Thursday, October 30, 2014

Leadoff with Lee 10.30.14

By @cleeverizon

Hello, World! Welcome to Cleveland! Remember us? You had all the funny jokes about us, made fun of our sports teams, and burning river. Called Cleveland Municipal Stadium the "Mistake by the lake". Our sports teams would always make it soooo close but couldn't pull it off. The Drive, The Pitch, Red Right 88. Our superhero left us 5 years ago and the media made us look like savages because some burned jerseys. The only time you felt bad about Cleveland and the good people that live here is when our football team was stolen and moved to Baltimore. But world where are you at now? You're in that city that you made fun of all these years. You came from the west coast, you traveled from the east coast, you left the fun and sun of south beach to come to Cleveland. You're here from Japan, Israel, Germany and from parts unknown to Cleveland! All the stars are in town, from Jay Z to Kevin Hart! This is New Cleveland! Our city will shine in the bright lights, brighter than those in New York or San Francisco. This is New Cleveland! The King has returned to the throne to take over his city! Welcome to New Cleveland! Get ready for the ride!

-The NCAA has ruled that the University of Georgia running back Todd Gurley will remain suspended until November 15th for accepting more than $3,000 from multiple memorabilia dealers. Georgia issued a statement yesterday that they will appeal the NCAA ruling. The NCAA membership committee will review the case this week and can reduce or remove the suspension. Gurley has admitted to violating NCAA rules and has already missed 2 games. Gurley must also repay a portion of the money received and donate it to a charity, along with performing 40 hours of community service.

-Joe Maddon is on the verge to become the new manager of the Chicago Cubs. Once the deal is finalized Maddon is expected to be the highest paid manager in baseball. The Los Angeles Angels currently pay Mike Sciocia $5 million dollars annually.

-Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants as they won the 2014 World Series over the Kansas City Royals 3-2. Baseball truly saved the best game of the season for the last game of the season. Madison Bumgarner was named World Series MVP. He was 3-0 during the series.

-Buster Posey is now a 3-time World Series champ, Rookie of the Year, Comeback Player of the Year, MVP & batting champion.

-Monday evening former Bash Brother Jose Canseco, accidentally shot the middle finger of his left hand off. Yesterday after returning home from the hospital Canseco tweeted out a picture of his hand. He said "I hope I can keep my finger,but I'm grateful it wasn't something worse".

-I was was looking at some press video of the Cleveland Cavs shoot around and noticed a familiar face at the shoot around. It was former Cavalier Damon Jones. So I began to wonder what he was doing there. So I did a little investigating,and found him on twitter under @D19J. Well I guess LBJ got him a job as the shooting consultant for the Cavs/Chargers. Lebron still has a lot of say of what comes and goes in and out of the organization. It is what it is I guess. By @cleeverizon

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