Tuesday, April 25, 2017

On The Clock, Mock Draft 3.0: Let The Chaos Begin

By Alex Hale, @ThatCLESportGuy

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It finally has arrived, it is Draft Week and the city of Philadelphia is ready to host what looks to be the most unpredictable 1st Round we’ve ever seen. From the Cleveland Browns who hold the #1 Overall pick, to the World Champion New England Patriots who don’t have any picks at the top of the draft, but have players to trade that could get them back into the early parts of the draft, we don’t know what will happen. A lot of talk has even surfaced that multiple teams within the Top 5 picks are looking to trade down now. While most won't make trades, it just goes to show how much different this year's class is compared to previous years because of the clear lack of top QB prospects in this draft. But in a plot twist this past week, there's news that potentially 2 QBs could get drafted in the Top 10. In other words there looks to be a ton of chaos that is being set up for this Thursday and the NFL Draft.

So with that all said, it’s time to unveil Mock 3.0 which is probably the one where we have the most fun with it. Most Mock Drafts are based on getting it right, understand Mock 3.0 doesn’t do that at all. Before you continue on, I acknowledge I have no idea what is going to happen and this is all based on personal opinion and some craziness thrown in here to make it fun. Also in Mock 3.0 we’ve added a 2nd Round and Player Comparisons for each 1st Round talent. For our Browns fans we added explanations for their 2nd Round picks as well. So let’s not keep everyone waiting and let’s get into the our last Mock Draft before the big day.  EDITING NOTE:  This mock was created BEFORE the Gareon Conley allegations.

1. Cleveland Browns- EDGE Myles Garrett, Texas A&M- Were you expecting anything different by now? Since August of last year, Myles Garrett was my #1 overall player on my big board and he remains to be the #1 player in this draft. The kid is just special. Not only throughout the draft process has he proven he’s an athletic freak of nature that is built to wreck havoc in the NFL, but he shows the humility and wisdom of a veteran in the league. While some are questioning his toughness for not doing certain interviews with media, I find it hard to mark the kid down on that because he’s done everything he needs to do for the teams that are interested in him. Until he does otherwise, it’s hard to question his status as the #1 player. Garrett potentially can transform the Browns defense and under the eye of Gregg Williams will make an immediate impact as Williams has shown success with EDGE rushers like Robert Quinn on the Rams. Myles Garrett reminds me a lot of former Green Bay Packers DE Julius Peppers

2. San Francisco 49ers- SS Jamal Adams, LSU- The 49ers I would think would love to trade down and acquire more picks and potentially put themselves in a position to select a QB. If they stay at #2 the question is do they take the best player on the board, or do they target the Quarterback. I would think rookie GM John Lynch would be intrigued by Jamal Adams leading their defense and would select him. Jamal Adams honestly could play FS or SS, it really doesn’t matter, that’s how talented he is and at his recent Pro Day wowed scouted with a sub 4.4 40 time. That showed his has the elite speed that teams didn’t think he had in him. He’s physical as a tackler and has the ability to be a defensive general with a high Football IQ. To go with that, he can cover athletic TEs, which is becoming a bigger phenomenon when it comes to finding a safety. Adams can come in and become a leader of the defense that needs one desperately and make an impact right away. Jamal Adams reminds me of New York Giants S Landon Collins.

3. Chicago Bears- DE Solomon Thomas, Stanford- It’s quite amazing what the entire draft process can do for a player, in December, Solomon Thomas was considered a mid-late 1st Round pick until his bowl game performance rattling North Carolina QB Mitch Trubisky. Since that day, Solomon Thomas hasn’t looked back impressing everyone with his talents as a player and even standing out show more athletic ability than people first thought. His passion and love for the game also stands out and that’s what makes me think that John Fox would much prefer Thomas over Jonathan Allen. Thomas is more of a pass rushing DE that probably can play in whatever system they put him in. His work ethic and motor will at the very least make his a solid contributor for years to come, but I think he can become something special under the right coaching. Solomon Thomas reminds me of Dolphins DE Cameron Wake.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars- RB Leonard Fournette, LSU- The Jaguars have lacked a real RB since the departure of Maurice Jones-Drew and finally the Jaguars seemingly have ended that search by adding one of the most talented RBs I’ve ever seen. In terms of speed, power, and size Leonard Fournette is one of a kind. Fournette is going to need a good O-Line to run behind because his vision to get out of the backfield leaves a lot to be desired. In the open field in contrast, his vision is outstanding and it allows him to pick up a lot of extra yards. As a receiver he is at least serviceable, but that can be developed. Fournette would give Blake Bortles an option to hand the ball off to 15-20 times a game that will relieve the pressure of throwing the ball. One should expect Tom Coughlin to build a team around Blake Bortles to give him no more excuses going forward. Leonard Fournette reminds me of former Oakland Raiders RB Bo Jackson.

5. Tennessee Titans- CB Marshon Lattimore, Ohio State- For the Titans, you got to be happy if this is the way the draft plays out. I can definitely see Lattimore going as high as #2 overall if San Francisco doesn’t trade out, but here the Titans find their young shutdown corner. While Marshon Lattimore didn’t have a lot of experience at Ohio State, but his measurable for a corner and the game film we do have makes one believe he has all the talents of becoming the next shutdown corner. For myself, I find it hard to find much weakness in Lattimore. He has the size, ability, technique and speed all in one, which is rare to find and to find it in this DB class really says something. For the Titans who desperately need a shutdown corner, they better hope Lattimore makes it here. Marshon Lattimore reminds me of Arizona Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson.

6. Cleveland Browns (from New York Jets)- TRADE: Cleveland acquires #6 overall from New York in exchange for #12 overall, a 4th Round pick (#108), and 2 2nd Round picks in 2018- QB Mitchell Trubisky, North Carolina- According to the Trade Value Chart, the Browns would have to equal the value of the #6 pick which is 1,600. Not only does what the Browns offer match that, but is around 2,200 in terms of value. The Jets are clearly tanking and acquiring 2 2nd Round picks in 2018 would only help their rebuild and plan towards getting their Franchise QB in 2018. Here the Browns do not give up any of their picks in the Top 65 and start to build the Browns up to be a contender in the near future. In terms of who the Browns may like it’s really down to Trubisky and Mahomes. The Browns would probably prefer Trubisky because he’s more Pro Ready. For Trubisky this would be a childhood dream come true, but also a major challenge. The pressure to be the answer as the Browns savior at QB is unlike anything he’s ever faced. Although being the QB at Mentor High School is no small challenge knowing that program. He has all the talent to succeed at the NFL level, but the Browns will have to be patient and have to fix some minor mechanics problems he has with his lower body throwing the ball. Trubisky shows the accuracy and poise you want in your Quarterback, but has the ability from time to time whip the ball into a tight window. As long as he fixes his lower body mechanics, the sky is the limit for the kid. Mitch Trubisky reminds me of Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill.

7. Los Angeles Chargers- FS Malik Hooker, Ohio State- The Chargers would love for this to happen and that’s why I think all this Malik Hooker talk of him sliding is a play by the Chargers to get him. Should there be red flags for future injuries? Sure, but anyone can get injured the most important thing for the Chargers here is to take the best player available and hopefully fill a need in the process. This does both for them which is why this pick hasn’t changed at all. The Chargers saw the power of taking a highly talented Buckeye in Joey Bosa. Now they can get Hooker to replace the hole left by Eric Weddle. Now because of his injury nobody really could get the measurements in terms of athletic ability that we wanted, but the film speaks for itself. He’s the most talented FS I’ve seen in years who has the ability to read routes and the uncanny ability to jump routes and intercept the pass and take it to the house. This shouldn’t be a tough decision for the Chargers, take Malik Hooker if he’s here. Malik Hooker reminds me a lot of former Ravens FS Ed Reed

8. Carolina Panthers- RB Christian McCaffery, Stanford- Now this NFL Draft is getting interesting. The Panthers have been rumored to drafting a RB and it actually makes sense that they would look towards RB. So the question would be either Dalvin Cook or Christian McCaffery. I think because of the character concerns with Dalvin Cook, the Panthers will instead go to McCaffery. McCaffery has the potential to be a 3 down back, but the major concern is he needs to build up bulk to take the beating he’s going to take in the NFL. What McCaffery has going for him is he’s great as a receiving back and is extremely shifty as a runner. It’s fun to watch him run down field and juke at the very last moment and send the tackler sliding away from him as he picks up extra yards. If he can add some power to his running style, he can be a very productive back in the NFL. Christian McCaffery reminds me of Houston Texans RB Lamar Miller.

9. Cincinnati Bengals- OT Garrett Bolles, Utah- It’s official, all hell has broken loose in the NFL Draft. The Browns moved up to take Trubisky, the Panthers then selected Christian McCaffery at #8 and now the Bengals select a 25 year old rookie OT. Honestly I think if it wasn’t for his age, Bolles probably is a clear cut Top 15 pick. His athletic ability for an O-Lineman is off the charts and might be one of the most athletic O-Lineman I’ve ever seen. There are 2 concerns with his, one of which is his size, as Bolles is right around 300 lbs. and will need to add some bulk up to survive the linemen he will face going forward. The other concern is he tends to get lazy as a blocker. In a system like Cincinnati with Marvin Lewis he’s going to get the coaching necessary to become more disciplined. Bolles could easily fill the void left by Andrew Whitworth’s departure. Garrett Bolles reminds me of Philadelphia Eagles OT Lane Johnson.

10. Buffalo Bills- WR Mike Williams, Clemson- The Bills come into this draft knowing who their QB is and they need to make sure they can find Tyrod Taylor another receiving option opposite Sammy Watkins, who has shown a lot of potential, but can’t stay healthy. So the Bills look towards the same school for help. Mike Williams is sort of the anti-Sammy Watkins, he doesn’t have the nearly the same explosiveness, but he has more size. To go with that Williams has that uncanny ability to make circus catches and that will be something that can come in handy. As much buzz as there is for the Bills to take a QB here, it would be extremely foolish with Taylor in place and Cardale Jones behind him. Jones has as much upside as anyone in this draft and it would be dumb to now have wasted a draft pick on him. The Bills must address more pressing needs going forward and right now it’s finding a guy to pair with Watkins, that guy is Williams. Mike Williams reminds me of Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin.

11. New Orleans Saints- CB Gareon Conley, Ohio State- New Orleans desperately need a young CB to anchor their secondary and they luck out big time. It wouldn’t surprise me if the first 2 CBs off the board are Buckeyes. Lattimore is a bit more polished with upside, Conley on the other hand has a ton of upside, potentially more than Lattimore. Conley is great in press coverage, but at times can use his hands a bit too much, which could be a headache for his Defensive Coordinator. He has very good athletic ability to go with his length and has very good timing on the ball. Needs to get better playing off his man and will need to diagnose routes faster. Without question if the Saints can get him, Conley will be the top CB in their secondary. Gareon Conley reminds me of New York Giants CB Eli Apple.

12. New York Jets (from Cleveland)- LB Haason Reddick, Temple- The Jets after trading down now sit in a predicament. They could easily draft Jonathan Allen and maybe set the wheels in motion to trade Sheldon Richardson, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. They could look to Corey Davis or OJ Howard, but in terms of the most talented player with upside, that would be Reddick. Reddick could go high as #4 overall to Jacksonville, but the Jets get somewhat of a value pick here. Reddick would give the Jets an extremely athletic LB that can be a defensive playmaker for years to come. The best thing about Reddick is he’s scheme versatile and can make an impact no matter where he plays. He has the speed to stay with TEs if needed and has good pass rushing ability. The Jets can continue to develop the rest of their team this year and focus on 2018 to getting their Franchise QB. Haason Reddick reminds me of Pittsburgh Steelers LB Ryan Shazier.

13. Arizona Cardinals- QB Patrick Mahomes II, Texas Tech- The Cardinals need to find Carson Palmer’s successor and they luck out on getting the perfect fit for them. Mahomes would give the Cardinals a bit of a project that needs a year to learn, but the upside is sky high. When you look at Mahomes you might think of arm strength, but if you study his film, you realize he can make all the throws necessary and make plays that only a handful of QBs in the league can make. His footwork is a mess, but Bruce Arians for years has been one of the best coaches with QBs and Carson Palmer will teach Mahomes a lot. For Mahomes, this is a match made in heaven. He can sit, learn and develop and when he’s ready to the job he’ll be set to break out. Pat Mahomes reminds me of Johnny Manziel (with the work ethic and passion for football).

14. Tennessee Titans (from Philadelphia)- TRADE: Tennessee acquires the #14 overall pick from Philadelphia in exchange for the #18 overall pick, 2017 5th Round pick, 2018 2nd Round pick, and 2018 6th Round pick- WR Corey Davis, Western Michigan- The Titans move up 4 spots in order to fill the other big need they have on their team at WR. This would be a dream come true for the Titans to walk out with both CB Marshon Lattimore and WR Corey Davis. Davis would provide the Titans with a physical WR who was extremely productive in college who I believe is far more explosive than most think he is with the ball in the open field. Adding Davis would allow the Titans to pair their talented running game with a true #1 WR and a dynamic TE in Delanie Walker for Marcus Mariota to work with. It wouldn’t stun me if the Titans becomes the 2017 version of the Raiders in 2016. Corey Davis reminds me of Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon.

15. New York Giants (from Indianapolis)- TE OJ Howard, Alabama- TRADE: New York acquires #15 overall from Indianapolis in exchange for the #23 overall pick, #55 overall pick and a 2018 4th Round pick- Somewhere Eli Manning will be smiling as the Giants get an athletic freak at TE with the size and speed combination that are unmatched by anyone in this class. OJ Howard didn’t show off a whole lot at Alabama, but he found a way to make a major impact whenever Alabama called on him. That small sample of what we got at Alabama could be a fraction of what he’s capable of doing in the NFL. And to think Eli Manning is going to have Odell Beckham Jr. and OJ Howard as his top two targets, that just scares the heck out of defensive coordinators. OJ Howard reminds me of Seattle Seahawks TE Jimmy Graham.

16. Baltimore Ravens- DE Jonathan Allen, Alabama- This is vintage Ozzie Newsome right here. He sits back and is able to get a player that was once considered as one of the best players in the draft and in consideration at #1 overall. Jonathan Allen is so intriguing as a prospect because of the fact he played everywhere on the D-Line at Alabama and dominated. Throughout the draft process he’s been labeled as a potential injury risk. He has the size/speed combination that makes him scheme versatile that allowed him to play all over the line at Alabama. He’s best at using his strength to overpower lineman to get into the backfield. The Ravens would be a great fit for him as the Ravens will develop him and allow him to grow into what he’s capable of focusing on exploiting his strengths. Jonathan Allen reminds me of Philadelphia Eagles DE Fletcher Cox.

17. Washington Redskins- OG Forrest Lamp, Western Kentucky- Washington is at a crossroads heading into 2017. There is uncertainty of Kirk Cousins future with the team, but for now they must continue to build around him. At this point, Washington needs to help fortify their O-Line in order to protect Cousins. Forrest Lamp is the best O-Line prospect in this year’s draft without question. The thing with Lamp is he’s a Guard and nobody really takes a Guard in the Top 10 picks. He’s very technically sound as a Lineman and has athleticism that allows him to move around and stay with his defender. He rarely got beat, but that could be a matter of playing at a weaker school. The only concerns are height and arm length that leave a bit to be desired. Other than that, Lamp is a safe pick that will help anchor a line for the next decade. Forrest Lamp reminds me of Dallas Cowboys OG Zack Martin.

18. Philadelphia Eagles (from Tennessee)- RB Dalvin Cook, Florida State- A lot of rumors have pointed towards the Eagles towards a RB and specifically towards Christian McCaffery, but he’s not here. After trading down and acquiring more picks the Eagles can now take my #1 RB available in this draft in Dalvin Cook. With the character question marks aside, in terms of his overall talent, Dalvin Cook is the most talented and most pro ready RB in this class. He has the explosion and vision out of the backfield that you want in a RB who can potentially break off the big run. On top of that he has the power to bowl over defenders, plus he’s a good receiver. At this point, one has to question are evaluators overthinking it when it comes to Cook. You look for a RB who has the vision to find the hole, has the explosive home run speed, and the receiving ability out of the backfield. For the Eagles, this gives them an every down back to pair with Carson Wentz as he continues to develop as their Franchise QB. Dalvin Cook reminds me of New York Jets RB Matt Forte.

19. Tampa Bay Buccanneers- SS Obi Melinfonwu, Connecticut- The Bucs come into the 2017 year building up what looks like a promising and talented Offense. With this first pick, the Bucs should look more towards the Defense. Enter the most intriguing prospect with one of the best names in the draft in Obi Melinfonwu. Melinfonwu is a freak of nature for a Safety standing at 6’4’’, 225 lbs. who tore up the combine showing off his freakish athleticism. His game film on the other hand shows a Safety who needs some work. He struggles with some coverage and his routes to make a tackle are inconsistent. Although those are concerns early on, these can be worked on. His freakish athletic ability is going to entice someone to reach on him early on. Obi Melinfonwu reminds me of Seattle Seahawks S Kam Chancellor.

20. Denver Broncos- OT Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin- Unless the Broncos can trade out of this pick, I find it hard to believe that the Broncos might look anywhere else but O-Line. One would expect the Broncos after years of having trouble building a young talented O-Line, it’s time the Broncos start investing in one to protect whoever their future QB is going forward whether its Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch. He may only have started for one year at Wisconsin, but he made the most of it going against some of the best pass rushers in the nation from the Big 10 and he held his ground. There’s a lot of upside with Ramczyk because of his lack of experience and shows a great balance of strength/fundamentals to go with his athletic ability. Ramczyk can easily play at LT from his arrival in Denver and it wouldn’t stun me if he was there for the next decade. Ryan Ramczyk reminds me of San Francisco 49ers OT Joe Staley.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Detroit)- TRADE: Jacksonville acquires the #21 overall pick in exchange for the #35 overall pick, 2017 4th Round pick, and 2018 2nd Round pick- TE David Njoku, Miami (FL)- The Jaguars in an extremely bold move pay up in order to get another explosive target for QB Blake Bortles. The Julius Thomas experience didn’t work out and was traded to the Dolphins. At this point the Jaguars if they were looking to upgrade at TE, they might have to move up to get one. David Njoku might be the most explosive playmaking TE in this year’s class with his outstanding receiving ability to go with the size to become an immediate impact playing. This would give Blake Bortles a group of Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, David Njoku, and Leonard Fournette. No more excuses for Bortles. David Njoku reminds me of Eric Ebron.

22. Miami Dolphins- DE Taco Charlton, Michigan- The Miami Dolphins have focused on building up their defense this offseason after surprising a lot of football fans by making the playoffs in the first year of the Adam Gase era. I would suspect that the Dolphins are going to target on the defensive side of the ball in the first round. Taco Charlton is potentially one of the most talented D-Lineman in this year’s class. He has the size/speed combination and pure pass rushing skills that you look for in a DE. If it wasn’t for concerns over his consistency during his years at Michigan, he probably is a Top 10 talent in the draft. For the Dolphins adding Charlton would bolster their line immediately and give them a successor to Cameron Wake. Fortunately for Charlton there won’t be too much pressure to contribute early and he’ll have other great talents like Ndamukong Suh and Cameron Wake to help him out. Taco Charlton reminds me of Jets DE Muhammed Wilkerson.

23. Indianapolis Colts (from New York Giants)- DE Derek Barnett, Tennessee- The Colts trade down and still get a high quality pass rusher to help fortify their defense. The Colts have really whiffed on some past draft picks on pass rushers, but get probably the most polished DE in this year’s draft. As we’ve come to know by now Derek Barnett isn’t going to be a freak of nature, but he’s a smart technical pass rusher who has the uncanny ability of getting into the backfield and wreck havoc. The Colts added multiple players including DT Jonathan Hankins and DE Jabaal Sheard to help the Colts defensively. Adding Barnett would give them a guy they can rely on from the first day to be a guy who can get to the QB. Derek Barnett reminds me a lot of Colts DE Jabaal Sheard.

24. Oakland Raiders- CB Kevin King, Washington- This would be a classic Raiders pick, but in ways it’s an understandable pick. The Raiders could use some length in the secondary, specifically at CB. Kevin King is interesting because he’s a 6’3’’ CB who tore up the combine. King was the top performer in the 3 Cone Drill, 20 yard shuttle, and 60 yard shuffle…not to mention he was 2nd in the vertical jump at the Combine. King has some tackling issues and could stand to add some upper body strength. King probably has the most upside, but he needs to work on his technique in coverage, especially when it comes to shifty WRs. It wouldn’t surprise me if King eventually moves to Safety. But if they can develop King, his size and athleticism could make him special. Kevin King reminds me of former Seattle Seahawks CB Brandon Browner.

25. Houston Texans- QB Deshaun Watson, Clemson- If you’re a Texans fan, this is the pick you’re hoping for and quite honestly, there’s a strong possibility this could happen. For the Texans they get a strong leader who can step in right away and start at QB. Right now the Texans starting QB is Tom Savage and that’s not the most ideal situation for them. Although Watson has his inconsistencies with his accuracy that needs to be worked on, plus his arm strength isn’t the greatest, the one thing you can count on with Deshaun Watson to be a commanding presence in the huddle that will hold his teammates accountable. I think that was something that was missing in Houston’s Offense last year. With Watson’s background at Clemson and his personality, his teammates will gravitate towards him. One thing is for sure with Watson, if he flops, it won’t be for a lack of trying. Deshaun Watson reminds me of Chiefs QB Alex Smith.

26. Seattle Seahawks- OT Cam Robinson, Alabama- The Seahawks haven’t been able to build up their O-Line in recent years and it’s starting to show. If the Seahawks are going to get back to the Super Bowl they need to build up their line to help bolster their running game that clearly wasn’t the same after Marshawn Lynch. Cam Robinson has the size and strength you want from an LT. A former 5 star recruit who thrived at Alabama as the anchor to their O-Line. Robinson has okay athletic ability, but not great and his balance as a blocker could use some work. At the very least I can see Cam Robinson finding a home at RT. Cam Robinson reminds me of Cincinnati Bengals OT Andre Smith.

27. San Francisco 49ers (from Kansas City)- TRADE: San Francisco acquires #27 overall in exchange for a 2nd Round pick (#34 overall), 4th Round pick (#109 overall), and a 2018 3rd Round pick- QB Deshone Kizer, Notre Dame- San Francisco needs to find a Quarterback for the future and move up to make sure they walk out with Kizer here. After failing to get Deshaun Watson, I would expect the Chiefs to potentially trade down and maybe select a backup option for QB. There’s been a lot of smoke towards the 49ers and Deshone Kizer since the combine when John Lynch admitted they liked him a lot. With recent rumors of them wanting Trubisky at #2, I find that as a smokescreen to their real plans. Kizer has the size you want for in your Quarterback, plus he’s got a big time arm. Add to that he showed good mobility during his time at Notre Dame makes him a very intriguing prospect. What should concern people is his inconsistency as a passer. His accuracy can be extremely erratic and his sometimes tends to panic in the pocket and opts to scramble instead of letting the play develop. He’s going to need time and fortunately the 49ers have Brian Hoyer who can serve as a bridge for the future. If the 49ers can walk out with Jamal Adams and their future at QB like Kizer, I would be happy if I was a 49ers fan. Deshone Kizer reminds me of former San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick.

28. Dallas Cowboys- CB Chidobe Awuzie, Colorado- The Cowboys had an unbelievable season last year and look to be a Super Bowl contender for the next few years. The key for them is going to develop a strong secondary and that would lead them to getting the fast rising Awuzie. Awuzie has been on my radar since the beginning of last year and throughout the process has built up his stock from at one point a 4th Round pick to a 1st Round pick. He showed at the combine he has the athletic ability to go with his strong film. He’s fluid with his hips that allows him to change direction easily and he’s got experience on the outside and the slot. He needs to improve in run support, but the Cowboys Defense will most likely be good enough to hide that. I would focus on developing his tackling because he could definitely improve there. Chidobe Awuzie reminds me of Green Bay Pakcers CB Davon House.

29. Green Bay Packers- CB Marlon Humphrey, Alabama- For the Packers, who desperately need to improve their secondary would love for this to happen. Humphrey coming from Alabama could go much higher than here, but he slips here in this Mock. What I like about Humphrey is the fact he has the ideal size, but he’s very fluid with his hips that will help him change direction. I really like his aggressiveness and ability as a tackler that really will go a long way for him. The big question is his footwork which is sloppy. Fortunately he’s got the fluid hips thing going for him so fix the footwork and he could be a stud CB. Marlon Humprey reminds me of Houston Texans CB Kareem Jackson.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers- LB Reuben Foster, Alabama- Your annual winner of the Idiot Test is in and it is Alabama’s Reuben Foster who failed his drug test at the combine which I’m expecting will send his draft stock into a free fall. I wouldn’t expect him to make it into Round 2 as the Steelers normally take a player who is ranked in the Top 10 on most boards and take the chance with their late 1st round pick. Don’t believe me? Jarvis Jones, David DeCastro and Bud Dupree were top tier prospects who slipped who the Steelers grabbed. Foster would fill an immediate need which is the role left by Lawrence Timmons. Foster would immediately be paired next to Ryan Shazier and will take some of the pressure off of him because of how well rounded of a prospect Foster is. He’s great in getting pressure which fits the Steelers D, but he also is very good against the run. The Steelers D will be extremely tough to get points against with the duo of Shazier and Foster. Are there question marks here with Foster? Yes. Does he need a great staff to surround him with the support he will need? Yes. Do the Steelers offer that? Yes. This is a no brainer if I’m the Steelers, it’s worth the risk. Reuben Foster reminds me of former San Francisco 49ers LB Patrick Willis.

31. Atlanta Falcons- LB Jarrad Davis, Florida- The Falcons came so close to a Super Bowl victory, but unfortunately things unravelled for them in the 2nd Half. That was in large part because of the Patriots effectiveness of their short passing game to their RBs and TEs. With this pick I would expect the Falcons to add pieces to improve that for 2017. Jarrad Davis is an extremely intriguing prospect as he’s athletically gifted, but he’s highly praised for his character as a leader. He’s had a couple of injuries that has created some red flags, but as a player he’s one of the Top 20 talents in the draft. His athletic ability will allow him to keep up with TEs and his motor will allow him to run from sideline to sideline if he needs to bring down the RB. For the Falcons this is a great fit to help to continue to build this defense up so they can make another run towards their first Super Bowl Championship.

32. New Orleans Saints (from New England)- DE/OLB Takkarist McKinley, UCLA- After trading Brandin Cooks to New England, the Saints now hold the last pick in the first round. The Saints after getting Gareon Conley fall into their laps at 11 could go in 2 directions. Either they get a pass rusher or they draft their QB of the future in Deshone Kizer, but they hold a high 2nd Round pick and whether they go Kizer or not, they can get a QB there. At this point Takkarist McKinley is a great value pick and for the Saints would really boost their pass rush. McKinley has one of the best motors in the draft, he just doesn’t stop as a defender and is always working. To go with his motor he’s extremely explosive off the snap with a wicked first step to get by his blocker. It wouldn’t shock myself if McKinley goes sooner than this. For the Saints they walk out of Day One with a potential shutdown CB in Gareon Conley and an explosive hard working pass rusher in Takkarist McKinley. The Saints Defense is slowly starting to turn from a weakness into a strength. Takkarist McKinley reminds me of Kansas City Chiefs LB Tambi Hali.

2nd Round

33. Cleveland Browns- FS Budda Baker, Washington- The Browns need a center fielding FS and that’s exactly what Budda Baker is. On top of that the Browns can rely on his to help in the running game and blitz if asked. Browns needed Safety help and they immediately address that in Day 2.

34. Kansas City Chiefs (from San Francisco)- QB Davis Webb, California
35. Detroit Lions (from Jacksonville)- DE Charles Harris, Missouri
36. Chicago Bears- WR John Ross, Washington
37. LA Rams- OT Antonio Garcia, Troy
38. LA Chargers- OG Dion Dawkins, Temple
39. NY Jets- TE Evan Engram, Ole Miss
40. Carolina Panthers- OT Taylor Moton, Western Michigan
41. Cincinnati Bengals- LB Raekwon McMillan, Ohio State
42. New Orleans Saints- QB Joshua Dobbs, Tennessee
43. Philadelphia Eagles- SS Marcus Maye, Florida
44. Buffalo Bills- FS Marcus Williams, Utah
45. Arizona Cardinals- CB Fabrien Moreau, UCLA
46. Indianapolis Colts- RB Alvin Kamara, Tennessee
47. Baltimore Ravens- CB Teez Tabor, Florida
48. Minnesota Vikings- DE Carl Lawson, Auburn
49. Washington Redskins- S Eddie Jackson, Alabama
50. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- DT Malik McDowell, Michigan State
51. Denver Broncos- OLB TJ Watt, Wisconsin

52. Cleveland Browns (from Tennessee)- CB Adoree Jackson, USC- The Browns add an outstanding athletic corner in Jackson who potentially can be a playmaking CB in the NFL. If Haden can rebound and Jackson can live up to his talents, the Browns secondary will immediately produce results.

53. Detroit Lions- RB D’Onta Foreman, Texas
54. Miami Dolphins- TE Gerald Everett, South Alabama
55. Indianapolis Colts- CB Jourdan Lewis, Michigan
56. Oakland Raiders- DE DeMarcus Walker, Florida St.
57. Houston Texans- OG Ethan Pocic, LSU
58. Seattle Seahawks- EDGE Tim Williams, Alabama
59. Kansas City Chiefs- CB Tre’Davious, White LSU
60. Dallas Cowboys- DE/OLB Tyus Bowser, Houston
61. Green Bay Packers- RB Kareem Hunt, Toledo
62. Pittsburgh Steelers- S Jabrill Peppers, Michigan
63. Atlanta Falcons- FS Desmond King, Iowa
64. Carolina Panthers- LB Ryan Anderson, Alabama

BONUS: Ideal Browns Draft

65. WR Zay Jones, Eastern Washington
145. DE Derek Rivers, Youngstown St.
175. RB Joe Mixon, Oklahoma
185. CB Jeremy Clark, Michigan
188. WR Krishawn Hogan, Marist

This week is going to be full of crazy twists and turns with plenty of wild rumors that most likely won’t be true. Here’s a simple rule of Draft week…if it’s rumored before the last 12 hours before the Draft starts, more than likely it means the exact opposite. For a lot of fans this week is going to one of relief that the madness is over. For people like myself, we enjoy the roller coaster that is the draft process no matter how crazy it is.

Be sure to join TripleThreat CLE at the NoStaticRadio.com Draft Party at Tony K’s at 841 W. Bagley Road in Berea, OH April 27th starting at 5pm and we go until the end of the 1st Round!

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