Friday, July 31, 2015

TV Weekend 7.31 - 8.1

By @nevaRWilliams

Defiance (FRI, SyFy, 8pm)
New Japan Pro Wrestling (FRI, AXSTV, 8pm)

Killjoys (FRI, SyFy, 9pm)
What Would You Do? (FRI, ABC, 9pm)
New Japan Pro Wrestling (FRI, AXSTV, 9pm)

Strike Back (FRI, Cinemax, 10pm)
Dark Matter (FRI, SyFy, 10pm)
Burgers, Brew & 'Que (FRI, Food Network, 10:30pm)

Uncommon Sense With Charlemagne Tha God (FRI, MTV 2, 11pm)

Hell On Wheels (SAT, AMC, 9pm)
Power (SAT, STARZ, 9pm)
Hannibal (SAT, NBC, 10pm)
Boston EMS (SAT, ABC, 10pm)


Nationals @ Mets OR Royals @ Blue Jays (FRI, MLB Network, 7pm)
Indians @ Athletics (FRI, STO, 9:30pm)

Royals @ Blue Jays (SAT, MLB Network, 1pm)
Angels @ Dodgers (SAT, FOX Sports 1, 4pm)
Giants @ Rangers OR Tigers @ Orioles (SAT, MLB Network, 8pm)
Indians @ Athletics (SAT, STO, 9pm)

UFC 190: Rousey vs. Correia - Prelims (SAT, FOX Sports 1, 8pm)
Premier Boxing Champions (SAT, ESPN, 9pm)

Quicken Loans National, Third Round (SAT, CBS, 3pm)

XFINITY Series: U.S. Cellular 200, Qualifying (SAT, NBC Sports, 4:30pm)
XFINITY Series: U.S. Cellular 250 (SAT, NBC Sports, 8pm)
NHRA Drag Racing: Sonoma Nationals, Qualifying (SAT, ESPN 2, 8pm)

BB&T Atlanta Open, First Semifinal (SAT, ESPN 2, 4pm)

WNBA: Los Angeles Sparks @ Chicago Sky (FRI, NBA TV, 8:30pm)

CFL: Saskatchewan Roughriders @ Edmonton Eskimos (FRI, ESPN 2, 9pm)
ARENA FOOTBALL: Arizona Rattlers @ San Jose SaberCats (FRI, CBS SportsNet, 10:30pm)
LFL Football Night: Los Angeles Temptation @ Las Vegas Sin (SAT, FUSE, 9pm)

Dew Tour: Best of Chicago (SAT, NBC, 3pm)
Red Bull Signature Series (SAT, NBC, 4:30pm)

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 7.31.15: #Smackdown & #NXT

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's this week's NXT and Smackdown recap for the week.

- This week's NXT took place at NXT's home base at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.

- Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder defeated Enzo Amore and Big Cass, by pinfall. Cass gets the hot tag and unloads on Dawson and Wilder. Cass gets shoved into the steel steps and taken out. Enzo gets double teamed and hit with the Shatter Machine finisher, giving Dawson and Wilder the pinfall victory.

- Backstage, Jason Jordan and Chad Gable make fun of the other NXT tag teams in the tag team division. 

- Baron Corbin defeated Jesse Sorenson, by pinfall. Former TNA wrestler, Jesse Sorenson, makes his NXT debut. Corbin destroys Sorenson, hits End of Days and scores the pin.

- Backstage, Tyler Breeze enters NXT GM William Regal's office and demands any wrestler from anywhere in the world to fight him. Regal warns Breeze to be careful what he wishes for.

- Jason Jordan and Chad Gable defeated Elias Sampson and Valenzuela, by pinfall. Gable and Jordan control the match in the end and hit Grand Amplitude to score the pin.

- Backstage, Dana Brooke says she'll beat Charlotte tonight.

- Charlotte defeated Dana Brooke, by pinfall. Dana tries submission wrestling on Charlotte, but it doesn't work. Charlotte hits a neck breaker, a spear and hits Natural Selection for the pinfall victory.

- Backstage, Samoa Joe says he's here to claim the NXT World Title. Joe than predicts Rhyno's future ending when they meet next week.

- Backstage, Kevin Owens apologizes to William Regal for accidentally hitting him last week.

- Kevin Owens defeated Martin Stone, by pinfall. Owens cuts off any Stone offense. Owens hits a german suplex, followed by the cannonball. Owens with the swanton and pop up power bomb on Stone. Owens covers and scores the pin. After the match, Owens beats down Stone more and mocks NXT World Champion Finn Balor.

- Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy defeated The Vaudevillians, by pinfall, to retain the NXT World Tag Team Championship. English gets beat down by the champs, until making the hot tag to Gotch. Gotch and English look to be in control, until Alexa Bliss grabs and holds English's foot during a rollup, scoring the pinfall victory for Blake and Murphy. After the match, The Vaudevillians hit the Whirling Dervish and are left alone with Bliss. English and Gotch try to be gentleman, but Bliss slaps both and leaves the ring. This closed out this weeks show.


- This week's Smackdown took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

-Seth Rollins kicks off Smackdown in the ring with a microphone. Rollins brags about breaking Cena's nose on RAW, then gets interrupted by Cesaro. Cesaro says Rollins forgot to mention the part where he tapped out to Cena on RAW and Rollins has a lot more to worry about. Rollins tells Cesaro to leave. Cesaro says he's coming to the ring and maybe make Rollins tap out too. We get an impromptu match.

- Cesaro defeated Seth Rollins, by DQ. Kevin Owens hits the ring and attacks Cesaro, DQ'ing Rollins. Rollins and Owens go face to face, but fake the confrontation and both attack Cesaro. Cesaro is beaten down until WWE officials hit the ring and break things up.

- Los Matadores and The Lucha Dragons defeated The Ascension and The New Day, by pinfall, in an Eight Man Tag Team Match. We get a brawl on the floor, leaving Viktor and Kalisto in the ring alone. The New Day and The Ascension appear to have a disagreement with each other. Kalisto scores a sunset flip pinfall during the distraction.

- Kevin Owens looks to be leaving the arena when he's told he has a match tonight. Owens is told he'll team with Seth Rollins and face Cesaro and a mystery partner.

- Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper are in the ring with a microphone. Bray says he saved Harper and now Harper has a purpose. Bray says he's not sure that Roman Reigns will be aligned with Dean Ambrose as good as Bray and Harper are aligned. Bray and Harper are here to fix the wrongs.

- Rusev defeated Jack Swagger, by submission. Rusev rolls to the floor where Swagger follows. Rusev sends Swagger into the ring post and rolls him back in the ring. Rusev hits the thrust kick and applies The Accolade on Swagger. Swagger has no choice but to tap out. After the match, Rusev goes after Swagger again, but Swagger catches Rusev and applies the Patriot Lock. Rusev breaks free and escapes to the floor.

- Stardust defeated R-Truth, by pinfall. Truth goes to deliver What's Up, but Stardust counters and dumps Truth into the turnbuckles. Stardust hits Dark Matter and scores the pin. After the match, Stardust grabs a mask and says Truth is guilty and has failed the city. Stardust masks Truth and beats him down. Neville hits the ring and unloads on Stardust. Neville suicide dives onto Stardust, lands more punches, until Stardust finally escapes.

- Sheamus says his fight with Randy Orton is far from over, plans on getting rid of his "Orton Problem" and ridding the WWE of Orton.

- Cesaro and Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens, by pinfall. Owens nails Ambrose with a super kick and then goes for the pop up power bomb on Ambrose. Ambrose counters out as Cesaro comes in from behind, rolls Owens up and scores the pin. Smackdown closes out with Ambrose and Cesaro celebrating.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

TV Tonight 7.30

By @nevaRWilliams

Tigers @ Orioles OR Royals @ Blue Jays (MLB Network, 7pm)
Indians @ Athletics (STO, 10pm)

BC Lions @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers (ESPN 2, 8:30pm)

30 For 30
"Angry Sky", The Legend of Nick Piantanida (ESPN, 8pm)


Food Fighters (NBC, 8pm)
The Astronaut Wives Club (ABC, 8pm)
BOOM! (FOX, 8pm)
Beauty And The Beast (The CW, 8pm)
WWE SmackDown (SyFy, 8pm)

Mistresses (ABC, 9pm)
Big Brother (CBS, 9pm)
Complications (USA, 9pm)
Party Down South (CMT, 9pm)

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (FX, 10pm)
Lip Sync Battle: Victoria Justice vs. Gregg Sulkin (SPIKE, 10pm)
Review (Comedy Central, 10pm)
Dominion (SyFy, 10pm)
Rookie Blue (ABC, 10pm)
Under The Dome (CBS, 10pm)
Graceland (USA, 10pm)
Married (FX, 10:30pm)
One Bad Choice (MTV, 11pm)

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 7.30.15: #TNA #ImpactWrestling

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE.  It's this week's TNA Impact recap for the week.

- This week's Impact was live at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

- Austin Aries kicks off Impact with a microphone in hand. Aries is pissed that Bully Ray denied Aries a World Title shot. Bully Ray interrupts Aries. Bully offers Aries a TNA X-Division Title shot, but Aries declines, because he's held that title too many times and that title is for non-main eventers. Rockstar Spud interrupts next and states his anger with Aries. Bully announces that next week it'll be Spud vs. Aries. The winner wins the "Rockstar" name, but if Aries loses he's fired from TNA. Aries sucker punches Spud on the way out of the ring.

- Backstage, Kurt Angle thanks Chris Melendez for making the save for him last week. Melendez says he needs to beat Eric Young in order to go further in TNA. Angle encourages him to do it.

- Tigre Uno makes more comments about being upset with Donald Trump's remarks about disliking Mexicans.

- Eric Young defeated Chris Melendez, by pinfall. Melendez puts up a decent fight, but gets planted with the Eric Young piledriver. EY covers and scores the pin. After the match, EY looks to do more damage on Melendez. Kurt Angle hits the ring and makes the save, as EY quickly exits the ring.

- Brooke Tessmacher defeated Marti, by pinfall. Jade and Taryn Terrell interfere in the match, behind the referee's back. The lights go out in the arena thanks to Gail Kim. The lights come back on and Brooke hits her finisher on Marti to score the pin. After the match, Taryn is pissed that Gail interfered and Marti lost.

- Tigre Uno makes more comments about Donald Trump. Uno calls Trump a coward for not showing up tonight.

- Backstage, TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Ethan Carter III, says he's not at all worried about what stipulation Matt Hardy picks for their match. EC3 says he'll bury both Matt and Jeff Hardy.

- Jeff Hardy is in the ring with a microphone in hand. Hardy has returned from his broken leg injury. Jeff says watching EC3 win the title made him sick, will again be TNA World Champ one day and says his brother Matt will win the title next week. Matt Hardy appears and says his match against EC3 will be a "Full Metal Mayhem" Match and Tyrus is banned from ringside.

- Mickie James and Magnus defeated James Storm and Serena Deeb, by pinfall, in a Mixed Person Tag Team Match. Storm talks trash and gets slapped in the face by Mickie. Serena lands a gutbuster on Mickie, as Khoya comes out with a kendo stick. Khoya swings the stick at Magnus, who ducks, causing Khoya to nail Storm. Mickie hits a DDT on Serena and scores the pin.

- Mr. Anderson is interviewed and says he's not afraid to go dark side to beat Bram. Bram says Anderson should kiss his kids goodbye before next week.

- Jeff Jarrett's Hall of Fame Induction. Dixie Carter says how she met Jarrett, being neighbors with him and without Jarrett TNA never would've existed. Jeff and Karen Jarrett make their way to the ring. Jeff says he'll keep this short, thanks the Carters, Mick Foley, Kevin Nash, Booker T. and thanks his father Jerry Jarrett, whom Jeff recently started talking to again. Impact ends with Jarrett officially inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

TV Tonight 7.29

By @nevaRWilliams

Royals @ Indians (STO, 8pm)
Angels @ Astros (ESPN, 8pm)

MLS All-Star Game: MLS All-Stars vs. Tottenham (FOX Sports 1, 9pm)

Los Angeles Sparks @ Minnesota Lynx (NBA TV, 8pm)

World Arm Wrestling League Championships (ESPN 2, 8pm)
World Arm Wrestling League (ESPN 2, 9pm)


Lucha Underground (El Rey, 8pm)
America's Got Talent (NBC, 8pm)
MasterChef (FOX, 8pm)
Big Brother (CBS, 8pm)

IMPACT Wrestling (Destination America, 9pm)
Food Paradise International (Travel, 9pm)
Dating Naked (VH1, 9pm)
Home Free (FOX, 9pm)
Extant (CBS, 9pm)
Suits (USA, 9pm)
Wahlburgers (A&E, 9:30pm)

Last Comic Standing (NBC, 10pm)
Celebrity Wife Swap (ABC, 10pm)
Mr. Robot (USA, 10pm)
Catfish (MTV, 10pm)
Twinning (VH1, 10pm)
Key & Peele (Comedy Central, 10pm)
Why? With Hannibal Burress (Comedy Central, 10:30pm)

Ring Of Honor Wrestling (Destination America, 11pm)
America's Best Dance Crew: Road To The VMAs (MTV, 11pm)
Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out (MTV2, 11pm)
Not Exactly News (MTV2, 11:30pm)

#WCW 7.29.15: Jennifer Nguyen (@_JenniferNguyen)

By @nevaRWilliams

WCW: Devin Brugman
WCW: Olivia Jordan
WCW: Taryn Terrell
WCW: Nikki Howard
WCW: Ruby Rose
WCW: Milana Vayntrub
WCW: Caitlin Arnett
WCW: Lindsey Pelas
WCW: Best of 2015 Woman Crush Wednesday... So Far

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TV Tonight 7.28

By @nevaRWilliams

Royals @ Indians (STO, 7pm)
Yankees @ Rangers (FOX Sports 1, 8pm)
Athletics @ Dodgers OR Diamondbacks @ Mariners (MLB Network, 10pm)


WWE Tough Enough (USA, 8pm)
Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family, 8pm)
America's Got Talent (NBC, 8pm)
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (FOX, 8pm)

Total Divas (E!, 9pm)
Face Off (SyFy, 9pm)
Stitchers (ABC Family, 9pm)
Extreme Weight Loss (ABC, 9pm)
Knock Knock Live (FOX, 9pm)
Zoo (CBS, 9pm)
Rizzoli & Isles (TNT, 9pm)

Scream (MTV, 10pm)
Tyrant (FX, 10pm)
Ink Master (SPIKE, 10pm)
Hollywood Game Night (NBC, 10pm)
Proof (TNT, 10pm)
Chopped (Food Network, 10pm)
Another Period (Comedy Central, 10:30pm)

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 7.28.15: #RAW

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's time for this week's RAW recap. 

- RAW was live this week in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

- Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Seth Rollins are in the ring to kick off the show. Triple H announces there'll be a fourth hour added to SummerSlam and announces tonight's card. Seth Rollins asks the fans to stand up and admit that Rollins is the greatest champion of all time. John Cena interrupts The Authority with a microphone. Cena calls Rollins a arrogant jackass, thinks Rollins is a joke, calls Rollins a coward for running last week and asks Triple H for a title shot tonight so Rollins can prove he's a man. Stephanie says Cena has to earn a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match against Rollins. Triple H announces that Cena, however, will defend his WWE United States Championship tonight against Rollins.

- Big Show defeated Dean Ambrose, by countout. The Miz was on commentary for this match. Ambrose and Show fight on the floor. Show hits a spear on Ambrose and tosses Ambrose back in the ring. Ambrose lands a kick and goes for a dive on Show, but gets hit with the Knockout Punch and falls to the floor. Ambrose gets counted out. After the match, Show goes to spear Ambrose, but Ambrose dodges it, causing Show to crash through the barricade.

- Neville defeated Fandango, by pinfall. Neville makes a comeback on Fandango and tosses him to the floor. Neville hits a suicide dive and tosses Fandango back in the ring. Neville hits the Red Arrow and scores the pin. After the match, Stardust appears on the titantron mocks Neville and cuts a promo about super heroes and mentions Stephen Amell from the tv show Arrow. Stardust says he'll rescue the WWE from all the do-gooders.

- Backstage, Paige says the fans are loving the Divas Revolution. Sasha Banks interrupts, calls Paige a loser and says Stephanie McMahon created the Revolution. Naomi says the Revolution is all about Team BAD. Sasha calls Charlotte "daddy's little girl". Sasha, Becky Lynch, Paige and Tamina all have words until Team BAD finally leaves.

- Sasha Banks defeated Paige, by submission. Paige locks in a submission hold, but Sasha makes it to the ropes to break it. Sasha hits the Backstabber on Paige and applies the Bank Statement. Paige has no choice but to tap out.

- Backstage, Seth Rollins says tonight the future will pass John Cena by.

- Rusev is in the ring with a microphone. Rusev says Summer Rae healed his soul and will teach American men how to treat special women. Rusev gives Summer Rae a puppy and calls it Dolph Ziggler, cause it's ugly, neutered and pees on itself. Rusev next gives Summer a headless fish and calls it Lana. Lana interrupts and calls Rusev pitiful and pathetic for dating Summer Rae. Lana kicks Summer and rubs the dead fish in her face. Lana then slaps Rusev and leaves Rusev in the ring pissed and screaming.

- The Lucha Dragons defeated Los Matadores, by pinfall. The New Day come out to the ring and run distraction on both teams. The Prime Time Players are out next to confront New Day. The Lucha Dragons steal a rollup pinfall during the distraction at ringside.

- Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper are in the ring with a microphone. Bray says Harper was once damaged, but Bray fixed him. Harper says there was a time when he wondered why he existed and Bray showed him the truth. Harper says Bray saved him and made him stronger. Bray next mocks Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Bray says if Reigns really cared about Ambrose, he'd tell him to walk away. Bray will seal Reigns' fate. Follow the Buzzards.

- Charlotte and Becky Lynch defeated Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox, by submission. Becky lands a t-bone suplex on Alicia, but Nikki breaks up the pin. Charlotte nails a spear on Nikki, taking Nikki out. Alicia rolls up Becky, but Becky rolls through and applies the Disarm-Her submission. Alicia has no choice but to tap out.

- Randy Orton defeated Kevin Owens, by DQ. Orton and Owens brawl on the floor. Sheamus runs in and hits a Brogue Kick on Orton causing the DQ. Cesaro hits the ring, lands an uppercut on Sheamus and leaps on top of Owens. Cesaro hits another uppercut on Sheamus, but then gets dropped by an Owens pop up power bomb. Owens talks trash and Sheamus raises his briefcase to end the segment.

- Backstage, John Cena says how important tonight's match is, either Rollins proves himself and wins the WWE United States Championship or Cena wins and will prove that the champ is still here.

- John Cena defeated Seth Rollins, by submission, to retain the WWE United States Championship. Cena caught a knee to the face by Rollins and had to be checked by WWE Medical twice. Cena may have suffered a broken nose. Cena catches Rollins and locks in the STF submission. Rollins has no choice but to tap out. RAW ends with Cena celebrating.

Monday, July 27, 2015

TV Tonight 7.27

By @nevaRWilliams

Royals @ Indians (STO, 7pm)
Yankees @ Rangers (ESPN, 8pm)

Red Bull Cliff Diving (FOX Sports 1, 8pm)


WWE Raw (USA, 8pm)
American Ninja Warrior (NBC, 8pm)
The Bachelorette SEASON FINALE (ABC, 8pm)
So You Think You Can Dance? (FOX, 8pm)

Major Crimes (TNT, 9pm)

Teen Wolf (MTV, 10pm)
The Making Of The Mob: New York (AMC, 10pm)
Running Wild With Bear Grylls (NBC, 10pm)
The Bachelorette (ABC, 10pm)
Murder In The First (TNT, 10pm)

Girl Code (MTV, 11pm)
Girl Code (MTV, 11:30pm)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

TV Tonight 7.26

By @nevaRWilliams

Tigers @ Red Sox (ESPN, 8pm)
REPLAY: 2015 National Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (MLB Network, 9pm)

2015 CrossFit Games
Team and Individual Competition Day 4 (ESPN 2, 7:30pm)

MLS: Philadelphia Union @ DC United (ESPN 2, 5pm)
CONCACAF Gold Cup: Jamaica vs. Mexico (FOX Sports 1, 8pm)

Los Angeles KISS @ Arizona Rattlers (ESPNews, 6pm)

NHRA Drag Racing: Mopar Mile-High Nationals (ESPN 2, 9pm)


Welcome To Sweden (NBC, 8pm)
Celebrity Family Feud (ABC, 8pm)
Big Brother (CBS, 8pm)
Welcome To Sweden (NBC, 8:30pm)

True Detective (HBO, 9pm)
Ray Donovan (Showtime, 9pm)
Humans (AMC, 9pm)
Bar Rescue (SPIKE, 9pm)
The Last Ship (TNT, 9pm)
American Ninja Warrior (NBC, 9pm)
BattleBots (ABC, 9pm)

Ballers (HBO, 10pm)
Masters Of Sex (Showtime, 10pm)
The Strain (FX, 10pm)
Halt And Catch Fire (AMC, 10pm)
Falling Skies (TNT, 10pm)
The Brink (HBO, 10:30pm)
Last Week Tonight (HBO, 11pm)

Weekend 3 Count 7.19 - 7.25 #WWE #TNA #ROH #GFW #LuchaUnderground

By @B_Rock1978

It's the Weekend 3 Count, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. The W3C, brings you news and rumors going on around the wrestling world. Whether it's WWE, NXT, TNA, GFW, ROH, Lucha Underground or the independent wrestling scene, I'll talk about it.

*** WWE and NXT News ***

- Be sure to head back and check out last Sunday's WWE Battleground recap, if you missed the show, or just want to relive the matches.

- After Undertaker's return on Sunday, it was announced that there will be a Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar match set for SummerSlam.

- Also for SummerSlam, there are rumors of Sting possibly competing in a tag match with Roman Reigns against Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. This has not been confirmed at all yet. WWE reported that they did have plans of a six man tag for SummerSlam, which would have been The Wyatt Family vs. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Sting. Due to Erick Rowan suffering an injury, those plans fell through. Other reports have said the six man may still happen with a new Wyatt Family member.

- This past week on RAW, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and WWE United States Champion John Cena went nose to nose. Rumors have said there could be a possible champion vs. champion match set for SummerSlam with both titles on the line.

- There have been talks of Smackdown becoming a live show on either Tuesday or Friday night's when Smackdown makes the move to the USA Network in January.

- Anything resembling Hulk Hogan has been removed from the WWE website. Curtis Axel who was portraying Axelmania, dressing like Hulk Hogan, has dropped the gimmick. Hogan himself has also been fired from Tough Enough and released by WWE. Why? Because reports have been saying that Hogan went into a racial tirade which may have cost him his job with WWE. Hogan admitted to doing the racial tirade and has sincerely apologized for it.

- WWE is possibly looking at 2-Time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair as Hogan's replacement on Tough Enough.

- NXT superstar, Tyler Breeze, recently sat down with Channel Guide Magazine for an interview. You can check that out HERE.

*** TNA News ***

- Just two weeks removed from being announced as the new sheriff in town on TNA Impact, Bully Ray has quit TNA. Bully stated he wanted to distance himself from TNA for personal reasons.

- TNA officially announced this week on Impact, that GFW owner and TNA founder, Jeff Jarrett, will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame at Bound for Glory.

- This week on Impact, Matt Hardy, became the #1 Contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

- TNA announced the day and site of Bound For Glory this year. BFG has always been TNA's version of their Wrestlemania. BFG will take place on Sunday October 4th live at the Cabarrus Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina.

*** GFW News ***

- GFW held their first set of TV tapings this weekend for GFW Amped.

- GFW announced they will be touring the UK in October. GFW will be at the Grimsby Auditorium in Grimbsy, Lincolnshire, on Oct. 28 and the Lynnsport and Leisure Park in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, on Oct. 30.

- GFW owner Jeff Jarrett and GFW wrestler Nick "Magnus" Aldis were on Chris Jericho's Talk Is Jericho podcast this past Wednesday.

- GFW owner, Jeff Jarrett, recently sat down with Ring Rust Radio for an interview. You can check that out HERE.

*** ROH News ***

- This week on Ring Of Honor: ROH celebrated it's 200th episode (Counting shows way before Destination America's Debut). The show was 85% highlights from past matches that have stuck out as classics within those 200 episodes. The main event saw Roderick Strong, The Briscoe Brothers and ODB defeat The House of Truth in an Eight Person Tag Team Match.

*** Lucha Underground News ***

- This week on Lucha Underground: LU owner, Dario, gives Big Ryck an Aztec Medallion, free of charge and some cash. Texano beat Johnny Mundo by DQ, due to interference. LU Owner, Dario, tells Hernandez that the fans tweet that they hate him. Dario announces Hernandez vs. Drago in a "Believer's Backlash Match" for Ultima Lucha. The Mack defeated Cage. Mack and Cage brawl all over the arena, after the match. LU Owner, Dario, announces a "Falls Count Anywhere Match" at Ultima Lucha. LU Owner, Dario, reveals the reward for owning a Aztec Medallion. Fennix and Marty The Moth are the last two left in a Battle Royal for the last Aztec Medallion. Fennix defeated Marty The Moth to win the Aztec Medallion. Prince Puma fights off Mil Muertes and his gang to close the show.

- The Aztec Medallion Reward: All who hold an Aztec Medallion will battle it out in a Seven Person Match at Ultima Lucha. The winner wins the Gift From God Championship. The Gift From God Champion can then either cash it in for a shot at the Lucha Underground World Title or have to defend the Gift From God Championship, if they hold on to it too long.

*** Other Wrestling News ***

- WWE Hall of Famer, Sunny, recently took shots at Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch on Facebook. Sunny stated that the trio were not Divas, not talented and then stated that women should leave the wrestling to the men.

And that's your Weekend 3 Count. Join me next Sunday afternoon for more news and rumors around the wrestling world.