Monday, June 29, 2015

Wrestling Lockup With Brandon: Dolph Ziggler Re-Signs With WWE

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, brings you a Weekend 3 Count Exclusive.

WWE and Dolph Ziggler fans can now breathe a heavy sigh of relief, as Dolph Ziggler has officially re-signed with the WWE. Rumors were spreading like wildfire the past few weeks about Ziggler being unhappy with his status in the WWE. Rumors were even pointing at Ziggler patiently waiting for his WWE contract to expire so he could finally pack up and leave. Ziggler finally put all those rumors to bed as he officially re-signed a multi year deal with the WWE and will be staying put with the leaders in sports entertainment.

When the news and rumors broke of Ziggler not being happy with WWE and looking to leave, other promotions quickly took notice and were hoping to steal away Ziggler. Imagine if Ziggler would've signed with TNA? I would've guaranteed Ziggler would've been the TNA World Heavyweight Champion before 2015 closed out. The feuds with Bobby Roode, Ethan Carter III, Eric Young and MVP alone would've been entertaining. TNA however have problems of their own, as a lot of their talent is currently leaving the company and there are a lot of rumors of TNA still not having a clue with what direction they're going in.

What if Dolph Ziggler signed with Ring Of Honor? Again Ziggler much like with TNA would've been taking a drop down in the business. Granted ROH is a very professional wrestling promotion and take their wrestling serious. But ROH still doesn't have the money, power, fans or ratings that the juggernaut WWE bring in weekly. Ziggler would've definitely had some memorable matches with Jay Lethal, Jay Briscoe, A.J. Styles, Roderick Strong, but again only half of the fans would've seen it live, which what matters to make a wrestling promotion a serious threat.

What if Ziggler signed with Jeff Jarrett's upstart Global Force Wrestling? Ziggler would've taken a huge risk going this route, as GFW is still waiting for a TV deal. Jarrett could've definitely been able to use Ziggler the correct way. Ziggler has the looks, charisma and attitude to be the face of a company. What a perfect way for GFW to make an impact by putting their GFW World Heavyweight Championship on a guy like Dolph Ziggler.

What about Lucha Underground? Honestly this would've been the last place I'd ever expect Dolph Ziggler to go. Ziggler would've had great matches with Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo, but I honestly think Ziggler would've been a fish out of water in Lucha.

You think Ziggler would've just said screw it and officially retired? I think he might have taken a few months off to regroup, but I wouldn't have seen any retirement plans in his future.

So now the question is, now that Dolph Ziggler re-signed with the WWE, will he get that long overdue push he deserves? And if he does, can he stay healthy? I'm having flashbacks of his 69 day World Heavyweight Championship reign after cashing in money in the bank, from a few years back. Ziggler suffered a concussion after winning the championship and immediately was forced to drop it, due to it having an effect on him mentally.

Ziggler is currently in a love triangle feud with Lana and Rusev, which I'll be honest, I think sucks. If I was booking Ziggler as of right now, I'd first have him kick Lana to the curb. I'd turn Ziggler heel and Rollins face and you have your main event at SummerSlam. Ziggler beats Rollins and takes his spot as the new face of the company and the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Ziggler holds the title until Wrestlemania. Ziggler is owed a long title reign, in my opinion, due to WWE consistently holding him back. You can throw Brock Lesnar in there somewhere chasing Ziggler, but he won't take it from Ziggler. The Royal Rumble winner beats Ziggler at Wrestlemania and then you can bring in Sheamus with his money in the bank briefcase and go that route next.

So there you have it, just some of my thoughts on Dolph Ziggler. Now that Ziggler has re-signed with the WWE, what are some things you'd like to see Ziggler used for? Hit me up on the Twitter @B_Rock1978. Follow me and give me your thoughts on this.

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