell both go for pinfalls only to have the other break it up. Terrell and Rayne double team Love but Sky gets involved to help by pulling Rayne to the floor. The three go at it again, this time Terrell goes airbourne and takes Love and Rayne out with a cross body. Terrell covers Love but Rayne sneaks in from behind, breaks up the pinfall and rolls Terrell up with a handful of tights to score the pinfall. After the match Rayne and Terrell argue over Rayne cheating to win. The TNA Knockouts Champion, Havok, arrives and enters the ring. Rayne runs for cover as Havok destroys Terrell and leaves Terrell laid out.

- Low Ki and Tigre Uno vs James Storm and The Great Sanada: Sanada and Uno with nice mat wrestling early. Mid match, Storm distracts the referee as Manik slides into the ring. Manik drops Uno with a neckbreaker before exiting. Uno is beat down and double teamed until getting the hot tag to Low Ki. Low Ki hits the double foot stomp on Storm but Storm kicks out at two. Manik fakes interference, distracting Low Ki, who takes a back cracker from Storm. Sanada sprays green mist into Uno's eyes and Storm hits the super kick on Uno for the pinfall.

- "Anything Goes Match": Samuel Shaw vs. Bram: Bram comes out, weapon in hand and Shaw meets him with trash can lid in hand, halfway. Shaw and Bram brawl in and out of the ring with kendo sticks, garbage cans and steel chairs. Shaw lights Bram up with chair shots. Shaw stacked chairs on top of chairs in the ring than reversed a Bram superplex and power bombed Bram on top of the stack of chairs. Bram tosses Shaw into a chair wedged in the corner and scores the pinfall. After the match Brittany gets in the ring and checks on Shaw.

- Backstage Segment with Bobby Roode: Roode is ready and plans on winning the TNA World Title. Plans on going through MVP and King and getting the job done.

- Backstage Segment with Team 3D and The Wolves: Both teams take shots at each other and are ready for tonight's match.

- "2 on 1 Elimination Match": Bobby Roode vs. MVP and Kenny King: MVP and King double team Roode as soon as the bell rings. In and out of the ring MVP and King own Roode as they continue the 2 on 1 onslaught. Roode is tossed into the ring steps and into the guardrail. King accidentally cracks MVP and Roode sends King over the ropes. Roode rolls up MVP for the pinfall and MVP is eliminated. MVP interferes and almost costs Roode the match but Roode kicks out. Roode is in control and going for the win on King, when Bobby Lashley hits the ring and spears the hell out of Roode. Roode wins by DQ but takes a beat down from Lashley.

- In Ring Segment with Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud: ECIII says he's unstoppable. Calls out Rockstar Spud so he can take care of the people that let him down. Spud comes out and says he's still ECIII's best friend and tries to prove it. EClll wants nothing to do with Spud as he calls Spud a loser and shoves him down. Spud gets back to his feet and hits ECIII. ECIII says that Spud has a lot of heart and then fires him.

- "TNA World Tag Team Championship, Full Metal Mayhem Match": The Wolves (c) vs Team 3D vs The Hardys: We begin with all six brawling. Matt climbs the ladder but Bully drags him off. Bully climbs the ladder but gets DDT'ed off it by Davey Richards. Devon climbs the ladder but gets pulled down by Matt. Bully suplexed Matt and Eddie Edwards at the same time. Devon builds a bridge from the apron to the ring steps with a guardrail but gets knocked onto it by Richards. Bully grabs Richards and power bombs him through the guardrail bridge. Devon goes nuts with a steel chair then climbs the ladder. Edwards hits Devon with a steel chair, ending the climb. Matt and Edwards take each other out with chair shots. Jeff makes a table bridge with Bully on top of it. Jeff misses the leg drop on Bully and crashes through the table. Bully, Matt and Edwards all climb ladders and trade shots with each other.
All three end up knocking each other off their ladders. Matt lays Richards on a table and lands a leg drop, sending both crashing through. Devon destroys Edwards with a folder ladder. Bully and Devon double team Edwards and Devon goes to the top rope. Jeff shoves Devon off sending Devon crashing through two tables. All three teams make runs up the ladder for the belts only to get stopped. Jeff gets to the top of the ladder but gets thrown off by Richards and onto Bully, both Jeff and Bully crash through tables. Richards power bombs Matt through a table as Edwards climbs the ladder and grabs the titles for the win. Impact closes out with a definite candidate for match of the year. WOW!

And that's a wrap my friends. Till next time, tap or snap.

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