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The Weekend 3 Count with Brandon: 9/29-10/5

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By @BSA1978

*** WWE News and Rumors ***

- 15 Time WWE Champion, John Cena will be appearing on NBC's Today Show on Monday morning to promote RAW in Brooklyn, New York.

- It's still unknown if WWE plans on using Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E. in a stable. Some may remember on an episode of RAW a few months back, the trio were together in dress suits, scouting tag teams. Sources have said that the trio have been working house shows together as both faces and heels. It's still unknown when or if they will be put back on live tv as a stable. (The current name they are using for their faction is "Super Athletic Friends". So does WWE have ten year olds making faction names now?)

- As you recall, WWE used Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble on RAW this past week. Rumor is they may become The Authority's official lackeys every week now.

- This week on they've officially given Adam Rose's Bunny a profile and now list him as a wrestler. (Are you freakin' kidding me?!?!?! The WWE release talent that they don't want to push, cause they think they won't be worth the effort, BUT give a guy in a bunny suit a roster spot! Unbelievable!!!)

- All you fan boys that drooled over the nude picture of A.J. Lee that was released online, can now weep in rejecting. Mrs. CM Punk officially commented on Twitter that the picture was actually a picture of porn star Lilly Evans. So carry on fan boys before CM Punk blocks you on Twitter.

- Rumor going around was that WWE was seriously thinking about a Nikki vs Brie Bella Hell In A Cell Match......Do you hear that? That's the sound of Vince McMahon laughing at all of us, cause we'd be forced to deal with it. As of now the idea has been scrapped.

- NXT trainer, Nick Dinsmore, has officially been released from WWE. Dinsmore portrayed Eric Bishoff's nephew, Eugene, during his run in the WWE.

*** TNA News and Rumors ***

- More news on Kurt Angle as he was recently interviewed about his current status. Angle stated that he had a sit down with TNA head Dixie Carter, who went over TNA's progress with him. Angle as rumored recently, did have a sit down with Vince McMahon where McMahon informed Angle that Triple H runs talent now. Angle stated he meant no disrespect to Triple H cause he figured Vince would always run things till he dies. Angle also mentioned he would be honored to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame one day as it  would mean a lot to him in his pro wrestling career. Angle feels he has one more good year of wrestling left in him.

- TNA contract news: Devon of Team 3D's contract will expire at Bound For Glory. Many think he will be done with TNA just like Bully Ray will officially be done with TNA at Bound For Glory.

- Former TNA wrestler, Jesse Sorensen, announced on his Twitter page that he is officially retiring from pro wrestling. Sorensen says it's for personal reasons.

- Who's excited about former WWE announcer, Josh Mathews, now having an announcer job with TNA? Anyone? Anyone? Well its true, Mathews has been tweeting it on Twitter, but sources are saying he won't officially start until the beginning of the new year. If there is a beginning of the new year for TNA.

- It's so hard to cover some stories for TNA without giving away spoilers to those that still want the surprise. So I'll keep this short and simple and not give anything away. Samoa Joe, during TV tapings for Impact, suffered an injured shoulder and may not be 100% going into Bound For Glory. Now like I said, there is more that resulted in this injury but I don't want to spoil anything that they have not shown on TNA Impact yet.

- Other TNA injuries: Gail Kim suffered a legit shoulder separation during her match with Havok. Kim will still be on Impact in upcoming weeks due to shows being taped in advance. Tommy Dreamer took a bad bump in one of his up coming taped TNA matches and is currently having back and hip issues. Dreamer says it won't stop him from competing at Bound For Glory.

- More matches were announced this week for TNA's Bound For Glory Pay Per View. The following is the card so far:
** The Great Muta and Yoshihiro Tajiri vs James Storm and The Great Senada
** Team 3D's TNA Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
** "Hardcore Match": Tommy Dreamer and Abyss vs. Team 3D
** "TNA X-Division Championship": Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki vs. Kaz Hayashi
** MVP vs. Kazma Sakamoto
** Manik vs. Minoru Tanaka
** Velvet Sky vs. Havok

*** GFW News and Rumors ***

- We have the first of hopefully many more updates to come on Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling promotion. It has been confirmed that GFW will have their debut Pay Per View set for January 4th, 2015. Sources have stated that it'll take place in the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. GFW will be working with New Japan Pro Wrestling in the event but the pay per view will be considered a Global Force Wrestling product.

- Good Ol' J.R., Jim Ross, has stated that he and GFW have been in contact with each other for a head commentary position with the company for GFW's debut Pay Per View. Nothing has been finalized yet.

- As for GFW landing a network deal....still a no go. GFW has been pitching their product to the same channels that TNA has been talking to. Unfortunately none of those networks want to take a chance on an upstart company like GFW.

And that's this week's Weekend 3 Count. Join me every Sunday afternoon for more WWE, TNA and GFW news and rumors around the wrestling world.

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