Thursday, June 4, 2015 Predicts The 2015 #NBAFinals #Cavs #ALLinCLE

The key to the series is just how healthy Kyrie Irving is. All things equal, he's the third best player in this series. But all things aren't equal, and the Cavs NEED him to be the third best player in this series. If he's not close to 90% then the chances of that happening are slim. But we still have the best player on the planet and this series has a little Ohio State feeling to it. They are going up against a west coast team that no one gives them a chance against due to injuries they have sustained throughout the year. Sound familiar?

I’m predicting Cavs in 6. Game 1 is where I think the veteran leadership and experience of the Cavs will really give them an advantage. I can see the Warriors coming out guns-a-blazing, amped up at home, and getting exhausted trying to win the whole series in the first quarter. Hopefully the Cavs stay focused and under control throughout this game and take the win. With one win down these finals will continue to a 1-3-4-6 or 1-3-5-6 series win for the Cavaliers and a celebratory bottle of Tennessee Honey for me! - Jason Disantis (@jddiantis)

Cavaliers in 5 games - Kate Arhar (@ClvlndK8)

It has taken time for it to happen but finally it's here, Here Comes The Reign! The Cavaliers will finally break the dry spell Cleveland sports have endured. I'm going Cavs in 6, with MVP going to the Akron kid playing on the Cavs. This will finally get the Cavaliers the respect they deserve & place them number 1 in Cleveland. I've been cheering for this team since 1978 while growing up in Pittsburgh. Thanks to my uncle Roy who took me to my first game, R.I.P and thank you again. I dreamed this would happen earlier (Thanks Craig Ehlo). I'm still sick over that one, but after 45 years the Cavs will prevail. ALL IN BABY - Jaison Roberts (@Kratoslives)

One thing I've always wished for every year as a Cleveland fan was getting the chance to see a championship come home. This year we have that chance finally. The Cavs can erase Red Right 88, The Drive, The Fumble, The Shot, The Mesa Choke, The Decision and year after year of heart break and suffering. Two weeks from now the Cleveland Curse will be lifted and I can die a happy man. Cavs in 6, right at home with the greatest fans in sports! ALL IN - Brandon Albright (@B_Rock1978)

The Cavs have the best East coast team in the the league and the best player. The MVP for the Cavs will not be LBJ, but I'll take it. Cavaliers in 6 games. - Chris Lee (@cleeverizon)

Cavs in 6! - Mark West (@MarkW2112)

Cavs in 6 - Cliff Gulley (@CLG2282)

Through all of the doubt and disrespect the Cavaliers have received from the National media, I truly believe that it will be the role players, “The Others”, that pushes the Cleveland Cavaliers to the franchise’s first championship and gives the people of Cleveland a Summer to remember for the rest of our lives. That said, it DEFINITELY will be a tough task ahead. Golden State is no joke or push over, but they ARE able to be beat. The Cavaliers figure it out and take the NBA Finals in 6 games. - Chris Williams (@nevaRWilliams)

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