Tuesday, January 13, 2015

3 Rivers Rundown 1.13.15: A New Era In Pittsburgh #Steelers

By @Kratoslives

With the resignation of Dick Lebeau, in Pittsburgh we are ushering in a new era. The burning question on everyone's lips is what kind era?

Considering that only Big Ben and Heath Miller will be the only players on the Steelers with Super Bowl rings, what will the new look Steelers resemble, and will these new Steelers produce rings? Why would I say rings? Easy answer, because wins are expected. The serious question is will  Tomlin and Colbert produce rings? With Ben entering his NFL interlectual prime with superior young talent (Brown, Bell, Bryant, and young improving O-Line), it is now time to produce with no excuses except for the defensive secondary.

The defensive side of the ball will improve drastically with the removal of certain players (Cam Thomas, Ike Taylor, sorry I love you but Troy Polamalu). These moves must be made to force proper growth on the defense. But the most glaring need was for Dick Lebeau to leave. It's hard say this about a legend on and off the field, but it's time. Everyone in the AFC North has moved on from their past, which has allowed them to grow including the Browns.

So with Lebeau's departure who will the Steelers look to succeed him? Keith Butler, the linebackers coach, or bring in someone like they did with Todd Haley. If I may suggest, Kevin Green, who like Haley, is tied to our past. Who ever comes in, they have a daunting task of improving upon Lebeau's record of 2 rings and a keen eye for untapped potential. I like Howard Jones, who I personally watched play all 4yrs in college, thanks to him and my daughter both playing sports for Shepherd University in West Virginia. So with the best wishes I say, fairwell to Mr. Lebeau and hello to our new future.

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