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WWE Money In The Bank 2015 Preview #MITB #WWEMITB

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, brings you this year's WWE Money In The Bank preview. Money In The Bank will take place live at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. This year's event will have the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, WWE Intercontinental Championship, WWE World Tag Team Championship, WWE Divas Championship and of course the Money In The Bank briefcase all on the line. All that and much more. If you can't catch the event live, than there is always WWE Network for only $9.99.

- "WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Ladder Match": Seth Rollins (c) vs. Dean Ambrose: Two weeks ago at WWE Elimination Chamber, Dean Ambrose pinned Seth Rollins in the middle of the ring and won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship...or so he thought. Ambrose's big moment was erased, as the original referee who was knocked out during the match, DQ'ed Rollins for grabbing him and voided out the second referee's pinfall that was counted for Ambrose. Ambrose took the WWE Championship anyway and held it hostage until he got what he wanted, another shot at Rollins. After contemplating the challenge, Seth Rollins finally agreed to the rematch and even said he'd beat Ambrose on his own, without The Authority. Will Rollins fulfill his guarantee and beat Ambrose on his own? Will Ambrose reclaim the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which he thought he won two weeks ago?

- "Money In The Bank, Ladder Match": Dolph Ziggler vs. Neville vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus vs. Kane: The yearly money in the bank ladder match returns and takes center stage. The prize that is on the line is the briefcase hanging from the rafters. Inside that briefcase, is a contract guaranteeing a future WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match, anytime, anywhere, to that one lucky winner. Randy Orton, Kane and Dolph Ziggler could be the favorites in this match, as all three have had a MITB victory under their belts. Kane will be the factor in that trio. Will he stay loyal to The Authority and make sure Roman Reigns doesn't win? Or will the thought of being a world champion force him to look out for himself and claim the case? Roman Reigns looks to become MITB winner and return the favor to Seth Rollins, who cashed in his MITB briefcase at Wrestlemania and won the World Title out from under Reigns. Sheamus looks to become MITB winner and recapture the WWE Title, which he hasn't held since 2010. Kofi Kingston is a veteran of the MITB matches, but has fallen short every time. Neville is the NXT rookie and wildcard of the match, looking to make a name for himself early in his career.

- "WWE Intercontinental Championship Match": Ryback (c) vs. Big Show: Ryback walked out of the six man elimination chamber match, two weeks ago, as the new WWE Intercontinental Champion. Many saw that as an upset, considering the final two were Ryback and Sheamus. Ryback defended his newly won title against The Miz on RAW, which brought out the returning Big Show. Show made it his mission to be the only one that will defeat Ryback and win the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Can Show make his mission successful? Will Ryback chop down the giant and successfully defend his championship?

- "WWE Divas Championship Match": Nikki Bella vs. Paige: Nikki Bella continues to dominate the Divas Division. Two weeks ago at Elimination Chamber, Nikki defeated Paige and Naomi in a triple threat match. Paige, who was still owed a one on one title match that she never got, due to being taken out by Naomi, gets her shot tonight. Will Nikki with her sister Brie, pull off more twin magic and defeat Paige? Can Paige outsmart the Bella Twins and become a three time WWE Divas Champion?

- "WWE World Tag Team Championship Match:" The New Day (c) vs. Prime Time Players: The New Day survived the first ever six team elimination chamber match at Elimination Chamber, two weeks ago. The New Day picked up the final pin to retain the titles on the Prime Time Players. The Prime Time Players earned themselves another shot at the champs, as they won a triple threat #1 contenders match a few weeks back on RAW. Will the New Day continue to dominate the tag team division with their clapping and dancing act? Or will the "millions of dollars, millions of dollars" team of the Prime Time Players introduce The New Day to prime time and leave Money In The Bank the new tag team champions?

- "Grudge Match 2": John Cena vs. Kevin Owens: Two weeks ago at Elimination Chamber, Kevin Owens, pulled off the upset of his career. He pinned John Cena clean, in the middle of the ring, in his WWE debut. Owens, however, wasn't happy with that, as he brought his family into the picture. Owens says he was upset by his own son asking him if John Cena was ok after the match and not caring about his own father winning. Owens is now hell bent on destroying Cena and ending his career once and for all. Cena considers Owens a disgusting human being, a negative role model to his son, Owens has no respect for the WWE Universe and Owens doesn't realize how important the WWE Universe is to Owens' success. Will Owens succeed and take out the 15-Time World Heavyweight Champion, permanently? Can Cena derail the Owens Express that has been running down opponent after opponent?

*** Money In The Bank Preshow ***

- King Barrett vs. R-Truth: Barrett and Truth both competed in the WWE Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber Match two weeks ago. Both men came up short and failed to win the I-C Title. Barrett looked to have gained momentum, as he came out victorious in the King of the Ring tournament last month. Barrett, however, has hit a road block and has been on a losing streak recently. Truth has also been on a win some, lose some streak, since joining the WWE a long time back. Can Barrett get back on a winning path to save his career? Will the veteran R-Truth come out victorious and behead the King?

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