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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 10.30.14: #TNA Impact Results

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's the TNA Impact recap from last night's show. Impact took place from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Some highlights of last night's show consisted of the semi-finals of the Tag Team Tournament to crown new #1 Contenders to The Wolves' TNA World Tag Team Championship. Main event time saw Bobby Lashley defending the TNA World Title against Bobby Roode. Let's get to the recap.

- "Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals Match": Samoa Joe and Low Ki vs. MVP and Kenny King: Joe with submission wrestling on MVP early in the match. Joe and Ki double team King until King rolls to the floor to talk with MVP. Ki dives over the ropes and takes out MVP and King. Ki gets beat down but bounces back with the "Tidal Krush". Ki makes the hot tag to Joe and Joe ends up locking King in the "Coquina Clutch", but MVP breaks it up. King hits a leaping kick to Joe and covers but Ki breaks it up with the double stomp. Ki lands a "Tidal Crush" on MVP then hits a drop kick on King. Joe relocks the "Coquina Clutch" on King and forces King to tap out.

- Backstage, Devon is on his phone and it appears he has some help in his feud with Bram.

- Inside the ring, Bram says he's going to destroy the brotherhood of hardcore. Bram calls out Magnus. Magnus talks about his past, fighting side by side with Bram and opening the door for British wrestlers to compete. Devon interrupts and introduces his backup......."The Innovator of Violence", Tommy Dreamer. All four men brawl all over ringside and in the aisle. Devon grabs a chair forcing Bram and Magnus to retreat.

- Backstage, Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell confront each other. Rayne understands why Terrell won't talk to her. Terrell tells Rayne to just concentrate on their tag match with The Beautiful People, later.

- Backstage, "Stone Cold" Shark Boy, is eating hot dogs and taking pictures. Shark Boy says "shell yeah" when asked if he can be the man eater he used to be. No one believes he can, however.

- Angelina Love and Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell: Terrell with a rolling neckbreaker on Love, early, for a near fall. Love rolls to the floor but gets rolled back in by Rayne. Terrell goes for a tag but Rayne ignores her. Tarrell continues taking on Love and Sky then goes for another tag. Rayne jumps off the apron and walks off. Terrell begins fighting off Love and Sky after they controlled a good portion of the match. Rayne, returns, and gets in the ring. Rayne lays out Love and Sky then delivers a neckbreaker to Tarrell. Confusion sets in as Love and Sky cover Tarrell for the pinfall. Rayne smiles as she leaves ringside.

- Backstage, Kurt Angle, serving as the special guest referee in the TNA World Title Match later states that if MVP and Kenny King get involved, things will get damn real.

- "Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals Match": Ethan Carter III and Tyrus vs. The Hardy Boys: The Hardy's double team with "Poetry in Motion" and the "Side Effect" for a near fall. Tyrus and ECIII go on the offense with hot tags back and forth, working on Matt. ECIII hits a necksnap on Matt for a near fall. ECIII goes for a splash in the corner but Matt hits a clothesline and hot tags Jeff. "Whisper in the Wind" by Jeff for a near fall. Jeff hits a "Twist of Fate" but ECIII falls into Tyrus, who tags in and runs over both Matt and Jeff with clotheslines. Tyrus goes to the second rope for a "Vader Bomb", but misses. "Twist of Fate" from Matt and the "Swanton Bomb" by Jeff gives the Hardy's the pinfall on Tyrus. After the match, ECIII is pissed, as he yells at Tyrus.

- Backstage, James Storm, Manik and Sanada claim that tonight the revolution will get bigger.

- Inside the ring, James Storm says he brings new meaning to peoples lives, mentions the good he's done for Sanada and Manik and then calls out Davey Richards. Storm asks Richards if he's thought about the offer of joining Revolution. Eddie Edwards comes out and pulls Richards aside to make sure he's not really thinking of doing it. Edwards tells Storm that Richards would not throw away everything The Wolves have accomplished for Revolution. Richards tells Edwards he can talk for himself and it appears there is a missunderstanding between Edwards and Richards. Storm interrupts and says this is Richards awakening. Edwards calls a referee out and wants Storm in an impromptu match, now.

- Eddie Edwards vs. James Storm: Edwards running knee on Storm for a near fall. Edwards rolls to the floor and backs Manik off who is trying to recruit Richards. Storm lands forearms and kicks on Edwards as Manik and Sanada again try to recruit Richards. Edwards with the backpack driver on Storm for a near fall. Storm hits a hanging DDT on Edwards for a near fall. Storm swings at Edwards with the microphone but misses, allowing Edwards to roll Storm up for a near fall. Storm gets thrown to the floor by Edwards. Edwards hits a moonsault on Storm, then baseball slides Manik. Edwards and Richards begin to argue with each other. Storm hits "Last Call" on Edwards for the pinfall. After the match, Storm nods at Richards as the Revolution leave.

- "TNA World Title Match": Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Bobby Roode, "Special Guest Referee" - Kurt Angle: Lashley uses his power and mat wrestling skills on Roode early. Roode returns and puts Lashley on the mat and tells Lashley to "come on". Lashley again over powers Roode with a suplex and some punches. Roode ducks a clothesline and catches Lashley in the "Crippler Crossface". Lashley gets to the ropes to break the submission. Lashley and Roode brawl on the floor where Roode tosses Lashley into the barricade. Roode hits a "Blockbuster" and a spinebuster for two near falls. Lashley lands a spine buster on Roode for a near fall. Lashley goes for a clothesline, Roode ducks and Angle takes the hit. Lashley spears Roode but only gets a near fall as Angle took a minute to recoup before seeing the pinfall attempt. Lashley goes for another spear, Roode dodges and Angle again takes the hit. Lashley and Roode go to the floor. Lashley goes for a spear, Roode dodges and a TNA Security Guy gets hit instead.
Roode delivers the "Roode Bomb" on Lashley on the entrance ramp. Referee Brian Hebner, runs to the ring and takes over for Angle, who is still unconscious. Lashley low blows Roode and grabs his title. Hebner tells Lashley to drop it, but Lashley clotheslines Hebner unconscious instead. Lashley nails Roode with the title then yells at Angle to wake up and count. Angle comes to and slowly counts with Roode kicking out at two and a half. Lashley blocks a "Roode Bomb" and drops Roode neck first across the top rope. Lashley climbs the ropes but Roode meets him up top and sets Lashley up for the "Roode Bomb". Lashley escapes and sunset flips Roode. Roode, blocks and drops down on top of Lashley with a cradle, scoring the pinfall. Bobby Roode is the NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Impact closes out with Roode celebrating, as his second reign as TNA World Champion begins.

And that's a wrap my friends. Till next time, tap or snap.

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