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WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Recap #WWEChamber

By @B_Rock1978

What's up gang, it's time yet again for another WWE pay per view on the WWE Network for only $9.99. Last night, WWE brought back the Elimination Chamber pay per view, live at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. The Elimination Chamber featured all the major titles on the line, with the Intercontinental and Tag Team Titles being defended inside the Elimination Chamber itself. Let's get to last night's action.

*** Pre-Show ***

- We find out that due to Rusev suffering a leg injury on Smackdown, he will be replaced tonight in the WWE Intercontinental Championship, Elimination Chamber Match later.

- Stardust vs. Zack Ryder: Ryder hits some offense quickly with a couple drop kicks, a few arm drags, a clothesline, a flap jack and works over Stardust's shoulder. Stardust fires back with some kicks, uppercuts and an arm bar. Ryder counters a bow and arrow backbreaker and nearly steals a pin. Ryder counters a Stardust suplex with a neck breaker. Ryder lands several punches before missing a drop kick. Stardust hooks Ryder for a pin and grabs the ropes for leverage, but gets caught by the referee. Stardust argues with the referee and Ryder gets a near fall roll up. Stardust hits a side effect for a near fall. Ryder comes back and nails the "Broski Kick" and gets a near fall. Ryder goes for the "Rough Ryder", but Stardust counters out and nails "Cross Rhodes". Stardust covers and scores the pin.

- MizTV with The Miz: Special Guest Daniel Bryan: The Miz introduces Daniel Bryan. Miz asks Bryan how is injury is, but cuts Bryan off before he can answer. Miz takes credit for coaching Bryan back in the first season of NXT. Bryan finally gets to speak and makes it clear that he's not retiring and has a book coming out soon. Miz goes on and on about having people that can help Bryan make money with advertising, dressing him right and doing his make-up to make him look acceptable. Bryan cuts Miz off and tells him to shut up. Bryan says he's here to present the WWE Intercontinental Championship to the winner. Miz says normally he slaps people for interrupting him, but since Bryan isn't cleared by the doctor than he'll give Bryan a free pass. Bryan says MizTV is boring and he has an idea to make it exciting. Damien "Macho" Mandow and Curtis Axelmania hit the ring and attack Miz. Mandow with the "Macho Elbow" and Axelmania with the leg drop on Miz. Bryan, Mandow and Axel celebrate afterwards.

*** Elimination Chamber 2015 ***

- "WWE World Tag Team Championship, Elimination Chamber Match:" The New Day (c) vs. Los Matadores vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro vs. The Ascension vs. Prime Time Players vs. Lucha Dragons: The New Day was given the right to have all three men compete in this match by The Authority. Lucha Dragons and The Ascension kick off the match first. The Dragons hit springboard moonsaults, kicks, slingshot sentons and double team The Ascension early. The Ascension send Kalisto flying on top of one of the chamber pods. The Ascension hit the "H-Bomb" on Sin Cara as Kalisto gets his legs pulled through the pod roof by the New Day. Sin Cara hits a senton off the top of the pod as Kidd and Cesaro enter the match.
Kidd and Cesaro unload on Sin Cara and The Ascension. Cesaro leaps onto the top rope, upper cuts Kalisto and then superplexes Kalisto off the pod roof for a near fall. Kidd applies the "Sharpshooter" submission on Viktor, but Konnar breaks it up. Los Matadores are in next. El Torito hits a hurricanrana off the pod roof on Cesaro. Kalisto comes off the roof of the chamber and takes everyone out in the ring. El Torito comes off the roof, next, but gets caught by The Ascension and tossed into Fernando. The Ascension hit "Fall of Man" on Diego and score the pin, eliminating the Matadores. The Ascension quickly capitalize on the Dragons, hit "Fall of Man" and score the pin, eliminating the Dragons. The Prime Time Players are in next. The Players unload on Kidd, Cesaro and The Ascension. Darren Young hits the "Gut Check" and scores the pin, eliminating The Ascension. The Players, Kidd and Cesaro hit the tower of doom power bomb/gutwrench suplex combo as The New Day enters.
We see a quadruple suplex by everyone left at the same time on all three New Day members. Xavier Woods gets locked inside the chamber pod by Cesaro and Kidd. Cesaro and Kidd hit the "Cesaro Swing/drop kick combo on Kofi Kingston, but Young rolls Cesaro up and steals the pin, eliminating Kidd and Cesaro. Titus O'Neil gets his head shoved through the chamber chain wall. Young sends Big E face first into a pod door. Titus tosses New Day into the chain wall and Young gets a near fall with the "Gut Check". Big E belly to belly suplexes Young on the steel chamber floor as Kofi hits "Trouble In Paradise" on Titus. The New Day all cover Titus and score the pin to retain the WWE World Tag Team Championship.

- Backstage, Lana wishes Dolph Ziggler good luck tonight.

- "WWE Divas Championship, Triple Threat Match:" Nikki Bella (c) vs. Naomi vs. Paige: Paige strikes first, landing a spear and super kicks on Naomi and Nikki. Paige hits a fallaway slam for a near fall on Naomi. Nikki hits a facebuster on Paige for a near fall. Nikki hits a clothesline and Naomi gets a near fall roll up.
Naomi kicks Paige, tosses Nikki to the floor, suplexes Paige and then leg drops Paige for a near fall. Nikki is back in the ring and goes for the "Rack Attack". Naomi counters and hits "Rear View" for a near fall. Naomi hits a reverse hurricanrana for a near fall on Paige. Nikki is back in, hits "Rack Attack", covers and scores the pin to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

- "Grudge Match": John Cena vs. Kevin Owens: Originally when this match was announced two weeks ago, WWE said it was a WWE United States Championship Match. Apparently that has changed as it is now a grudge match. Owens starts off with a headlock, punches, a boot and a forearm to Cena. Cena goes for an early "AA", but Owens counters and gets a near fall DDT. Cena gets a quick near fall roll up. Owens hits a running senton then trades punches with Cena.
Owens counters a shoulder block by Cena and plants him with a death valley driver, for a near fall. Owens hits the corner cannonball, but Cena returns with a belly to back slam. Cena runs the ropes, but gets planted with the pop up power bomb. Owens covers and gets a near fall. Owens gets crotched on the ropes, but knocks Cena off the ropes as he tries to suplex Owens off. Owens misses the "Marvelocity Moonsault" off the top rope and Cena gets a near fall with an "AA". Owens and Cena trade punches, Owens lands a super kick and goes for Cena's "Five Knuckle Shuffle". Cena counters and locks in the "STF" submission. Owens, escapes, kicks Cena off and then plants Cena with Cena's own "AA" for a near fall. Cena hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. Cena flies off the top rope with the super fameasser for another near fall on Owens.
Owens catches Cena and hits a package power bomb on Cena for another near fall. Owens screams at Cena to "just quit" as they trade more punches. Cena hits the springboard stunner on Owens and gets another near fall. Cena sits Owens on the top rope, but Owens counters and hits a fisherman's buster for a near fall. Owens hits a swanton off the top rope on Cena and gets another near fall. Cena is up and hits two clotheslines. Cena goes for a third, but Owens counters and plants Cena with the pop up power bomb. Owens covers and scores the pin, upsetting Cena in his WWE main roster debut.

- After the match, Owens grabs a microphone. Owens says he started and finished the fight with Cena. Cena's time is up and Owens' time is now.

- Bo Dallas vs. Neville: Dallas gets in cheap shots until Neville goes after Dallas' leg and Dallas goes to the floor. Neville nails a top rope moonsault onto Dallas outside. Neville applies a chin lock and some kicks to Dallas. Dallas comes back, unloading fists on Neville and gets a near fall cross body block. Dallas plants knees into Neville and then charges at Neville in the corner. Neville sends Dallas face first into the bottom turn buckle and Dallas falls outside. Neville lands repeated kicks and gets a near fall standing star press. Dallas lands a DDT for a near fall. Neville connects with an enziguri on Dallas, goes up top and nails "Red Arrow". Neville covers and scores the pin.

- Backstage, Triple H tells Dean Ambrose that Roman Reigns is banned from helping Ambrose in his title match later.

- "WWE Intercontinental Championship,

Elimination Chamber Match": Sheamus vs. King Barrett vs. R-Truth vs. Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Mark Henry: Mark Henry takes Rusev's spot. Ziggler and Barrett start off the match. Back and forth wrestling between Ziggler and Barrett early. Barrett gets a near fall kick on Ziggler. R-Truth is in next. Barrett attacks Truth before he can even get out of his pod. Barrett tosses Truth into the chamber chain wall. Barrett works over Truth and Ziggler. Barrett hits "Winds of Change" on Truth for a near fall.
Truth and Ziggler make minor combacks, but Barrett sends Ziggler crashing right through Mark Henry's pod door and Henry escapes. The referees allow Henry to stay in as Ryback also comes in. Barrett goes for the "Bullhammer", but eats a super kick and the "Lie Detector" from Truth. Truth covers, scores the pin and eliminates Barrett. Sheamus is next in, but for some reason can't get his pod door open. Ryback, Ziggler and Truth triple team Henry. Ryback grabs Truth and plants him with "Shell Shock". Ryback covers, scores the pin and eliminates Truth. Sheamus finally escapes his pod and enters the match. Sheamus counters the "World's Strongest Slam" and hits Henry with the "Brogue Kick". Sheamus covers, scores the pin and Henry is eliminated.
Sheamus beats on Ziggler and gets a near fall side slam. Ziggler hits a DDT on Sheamus and a super kick on Ryback. "Brogue Kick" by Sheamus on Ziggler and Ziggler is pinned and eliminated. Ryback unloads on Sheamus, who tries to lock himself back in his pod, away from the big guy. Sheamus hits Ryback with "White Noise" right on the steel chamber floor and gets a near fall. Ryback catches Sheamus and plants him with the "Shell Shock". Ryback covers, scores the pin and is the NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion. Former champion, Daniel Bryan, hands the title to Ryback and Bryan leads a "Feed Me More" chant.

- "WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match": Seth Rollins (c) (w/Kane, Mercury and Noble) vs. Dean Ambrose: Ambrose hits an arm drag, applies an arm bar, brawls with Rollins outside, then lands a chop. Mercury runs a distraction and Ambrose is put in a tree of woe. Rollins hits a double stomp for a near fall. Rollins stops and Ambrose comeback and hits a slingblade for a near fall. Both men take each other out with a cross body block. Ambrose hits a reverse power bomb, but Mercury and Noble pull Rollins out of the ring to safety. Ambrose hits a suicide dive and he and Rollins fly over the announcers table.
Rollins gets caught using the ropes for leverage on a pin. Mercury and Noble again run distraction. Ambrose sends Noble into Mercury, outside. Rollins hits a super kick on Ambrose for a near fall. Rollins counters the rebound clothesline and clotheslines Ambrose to the floor. Rollins hits the turn buckle power bomb outside on the barricade and gets a near fall. Rollins hits the flying knee off the top rope for a near fall. Ambrose comes back and hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. Rollins with an enziguri, but Ambrose bounces back with the rebound clothesline. Ambrose goes up top and leaps outside, taking out Mercury, Noble and Kane. Ambrose goes back up top and leaps at Rollins. Rollins grabs the referee and pushes him at Ambrose, causing the referee to get hit and knocked out.
Rollins goes for the "Pedigree", but Ambrose counters with "Dirty Deeds". Ambrose covers as a second referee runs to the ring and counts. Ambrose scores the pin and is the NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion............or so we thought. The original referee is back up and calls for a Rollins DQ, due to him shoving the referee into Ambrose. The title doesn't change hands on a DQ so Rollins is still the champion.

- After the match, Ambrose refuses to give back the WWE Title. The Authority beat Ambrose down until Roman Reigns hits the ring. Reigns hits a "Superman Punch" on Rollins, Mercury and Noble and then spears Kane. Ambrose and Reigns leave together through the crowd, with Ambrose still in possession of the WWE Title as Elimination Chamber closed out.

*** My Predictions ***
My Record After Tonight: 28-16

Rollins wins: WRONG
Owens wins: RIGHT
Sheamus wins: WRONG
The New Day wins: RIGHT
Naomi wins: WRONG

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