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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 10.21.14: #RAW Results

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's the RAW recap from last night's show. RAW took place live from Kansas City, Missouri, home of the current cinderella team in the World Series, the Kansas City Royals. Last nights RAW consisted of Dolph Ziggler taking on Cesaro. Rusev facing Big E. Main Event time saw Dean Ambrose and John Cena vs Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Kane in a "Handicap Street Fight Match". All that and more, let's get to the action.

- The Hell In A Cell structure is hanging from the ceiling tonight.

- Triple H announces the winner of Cena vs Orton at Hell In A Cell will face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Orton and Rollins argue over who's main eventing Hell In A Cell. Triple H says their matches are co-main events.

- "Six Man Tag Match": Sheamus and The Usos vs. Goldust, Stardust and The Miz (w/Damien Sandow): The Miz tells Sandow to take his spot in the match while Miz does commentary. Sheamus power slams Sandow for a near fall but Goldust breaks it up. Jimmy Uso hits a suicide dive on Goldust on the floor. Stardust takes out The Uso's on the floor with the "falling star" backwards splash. Sheamus leaps off the top rope and takes out Sandow on the floor. Back in the ring, Sheamus goes for the "brogue kick" on Sandow but hits Stardust with one instead, as Stardust tried to hit a "disaster kick". Sandow rolls Sheamus up from behind for the pinfall. The Miz celebrates with Sandow after the match and takes full credit of winning the match.

- Triple H tells Randy Orton that it was Seth Rollins' idea to make the winner of Orton/Cena the #1 Contender.

- Video Segment with The Wyatt Family: Bray Wyatt cuts another promo about taking in Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Deciding it was time to set them free. Talks about a "she" showing Bray Wyatt the path he's chosen.

- A.J. Lee vs. Alicia Fox (w/Paige): A.J. with a back elbow into a sunset flip for a near fall. A.J. with another near fall with a victory roll. A.J. hits a spin kick for yet another near fall. Fox lands a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Fox with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. A.J. dumps Fox on the floor where Paige grabs Fox and throws her back in the ring after Fox and Paige shove each other. Paige distracts A.J. allowing Fox to roll her up from behind for the pinfall. Fox and Paige laugh and leave together showing they faked their shoving contest with each other.

- Seth Rollins revealed to Randy Orton that he may be thinking of cashing in his money in the bank on Orton if Orton miraculously gets passed Cena and Lesnar.

- Orton and Cena have a face to face in the ring. Both claim that they will beat Lesnar. Paul Heyman interrupts and claims that both men are scared of Lesnar and Lesnar is still the man today like he was in 2002 when Orton and Cena debuted in WWE. Segment ends with Cena faking a "AA" on Heyman then Orton laying out Cena and Heyman with an "RKO" (outta nowhere).

- Rusev (w/Lana) vs. Big E: Rusev lands the thrust kick on Big E. Rusev stomps on Big E's back then locks in "The Accolade". Big E taps out. After the match Lana takes the mic and says Big Show belongs in a circus where people can throw half eaten food at him. Rusev says he'll rip Show's heart out as Show fails America again. Lana calls for the Russian Flag to be dropped from the rafters. Big Show appears on the titontron, smiles and drops the U.S. Flag from the rafters. Rusev goes to pull down the U.S. Flag but gets distracted by a fan in military gear try to get in the ring. Rusev thrust kicks the fan in the head then leaves the ring.

- Big Show says Rusev crossed the line touching an American Soldier. Rusev's 15 minutes of fame are up. Show heads to the back and kicks in Rusev's dressing room door. Rusev however has left the building.

- Brie Bella vs. Summer Rae: Brie hits the running knee but misses a missile drop kick off the ropes. Brie goes to the ropes again and connects with the missile drop kick on the second attempt. Brie hits "x-factor" on Summer for the pinfall.

- Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose have a face to face in the ring. Ambrose experiments on a Rollins dummy lookalike on what he's going to do to Rollins. Rollins explains why he joined The Authority and how he sold out The Shield. Mick Foley arrives and gives his opinions on how he feels about Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and the Hell In A Cell Match.

- Dolph Ziggler vs Cesaro: Ziggler tosses Cesaro into the ring barrier. Ziggler almost gets decapitated with a hot shot off the ropes from Cesaro. Cesaro with an impressive press on Ziggler then connects with a gutbuster. Cesaro gets a near fall with a springboard elbow then locks Ziggler in a cobra clutch. Both men are laid out as Ziggler lands a drop kick on Cesaro as Cesaro comes off the ropes. Ziggler near fall with a leaping elbow. Cesaro blocks Ziggler's fameasser. Ziggler hits an "X-Factor" for a near fall. Cesaro blocks Ziggler's super kick and lands a big European uppercut. Cesaro covers and has the pinfall. After the match, Cesaro not done yet, plants Ziggler with "The Neutralizer".

- "Handicap Street Fight Match": Dean Ambrose and John Cena vs Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Kane: Brawl on the floor gets broken up as Ambrose hits the flying elbow off the announcers table. Ambrose hits Rollins in the back and ribs with a steel chair. Kane stops Ambrose going for a table then tosses Cena into the ring barrier. Orton works over Ambrose with the "Garvin Stomp". Ambrose gets the hot tag to Cena and Cena goes into SuperCena mode with shoulder blocks, the back suplex and a five knuckle shuffle on Rollins. Cena hits "AA" on Kane and grabs a table. Rollins pushes the table away and throws Cena head first into a steel chair propped in the corner. Orton tosses Ambrose into the ring steps. Kane picks up the steel steps and takes Ambrose out by tossing them at him. Rollins sets up a table in the corner then scores a near fall on Cena with a DDT. Kane tosses Cena into the ring steps. Kane grabs Cena and puts him through a table.
The Hell In A Cell begins to lower and we get a sample of this Sunday as we now have a Hell In A Cell Street Fight Match. Ambrose gets tagged in and lands a drop kick on Rollins that sends Rollins flying off the apron and into the cage wall. Ambrose has a kendo stick and is unloading on Orton. Ambrose uses a chair on Kane. Ambrose gets back body dropped onto Orton on the floor. Ambrose returns and hits a suicide dive onto Rollins on the floor, both bouncing off the cage wall. Orton throws Ambrose into the ring post. Kane choke slams Cena but then Kane gets laid out with an Ambrose underhook DDT. Orton with an "RKO" (outta nowhere) on Ambrose and scores the pinfall. After the match Rollins hits a "Curb Stomp" on Orton and glares at his unconscious Authority brother. Rollins celebrates on the roof of the Hell In A Cell as RAW ends.

And that's a wrap on this week's RAW recap, till next time tap or snap.

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