Thursday, October 30, 2014

Diamonds and...Gems? With Cliff G. (@CLG2282)

By @CLG2282

While baseball doesn't always display the gravitating pull on it's fans and heaven sent aura of The Artist formerly know as.., tonight's game 7 was nothing short of rhythmic lyrics set to a hypnotic track.

Watching what was probably the most entertaining MLB playoff series in the last decade,  the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals put on a story book performance that would likely earn a standing ovation from Prince himself. And what better way to end it than with a Game 7 played with near perfection (In a baseball sense anyway).

Both teams came out firing like an old Western cowboy film, sending the starting pitchers to the dugout for good before the start of the 4th inning, like a classic tumbleweed scene. But then the grit of defense reared it's rugged head.

Pulling out all the stops, both managers rotated pitchers. The fielders made play after game saving defensive play. And then, Bumgarner.

While offensively Pablo Sandavol swinging hot a bat, Madison Bumgarner came in and essentially closed the door. In the 5th INNING. Yes the 5th. On only two days rest Bumgarner, the clear highlight of the World Series, pitched lights out for 5 innings of RELIEF. Yes you read that correctly.

In what is the most dominate pitching performance in a playoff series that I've ever seen, "Mad Bum" ended with a total of 21 innings pitched while only allowing one, yes ONE, earned run. After giving up a single to the first batter he faced, Bumgarner gave up only one more hit and struck out four over the next FIVE innings.

Backed by tremendous defensive gems from his teammates,  Bumgarner made pitching in the biggest game on the biggest stage look as easy as warming up in the bullpen. I guess winning the World Series twice before you turn 25 will give you those kind of calm nerves.

After closing out their third MLB title in 5 years, the San Francisco Giants are now getting their name tossed into the dynasty hat. Winning it all every other year, with an anchor of an ace, will draw that kind of attention for your organization.  And kudos to the Kansas City Royals in their efforts and near perfection of "small ball".

Overall, this was a great series. And probably the greatest series that no one ever watched. With the NFL hitting it's stride and the looming NBA opening week, this amazing series will forever be under appreciated because of the marketing mammoths that are the NBA and NFL. Not to mention the very competitive NCAA football. With that said, LeBron is home and the NBA is back. I am very proud and excited (as always) to be a Clevelander today (and forever but especially today) with all the buzz swirling around our city.

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