Tuesday, September 30, 2014

TV Tonight 9.30

By @neveRWilliams

Athletics @ Royals (TBS, 8 PM)

New York Islanders @ Boston Bruins (NHL Network, 7 PM)

Inside The NFL (Showtime, 9 PM)


iHeartRadio Music Festival Night 2 (The CW, 8 PM)
The Voice (NBC, 8 PM)
Selfie (ABC, 8 PM)
Utopia (FOX, 8 PM)
Manhattan Love Story (ABC, 8:30 PM)

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC, 9 PM)
New Girl (FOX, 9 PM)
Face Off (SyFy, 9 PM)
The Mindy Project (FOX, 9 PM)
NCIS: New Orleans (CBS, 9 PM)

Sons of Anarchy (FX, 10 PM)
Chicago Fire (NBC, 10 PM)
Forever (ABC, 10 PM)
Person Of Interest (CBS, 10 PM)
Awkward (MTV, 10 PM)
4th & Loud (AMC, 10 PM)
Tosh.0 (Comedy Central, 10 PM)
Faking It (MTV, 10:30 PM)

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 9.30.14: RAW

By @BSA1978.

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's the RAW recap from last night's show. RAW took place live from Chicago, Illinois, the home town of a former WWE superstar that the WWE now pretends never existed. I will not say that person's name either because he might get pissed off and block me on Twitter. Any who.....some highlights of last night's show consisted of "Mr. Money In The Bank" Seth Rollins, looking to get his briefcase back from the "Lunatic Fringe" Dean Ambrose. Dolph Ziggler defended his Intercontinental Title against The Miz and Cesaro. Main Event time, we'd see tag team action as Dean Ambrose and John Cena took on Randy Orton and Kane. Let's get to the recap.

- In Ring Promo with The Authority: The "CM Punk" chants begin and Stephanie asks the fans..."Why do you side with quitters?" Steph talks about Dean Ambrose stealing Seth Rollins' briefcase. Triple H says they won't stand for people disrespecting the business. Paul Heyman interrupts The Authority as he appears in the ring. Heyman says that Brock Lesnar wants to know if Seth Rollins has a problem with him. Seth Rollins' music hits and out comes "Mr. Money In The Bank". Rollins admits that he alone made the decision to try to cash in on Lesnar because he wanted to beat the best and no one wanted John Cena to win. Heyman accepts Rollins' apology but tells him never to do it again. Triple H tells Heyman that he enjoyed their talk last night before Heyman leaves. Rollins next demands Ambrose to return his briefcase. Ambrose appears on the TitanTron and tells Rollins to come and get it. The Authority begin to head to the back when out comes John Cena. Cena immediately unloads on Rollins, as Rollins runs for his life and escapes the wrath of Cena.

- Backstage with The Authority: Triple H sends WWE road agents, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble after Dean Ambrose to get back Seth Rollins' briefcase.

- "WWE Intercontinental Title, Triple Threat Match": Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Cesaro vs. The Miz (w/Damien Sandow): Ziggler blocks Miz's figure four and Miz caught an uppercut from Cesaro. Ziggler with the figure four on Miz but Cesaro breaks it up with a big stomp on Ziggler. Miz hits the big corner clothesline on Cesaro and climbs to the top rope. Miz eats the Cesaro big uppercut in mid-air and is knocked out. Cesaro gets distracted by Sandow on the apron allowing Ziggler to hit a super kick on Cesaro for the pinfall.

- Backstage Segment with The Authority: Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble approach various superstars, looking for Dean Ambrose.

- Backstage Promo with The Wyatt Family: Bray Wyatt sets Luke Harper free to attack everyone tonight. Harper says we're doomed.

- Backstage Segment with The Authority: Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble can't find Dean Ambrose. Stephanie notices a mustard stain on Noble's face and asked him if he was eating hot dogs. Stephanie says she'll fire both Mercury and Noble if they don't find Ambrose. Damien Sandow and The Miz appear. Sandow demands that The Miz be given a singles rematch with Dolph Ziggler. Triple H makes a match with Damien Sandow vs Sheamus and tells Miz to never come demanding anything again or he'll be fired.

- Rosa Mendes (w/Nattie Neidhart) vs Layla (w/Summer Rae): Tyson Kidd and Neidhart argue at ringside. Layla hits the "Layout" on Mendes for the pinfall.

- In Ring Segment with Dean Ambrose: Ambrose sets Rollins' briefcase on a table in the ring. Ambrose says he saw Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble walk past him eating hot dogs. Doesn't like The Authority's way of running merchandise sales so he offers a ton of WWE products for only a dollar. Out come Mercury and Noble and they want the briefcase. Ambrose says they can have it but have to come get it. Mercury and Noble back off and leave. Ambrose starts tossing all the WWE merchandise into the crowd when Rollins, Mercury and Noble head to the ring. WWE security also come out as Ambrose tells Rollins to go get his briefcase and leaves the ring. Ambrose leaves through the crowd as Rollins retrieves his briefcase. Rollins opens the briefcase and gets sprayed in the face with green goo. Ambrose laughs as Rollins throws a fit and blames everything on Mercury and Noble.

- Backstage Segment with The Authority: The Authority is laughing at what happened to Seth Rollins. Triple H tells Rollins to go get checked out by medical and announces Kane and Randy Orton vs John Cena and Dean Ambrose in the main event later.

- Mark Henry vs. Bo Dallas: Before the match Henry again apologizes for losing to Rusev. Dallas interrupts and tells Henry he should be apologizing to himself. Henry misses a second rope splash. Dallas hits the "Bo-Dog" for the pinfall.

- Backstage Promo with Bo Dallas: He's been telling people for months to just "Bo-Lieve". Mark Henry attacks Dallas from behind and tosses Dallas into production cases. Henry beats Dallas down and rams the cases into him two more times.

- Backstage Promo with The Rhodes Brothers: Goldust and Stardust, cut another bizarre backstage promo.

- "Triple Threat Match": Brie Bella vs. Eva Marie and Cameron: Nikki Bella comes out before the match and taunts Brie, calling her a quitter and makes fun of Brie's husband, Daniel Bryan. Cameron knocks Eva off the apron by accident allowing Brie to roll Cameron up for the pinfall.

- Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil vs Los Matadores: Adam Rose, The Bunny and his Rosebuds are on commentary. Slater and O'Neil come out with Hornswoggle dressed like an alligator. Hornswoggle and El Torito renew their feud as they chase each other at ringside. Slater rolls up one of the Los Matadors for the pinfall. Slater and O'Neil attack Los Matadores after the match. Rose and The Bunny hit the ring. Titus is sent to the floor, Los Matadores double team Slater and The Bunny splashes Slater from the top rope.

- In Ring Promo with Rusev and Lana: Lana says Big Show tried to intimidate them on Smackdown. Big Show's music hits and out comes Show. Rusev says he wants to put his fist down Show's throat, rip his guts out, bite his ear, kick him in the groin and break every bone in his body. Show says enough talk and hits the ring. Rusev and Lana leave the ring and walk away. Show rips up Rusev's Russian Flag forcing Rusev to get up on the apron. Show knocks Rusev off the apron then again throws him to the floor as Rusev tried to get in the ring.

- Backstage Segment with John Cena: Cena talks about his tag match tonight. Dean Ambrose appears and says that Seth Rollins is his when they get done with Kane and Randy Orton tonight. Cena says if Rollins dares to show up he'll get a beatdown from Cena. Ambrose says no one including Cena takes food off Ambrose's plate.

- AJ Lee vs. Alicia Fox: "CM Punk" chants fill the arena again as Mrs. CM Punk, A.J. Lee, made her way to the ring. Paige is at ringside for this match. Mid match A.J. leaps off the top rope and takes out both Paige and Fox on the floor. Paige distracts A.J. causing A.J. to be rolled up from behind by Fox for the pinfall. After the match, Fox and Paige double team A.J.. Paige hits the "Ram-Paige" and leaves A.J. laid out.

- Backstage Promo with The Wyatt Family: Luke Harper again tells us we're doomed.

- Sheamus vs Damien Sandow: The Miz is on commentary. Sandow gets sent to the floor where Miz checks on him. Sheamus hits the floor and sends Sandow crashing into Miz. Sheamus hits Sandow with the "Brogue Kick" and scores the pinfall.

- In Ring Promo with Hulk Hogan: Hulkamania has been running wild for 30 years. Hogan announces WWE is teaming up with the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer awareness month.

- Backstage Segment with The Authority: Randy Orton and Kane don't care about Seth Rollins' problems. Stephanie McMahon says that when Rollins was attacked The Authority was attacked so Orton and Kane need to defend The Authority because they are family. Stephanie says that Orton has gone soft and doesn't have that killer instinct anymore.

- Dean Ambrose and John Cena vs Randy Orton and Kane: Cena with an "AA" but Kane's weight collapses Cena. Orton goes for the drop DDT but Cena flips Orton over the ropes. Ambrose hits "Dirty Deeds" but Seth Rollins interferes in the match and attacks Ambrose. Cena and Ambrose brawl all over the ringside area with Kane, Orton and Rollins. Cena and Ambrose shove each other away trying to get shots in on Rollins. Orton steps in and "RKO's" Ambrose. Kane gives Ambrose a choke slam then sets the briefcase over Ambrose's head. Rollins lands the "Curb Stomp", driving the briefcase into Ambrose's skull. Cena gets back in the ring but gets laid out the same way as Ambrose with an "RKO", a choke slam and a briefcase to the skull "Curb Stomp". RAW ends with The Authority standing tall.

And that's a wrap on this week's RAW recap, till next time tap or snap.

Monday, September 29, 2014

TV Tonight 9.29

By @neveRWilliams

Monday Night Countdown (ESPN, 6 PM)
Patriots @ Chiefs (ESPN, 8:15 PM)

Philadelphia Flyers @ New York Rangers (NHL Network, 7 PM)
Arizona Coyotes @ Vancouver Canucks (NHL Network, 10 PM)


WWE Raw (USA, 8 PM)
iHeartRadio Music Festival Night 1 (The CW, 8 PM)
The Voice (NBC, 8 PM)
Dancing With The Stars (ABC, 8 PM)
Gotham (FOX, 8 PM)
The Big Bang Theory (CBS, 8 & 8:30 PM)

Sleepy Hollow (FOX, 9 PM)
Scorpion (CBS, 9 PM)

The Blacklist (NBC, 10 PM)
Castle (ABC, 10 PM)
NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, 10 PM)

On The Mark 9.29.14: Buckeyes Recap

Buckeyes 'bear' it out with a 50-28 win over Cincinnati
By @MarkW2112

That was fun, right?  The Buckeyes, behind a massive offensive outbreak, beat the Cincinnati Bearcats 50-28 in a predicted shoot out that nonetheless went to the faster and more talented Buckeyes team.  The offense almost broke a school record, with 710 yards of total offense (the record is 718 but was lost due to a 20 yard loss on one of the last plays of game).  J.T. Barrett had another solid game, going 26-of-36 for 330 yards and 4 touchdowns to along with 79 inspiring rushing yards.  Ezekiel Elliot lead the running backs with 28 carries for 182 yards and a touchdown.  The most impressive thing about the Buckeyes offense was the offensive line, who gave plenty of time for Barrett to find his targets and open up huge holes for the running backs to shoot through.

For the Bearcats, Gunner Kiel was as advertised, going 21-of-32 for 352 yards and 4 touchdowns.  Receiver Chris Moore was extremely impressive, with 221 receivers and 3 touchdowns on 3 catches.  His 3 catches went for 60, 83 and 78 yard bombs from Kiel.  The Bearcats were able to get as close as 36-28 before the defense was finally able to hold down their high powered offense down.

My take: J.T. Barrett is continuing to grow as the leader of the Buckeyes offense.  He has grown by leaps and bounds since the Navy game.  It appears Urban Meyer has opened up the offensive playbook as his confidence in Barrett grows.  While the defense gave up 28 points to Kiel and the Bearcats offense, they were able to make the holds at the end of the game when they needed to which was huge.

Next week, the Buckeyes start their Big 10 season against Maryland.  Wait, did I actually type that?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

TV Tonight 9.28

By @neveRWilliams

Football night In America (NBC, 7 PM)
Saints @ Cowboys (NBC, 8:20 PM)

Buffalo Sabres @ Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL Network, 7 PM)

MLS: New York Red Bulls @ Los Angeles Galaxy (ESPN 2, 8:30 PM)


Breaking Bad, Binge Marathon (AMC, 5 PM)

Once Upon A Time (ABC, 7 PM)

Once Upon A Time (ABC, 8 PM)
The Simpsons (FOX, 8 PM)
Madam Secretary (CBS, 8 PM)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX, 8:30 PM)

Boardwalk Empire (HBO, 9 PM)
Family Guy (FOX, 9 PM)
Resurrection (ABC, 9 PM)
The Good Wife (CBS, 9 PM)
Total Divas (E!, 9 PM)
Ray Donovan (Showtime, 9 PM)

Revenge (ABC, 10 PM)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS, 10 PM)
The Strain (FX, 10 PM)
True Detective, Season 1 (HBO, 10 PM)
Masters of Sex, SEASON FINALE (Showtime, 10 PM)

Last Week Tonight (HBO, 11 PM)

The Weekend 3 Count with Brandon 9/22-9/28

By @BSA1978.

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. This edition will be my new weekly recap that I'm adding to the Wrestling Lockup series. Weekend 3 Count, will be posted every Sunday afternoon, and will feature news, rumors and personal rants from yours truly. I'll touch turnbuckles on news and rumors in WWE, TNA, GFW and anywhere else I find interesting in the wrestling business. Hope you all enjoy, TIME TO PLAY THE GAAAMMMEEE!

**** WWE News and Rumors ****

- Incase you didn't already know, Roman Reigns, was pulled from last Sunday's Night of Champions due to an incarcerated hernia. Reigns had a successful surgery, however, will likely be out for three months recouping. (Push Dean Ambrose!!! Perfect timing for Ambrose to get that main event push.)

- "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair is also finishing up with a surgery visit. Flair had to have not one but two hernia surgeries this month. Sources say that Flair dropped a lot of weight and was unable to keep food down, which led to the surgeries. Flair is expected to recover and be able to train again in 5 weeks. (To be the man, you have to beat the man! And the hernia failed twice to beat the man!)

- This past Tuesday, WWE, released a Best of Sting DVD collection. It was also learned this week that Sting will be involved in some way at Wrestlemania 31. As of now this will be the first time ever that Sting has stepped into a WWE ring. (I'm wishing Sting would do more than just one WM match. I would love to see one last run.)

- There was a rumor started this week about The Undertaker being really sick and not doing well. Lead singer of Limp Bizkit, Fred Durst, made the announcement while dedicating their hit "Rollin'" to Taker. Taker's wife, Michelle McCool, posted a picture of her and Taker together on Instagram and stated "Hubby was just fine". (It's amazing how rumors get started. And Limp Bizkit still performs?)

- WWE Hell In A Cell takes place in five weeks. It is still unknown if WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, will be defending the title yet. Sources are saying that at this time there are no plans for another Lesnar vs Cena match. (I'm honestly hoping there will be no more Cena/Lesnar matches. I think it's run its course and it's time to give Lesnar a new opponent.)

- Speaking of Brock Lesnar, there's a rumor going around that the Washington Post thinks that Lesnar has heart problems. The WP made comments about Lesnar breathing heavy, sweating and turning many shades of colors during his match at Night Of Champions and that's why he wasn't on RAW. WWE denied WP's accusations, calling it ridiculous and reminded WP that he wasn't at RAW because he has limited date appearances. (Lesnar isn't that young, fit, bad ass he used to be. Age is catching up to Mr. Lesnar.)

- Independent wrestling icon, Prince Devitt, made his NXT debut on Thursday tapings. Devitt, like every new WWE superstar has been given a new name. Devitt will be known as Finn Balor when he debuts. Expect the actual episode aired in November of Prince Dev.....I mean Finn Balor's debut. (Finn Balor?? Really??)

- Good news for all you Batista fans. Batista is planning on returning for one final run come Wrestlemania time. (Will he go by the name Bore-Tista or Blue-Tista I wonder?)

- All fellow Clevelanders, be sure to pick up your tickets for WWE TLC! The live "special event" takes place on December 14th at Quicken Loans Arena. (I'm hoping to make it.)

**** TNA News and Rumors ****

- Kurt Angle, everyone's favorite Olympic Gold Medalist that won gold with a "broken freakin' neck", may be done with TNA. As of September 21st, Angle's TNA contract expired. Angle stated that he wasn't looking to resign with TNA because the next contract he signs will be his last before retirement. I think Angle is still looking for that last WWE run, however, Triple H isn't interested. (I'd love an Angle run in WWE. But the main thing stopping it is Angle can't stay healthy and Triple H knows it.)

- TNA Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View news. Japan's Wrestle-1 promotion, that TNA is partnering with for BFG, announced that The Wolves will not be at the event. Davey Richards of The Wolves is suffering from injuries and will be unable to perform. According to The Wolves themselves, they had no clue that they were going to be taken off the card. (The Wolves vs Wrestle-1's front office at BFG? Lol)

- As for actual Bound For Glory matches so far? Wrestle-1 representative, Jimmy Suzuki, tweeted out that on Monday September 29th he'll reveal some more BFG planned matches. (From what I heard, with the event being held in Japan and TNA working with Wrestle-1 on the card, expect some TNA vs Wrestle-1 matches.)

** Current 'Bound For Glory' Card **

- "TNA X-Division Title, Triple Threat Match": Samoa Joe vs Low Ki vs Kaz Hayashi
- The Great Muta and Yoshihiro Tajiri vs The Great Sanada and James Storm

- In more BFG news, Wrestle-1 have officially announced that Team 3-D, Bully Ray and Devon, will be at BFG. (Devon...Get the table! One last time?)

- In TNA contract news, Austin Aries and Gail Kim may be done soon. Both Aries and Kim have expiring contracts coming up in October and both don't plan on resigning. (WWE wouldn't know what to do with Austin Aries. And I don't see Gail Kim going back to WWE either. Expect to see both in Jeff Jarrett's GFW or Aries may wind up back in ROH.)

- TNA head, Dixie Carter, addressed to the TNA roster that they will have a new TV deal in January. When it will happen and with what channel is nowhere close at the moment. (Anything to get talent to stay. Lol)

- TNA have signed the first ever Indian wrestler (Country of India, not a Native American) to a contract. TNA signed 24 year old Mahabali Shera. Apparently this was a year long goal of TNA's, that started when Kurt Angle visited India in 2013. It is unknown when we will see the newcomer. (Best of luck and hopefully TNA is around long enough for Shera to make a name for himself.)

- Former WWE entertainer, Brodus Clay, is now a TNA wrestler. Clay has been working TV tapings with the company and should be debuting soon. If you have read any spoilers of weeks to come in TNA, then you already know as I when and how he'll be used in TNA. (Somebody call his momma!)

And with that I'm wrapping up the first edition of The Weekend 3 Count! I will be back with the next edition next Sunday afternoon with more news and rumors throughout the wrestling world! Till then, tap or snap.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 9.27.14: Smackdown

By @BSA1978.

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's this week's Smackdown recap edition. This week's Smackdown consisted of a #1 Contender's Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Title, the winner facing WWE Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler, later in the evening. The Rhodes Brothers defended their newly won WWE World Tag Team Championship in a rematch against The Usos. Main Event time, Big Show squared off against Rusev. Let's get to the recap for this week's Smackdown.

- The Miz and his "Hollywood Stunt Double" Damien Sandow are in the ring as Smackdown kicks off. Highlights of the altercation on MizTV between Miz and Dean Ambrose on Main Event are shown on the TitanTron, setting up tonight's match. Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring and we are ready for the opening bout.

- The Miz (w/Damien Sandow) vs Dean Ambrose: Ambrose goes to the top rope and shoves Sandow away, who tries to distract Ambrose. Ambrose leaps at Miz but gets caught and locked in the figure four.  Ambrose makes the ropes and escapes the submission. Seth Rollins and Corporate Kane make their way to the ring, distracting Ambrose. Miz goes for the "Skull Crushing Finale" but Ambrose counters and hits "Dirty Deeds" for the pinfall. After the match, Rollins and Kane go to attack Ambrose. Ambrose fights back, drops Rollins and Kane and steals Rollins' money in the bank briefcase. Ambrose escapes into the crowd, leaving Rollins and Kane in the ring mad.

- Backstage Segment with The Rhodes Brothers: Goldust and Stardust will keep The Usos from taking what is now theirs, the cosmic keys...aka...the WWE World Tag Team Championship.

- "#1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title Battle Royal": After the smoke cleared, the final four came down to Kofi Kingston, Bo Dallas, Jack Swagger, and Cesaro. Kofi skinned the cat, hooked Dallas in the process and dumped Mr. Inspirational to the floor. Kofi jumped on Swagger in the corner. While Kofi and Swagger tried to eliminate each other, Cesaro came in and dumped both Kofi and Swagger to the floor. Cesaro is the winner and will face Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Intercontinental Championship later.

- Backstage Segment with The Usos: The Usos say that they are getting back their tag titles tonight from The Rhodes Brothers.

- "WWE World Tag Team Championship Match": Goldust and Stardust (c) vs The Usos: The Usos hit a suicide dive over the ropes in stereo on the Rhodes Brothers early in the match. Stardust climbs to the top rope but The Usos stop Stardust. The Usos hit a "Doomsday Device" on Stardust and Jimmy climbs the ropes. Jimmy goes airbourne with the "Superfly Splash" on Stardust. Jimmy covers but Goldust with one of the tag team titles in his hand, busts it over Jimmy, forcing the DQ.

- Backstage Segment with Seth Rollins and Kane: Rollins is pissed about Dean Ambrose stealing his briefcase. Kane tells Rollins to forget about it. Rollins says if he doesn't get his briefcase back the cinder block attack will look like child's play compared to what he'll do to Ambrose next.

- Nattie Neidhart and Rosa Mendez vs Layla and Summer Rae: Layla rolls up Rosa with a handful of tights to score the pinfall.

- Backstage Segment with Big Show: Big Show talks about Freedom and how he'll knock Rusev's ass out tonight.

- WWE Intercontinental Championship Match": Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Cesaro: Ziggler goes for the "Famasser" but Cesaro counters with a power bomb lift. Ziggler reverses into a sunset flip and rolls Cesaro up for the pinfall. BUT WAIT......Cesaro grabbed the ropes during the pin which should have stopped the pinfall. Cesaro argues with the referee but the referee refuses to listen and Ziggler is still the WWE Intercontinental Champion.

- Backstage Segment with Rusev and Lana: Lana says Big Show will suffer the same fate that his friend Mark Henry did at Night of Champions. Rusev babbled in Russian but it was unclear what he said.

- Big Show vs. Rusev (w/Lana): Show goes for the knockout punch but Rusev ducks and connects with a super kick. Show powers out of a Rusev hold and plants Rusev with a choke slam. Show again sets Rusev up for the knockout punch. This time Lana reaches in and grabs a hold of Show's leg. Show dragged Lana into the ring and corners her in the turnbuckles. Rusev comes in and cracks the Russian flag stick across Show, causing a DQ. After the match, Rusev continued the flag assault. Rusev goes for the thrust kick but Show catches Rusev's leg and lands the knockout punch sending Rusev back to Russia, in dreamland. Smackdown closes out with the arena going nuts as Show leaves the ring and Lana tends to her unconscious Russian boyfriend.

And that's a wrap on this week's Smackdown, be sure to check out the following up coming recaps.

- Sunday: The Weekend 3 Count: News and Rumors recap 9/22-9/28
- Tuesday: RAW recap
- Thursday: TNA Impact recap
- Next Saturday: Smackdown recap

Till then, tap or snap.

Friday, September 26, 2014

TV Weekend 9.26-9.27

By @neveRWilliams

Fresno State @ New Mexico (Friday, ESPN 2, 8 PM)
Middle Tennessee State @ Old Dominion (Friday, FOX Sports 1, 8 PM)

Tennessee @ Georgia (Saturday, ESPN, 12 PM)
Tulane @ Rutgers (Saturday, ESPNews, 12 PM)
South Florida @ Wisconsin (Saturday, ESPNU, 12 PM)
Wyoming @ Michigan State (Saturday, ESPN 2, 12 PM)
Northwestern @ Penn State (Saturday, Big Ten, 12 PM)
Vanderbilt @ Kentucky (Saturday, SEC Network, 12 PM)
Texas Christian @ Southern Methodist (Saturday, CBS SportsNet, 12 PM)

Minnesota @ Michigan (Saturday, ABC, 3:30 PM)
Arkansas @ Texas A&M (Saturday, CBS, 3:30 PM)
Wake Forest @ Louisville (Saturday, ESPNU, 3:30 PM)
Florida State @ North Carolina State (Saturday, ESPN 2, 3:30 PM)
Stanford @ Washington (Saturday, FOX, 4 PM)
Texas @ Kansas (Saturday, FOX Sports 1, 4 PM)
Temple @ Connecticut (Saturday, ESPNews, 4 PM)
Louisiana Tech @ Auburn (Saturday, SEC Network, 4 PM)

Cincinnati @ Ohio State (Saturday, Big Ten, 6 PM)
Missouri @ South Carolina (Saturday, ESPN, 7 PM)
North Carolina @ Clemson (Saturday, ESPNU, 7 PM)
Boise State @ Air Force (Saturday, CBS SportsNet, 7 PM)
Duke @ Miami (Saturday, ESPN 2, 7:30 PM)
New Mexico State @ LSU (Saturday, SEC Network, 7:30 PM)
Notre Dame @ Syracuse (Saturday, ABC, 8 PM)
Baylor @ Iowa State (Saturday, FOX, 8 PM)
Texas State @ Tulsa (Saturday, ESPNews, 8 PM)
Illinois @ Nebraska (Saturday, Big Ten, 9 PM)
Oregon State @ USC (Saturday, ESPN, 10:30 PM)

Rays @ Indians (Friday, STO, 7 PM)
Twins @ Tigers OR Pirates @ Reds (Friday, MLB Network, 7 PM)

Yankees @ Red Sox (Saturday, FOX, 1 PM)
Pirates @ Reds (Saturday, FOX Sports 1, 1 PM)
Padres @ Giants OR Marlins @ Nationals (Saturday, MLB Network, 4 PM)
Rays @ Indians (Saturday, STO, 6 PM)
Cubs @ Brewers (Saturday, WGN, 7 PM)

Boston Bruins @ Washington Capitals (Friday, NHL Network, 7 PM)
Calgary Flames @ Vancouver Canucks (Friday, NHL Network, 10 PM)

Columbus Blue Jackets @ Pittsburgh Penguins (Saturday, NHL Network, 4 PM)
Winnipeg Jets @ Minnesota Wild (Saturday, NHL Network, 8 PM)

2014 Ryder Cup, Day Two (Saturday, NBC, 1 PM)

A Football Life: Sean Taylor (Friday, NFL Network, 9 PM)

Bellator MMA Live (Friday, Spike, 9 PM)
Titan FC 30 (Friday, CBS SportsNet, 10 PM)

UFC 178: Johnson vs. Cariaso Prelims (Saturday, FOX Sports 1, 8 PM)

FIBA World Championship, China vs. United States (Saturday, 2:30 PM)

MLS: New England Revolution @ Sporting Kansas City (Friday, NBC Sports, 8 PM)
MLS: Philadelphia Union @ DC United (Saturday, NBC Sports, 3 PM)

Nationwide Series, Dover (Saturday, ESPN, 3:30 PM)
Camping World Truck Series, Las Vegas (Saturday, FOX Sports 1, 10 PM)


Girl Meets World (Friday, Disney, 8:30 PM)
WWE Friday Night Smackdown (Friday, SyFy, 8 PM)
The Mysteries of Laura (Friday, NBC, 8 PM)
Shark Tank (Friday, ABC, 8 PM)
Utopia (Friday, FOX, 9 PM)
The Amazing Race (Friday, CBS, 8 PM)
Hawaii Five-O (Friday, CBS, 9 PM)
Blue Bloods (Friday, CBS, 10 PM)
The Knick (Friday, Cinemax, 10 PM)
Z Nation (Friday, SyFy, 10 PM)

Doctor Who (Saturday, BBC America, 9 PM)
Hell On Wheels (Saturday, AMC, 9 PM)
Outlander (Saturday, STARZ, 9 PM)
Intruders (Saturday, BBC America, 10 PM)
Saturday Night Live, Chris Pratt, Ariana Grande (Saturday, NBC, 11:30 PM)

On The Mark 9.26.14: Buckeyes Preview

By @MarkW2112

Game: Cincinnati Bearcats at Ohio State Buckeyes
Place: Ohio Stadium, Columbus, OH
Time: 6 PM
Television: Big Ten Network

After a week off, the Ohio State Buckeyes are ready to battle the Cincinnati Bearcats this Saturday evening in Columbus at the Horseshoe.  They are coming off of a much needed blowout game against the Kent State Golden Flashes.  

This weeks battle at night will be a little more difficult for the Buckeyes, especially on defense where they face a high powered Bearcats team lead by big armed quarterback Gunner Kiel.  It will be another big challenge for defensive backfield, who were burned frequently against Virginia Tech 3 weeks ago.

On offense, look for J.T. Barrett and the offensive line to continue the good work they did against the Golden Flashes.  While the Bearcats have a formidable offense, their defense is a little more shaky, giving up 34 points to Toledo and 24 to Miami (OH).  Barrett should be able to get big yard plays, especially when/if Devon Smith gets open.

My take: look for a good 'ole fashioned shootout at the 'Shoe.  I said Kent State would put up a fight and boy was I wrong.  Cincinnati, however, should be a better gauge of where the Buckeyes are on defense and offense.

Prediction: Ohio State 42 Cincinnati 31

Thursday, September 25, 2014

TV Tonight 9.25.14

By @neveRWilliams

Thursday Night Kickoff (CBS/NFL Network, 7:30 PM)
Giants @ Redskins (CBS/NFL Network, 8:25 PM)

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma State (ESPN, 7:30 PM)
Appalachian State @ Georgia Southern (ESPNU, 7:30 PM)

Orioles @ Yankees (MLB Network, 8 PM)


The Biggest Loser (NBC, 8 PM)
Grey's Anatomy, SEASON PREMIERE (ABC, 8 PM)
Haven (SyFy, 8 PM)

Dating Naked (VH1, 9 PM)

Parenthood, SEASON PREMIERE (NBC, 10 PM)
How To Get Away With Murder, SERIES PREMIERE (ABC, 10 PM)
Ridiculousness (MTV, 10 PM)
Snack-Off (MTV, 10:30 PM)

Black Jesus (Cartoon Network, 11 PM)

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 9.25.14: TNA Impact

By @BSA1978.

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon is here, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. Today's edition is the TNA Impact recap of last night's show. Impact took place in New York City, home of hardcore wrestling. The highlight of Impact this week was a New York City Gold Rush Series Tournament to crown a new #1 Contender to any title that the winner chooses. Let's get to the recap.

- In Ring Promo with MVP: MVP has a mic before the match even starts. MVP talks smack about not even caring who his opponent is because he'll be victorious.

- "Gold Rush Series Match": MVP vs Low Ki: MVP easily blocks a "Ki Krusher" early and then a second one later in the match. Low Ki hits a "Tidal Krush" and sends MVP to the floor. Low Ki springboards to the floor and takes out MVP. MVP blocks another "Ki Krusher" and dodges a cartwheel "Tidal Krusher". MVP hits the "Drive By" on Low Ki and scores the pinfall.

- Backstage with The Bromans: Robbie E talks about being in tonight's Gold Rush Series Tournament. Robbie E also mentions being on Amazing Race with Brooke Tessmacher.

- In Ring Promo with Robbie E: Robbie E has a mic before his match (Must be run your mouth before your match night). Robbie rips on the NYC crowd and brags about being from New Jersey and tougher then any New Yorker. He's going to prove how tough he is tonight.

- "Gold Rush Series Match": Robbie E vs Yoshihiro Tajiri: Vintage Tajiri, as he locks in the "Tarantula" on Robbie E. Robbie E gets a near pinfall with an implant DDT. Tajiri lands a kick then blows mist in Robbie's face behind the referee's back. Tajiri lands the knockout kick and scores the pinfall.

- Backstage Segment with Rockstar Spud: Spud says he and Ethan Carter III are still friends no matter what people say on the internet.

- "Gold Rush Series Match": Austin Aries vs Knux (w/The Menagerie): Aries hits a suicide dive and takes out The Freak and Crazy Steve at ringside. Knux goes for a "Sky High" but Aries counters with a frankensteiner. Aries lands the "IED" but Knux blocks the brainbuster. Aries hits a series of elbows, hits a second "IED" and hits the brainbuster for the pinfall.

- "Gold Rush Series Match": Magnus vs Mr. Anderson: Magnus jumps Anderson as he made his way to the ring. Magnus blocks the "Mic Check" and rolls to the floor, where he sets a trap for Anderson. Magnus sets Anderson up for his finisher but Anderson counters into the "Mic Check". Anderson covers Magnus for the pinfall.

- "Gold Rush Series Match": Abyss vs Samuel Shaw: Abyss plants Shaw with a choke slam. Shaw gets to the floor, grabs a steel chair and smacks it over Abyss' skull. Shaw thinking he has the advantage gets scooped up and dropped by Abyss with the "Black Hole Slam". Abyss covers Shaw and has the pinfall.

- Recapping the Gold Rush Series. MVP, Austin Aries, Yoshihiro Tajiri, Mr. Anderson and Abyss have all advanced into the Finals. The Finals are next.

- "Gold Rush Series Finals": MVP vs Austin Aries vs Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Mr. Anderson vs Abyss: We have a five man brawl as soon as the bell sounds. Tajiri hits the handspring elbow on Aries. Tajiri tries the "Tarantula" but falls to the floor. Tajiri lands the knockout kick on Aries but Aries puts a foot on the rope at two. Tajiri lands another handspring elbow on Abyss then sprays mist in Abyss' face. Tajiri locks Anderson in the "Tarantula" as Anderson gets back in the ring. Anderson hits a top rope "Finlay Roll" on Tajiri. MVP is in and hits Anderson with the "Drive By". Aries breaks up the pinfall. Aries suicide dives and takes out MVP and Abyss on the floor. Aries goes for "IED" on MVP but MVP counters with a boot. MVP goes for the "Drive By' on Aries but Aries dodges it. Aries rolls up MVP from behind and scores the pinfall to win the Gold Rush Series Tournament. Impact closes out with Aries celebrating his big win tonight.

And that does it for TNA Impact this week. Good show tonight for TNA. Next week, Impact will have the final match of the Tag Team Title Series between Team 3D, The Hardy Boys and The Wolves. If it's anything like their past three matches, it'll be a show stealer.

I'll be back for more wrestling action this week with the following:

- Saturday: Smackdown recap
- Sunday: Weekend 3 Count, News and Rumors recap for 9/22-9/28
- Tuesday: RAW recap
- Next Thursday: TNA Impact recap

Till then, tap or snap.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

TV Tonight 9.24.14

By @neveRWilliams

Royals @ Indians (STO/ESPN, 7 PM)
Giants @ Dodgers (ESPN, 10 PM)

Arizona Coyotes vs Calgary Flames (NHL Network, 7 PM)
Ottawa Senators @ Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL Network, 10 PM)

The Ultimate Fighter (FOX Sports 1, 10 PM)


The Mysteries of Laura (NBC, 8 PM)
Hell's Kitchen (FOX, 8 PM)
The Goldbergs, SEASON PREMIERE (ABC, 8:30 PM)

TNA Impact Wrestling (SPIKE, 9 PM)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, SEASON PREMIERE (NBC, 9 PM)
Modern Family, SEASON PREMIERE (ABC, 9 PM)
Red Band Society (FOX, 9 PM)
Legends (TNT, 9 PM)
black-ish, SERIES PREMIERE (ABC, 9:30 PM)
Big Brother (CBS, 9:30 PM)

South Park, SEASON PREMIERE (Comedy Central, 10 PM)
The League (FXX, 10 PM)
The Bridge (FX, 10 PM)
Franklin & Bash (TNT, 10 PM)
Key & Peele, SEASON PREMIERE (Comedy Central, 10:30 PM)
Ali G: Rezurection (FXX, 10:30 PM)

Woman Crush Wednesday: Leah Francis (@leahfrancisBOOB) #wcw

By @neveRWilliams

Woman Crush Wednesday: Danielle Fishel
Woman Crush Wednesday: Beth Behrs
Woman Crush Wednesday: Katrina Bowden
Woman Crush Wednesday: Velvet Sky
Woman Crush Wednesday: Paige
Woman Crush Wednesday: Kelli Hutcherson
Woman Crush Wednesday: Jade Bryce
Woman Crush Wednesday: Danica Thrall
Woman Crush Wednesday: AJ Lee
Woman Crush Wednesday: Sabine Jemeljanova
Woman Crush Wednesday: Sara Underwood
Woman Crush Wednesday: Rosie Jones
Woman Crush Wednesday: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Woman Crush Wednesday: Emily Ratajkowski
Hottie Thursday: Alicia Whitten
Hottie Thursday: Hannah Rogers
Hottie Thursday: Kate Upton
Hottie Thursday: Scarlett Johannson
Hottie Thursday: Emma

Around the B1G with K8, 9.24.14 #B1G

By @ClvlndK8

You know that Big Ten Conference everyone’s been mocking? They had an AMAZING weekend… 12-1!  The only loss being Michigan.  I’m not sure if they can keep this up with some of the games on the schedule for Saturday but at least we looked good this week!  We may not be getting the respect we want yet, but fans are sure excited about this season… so far three schools have set records for single-game attendance:  Rutgers, Ohio State and Nebraska!

B1G Defense is making us proud with five schools ranked nationally in the Top 20 vs the run.  Penn State sits surprisingly at the top, allowing an average below 50 yards per game. Wow!
Michigan State came in 5th with a 72 yard average, Michigan at 9th with 80 (I know, right? I was shocked that they were good at anything!), Wisconsin 14th with 91 and finally Iowa at 17th with 96.  That’s pretty darn impressive.  I guess opponents will have to look to the passing skies to score on these guys!

Michigan:  and speaking of Meat-Chicken (as I like to call them), #HokeWatch2014 has begun. With the brutal 26-10 loss to Utah, more and more fans are calling for Brady’s head.  And athletic director Dave Brandon is in the line of fire as well. Alumni like 80’s star QB Michael Taylor have not been shy about blasting university leaders for letting the program become the joke of the B1G.  Whether you are a fan or not, the reality is that the Big Ten NEEDS Michigan to be good. It makes the rivalry with tOSU that much better and makes their meeting at the end of the season that much more meaningful.

As to this year’s big match-up, Both schools AD’s have spoken up this week regarding the starting time. Apparently, some idiots want it to be a night game, played under the lights in Prime Time. Well I’ll tell you this, people will tune in to watch from all over the country whether it’s on at noon or 3:30 pm or 8:00 because it’s supposed to be a good game.  Letting fans (and I’m one of them) have six more hours to drink before kick-off is just a bad idea. Very bad. Trust me.

Nebraska: the HUGE story this week is the under-rated Cornhuskers and another potential Heisman Trophy candidate from the B1G: RB Ameer Abdullah.  My new favorite Rock-Toter had over 300 yards vs Miami, aka The U, for 5,762 career yards.  Since my favorite carriers from prior years include Carlos Hyde and Le’Veon Bell, he’s in good company.  He sitting in 10th place on the Big Ten all-time list and should easily move into 9th this week, needing a paltry 37 yards to catch Michigan’s Anthony Carter.  Look out Brandon Williams (Wisconsin), he’ll be coming for your spot on the list next!  

Now, maybe I was the only one who wasn't giving them enough credit before the season started but at 4-0 they definitely need to be taken seriously. And clearly the Student Section of HuskerNation was fired up and ready for their match-up with The U - these pics were posted in a Cornhusker chat room, www.huskerboard.com, showing the amazing “artwork” created for the game… students rocking and rolling and making sure visitors to Memorial Stadium know they are in for a fight!

B1G Tweet of the Week just happens to belong to a Husker fan and blogger, @Husker_Mike... "As Bob Stoops would say, the bottom part of the Big Ten is better than the bottom part of the SEC."

That's it for me this week. If you find any news or stories from Around the B1G that you think I might be interested in, hit me up!  In the meantime, GO BUCKEYES! 

Respectfully Submitted,

Cleveland Kate

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

TV Tonight 9.23.14

By @neveRWilliams

Royals @ Indians (STO, 7 PM)
Orioles @ Yankees (ESPN, 7 PM)
Giants @ Dodgers (ESPN, 10 PM)

Philadelphia Flyers @ Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL Network, 7:30 PM)
San Jose Sharks vs Vancouver Canucks (NHL Network, 10 PM)

Inside The NFL (Showtime, 9 PM)


The Voice (NBC, 8 PM)
Dancing With The Stars (ABC, 8 PM)
Utopia (FOX, 8 PM)

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., SEASON PREMIERE (ABC, 9 PM)
New Girl (FOX, 9 PM)
Face Off (SyFy, 9 PM)
The Mindy Project (FOX, 9 PM)

Sons of Anarchy (FX, 10 PM)
Chicago Fire, SEASON PREMIERE (NBC, 10 PM)
Forever (ABC, 10 PM)
Person Of Interest, SEASON PREMIERE (CBS, 10 PM)
4th & Loud (AMC, 10 PM)
Tosh.0 (Comedy Central, 10 PM)
Faking It, SEASON PREMIERE (MTV, 10:30 PM)