Friday, October 31, 2014

3 Rivers Rundown With Jaison (@Kratoslives)

A Tale Of 2 Teams (Fighting For Control)
By @Kratoslives

Welcome to the Pittsburgh Steelers starring Big Ben, Antonio "Wiggle" Brown, Heath Miller, Markus Wheaton, Martavis Bryant and guest starring Le'Veon Bell. This is the new air force just ask the Colts secondary, which is now part of the NFL's record breaking game, even though they weren't too happy with their part in it.

Now hold on, this is about 2 teams as I stated in my title. Welcome to the Pittsburgh Steelers starring Le'Veon Bell, LeGarette Blount, Will Johnson & Dri Archer, guest starring Big Ben. This unit will haunt "River Boat" Ron Rivera and the Carolina Panthers front seven for a long time. Bell & Blount may still be running wild in their minds. I know the fans won't forget them no time soon.

These 2 teams are fighting for control of the Pittsburgh Steelers fan base, and for control of the team itself. Which in turn is driving me and the rest of the fan base insane. I'm cracking up right now doing this article. Quit laughing I'm not kidding I'm going nuts about this. Don't believe, me check this out.

Week 1 vs the Browns, the first half was EUPHORIA! I'm jumping screaming and partying like a fool. Now something has happened during halftime to my emotions, 1000% pure DYSPHORIA, stunned silence. I'm searching for a boulder to hide under. How? Really, how could this have happened, I was on cloud nine 15 minutes ago. Could someone have kidnapped our entire offense during halftime. Is Ashton Kutcher shooting a new episode of Punked? That's it, both teams ran into the locker room and switched uniforms, but Ashton still hasn't showed his face pointing at hidden cameras.

Man I feel like I have a split personality, wait a minute that's it. The Pittsburgh Steelers has a split personality. One game they are running the ball down their opponents throats. The next game they are airing it out, too the point they need their own airport. But then it's the second game against the Brown's where nobody showed up except the Brown's. Now that we have found the problem may I make a suggestion, stop over thinking! Your putting yourself in the lost column when you over think.

Stick with what's working, if the passing game is working don't stop. Make them stop you, and if the running game is clicking then ride our horses. Just don't take your foot off your opponents neck until you see this on the game clock 00:00. Now that we have come to a understanding, Mike Tomlin here's my bill, $150. I take pay pal, checks, cash or tickets to a home game. Just remember don't let up on your opponent until the game is over. I'm going to check in on you.

Your buddy, Jaison from Warrensville Hts.

P.S. I now accept all major credit cards.

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