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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 10.13.15: #RAW Recap

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's time for this week's RAW recap. 

- RAW was live this week in Chicago, Illinois. Some highlights to this weeks show included: Roman Reigns went one on one with the Wyatt Family monster, Braun Strowman. John Cena held a WWE United States Championship Open Challenge. The main event saw Seth Rollins battling Corporate Kane in a Lumberjack Match. All that and a lot more, let's get to this week's RAW recap. 

- RAW kicks off with Corporate Kane backstage talking on the phone with The Authority. The Authority are running late and will be there later in the show. Kane says he'll be an absolute professional until they arrive. Kane tells a backstage hand to go tell Seth Rollins that he has a Lumberjack Match tonight, against Corporate Kane.

- Dean Ambrose And Randy Orton Form A Team: Ambrose is in the ring for a promo. Ambrose says he's an action speaks louder then words kinda guy and he's looking for a fight. Randy Orton interrupts and says he heard Ambrose is going after Luke Harper and Braun Strowman at Hell In A Cell. Orton offers to be Ambrose's partner, trade verbal jabs at each other and argue over who should lead the team. Ambrose doesn't trust Orton and Orton says he doesn't trust himself sometimes either. The New Day interrupt and brag about all the chaos they've caused, taking out John Cena, Dolph Ziggler and The Dudley Boys, which is more then the Shield, Authority, Legacy and Evolution have ever done. Corporate Kane appears on the titantron and announces a tag team match and that match is now.

- The New Day defeated Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose, by pinfall: The match closes out with Ambrose splashing Kofi Kingston and Big E. Ambrose next goes to the top rope and hits the flying elbow. Woods distracts Ambrose and Ambrose gets dropped with a belly to belly. Orton hits the elevated DDT on Kofi and goes for the RKO. Big E shoves Orton into Ambrose and Kofi rolls Orton up on the distraction to score the pinfall.

- Nikki Bella defeated Naomi, by pinfall: The match closes out with Naomi hitting a suicide dive on Nikki and sister Brie. Brie gets on the announcers table with a microphone and starts a "We Want Sasha" chant. Sasha shoves Brie off the announcers table. Naomi is distracted by all this and gets laid out by Nikki and the Rack Attack. Nikki covers and scores the pinfall.

- John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler, by pinfall, to retain the WWE United States Championship: The match closes out with Cena locking Ziggler in the STF submission, but Ziggler reaches the ropes. Ziggler leaps off the top rope, Cena catches him and goes for the AA. Ziggler counters with a rake of the eyes and hits a super kick for a near fall. Cena and Ziggler trade punches back and forth. Cena sets Ziggler up for another AA, but Ziggler counters out and hits the Zig Zag for a near fall. Ziggler charges at Cena, but Cena catches Ziggler, hits the AA, covers and scores the pinfall. John Cena retains the WWE United States Championship.

- The Dudley Boys defeated The Ascension, by pinfall: The match closes out with Bubba hot tagging in and unloading on The Ascension. Viktor charges in, but Bubba dodges. The Dudleys hit the Doomsday Device and the 3D to score the pinfall.

- King Barrett and Sheamus defeated Neville and Cesaro, by pinfall: The match closes out with Sheamus going for a battering ram, but catches a Cesaro European uppercut. Cesaro picks up Neville and tosses him over the top rope, taking out Barrett and Sheamus. Back in the ring, Neville rolls up Sheamus for a near fall. Barrett catches Neville with the Bullhammer after the kick out. Sheamus covers and scores the pinfall.

- Roman Reigns defeated Braun Strowman, by countout: The match closes out with both men out on the floor. Reigns lands a Superman Punch on Strowman. Luke Harper tries to help, but Reigns leaps off the steel steps and Superman Punches Harper. Reigns hits another Superman Punch on Strowman, sending Strowman over the announcers table. Reigns rolls back in the ring and Strowman gets counted out. After the match, Bray Wyatt tries to verbally attack Reigns, but eats an uppercut from Reigns.

- Ryback defeated Rusev, by pinfall: Michael Cole tells us about the official announcement of Rusev and Lana being engaged. The match closes out with Ryback hitting the Meat Hook on Rusev, but Rusev escapes the Shell Shock. Rusev lands the thrust kick on Ryback and covers. Rusev almost steals the pinfall, but the referee catches Rusev trying to use the ropes for leverage. Ryback hits the Shell Shock on Rusev and scores the pinfall. After the match, Summer Rae gets in Rusev's face and says he wasn't man enough to admit he was already engaged to Lana and finishes by slapping Rusev.

- Kevin Owens defeated Kalisto, by pinfall: The match closes out with Kalisto missing a somersault, as Owens side steps it. Kalisto lands a spinning DDT on Owens next and gets a near fall. Kalisto goes to the top rope and dives at Owens. Owens catches Kalisto, plants him with the power bomb and scores the pinfall.

- Alicia Fox and Brie Bella defeated Charlotte and Becky Lynch, by pinfall: The match closes out with Charlotte laying out Brie and then hitting a spear on Brie. Paige is out and distracts Charlotte, helping Brie hit a missile drop kick on Charlotte to score the pinfall.

- Backstage, Triple H yells at Corporate Kane for signing a match to face Seth Rollins. Triple H doesn't care who fights Rollins, but it can't be Corporate Kane.

- Backstage, Seth Rollins tries to get Big Show to side with him tonight. Show laughs and walks away. Corporate Kane appears and tells Rollins he won't be fighting Rollins tonight, but he'll find a suitable replacement.

- Demon Kane defeated Seth Rollins, by pinfall, in a Lumberjack Match: Triple H said Corporate Kane, but said nothing about Demon Kane facing Rollins. The match closes out with The New Day grabbing Kane and pulling him out of the ring. Big Show lands the Knockout Punch on Kane. The bad guy lumberjacks all beat down Kane outside the ring and then toss Kane back in the ring. Big E goes for a splash, but Kane sits up. Kane unloads on the bad guy lumberjacks and the good guy lumberjacks arrive to help Kane. Rollins goes for a Pedigree on Kane, but Kane counters and hits the Tombstone piledriver to score the pinfall. Kane celebrates to end the show. 

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