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Weekend 3 Count 11.6.16 #WWE #NXT #TNA #LuchaUnderground #ROH #Charlotte

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE brings you the Weekend 3 Count. W3C brings you wrestling news, rumors and recaps from around the wrestling world. You'll find news and recaps involving WWE, NXT, TNA, ROH, Lucha Underground, GFW, NJPW, House of Hardcore and any Indy promotion that I find an interesting story or a cool discovery in. Be sure to check out the W3C every Sunday at @TripleThreatCLE. 

*** WWE *** 

- New Champions Crowned At WWE Hell In A Cell: If you missed WWE Hell In A Cell last Sunday, two new champions were crowned. Brian Kendrick defeated TJ Perkins to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and Charlotte defeated Sasha Banks inside the Hell In A Cell to win the WWE RAW Women's Championship. Be sure to check out how it happened and be sure to check out the rest of the WWE Hell In A Cell pay per view in my WWE Hell In A Cell Recap.

- Original Plans For Sasha and Charlotte: A day after WWE Hell In A Cell, sources stated that the ending we got to the Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte match at WWE Hell In A Cell was not the original ending planned. The match was actually supposed to be more brutal than what we saw and Sasha was originally supposed to defeat Charlotte and retain the championship. Sources have said that an hour before the pay per view started, Vince McMahon changed the ending and decided to build towards a Charlotte vs. Bayley feud sooner rather than later.

- Ronda Rousey Rumors: Ronda Rousey was recently on The Ellen Show and made it known that her up coming fight at UFC 207 against Amanda Nunes will be one of the last times that she steps into the octagon. This has started up the WWE rumors again of a possible WWE run for Rousey. Rousey has been on WWE's radar for quite sometime and Rousey has always shown interest in competing in the WWE. WWE was reportedly interested in having Rousey compete at Wrestlemania 33 next year, prior to the news breaking about the end of her UFC career.

- Trademarking Their Money Makers: According to Wrestling Inc., WWE recently applied for a new crop of wrestling name trademarks. The list of wrestlers that will likely soon be under WWE copyright are: Bobby Roode, Carmella, Cedric Alexander, Drew Gulak, Noam Dar, Tony Nese, TJ Perkins and Rich Swann. WWE is expecting to make merchandise available for all of the above once the trademarking is finalized.

- Brock Lesnar Competing At A Live Event: WWE announced that Brock Lesnar has been added to the card for the December 3rd WWE live event from Mexico City. WWE announced on Wednesday that Lesnar will be facing off with Rusev and Lesnar will be joined by Paul Heyman.

- The Undertaker Appearing On Smackdown Live: The Undertaker has been announced for the final Smackdown Live episode before Survivor Series, which takes place on November 15th, live from Wilkes-Barre, PA. Some are saying it's a one time only appearance to celebrate Smackdown's 900th episode. There has also been speculation that he'll begin his Wrestlemania 33 angle.

- New Cruiserweight Show: WWE announced that they will be premiering a new show on WWE Network called 205 Live. The show will showcase the WWE’s new Cruiserweight division and will premiere Tuesday, Nov. 29, at 10pm ET. The live weekly show will be called by Mauro Ranallo, the voice of Smackdown Live, and Corey Graves, color commentator for RAW. 205 Live will feature Superstars that are 205 pounds and under, including: new WWE Cruiserweight Champion Brian Kendrick, as well as TJ Perkins, Rich Swann, Noam Dar, HoHo Lun, Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado, Gran Metallik, Tozawa, Jack Gallagher and Gurv Sihra.

- Yearly Tournaments Announced: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has confirmed that WWE officials are planning a women's tournament, which will be similar to the Cruiserweight Classic. The tournament is likely to be taped in either January or March with talents from all over the world. Also according to The Observer, there is talk of WWE doing three tournaments each year. The Cruiserweight Classic, The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and the untitled women's tournament.

- Tim Wiese Debuts: This past Thursday night, German athlete Tim Wiese made his WWE debut in a six man tag team match with Sheamus and Cesaro. Wiese has been training at the Performance Center in Orlando and is expected to tour with Sheamus and Cesaro to perfect his new career. 

- Plans For WWE Roadblock: Rumors have stated that WWE may possibly be looking at having Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens in a champion vs. champion match at RAW's edition of WWE Roadblock. Also there have been advertisements of a possible Finn Balor appearance. 

*** NXT ***

- Austin Aries Injury Update: According to PWInsider, Austin Aries suffered a fracture to the large orbital bone, and is scheduled to undergo surgery this week in Birmingham, Alabama. Aries will be out of action until the first quarter of 2017. Aries suffered the injury after Shinsuke Nakamura accidentally kicked Aries in the face a few weeks back at an NXT Live show.

- Mickie James Interview: This past week, Mickie James was interviewed and talked about her match at NXT Takeover: Toronto against Asuka. James says she was honored that WWE thought of her for this match, isn't afraid of Asuka, because she is as crazy as she is, and Mickie talked about her current training and submission holds that she has been working on to counter Asuka's offense.

*** TNA ***
- TNA Impact Recap:
-- Brandi Rhodes Promo: Brandi thanks the fans for supporting Cody Rhodes, talks about their 3 year relationship and all their ups and downs. Brandi says Cody will be back soon, talks about Bobby Lashley and mentions becoming a TNA Knockout. Maria and Sienna interrupt, make fun of Cody and offers Brandi a spot in her cliche. Brandi refuses and ends up decking Sienna. Brandi goes after Maria, but gets jumped by Sienna and beat down.

-- "TNA Grand Championship Match": Aron Rex (c) vs. Jessie Godderz: Godderz takes round one 10-9 and 10-9 from two of the three judges in round two. The match closes out in round three with Rex blinding Godderz with something he had hidden in his towel. Rex rakes Godderz in the eyes, lands a knockout punch and scores the pinfall to retain the title.
-- "Six Man Tag Team, Triple Threat Match": Rockstar Spud and The Decay vs. Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Marshe Rockett vs. DJ Z, Braxton Sutter and Mandrews: The match closes out with Sutter tagging in, unloading on everyone and slamming Crazy Steve and Lee. Abyss hits the Blackhole Slam on Sutter and Lee. The Decay start double teaming everyone, forcing the referee to eject The Decay, leaving Spud alone. Sutter hits Spud with a front face DDT for the pinfall.
-- "TNA World Tag Team Championship Match": Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero Jeff Hardy (c) vs. The D.C.C.: The match begins with a brawl breaking out between both teams. The match closes out with an all out brawl breaking out again, with referee Earl Hebner losing control and throwing out the match. After the match, both teams brawl backstage. The third DCC member attacks referee Earl Hebner in the ring. Backstage, Matt is tossed into chairs, while Jeff is tossed into a table. Matt unloads punches, but gets double teamed by DCC. Both teams fight into the parking lot, where Matt tosses a DCC guy into a production truck. Jeff is brawling with a DCC guy and Matt unloads trash can lid shots on another DCC guy as the camera cuts out.
-- Backstage, Grado cuts a promo, but gets interrupted as The Hardy's and The DCC are still brawling. Matt unloads more trash can lid shots and then dumps a bucket of water on Jeff called "The Lake of Reincarnation". The water turns Jeff into heel Jeff Hardy. Jeff lights a cigarette and puts it out on a DCC guy. Matt chases down the DCC while riding a forklift, as Jeff gets tossed into a crate. Matt unloads on a DCC guy on top of the forklift as Jeff reappears and hits a Twist of Fate on a DCC guy. Matt gets shoved off the forklift and the DCC retreat. Jeff checks on Matt, but Matt doesn't know who Jeff is. 
-- Ethan Carter cuts a promo. EC3 immediately calls out Eli Drake. Drake arrives, but stays on the stage. EC3 highlights his career and is sick of Drake saying EC3 was handed everything, being a Carter. EC3 challenges Drake to put his Bound For Gold title shot on the line, and if EC3 loses he'll never challenge for the title ever again. Drake likes the idea, but says EC3 isn't worthy enough and Drake is already planning on cashing in on either Bobby Lashley or Eddie Edwards.
-- Backstage, Bobby Lashley says the beating he gave Cody Rhodes last week was a tune up for Eddie Edwards.
-- "TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match": Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Bobby Lashley: The match closes out with Edwards charging at Lashley, who grabs referee Brian Hebner and causes Edwards to collide with Hebner, knocking him out. Lashley spears Edwards and a second referee rushes to the ring to count. Edwards kicks out at two and a half, forcing Lashley to knock out the second referee for not counting to three. Hebner is back up and goes to call for the DQ. Edwards hits the Boston Knee Party on Lashley and covers. Hebner changes his mind about DQ'ing Lashley and counts the pinfall instead. Edwards retains the title and celebrates to end the show.

- Billy Corgan Loses Lawsuit: TNA President Billy Corgan has been locked in a legal battle with TNA wrestling the past few weeks. Corgan, who earlier this year purchased a minority stake in the company and became heavily involved with its creative decisions, was seeking to gain legal ownership of TNA. It was announced on Monday that Corgan has lost his bid. TNA had been short on cash for a quite awhile, requiring Corgan to give a series of loans to the company so that it could continue to operate. The last of those loans allegedly came with a stipulation that would, in the event that TNA ever became insolvent, it would allow Corgan to gain the voting rights of Dixie Carter, TNA’s primary shareholder, giving Corgan complete control of TNA. Corgan filed the lawsuit on TNA claiming that the company was finally insolvent, but he was overruled by the judge. TNA's attorney stated that it was all a scheme on Corgan's part to take over TNA wrestling. The court did rule that TNA wrestling must pay Corgan back the $1.8 million dollars that he is still owed in back pay by November 1st.

- Billy Corgan Resigns From The Company: After losing the court battle and as of this writing, still not receiving the money TNA owes him, Billy Corgan tweeted out that he has officially left TNA and is still seeking legal help to get back the loan money TNA owes him.

- Total Nonstop Deletion Update: According to, TNA began filming their “Total Nonstop Deletion” episode of Impact Wrestling this past Tuesday. The episode will be shot entirely from The Hardy Estate in North Carolina, and will be broadcast as the last edition of Impact Wrestling in 2016.

- ROH TV Recap:
-- Donovan Dijak vs. Danny Miles: As always Prince Nana was in Dijak's corner. Dijak makes quick work of Miles in a squash match. Dijak hits Feast Your Eyes on Miles three times before finally scoring the pinfall.
-- Prince Nana cuts a promo. Nana says Dijak never submitted or tapped out against Bobby Fish. Nana says that Dijak is the quintessential athlete and Dijak will never be defeated again.
- A video is shown to what happened last week after ROH went off the air. The Young Bucks and Adam Cole mock the Motor City Machine Guns and state that they are always injured. The Guns arrive and all five men brawl, until ROH security arrives.
-- The Briscoe Brothers cut a promo. The Briscoes blame The Addiction for costing them the ROH World Tag Team Championship at Field of Honor due to cheating. The Briscoes are planning revenge on The Addiction.
-- The Addiction vs. The Briscoe Brothers: Daniels and Kazarian arrive, put over The Briscoes as a great tag team, state how war can change a man, talk about their legacy and their time together as a tag team. Daniels and Kaz announce that due to injuries still suffering from Ladder War at All Star Extravaganza, The Addiction is forfeiting this match to The Briscoes.

-- The Briscoe Brothers cut a promo. The Briscoes came here to fight, so they call out The Young Bucks and dare them to put the ROH World Tag Team Championship on the line. ROH World Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole and Hangman Adam Page arrive instead. Cole mocks The Briscoes and remind them that The Bullet Club runs things in ROH. The Briscoes challenge Cole and Page, a brawl breaks out and the match is made official.
-- The Briscoe Brothers vs. Adam Cole and Hangman Adam Page: The match closes out with Cole getting tossed to the floor. Jay hits a lariat on Page and then gets a near fall after a neck breaker. Jay goes for the Jay Driller on Page, but Cole hits the ring with his World Title and hits Jay with it, causing a DQ. After the match, Cole lays out both Briscoes with World Title shots. Cole and Page grab steel chairs, but Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish hit the ring with steel chairs to make the save.
-- Backstage, Matt Tavern promises that The Kingdom will rise again next week.
-- Jay Lethal cuts a promo. Lethal talks about his upcoming match with Adam Cole, calls himself the greatest wrestler in the world, there won't be any distractions when he faces Cole and promises to use the same mentality that Cole used to win back the ROH World Heavyweight Championship.
-- "ROH Six Man Tag Team Tournament Match": Jay White, Super ACH and Kushida vs. Caprice Coleman, Kenny King & Rhett Titus: The match closes out with Caprice laying out Kushida and then goes to the top rope. Caprice goes for the Sky Splitter on White, but White catches Caprice in mid air and hits a Urinagi. White and Kushida land stereo suicide dives on The All Night Express outside. ACH goes to the top rope and hits The Midnight Star on Caprice to score the pinfall and advance their team in the tournament.

- ACH Finished With ROH: According to, ACH is finishing up with ROH. He is currently signed to an exclusive deal with the company, but will not be signing a new deal. ROH and ACH may work together on some pre-date appearances down the line, but nothing is official.

*** Lucha Underground ***

- Lucha Underground TV Recap:
-- Dario Cueto spins the Dial Of Doom and it comes up "Dario's Choice". After thinking about it, Cueto picks Cortez Castro, the man that is an informant for The LAPD.
-- "Lucha Underground Championship": Matanza Cueto (c) vs. Cortez Castro: The match closes out with Matanza working over Castro's broken arm and rips off his arm cast. Castro tries to fight back using the cast as a weapon on Matanza. Matanza regains control and easily hits the Wrath of the Gods for the win.
-- Inside Dario Cueto's office, Cueto and Joey Ryan are laughing at Cortez Castro getting beat. Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada arrive. Havoc asks that Sagrada receive a match against Famous B. Cueto says if Havoc can beat Dr. Wagner, he'll grant the match and let Havoc pick their stipulation. But if Wagner beats Havoc, Sagrada still gets the match, but Cueto picks the stipulation.
-- Prince Puma Promo: Puma wants revenge on Mil Muertes for burying his mentor Konnan. Puma challenges Muertes to a Grave Consequences Match. Catrina appears and accepts the match. Muertes attacks Puma from behind and goes for the Flatliner. Puma counters and dropkicks Muertes out of the ring.
-- Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Son of Havoc: The match closes out with Wagner in control of Havoc. Havoc fires back with a springboard elbow off the ropes. Wagner and Havoc go to the top rope, where Havoc sends Wagner off. Havoc hits a Shooting Star Press on Wagner and scores the pinfall. After the match, Havoc announces Famous B vs. Sagrada in a Believers Backlash Match. The Believers  (The Fans) will bring weapons for Famous B and Sagrada to use on each other. 
-- "Loser Leaves Lucha Match": Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero: The match closes out with both men trading punches on each other. Rey hits a cross body and follows that with the West Coast Pop, for a near fall. Chavo lands a back breaker, then hits two of three suplexes before Rey counters the third. Rey sets Chavo up for the 619, but Chavo Classic hits Chavo in the head with a steel chair, purposely DQ'ing Rey, and costing Rey his Lucha career.
-- Dario Cueto appears and says he loves violence, so he forgot to mention that this was a No DQ match.
-- "No DQ, Loser Leaves Lucha Match": Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero: The match closes out with Chavo Classic eating a 619. Chavo hits two suplexes on Rey then gets a near fall Gory Bomb. Chavo attempts the move again, but Rey counters and gets a near fall on Chavo. Chavo goes for a sunset flip, but Rey counters with a drop kick. Rey lands a hurracanrana, the 619 and the West Coast Pop on Chavo and scores the pinfall, ending Chavo's Lucha career. The fans sing goodbye to Chavo to end the show.


- Scott Norton Returning: NJPW announced that former WCW and NJPW wrestler Scott Norton will be returning to NJPW at Wrestle Kingdom 11 on January 4, 2017, at the Tokyo Dome. Norton last wrestled for NJPW in 2006. Norton also competed in WCW and was a member of the New World Order faction.

- Who You Gonna Call?: Last week for a Halloween show in NJPW, The Bullet Club was in the spirit as The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega all dressed up and wrestled as The Ghostbusters.

*** W3C Wrestler Of The Week ***

This week's Wrestler Of The Week goes to the newly crowned WWE RAW Women's Champion Charlotte. Charlotte was trained by Lodi, Ric Flair and at the WWE Performance Center. Charlotte has competed in only NXT and the WWE as of now. Charlotte is apart of an outside faction called The Four Horsewomen, that has yet to make an appearance in the WWE. The Four Horsewomen consist of Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley.

- WWE Divas Champion (1 time)
- WWE RAW Women's Champion (3 times)
- NXT Women's Champion (1 time)

- Best Of Charlotte:

- Charlotte defeats Nattie Neidhart To Win NXT Women's Championship:

- Charlotte defeats Sasha Banks To Win WWE RAW Women's Championship In Hell In A Cell:

And that's this week's W3C! Join me every Sunday afternoon as I bring you news, recaps and rumors all around the wrestling world!

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