Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Wrestling Lockup With Brandon: RAW Ontario California Recap

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

It's the beginning of the week and time to kick things off in wrestling with Monday Night RAW, live from Ontario, California. RAW is going live after the fall out from this past Sunday's WWE No Mercy pay per view. Brock Lesnar, The Miz, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Alexa Bliss all retained their titles as Enzo Amore claimed his first WWE title with a WWE Cruiserweight Championship win. RAW moves ahead to WWE TLC in four weeks.

** Monday Night RAW Card **

- Jason Jordan and Matt Hardy battled Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas.
- Elias Samson battled Apollo Crews.
- Braun Strowman battled Curt Hawkins.
- WWE RAW World Tag Team Champion Dean Ambrose battled Braun Strowman.
- WWE RAW World Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins battled Sheamus.
- WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz battled Roman Reigns in a non title match.
- Finn Balor battled Goldust.
- Bayley and Sasha Banks battled Emma and Nia Jax.

- WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore holds a Certified G Championship Celebration.

- The Miz hosts another edition of Miz TV with Roman Reigns as his special guest.

** RAW **

- Miz TV with The Miz and The Miztourage: Miz immediately introduces his guest Roman Reigns. Miz runs down the year Reigns has had so far. Reigns gives props and respect to John Cena. Reigns says his victory over Cena was the biggest of his career so he's not sure why he's talking to an idiot like Miz. Reigns tells Miz he can't beat Jason Jordan one on one and then tells Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas to go fetch him a beer. Miz accuses Reigns of riding The Shield coattails 5 years ago when they first arrived and wonders who would win against The Miztourage. Reigns says we'll never know because Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are doing their own thing right now, as is he. Miz cries about disrespect and says Reigns doesn't deserve a WWE Universal Championship Match. Reigns calls out a referee and wants to fight Miz right now. Miz says no and tries to end the segment. RAW GM Kurt Angle interrupts and says he has two huge matches for tonight. Reigns vs. The Miz and Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas vs. Jason Jordan and Matt Hardy. The Miztourage are all angry to end the segment.

- Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan vs. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas: The match closes out with Matt dropping Dallas with a neck breaker for a near fall. Matt then hits the Side Effect on Dallas for another near fall. Jordan is in and spears both Axel and Dallas into the corner. Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Dallas and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan, by pinfall.

- Elias Samson vs. Apollo Crews: The match closes out with Crews sending Elias outside and then suicide dives onto Elias. Titus O'Neil cheers on Crews, but gets kicked by Elias. Elias takes advantage of a distracted Crews and ends up hitting Drift Away to score the pinfall.
Winner: Elias Samson, by pinfall.

- After the match, Elias and Titus almost go at it, but Elias retreats.

- Backstage, Finn Balor is interviewed. Balor thanks Bray Wyatt for challenging him and says that his win was for Goldust and all the others Bray victimized. Balor is setting his sights on the WWE Universal Championship now.

- Braun Strowman vs. Curt Hawkins: Hawkins refuses to fight and runs into the crowd. Strowman chases Hawkins into the production area and choke slams Hawkins through a table. Strowman tosses Hawkins onto the RAW stage and then hits the running power slam, putting Hawkins right through the LED board. Strowman goes back to the ring and demands a more worthy challenger. Dean Ambrose interrupts and accepts the challenge.
Winner: No Contest.

- Braun Strowman vs. Dean Ambrose: The match closes out with Ambrose leaping at Braun but gets caught. Ambrose counters the catch and is able to get Braun down. Ambrose gets a near fall on Braun and keeps control. Ambrose counters the choke slam and sends Braun into the turnbuckle. Ambrose climbs the ropes and goes for the elbow drop. Braun catches Ambrose in mid air and hits the running power slam to score the pinfall.
Winner: Braun Strowman, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Enzo interrupts Kurt Angle and asks for a Certified G Championship Celebration. Angle asks if it's worth a celebration considering Enzo cheated to win. Enzo calls Angle an Olympic gold hater and refuses advice from him.

- Backstage, Seth Rollins reminds Dean Ambrose that they're partners and he would've had his back against Braun Strowman. Rollins says he's going to challenge Braun to a match next week and Ambrose admits he made a mistake challenging Braun.

- Alexa Bliss Promo: Alexa brags about beating four of the best at WWE No Mercy and says she's disappointed in the fans. The fans didn't congratulate her, instead they made notes and memes about Asuka coming at WWE TLC. Alexa says the fans don't appreciate her and she doesn't have to prove anything to them. Mickie James interrupts and heads to the ring. Mickie says Alexa took verbal shots at her last week and dares her to do it to her face now. Alexa says she respects Mickie, thinks Mickie has a lot to offer and knows she still has a few fans that believe in Mickie. Mickie reminds Alexa of who she is and what she's done in the WWE. Mickie wants Alexa to repeat the insult Alexa said last week to her face right now. Alexa hesitates and then finally calls Mickie an old lady. Mickie slaps Alexa twice then lays her out with a Mick Kick to end the segment. 

- Sheamus vs. Seth Rollins: The match closes out with Sheamus trapping Rollins in the Cloverleaf submission. Rollins escapes, but Sheamus remains in control. Rollins dodges the Brogue Kick, counters an aerial offensive move from Sheamus and then hits the running knee to score the pinfall.
Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Goldust confronts Finn Balor and says he doesn't need his sympathy and is upset that Balor considers Goldust a victim of Bray Wyatt. Balor apologizes to Goldust, but Goldust attacks Balor and leaves Balor laid out.

- Roman Reigns vs. The Miz: The match closes out with Miz unloading Yes Kicks, but Reigns catches the last kick and hits the Superman Punch on Miz. Curtis Axel jumps on the apron and also eats a Superman Punch. Reigns sends Bo Dallas flying off the apron, allowing Miz to hit a DDT on Reigns for a near fall. Reigns counters the Skull Crushing Finale and hits a spear on Miz to score the pinfall.
Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall.

- After the match, The Miztourage beat down Reigns, but Reigns fights back and attacks all three men. Axel and Dallas grab steel chairs and beat down Reigns with them. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Reigns and leaves Reigns laying. The Miztourage continue the attack on Reigns with the steel chairs. The Miz hits another Skull Crushing Finale on Reigns face first on a steel chair. The Miztourage then mock The Shield with the triple fist bump pose over Reigns' body.

- Goldust vs. Finn Balor: The match closes out with Goldust hitting a spinebuster for a near fall. Goldust unloads on Balor while he's down. Balor is back up and hits the Slingblade and then corner drop kicks Goldust. Balor hits the Coup de Grace on Goldust and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall.

- After the match, Bray's graphic flashes and kids singing "Whole World In His Hands" play as Balor looks around confused.

- Backstage, Sasha Banks tells Bayley about how upset she's been that she didn't win back her title. Sasha says they need to focus tonight and reminds Bayley how Nia Jax injured Bayley's shoulder last month. 

- Backstage, Enzo Amore interrupts Kurt Angle and demands a no contact clause be put on everyone on 205 Live because Enzo senses jealousy and thinks they'll attack him during his celebration. Angle allows just so Enzo will leave him alone.

- Emma and Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley: The match closes out with Bayley sending Nia outside. Bayley suicide dives, but gets caught by Nia. Bayley escapes and sends Nia into the ringpost. Emma gets a near fall on Sasha with a rollup. Sasha hits knees on Emma as Bayley tags in. Bayley hits the Bayley To Belly on Emma to score the pinfall.
Winners: Bayley and Sasha Banks, by pinfall.  

- Enzo Amore's Certified G Championship Celebration: Enzo says people are jealous of him, just like his former partner Big Cass. Enzo reveals under a cloth a Certified G jersey, which he's retiring now. Enzo gets interrupted by the whole 205 Live roster. Enzo mocks the cruiserweights until Neville arrives. Enzo mocks Neville about how he looks and for losing the title. Neville says Enzo was dumped on the 205 Live roster because no one else wanted him. Neville says Enzo is nothing but a joke and he's made a joke out of the division and the title. Neville says that on behalf of the entire cruiserweight division, he is here to end Enzo. Enzo reminds Neville that he has a no contact clause and Neville will forfeit his title shot if he touches Enzo.
Enzo says they are in the main event of RAW because Enzo is a star, he's money and he will see them all tomorrow night on The Zo Show. Neville finally snaps and attacks Enzo. Neville sends Enzo into the retired jersey and then out to the floor. Neville tosses Enzo into the barricade and Enzo retreats. The entire 205 Live roster block Enzo's escape and Neville unloads some more. Neville takes the no contact clause contract, balls it up and shoves it in Enzo's mouth. Neville lays out Enzo and hits the Red Arrow to end the show.

Monday, September 25, 2017

WWE No Mercy Recap

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

That's another RAW represented WWE No Mercy pay per view in the books ladies and gentlemen. WWE No Mercy was live at the famous Staples Center in Los Angeles, California and was also live on the WWE Network. All the WWE RAW titles were on the line, including the WWE Universal Championship. If you missed the show or even if you didn't, then keep on reading and enjoy as I bring you the WWE No Mercy recap.

** WWE No Mercy Card **

- WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar defended his title against Braun Strowman.
- WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz defended his title against Jason Jordan.
- WWE RAW World Tag Team Champions Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins defended their titles against Sheamus and Cesaro.
- WWE RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss defended her title against Sasha Banks, Nia Jax, Emma and Bayley in a Fatal Five Way Match.
- WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville defended his title against Enzo Amore.
- John Cena battled Roman Reigns. 
- Bray Wyatt battled Finn Balor.
- Elias Samson battled Apollo Crews. 

** WWE No Mercy PreShow **

- Social Media Lounge Interview With Alexa Bliss: Alexa talks about what a great edition Asuka will be to the RAW roster when she arrives in October. Alexa promises to leave tonight still the WWE RAW Women's Champion. Alexa then answers a few fan questions and even mocks one fan that proposes to her.

- Elias Samson vs. Apollo Crews: The match closes out with Elias nailing a clothesline and taking control of Crews. Elias lands a mule kick for a near fall. Crews hits a suplex, clothesline, a big boot and a splash on Elias for a near fall, as Titus O'Neil cheers on Crews. Elias counters out of a scoop slam, but eats an enziguri. Elias rolls outside where Titus talks trash to him. Back in the ring, Crews leaps off the top rope, but has to roll through on the landing as Elias moves out of the way. Elias sends Crews into the corner and then hits Drift Away to score the pinfall.
Winner: Elias Samson, by pinfall.

- After the match, Elias attacks Crews, but retreats as soon as Titus O'Neil hits the ring.

** WWE No Mercy **

- "WWE Intercontinental Championship Match": The Miz (c) vs. Jason Jordan: The match closes out with Jordan countering the Skull Crushing Finale and hits two suplexes on The Miz for a near fall. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas pull Miz outside, but they both get attacked by Jordan. Jordan tosses Miz back into the ring and applies a crossface submission. Miz reaches for the ropes and finally grabs them to release the hold. Jordan charges, misses and hits shoulder first into the corner. Miz charges for his corner clothesline, but Jordan catches Miz and hits a belly to belly suplex. Jordan spears Miz in the corner and takes control as Bo Dallas suddenly climbs to the top rope. Jordan sends Dallas flying, which distracts the referee. Jordan rolls up Miz, but the referee misses the pinfall, still distracted by Dallas. Miz kicks Jordan into Axel, who's on the apron, allowing Axel to cheap shot Jordan. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Jordan and scores the pinfall to retain his title.
Winner: The Miz, by pinfall, to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

- After the match, Jason Jordan is interviewed. Jordan says he just couldn't beat Miz because the odds were against him with The Miztourage at ringside. Jordan says he doesn't respect Miz and he wants a rematch.

- Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor: The match closes out with Balor hitting a corner drop kick on Bray. Balor goes to the top rope, but Bray cuts him off. Balor knocks Bray off the ropes and hits Coup de Grace on Bray for a near fall. Bray and Balor trade counters until Bray drops Balor with a punch for a near fall. Bray sends Balor across the ring twice with suplexes then goes to the second rope. Balor counters by kicking Bray in the head and shoving Bray to the mat. Balor hits two straight corner drop kicks on Bray then goes to the top rope. Balor hits Coup de Grace on Bray and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Sheamus and Cesaro are interviewed. Sheamus and Cesaro state that they are alpha males and Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are the ones that need to make adjustments. Sheamus and Cesaro predict that Ambrose and Rollins turn on each other tonight. 

- "WWE RAW World Tag Team Championship Match": Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins (c) vs. Sheamus and Cesaro: The match closes out with Sheamus and Cesaro double teaming Ambrose. Cesaro applies the Sharpshooter submission on Ambrose and then turns that into a crossface. Ambrose reaches the ropes and Sheamus tags in. Sheamus and Cesaro hit a double Irish Cross for a near fall. Cesaro and Ambrose trade punches until Ambrose hits a clothesline. Sheamus tags in and drills Ambrose with White Noise as Cesaro hits a power bomb on Rollins on top of Ambrose for a near fall. Cesaro hits a double stomp on Rollins and then tags Sheamus. Sheamus misses the Brogue Kick and Ambrose gets a near fall rollup. Sheamus tries another Brogue Kick, but accidentally nails Cesaro. Rollins hits the knee to the face on Sheamus allowing Ambrose to hit Dirty Deeds for the pinfall to retain their titles.
Winners: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, by pinfall, to retain the WWE RAW World Tag Team Championship.

- "WWE RAW Women's Championship, Fatal Five Way Match": Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Emma vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax vs. Bayley: The match closes out with Emma getting a near fall on Alexa. Alexa takes control and trash talks Emma. Bayley sends Alexa into the corner and then Emma butterfly suplexes Bayley. Emma gets a near fall splash on Bayley and then brawls with Sasha. Sasha hits a bulldog and double knees on Emma for a near fall. Sasha hits a backstabber on Alexa and then applies the Banks Statement submission. Bayley breaks up the submission and gets a near fall on Alexa. Bayley gets a near fall Bayley To Belly on Alexa as Sasha breaks up the pinfall. Nia attacks Sasha, drops her and hits the leg drop for a near fall. Nia charges Alexa, misses and hits the turnbuckle. Bayley gets sent into Emma, taking them both out. Alexa hits a DDT on Bayley and scores the pinfall to retain her title.
Winner: Alexa Bliss, by pinfall, to retain the WWE RAW Women's Championship.

- After the match, Alexa is interviewed. Alexa says there are alot of stars in Hollywood but there is only one true goddess and it's her.

- John Cena vs. Roman Reigns: The match closes out with Cena getting a near fall AA on Reigns. Reigns gets a near fall Superman Punch on Cena. Cena dodges the spear causing Reigns to hit the turnbuckle. Cena and Reigns end up on the second rope where Cena hits a Super AA for a near fall. Cena has words with the referee and then starts taking apart the announcers table. Cena takes Reigns on top of the announcers table and goes for an AA. Reigns counters out and spears Cena off the table and through the second announcers table. Reigns tosses Cena into the ring and gets a near fall. Cena counters a Reigns attack and hits two straight AA's for another near fall. Cena can't believe it and just stares at Reigns as he crawls to get up. Reigns pops up and hits a Superman Punch on Cena. Reigns then hits the spear on Cena and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall.

- After the match, Cena and Reigns nod at each other as a sign of respect and then Cena raises Reigns' hand. Cena walks out with a "thank you Cena" chant and salutes the fans.

- Backstage, The Miz interrupts RAW GM Kurt Angle and asks to host a very special Miz TV on RAW Monday with Roman Reigns as his guest. Miz claims to have inside information about The Shield. Angle allows the segment and says it'll kick off RAW.

- "WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match": Neville (c) vs. Enzo Amore: The match closes out with Neville grounding Enzo and mocking him. Neville hits a super kick for a near fall. Neville lays out Enzo and goes for the Red Arrow. Neville takes his time and decides to go for a Phoenix Splash instead. Enzo dodges it and Neville crashes to the mat. Enzo hits a DDG on Neville and gets a near fall. Enzo goes for a suicide dive on Neville, but catches a kick in the face. Neville tosses Enzo over the timekeepers area, but Enzo comes back and grabs the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Enzo runs in the ring with the title and Neville chases him. The referee warns Enzo not to use it as a weapon and grabs the title away from Enzo. Enzo low blows Neville while the referee's back is turned and steals the pinfall to win the title.
Winner: Enzo Amore, by pinfall, to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

- "WWE Universal Championship Match": Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Braun Strowman: The match closes out with Braun unloading on Lesnar, blocks a Lesnar swing and lands a headbutt. Lesnar goes for an F5, but Braun counters it and sends Lesnar outside. Braun follows, tosses Lesnar into the ringpost and then back into the ring. Braun tosses Lesnar into the corner a series of times, but misses a charge and hits the turnbuckle. Lesnar applies the Kimura Lock submission, but Braun fights it. Lesnar applies the pressure and gets Braun down on the mat. Braun escapes with a spinebuster and gets a near fall.
Lesnar goes behind Braun and hits the german suplex repeatedly. Lesnar yells at Braun and hits another german suplex. Lesnar hits german suplex #6 and then goes for the F5. Braun escapes and hits the running power slam on Lesnar. Braun is unable to capitalize and falls to the mat. Braun hits another running power slam on Lesnar, but still can't capitalize on a pinfall. Lesnar grabs Braun quickly, hits the F5 out of nowhere and scores the pinfall to retain the title.
Winner: Brock Lesnar, by pinfall, to retain the WWE Universal Championship.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

On TV This Week 9/24 - 9/30

By Raven Williams, @nevaRWilliams


Raiders @ Redskins (NBC, 8:20pm)

Angels @ Astros (ESPN, 8pm)

CFL: Calgary Stampeders @ Saskatchewan Roughriders (ESPN 2, 4pm)

St. Louis Blues @ Pittsburgh Penguins (NBC Sports, 8pm)

MLS: Orlando City SC @ Portland Timbers (FOX Sports 1, 8pm)
Teen Wolf, SERIES FINALE (MTV, 8pm)
Who Shot Biggie & Tupac? (FOX, 8pm)
Storage Wars: Best Bidding Wars (A&E, 8pm)
Star Trek: Discovery (CBS, 8:30pm)

Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME, FINALE (ABC, 9pm)
The Great Food Truck Race, FINALE (Food Network, 9pm)

Ballers, FINALE (HBO, 10pm)
The $100,000 Pyramid, FINALE (ABC, 10pm)


Cowboys @ Cardinals (ESPN, 8:15pm)

New Jersey Devils @ Ottawa Senators (NHL, 6pm)
Calgary Flames @ Winnipeg Jets (NHL, 8:30pm)
The Voice, PREMIERE (NBC, 8pm)
So You Think You Can Dance, FINALE (FOX, 8pm)
The Big Bang Theory, PREMIERE (CBS, 8pm)
Young Sheldon, PREMIERE (CBS, 8:30pm)

Hip Hop Squares (VH1, 9pm & 9:30pm)
Kevin Can Wait, PREMIERE (CBS, 9pm)
Me, Myself & I, PREMIERE (CBS, 9:30pm)

The Brave, PREMIERE (NBC, 10pm)
The Good Doctor, PREMIERE (ABC, 10pm)
Scorpion, PREMIERE (CBS, 10pm)
People Of Earth, FINALE (TBS, 10:30pm)


Twins @ Indians (STO, 7pm)
Cubs @ Cardinals (ESPN, 8pm)
(MLB, 7pm)
(MLB, 10pm)

Open Court: Executives (NBA TV, 8pm)

Los Angeles Sparks @ Minnesota Lynx, Game 2 (ESPN 2, 8pm)

New York Rangers @ Philadelphia Flyers (NHL, 7pm)
Los Angeles Kings @ Vegas Golden Knights (NHL, 10pm)
Celebrity Family Feud, FINALE (ABC, 8pm)
Lethal Weapon, PREMIERE (FOX, 8pm)

This Is Us, PREMIERE (NBC, 9pm)
Bull, PREMIERE (CBS, 9pm)
The Mick, PREMIERE (FOX, 9pm)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, PREMIERE (FOX, 9:30pm)

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders (NBC, 10pm)
NCIS: New Orleans (CBS, 10pm)
Ink Master, LIVE FINALE (Spike, 10pm)
Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge (CMT, 10pm)
Released, PREMIERE (OWN, 10pm)

90's House, PREMIERE (MTV, 11pm)


30 For 30
"Tommy", Boxer Tommy Morrison (ESPN 2, 8pm)

Twins @ Indians (STO, 7pm)
Cubs @ Cardinals (ESPN, 7pm)
Padres @ Dodgers (ESPN, 10pm)
(MLB, 10pm)

Cleveland Cavaliers Team Preview (NBA TV, 6:30pm)

Buffalo Sabres @ Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL, 7pm)
Ottawa Senators @ Winnipeg Jets (NHL, 9:30pm)
The Blacklist, PREMIERE (NBC, 8pm)
Empire, PREMIERE (FOX, 8pm)
Survivor, PREMIERE (CBS, 8pm)
The Goldbergs, PREMIERE (ABC, 8pm)
Speechless, PREMIERE (ABC, 8:30pm)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, PREMIERE (NBC, 9pm)
Star, PREMIERE (FOX, 9pm)
Modern Family, PREMIERE (ABC, 9pm)
American Housewife, PREMIERE (ABC, 9:30pm)

Chicago P.D., PREMIERE (NBC, 10pm)
Designated Survivor, PREMIERE (ABC, 10pm)
Criminal Minds, PREMIERE (CBS, 10pm)
The Lowe Files, FINALE (A&E, 10pm)
Legendary Locations, PREMIERE (Travel, 10pm)
Best Baker In America, PREMIERE (Food Network, 10pm)
Face Value, PREMIERE (BET, 10pm)
50 Central, PREMIERE (BET, 10:30pm)


Bears @ Packers (CBS/NFL, 8:25pm)

Texas @ Iowa State (ESPN, 8pm)

(MLB, 7pm)

Chicago Blackhawks @ Detroit Red Wings (NHL, 7:30pm)
Arizona Coyotes @ Los Angeles Kings (NHL, 10:30pm)
Grey's Anatomy, PREMIERE (ABC, 8pm)
Superstore, PREMIERE (NBC, 8pm)
The Vietnam War, FINALE (PBS, 8pm)

Will & Grace, PREMIERE (NBC, 9pm)
Great News, PREMIERE (NBC, 9:30pm)

Chicago Fire, PREMIERE (NBC, 10pm)
How To Get Away With Murder, PREMIERE (ABC, 10pm)
Nathan For You, PREMIERE (Comedy Central, 10pm)
The Guest Book, FINALE (TBS, 10:30pm)


Miami @ Duke (ESPN, 7pm)
Dartmouth @ Pennsylvania (NBC Sports, 7pm)
Nebraska @ Illinois (FOX Sports 1, 8pm)
BYU @ Utah State (CBS SportsNet, 8pm)
USC @ Washington State (ESPN, 10:30pm)

White Sox @ Indians (STO, 7pm)
(MLB, 7pm)

A Football Life: John Madden (NFL, 9pm)

Minnesota Lynx @ Los Angeles Sparks, Game 3 (ESPN 2, 8pm)

Washington Capitals @ Carolina Hurricanes (NHL, 7:30pm)
Marvel's Inhumans, PREMIERE (ABC, 8pm)
MacGyver, PREMIERE (CBS, 8pm)
Hell's Kitchen, PREMIERE (FOX, 8pm)

Z Nation, PREMIERE (Syfy, 9pm)
Dateline NBC, PREMIERE (NBC, 9pm)
Hawaii Five-0, PREMIERE (CBS, 9pm)
The Exocist, PREMIERE (FOX, 9pm)
Active Shooter: America Under Fire, PREMIERE (Showtime, 9pm)

Blue Bloods, PREMIERE (CBS, 10pm)


Northwestern @ Wisconsin (ABC, 12pm)
Vanderbilt @ Florida (ESPN, 12pm)
Maryland @ Minnesota (FOX Sports 1, 12pm)
North Carolina @ Georgia Tech (ESPN 2, 12pm)

Georgia @ Tennessee (CBS, 3:30pm)
Iowa @ Michigan State (FOX, 4pm)
Miami (OH) @ Notre Dame (NBC Sports, 5pm)
Mississippi State @ Auburn (ESPN, 6pm)
Memphis @ UCF (ESPN 2, 7pm)

Ohio State @ Rutgers (Big Ten, 7:30pm)
Clemson @ Virginia Tech (ABC, 8pm)
Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech (FOX, 8pm)
Mississippi @ Alabama (ESPN, 9pm)
California @ Oregon (FOX Sports 1, 10:30pm)
Colorado @ UCLA (ESPN 2, 10:30pm)

(FOX, 1pm)
(MLB, 1pm)
Brewers @ Cardinals (FOX Sports 1, 4pm)
White Sox @ Indians (STO, 7pm)
(MLB, 10pm)

Timberwolves vs. Lakers (NBA TV, 10pm)

Columbus Blue Jackets @ Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL, 3pm)
Detroit Red Wings @ Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL, 7pm)
Anaheim Ducks @ Los Angeles Kings (NHL, 10:30pm)

XFINITY Series: Use Your Melon. Drive Sober 200 (NBC Sports, 3pm)
Camping World Truck Series: Las Vegas 350 (FOX Sports 1, 8pm)

2017 Presidents Cup, Day 3 (NBC, 8am - 4pm)
2017 Presidents Cup, Day (NBC, 4pm)
MOVIE: Why Him? (HBO, 8pm)
MOVIE: All Nighter (Starz, 8pm)

COMEDY: Felipe Esparza: Translate This (HBO, 10pm)

Saturday Night Live, PREMIERE; Ryan Gosling, Jay Z (NBC, 11:30pm)

Weekend 3 Count 9/24/17

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE brings you the Weekend 3 Count. W3C brings you wrestling news, rumors and recaps from around the wrestling world. You'll find news rumors and recaps involving WWE, NXT, GFW, ROH, Lucha Underground, NJPW, House of Hardcore, NWA, ICW, CZW, FIP, PWG, AAW, EVOLVE, PROGRESS, SHINE, SHIMMER and any Indy promotion that I find an interesting story or a cool discovery in. Be sure to check out the W3C every Sunday afternoon at @TripleThreatCLE

** Theme Song Of The Week **
This week's theme song is the official theme song for tonight's WWE No Mercy pay per view. "No Mercy" by KIT.

*** WWE ***

- Jason Jordan Becomes #1 Contender: If you missed RAW this past week, Jason Jordan won a Six Pack Challenge Match to become the new #1 Contender to The Miz and the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

- Charlotte Becomes #1 Contender: If you missed Smackdown Live this past week, Charlotte won a Fatal Four Way Match to become the new #1 Contender to Nattie Neidhart and the WWE Smackdown Live Women's Championship. 

- Bayley Returns: This past week on RAW Bayley returned from her shoulder injury and was immediately added to the WWE RAW Women's Championship Match at WWE No Mercy, making the match a Fatal Five Way Match.

- Paige News: According to sources, Paige has begun training at the Performance Center and is expected to make her return to Smackdown Live very soon.

- WWE Announces The Return Of Starrcade: WWE announced this week that WWE will have a live event in Greensboro, North Carolina on November 25th and it will be a resurrection of the old WCW Starrcade event. Past NWA superstars The Rock N Roll Express and Ricky Steamboat have been signed to make an appearance at the live show.

** 205 Live Recap **

- Cedric Alexander vs. Brian Kendrick: The match closes out with Alexander countering Sliced Bread #2. Kendrick attempts a rollup on Alexander, but Alexander counters that into a rollup of his own and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Cedric Alexander, by pinfall.

- After the match, Kendrick and Jack Gallagher attack Alexander. Kendrick traps Alexander in an abdominal stretch and Gallagher unloads a series of head butts on Alexander.

- Backstage, Jack Gallagher says you can be nice or you can be a winner. Jack can no longer live with being a joke.

- Drew Gulak Promo: Gulak says he's a man with ideas. Gulak says Fashion jail was horrible and unspeakable. Gulak then mocks Akira Tozawa and then goes into another one of his power point presentations. Akira Tozawa interrupts for his match next against Noam Dar.

- Akira Tozawa vs. Noam Dar: The match closes out with Tozawa hitting the senton splash on Dar for the pinfall.

- Backstage, TJ Perkins apologizes to Rich Swann and wants to work things out. Swann doesn't think it's a great idea. TJP wants another match, but Swann declines.

- Rich Swann vs. Lince Dorado: Before the match can even start, Dorado is found laid out on the floor. Swann checks on Dorado, but suddenly gets attacked from behind by TJ Perkins. TJP kicks Swann, rips out a piece of Swann's hair and then hits the Detonation Kick.

- Neville and Enzo Amore Face To Face: Neville hypes WWE No Mercy and promises a comedy act with Enzo. Neville says he'll prove what a joke Enzo is and is unqualified for the Neville Level. Enzo interrupts and heads to the ring. Neville laughs at Enzo, who has his shoulder wrapped from getting jumped by Braun Strowman on RAW. Enzo calls Neville jealous because Enzo has made 205 Live the realest show in the room. Enzo admits that he can't match up to Neville but he's twice the superstar Neville is. Enzo lists off his accomplishments of selling merchandise and hanging with celebrities. Neville says none of that matters if you can't fight. Neville says all his cheating won't help him at WWE No Mercy. Enzo ends up kicking Neville in the junk and leaves Neville hurting to end the show.

*** NXT ***

- Adam Cole's In Ring Debut: Adam Cole will finally make his in ring debut with NXT this week when he battles Eric Young one on one.

- Roderick Strong Becomes #1 Contender: This past week on NXT TV, Strong reminded NXT GM William Regal that he was still owed a title shot for defeating Bobby Roode. Regal made the match official and Strong will meet NXT World Champion Drew McIntyre in two weeks.

*** GFW ***

** Impact TV Recap **

- We get an In Memorial of Bobby Heenan to kick off the show.

- Johnny Impact Promo: Impact wants his title shot tonight, but Eli Drake is in Mexico. KM interrupts to remind Impact of that. Impact says he seen Drake's car in the parking lot, so he thinks it's a lie. KM then dares Impact to put his title shot on the line against him tonight. Impact accepts and that match is now.

- "#1 Contenders Match": Johnny Impact vs. KM: The match closes out with KM trying to steal a rollup using the ropes for leverage, but gets busted by the referee. Impact drops KM and hits the Thursday Night Delight to score the pinfall.
Winner: Johnny Impact, by pinfall.

- Taya Valkyrie vs. Ava Storie: The match closes out quickly with Taya hitting the Road to Valhalla on Ava to score the pinfall.
Winner: Taya Valkyrie, by pinfall.

- After the match, Taya says she came to Impact Wrestling to be the Knockouts Champion. Rosemary interrupts and says that the hive think it's terribly funny that Taya thinks she deserves a title shot before Rosemary. Taya and Rosemary start brawling as Sienna hits the ring. Taya gets shoved into Sienna by Rosemary as Taya wasn't too happy with Sienna's interference. Allie hits the ring to help, but so does Taryn Terrell. Allie and Rosemary suffer a 3 on 2 beat down until Gail Kim hits the ring and makes the save. 

- oVe find out where LAX are hanging out in a club and meet face to face. Konnan tells oVe they can have a tag team titles rematch next week and order oVe to leave the club.

- Pagano and El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Eddie Edwards and Ethan Carter: The match closes out with EC3 and Pagano brawling outside. Edwards hits a Blue Thunder Bomb, but the referee misses the pinfall because he's distracted by what's going on outside. Texano Jr. hits the ring and hits a power bomb on Edwards. Fantasma covers and scores the pinfall.
Winners: Pagano and El Hijo del Fantasma, by pinfall.

- After the match, Edwards and EC3 get triple teamed. James Storm hits the ring and makes the save. Storm goes face to face with EC3 and then shakes Edwards' hand before leaving. 

- Backstage, Johnny Impact runs into Texano Jr. while looking for Eli Drake. Texano tells Impact that Drake is in Mexico and Texano never once liked Impact. Impact says he'll put his #1 Contender spot on the line again tonight if Texano wants to go.

- Kongo Kong vs. Mahabali Shera: The match closes out with Kong hitting a headbutt and the corner cannonball on Shera. Kong goes to the top rope and hits the splash on Shera to score the pinfall.
Winner: Kongo Kong, by pinfall.

- Eli Drake is shown in Mexico, ready to defend his title tonight and he thinks it's funny that Johnny Impact ran from Mexico when he heard Drake was coming. Drake guarantees victory over Impact when they finally meet.

- "#1 Contenders Match": Johnny Impact vs. Texano Jr.: The match closes out with Impact missing a moonsault. Texano hits a senton on Impact and gets a near fall. Texano delivers a chop/clothesline combo in the corner on Impact. Impact comes back with a german suplex and then hits Starship Pain to score the pinfall.
Winner: Johnny Impact, by pinfall.

- In Karen Jarrett's office, Karen grants Taya, Sienna and Taryn a match with Rosemary, Allie and Gail Kim. Karen says she'll be looking forward to seeing Sienna and company get their ass beat.

- "GFW World Championship Match": Eli Drake (c) vs. Bronce: The match closes out with Drake toying with his opponent until finally hitting the Gravy Train to score the pinfall and retain his title.
Winner: Eli Drake, by pinfall, to retain the GFW World Championship.

- GFW Going Back To Impact Wrestling?: This past week, sources have stated that Anthem may be changing Global Force Wrestling back to Impact Wrestling soon. Anthem stated that now that Jeff Jarrett has stepped down they are looking at changing GFW back to Impact Wrestling. Anthem stated that it was all Jarrett's idea to change the name and Anthem purchased Impact Wrestling, not GFW.


** ROH TV Recap **

- Hangman Adam Page vs. Kenny King: The match closes out with Page missing a lariat, allowing King to trap Page in the Muta Lock submission. Page escapes, but eats a jumping kick from King who follows that up with the Royal Flush for the pinfall.
Winner: Kenny King, by pinfall.

- Marty Scurll vs. Rocky Romero: The match closes out with Scurll countering Sliced Bread #2 and hits a super kick on Romero. Romero comes back with a hurricanrana into an arm bar submission. Scurll reaches the ropes, but gets pummeled with a series of kicks from Romero. Scurll hits a lariat on Romero and then gets the pinfall with the Bird of Prey.
Winner: Marty Scurll, by pinfall.

- The Briscoes vs. The Kingdom (Vinny Marseglia & TK O’Ryan): The match closes out with Vinny hitting a senton for a near fall. TK grabs a baseball bat, but fails at using it. The Kingdom double team Mark, but Jay saves him. Mark suicide dives onto Vinny outside as Jay plants TK with the Jay Driller and scores the pinfall.
Winners: The Briscoes, by pinfall.

*** Lucha Underground ***

** Lucha Underground TV Recap **

- We see Melissa Santos training for her match with Fenix tonight. Melissa asks to see Fenix without the mask, but Fenix says no because his mask is everything to him. Fenix says if he loses his mask, he will lose everything. Melissa says he won't lose her.

- Dante Fox vs. Texano: The match closes out with Fox unloading a series of kicks then hits a crucifix bomb for a near fall. Texano with a backbreaker on Fox for a near fall. Famous B, who was the special guest ring announcer, stops the match and declares Texano the winner. Fox rolls up Texano and scores the legit pinfall while Texano was distracted.
Winner: Dante Fox, by pinfall.

- After the match, Texano tries to attack Famous B, but Dario Cueto stops him. Cueto announces that next week it'll be Famous B vs. Texano. Cueto says if Famous B can beat Texano, he will make Texano his client.

- In Dario Cueto's office, both Son of Havoc and Pentagon Dark claim they'll win the Gift of the Gods Championship tonight.

- Mariposa and Marty "The Moth" Martinez vs. Melissa Santos and Fenix: The match closes out with Fenix and Melissa hitting a forearm and a leg drop. Mariposa stops Fenix from climbing the ropes as Marty grabs Melissa by the hair. Melissa slaps Marty as Fenix gets tied to the turnbuckle. Melissa gets surrounded by Marty and Mariposa and tries to deliver a kick. Melissa gets her leg caught and gets planted with a Pedigree, allowing Marty and Mariposa to score the pinfall.
Winners: Marty The Moth Martinez and Mariposa, by pinfall.

- After the match, Marty attempts to cut Melissa's hair, but Fenix finally gets free and saves Melissa.

- "Gift of the Gods Championship Match": Paul London vs. Saltador vs. Mala Suerte vs. Son of Havoc vs. Drago vs. Cortez Castro vs. Pentagon Dark: The match closes out with Drago hitting a suicide dive and then Havoc follows with one. Havoc hits a Cutter on London for a near fall. Pentagon plants Saltador with a package piledriver and then one to London. Pentagon covers London just as Havoc hits a Shooting Star Press on Saltador and makes the cover. The referee counts the pinfall for both Pentagon and Havoc. Dario Cueto appears and says that both men made the pinfall therefore there is no Gift of the Gods Champion. Cueto announces that at Ultima Lucha Tres Pentagon will face Havoc in a Ladder Match for the Gift of the Gods Championship.
Winner: No Contest

- Inside Dario Cueto's car, Cueto has the gauntlet glove and plans to give it to Agent Winter. Cueto proposes that Jeremiah Crane or Mil Muertes would be better fits for the glove and suggests a three way match with them and Cage. If Cage wins, Winter can personally destroy him.


** Destruction In Hiroshima **

- Hirooki Goto, Yoshi-Hashi and Jado defeated Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Jushin Thunder Liger and Tiger Mask, by submission in a Six Man Tag Team Match. Yoshi makes Tiger Mask tap out to the Butterfly Lock submission.

- Juice Robinson and David Finlay defeated Bad Luck Fale and Leo Tonga, by pinfall, after Finlay hit a Stunner and Juice followed with Pulp Friction.

- Roppongi Vice defeated Yujiro Takahashi and Chase Owens, by pinfall, with a Strong Zero/dropkick combo.

- Yujiro Takahashi challenges Baretta to a match in the future that Baretta accepts.

- Kota Ibushi, Michael Elgin and Togi Makabe defeated Minoru Suzuki, Takashi Iizuka and Taka Michinoku, by pinfall, in a Six Man Tag Team Match, after Ibushi lands a moonsault and follows with the Kamigoye.

- Ricochet and Ryusuke Taguchi defeated Taichi and Yoshinobu Kanemaru, by submission, to retain the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship. Ricochet makes Kanemaru tap out for the win.

- Rocky Romero sends a warning to Ricochet and Ryusuke Taguchi that Romero is bringing in a huge tag team soon that will be known as Roppongi 3K. Ricochet dares Romero to bring them because they'll be ready.

- War Machine defeated The Killer Elite Squad and The Guerillas of Destiny, by pinfall, in a Triple Threat Match to retain the IWGP Tag Team Championship. War Machine hit Fallout on Smith to score the pinfall.

- Tetsuya Naito, Evil, Hiromu Takahashi and Bushi defeated Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii, Will Ospreay and Gedo, by pinfall in a Eight Man Tag Team Match. Bushi hit Gedo with MX for the pinfall.

- After the match, Naito attacked Ishii on the ramp. Evil hits Darkness Falls on Okada on a stack of steel chairs. Naito goes after Ishii's bad leg and traps him in a Figure Four Leg Lock submission.

- Kushida defeated El Desperado, by pinfall with Back To The Future to retain the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship.

- After the match, Will Ospreay says he's sick of being looked at as the guy who couldn't beat Kushida. Ospreay wants to change the junior division and then challenges Kushida to a rematch for the title. Hiromu Takahashi interrupts, but gets knocked out by Ospreay.

- Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Zack Sabre Jr., by pinfall with the High Fly Flow to retain the IWGP Intercontinental Championship. 

- After the match, Tanahashi called out Kota Ibushi and had a stare down.

*** ICW ***

- Kassius Ohno's Title Shot: This past week, Kassius Ohno battled ICW World Heavyweight Champion Joe Coffey one on one for the title. Ohno came up short as Joe Coffey was able to retain his title over Ohno.

*** Other ***

- Bobby "The Brain" Heenan Passes Away: Last weekend the wrestling world lost probably the best manager of all time in Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Heenan was in the business for over four decades as a manager, wrestler and commentator. Heenan managed legends and WWE Hall of Famers such as Nick Bockwinkel, The Blackjacks, Big John Studd, King Kong Bundy, "Ravishing" Rick Rude, "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, The Brain Busters (Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard), Harley Race, and the first ever WWE Hall of Famer, Andre the Giant.

And that's this week's W3C! Join me every Sunday afternoon as I bring you news, recaps and rumors all around the wrestling world!

Friday, September 22, 2017

WWE No Mercy Preview

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

What's up wrestling fans, it's time for the WWE No Mercy preview for tonight's pay per view live on the WWE Network. WWE No Mercy is live at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California and Will consist of the RAW roster.

- "WWE Universal Championship Match": Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Braun Strowman: Last month at WWE SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar survived a Fatal Four Way Match and retained his title. One man that made a huge impact in that match and actually took Lesnar out of the match for a little while was Braun Strowman. The next night on RAW, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman arrived to celebrate the WWE SummerSlam victory, but were interrupted by Braun Strowman. Strowman attacked Lesnar, left the champ laid out in the middle of the ring and demanded a title shot. RAW GM Kurt Angle made the announcement later in the show that Lesnar would in fact defend his title against Strowman at WWE No Mercy. Lesnar and Heyman sent a warning to Strowman that he was getting way over his head in this battle and he should expect to be conquered by The Beast at No Mercy. Strowman sent a warning of his own to Lesnar by throwing the Big Show right through a steel cage wall and warned Lesnar that that will be him at No Mercy. Will The Beast conquer Strowman? Or will the Monster Among Men defeat Lesnar??

- John Cena vs. Roman Reigns: John Cena arrived on the RAW brand one night after WWE SummerSlam and announced that he was a free agent and could jump between both shows if he wanted. Cena stated that the main reason he jumped to RAW was to face the self proclaimed Big Dog, Roman Reigns. Reigns liked the idea of the match and officially signed the contract to face Cena at WWE No Mercy. Reigns and Cena had a face to face promo where Cena one upped Reigns on the microphone. Cena and Reigns then went through a series of tests with each other, whether teaming together or facing Jason Jordan one on one, trying to prove that they were the more superior wrestler than the other. Cena would even face Reigns' arch enemy Braun Strowman, looking to prove a point to Reigns. Cena defeated Strowman by DQ while taking a beating in the process. Who will walk out of WWE No Mercy the winner, the WWE Franchise John Cena or the WWE Future Roman Reigns?

- "WWE RAW World Tag Team Championship Match": Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins (c) vs. Sheamus and Cesaro: Last month at WWE SummerSlam, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins defeated Sheamus and Cesaro to become the new tag team champions. The following week on RAW Cesaro defeated Seth Rollins in a one on one match, after Sheamus distracted Rollins. Later in the night, Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro, after Seth Rollins got revenge and distracted Cesaro. Sheamus and Cesaro went to RAW GM Kurt Angle and officially got their rematch for the tag team titles signed for WWE No Mercy. Will Sheamus and Cesaro regain the titles they lost at SummerSlam? Can Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins stay on the same page and retain their titles??

- "WWE RAW Women's Championship, Fatal Five Way Match": Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax vs. Emma vs. Bayley: Last month at WWE SummerSlam, Sasha Banks defeated Alexa Bliss to win the women's title. Alexa immediately demanded her rematch against Sasha the following week on RAW and won back the championship. After winning the title back, Alexa celebrated with Nia Jax, who immediately turned and laid out Alexa. Nia Jax demanded to be the next #1 Contender to the title as did Emma after Sasha was granted her rematch with Alexa. RAW GM Kurt Angle put Nia Jax and Emma in a tag match against Sasha and Alexa, with Nia and Emma both getting added to Sasha's rematch at WWE No Mercy if they won. Nia and Emma came out victorious and made the one on one match into a Fatal Four Way Match. One week before WWE No Mercy, Bayley returned from her recent shoulder injury and got involved in the current Women's Championship feud. RAW GM Kurt Angle officially put Bayley in the match at WWE No Mercy as well, making it a Fatal Five Way Match. Which WWE Women's superstar will walk out of WWE No Mercy the champion??

- "WWE Intercontinental Championship Match": The Miz (c) vs. Jason Jordan: The Miz has been an angry person throughout the month of September, due to the lack of matches. Miz interrupted RAW GM Kurt Angle and demanded to know why he was left off the WWE No Mercy card with no challenger. Angle understood and made a Fatal Four Way Match between The Hardy Boys, Jason Jordan and Elias Samson, with the winner facing The Miz at WWE No Mercy. Miz pitched another fit and demanded to know why Jordan was in the match and not two guys like Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas that deserved opportunities. Angle added Axel and Dallas and made the match a Six Pack Challenge Match instead. During the match, Miz interfered and tried his best to help either Axel or Dallas win so he'd have an easy match against one of his stablemates at WWE No Mercy. The move backfired and Jason Jordan ended up with the victory and the title shot. Miz attacked Jordan, laid him out after the match and promised Jordan that he won't leave WWE No Mercy a champion. Can Jason Jordan finally prove himself and silence the critics? Will The Miz continue on his IC Title streak and walk out victorious??

- "WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match": Neville (c) vs. Enzo Amore: Neville finished off his feud with Akira Tozawa and regained his WWE Cruiserweight Championship in the process. Enzo Amore suddenly arrived on 205 Live and confronted Neville as his possible next challenger, which Neville found very amusing. Enzo began a winning streak throughout the month of September, however, Enzo began cheating to get the victories. Enzo went on to win a Fatal Five Way Match on 205 Live, after again cheating to defeat Cedric Alexander in the end and earning a title shot at WWE No Mercy. One week before WWE No Mercy, Enzo was attacked and beaten down by Braun Strowman. Neville took advantage of the attack and hit a Red Arrow on the already knocked out Enzo. Neville and Enzo had one last face to face on 205 Live which ended with Neville making fun of Enzo until Enzo kicked Neville below the belt. Will Neville defeat Enzo and prove to the world what a joke he is? Will Enzo defeat Neville and claim his very first WWE title??

- Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor: Last month, Bray Wyatt defeated Finn Balor one week before WWE SummerSlam. Finn Balor got his win back after defeating Bray Wyatt at WWE SummerSlam dressed as The Demon King. Two weeks after WWE SummerSlam, Bray cost Balor a shot at the WWE Intercontinental Championship by interfering in a #1 Contenders battle royal and eliminating Balor. Bray and Balor would meet face to face again one week later and state their differences for each other. Bray then challenged Balor to a rematch at WWE No Mercy, but as Finn Balor, not as The Demon King. Balor accepted the match and it was made official by RAW GM Kurt Angle. Bray then tried to use Goldust as an example of what happens to scared men who hide behind makeup. Bray attacked and beat down Goldust until Finn Balor made the save. Will Bray defeat Balor now that he's got him in a rematch without The Demon present? Can Balor defeat Bray without The Demon, considering he's winless without The Demon??

Buckeyes Preview 9/22/17: Ohio State vs. UNLV Rebels

By Jason Disantis, @JasonInCLE

This Saturday the #10 Ohio State Buckeyes (2-1, 1-0 Big Ten) will welcome the Rebels of UNLV (1-1, 0-0 Mountain West) to the Shoe. The Buckeyes will be a heavy favorite this weekend as they continue to try and get their offense firing on all cylinders.

Last week Ohio State rolled to a 38-7 victory over Army. J.T. Barrett threw for 270 yards and two touchdowns while adding 32 yards and a touchdown on the ground. Freshman sensation J.K. Dobbins scored two touchdowns while running for 172 yards on only 13 carries.

Buckeye fans even got to see a little glimpse of the future (a future some want sooner than later) as redshirt freshman Dwayne Haskins got some garbage time late in the fourth quarter. Haskins made the most of his time going 4/4 for 46 yards. Although he didn’t get much time the talent was obvious as Haskins showed off the arm that made him a top five pocket passer coming out of high school.

Although it was a comfortable win against Army, the Buckeye offense still didn’t look like a national championship offense. And with Army running the triple-option and only throwing eight passes, the Ohio State secondary didn’t get challenged. Buckeye fans can find solace in knowing that head coach Urban Meyer sees what the rest of us watching. When asked what areas of his team need to get better head coach Urban Meyer said, “Pass defense and continued growth on offense.”

Dating back to last season the Rebels have given up at least forty points in their last five games. Through two games this year UNLV is allowing 414 yards and 29.5 points a game.

Offensively the Rebels have relied on their ground game averaging 350 yards a game with junior Lexington Thomas leading the way with 341 yards and five touchdowns on the year.

Despite some gaudy offensive numbers this year the Rebels find themselves as forty-point underdogs on the road in Columbus. Head coach Tony Sanchez knows that they’re going to have to get creative to stay close to the Buckeyes saying, “We’re going to have to be aggressive, take some shots down the field, think outside the box a little bit to give ourselves an opportunity.”

What: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. University of Las Vegas Rebels
When: Saturday September 23, 2017 at 12:00 PM ET
Where: Ohio Stadium, Columbus, Ohio
Watch: Big Ten Network
Spread: OSU -40
Over/Under: 65
Money Line: OSU -60000, UNLV +20000