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Weekend 3 Count 9.4.16 #WWE #NXT #TNA #ROH #Jericho

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE brings you the Weekend 3 Count. W3C brings you wrestling news, rumors and recaps from around the wrestling world. You'll find news and recaps involving WWE, NXT, TNA, ROH, Lucha Underground, GFW, NJPW, House of Hardcore and any Indy promotion that I find an interesting story or a cool discovery in. Be sure to check out the W3C every Sunday afternoon at @TripleThreatCLE. 

*** WWE *** 

- New WWE Universal Champion Crowned: This past week on RAW, Kevin Owens defeated Roman Reigns, Big Cass and Seth Rollins to win the vacant WWE Universal Championship in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match. The big story of the match is not only Owens taking the title, but Triple H returning and turning on Rollins to help Owens win it.

- Alberto Del Rio Finished: According to Uproxx, Alberto Del Rio has officially opted out of his WWE contract and has asked for his release from the company. Del Rio had the clause placed in his contract when he resigned with the WWE last October. Del Rio along with his current girlfriend Paige are both serving 30 day suspensions due to failing their wellness policy drug tests.

- Alberto Del Rio and Paige Harassed: Mister Saint Laurent recently stated on his podcast that the WWE's Mark Carrano approached Alberto Del Rio and Paige, who are a couple and harassed them about being together. MSL stated the following on his podcast:

"Mark Carrano, who fans might know from Total Divas, kind of like the office liaison guy, approached Del Rio and Paige individually and harassed each of them about their relationship. It was indicated that the office wanted them to sever their romantic relationship."

MSL continued on to on to say that WWE threatened to fire Paige if she did not split up with Del Rio. He said:

"A lot of people speculated if this was the reason WWE split them up in the draft and that's definitely what happened. The company did not want them together. They split them up in the draft by design and they threatened to fire Paige if she didn't break up with Del Rio."

Paige is currently serving a 30-day suspension for her first violation of the WWE Wellness Policy and also dealing with back and shoulder injuries. Del Rio is reportedly finished with WWE, after being unhappy over creative decisions for months now, and will be free to work anywhere imminently.

- Is Seth Rollins Careless In The Ring?: A lot of talk about Seth Rollins has been making the rounds this week on the internet. Many wrestling fans are arguing over whether or not Seth Rollins is careless inside the square circle. Within a two year span, Rollins has broken John Cena's nose, ended Sting's career with a buckle bomb, injured his own leg power bombing Kane off the ropes and now just recently costing Finn Balor 4-6 months of his career with another buckle bomb. Some think these are just freak accidents that could happen to anyone, others think Rollins is being careless and not taking things seriously inside the ring. WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, who has been very vocal these days about everything going on in WWE stated that he could see another injury coming and that he'll "hopefully stop hurting the talent before someone gets killed."

- Bo Dallas Arrested: Last weekend it was reported that Bo Dallas was pulled from overseas tours following an altercation at a United States airport. PWInsider reported that Bo was arrested for public intoxication/drunkenness at 7:25pm local time after police were notified about someone who had to be removed from a flight to Puebla, Mexico. Bo was said to have been yelling expletives at flight crew members during the altercation. Bo was later found by airport authorities slumped over, 6 gates away from the flight he was removed from. Police described Bo as smelling of alcohol and he admitted to drinking "a little." The police report described Bo as "swaying side to side" and speaking with a "thick tongue" while slurring his speech. He was questioned by police and it was determined that he was "intoxicated to the point he was a danger to himself and others." He was then placed under arrest. This is Bo's second arrest to date, the first happening back in 2012 for a DUI while working for NXT.

- Goldberg Returning?: According to TMZ Sports, Bill Goldberg is in talks with WWE about a possible return to the company. Goldberg hasn't wrestled since his time in the WWE from 2003 - 2004. He made an appearance at last year's Legends of Wrestling event at Citi Field in New York, which saw him come to the aid of Rob Van Dam and hit Scott Steiner and Doc Gallows with his finishers.

- The Headbangers Return: This past Tuesday on Smackdown Live, Mosh and Thrasher, The Headbangers, returned to the WWE to compete in the Smackdown Live World Tag Team Championship Tournament. It's unknown if they'll be present for awhile or if it was just for the tournament.

- Luke Harper Update: Luke Harper, who's been out the past 6 months with a torn ACL is scheduled to start retraining at the Performance Center. If all goes well Harper could be back by late September.

- Smackdown Live World Tag Team Tournament: We are now down to the Final Four in the tournament to crown the first ever WWE Smackdown Live World Tag Team Champions. They are: American Alpha, The Usos, The Hype Bros. and Heath Slater and Rhyno.

- Ryback Talks WWE: Former WWE superstar, Ryback, debuted his new podcast last week and talked about his last few months in WWE. Ryback claimed to have turned down a 3 year $1.5 million dollar contract. Ryback also called the WWE liars. Ryback stated that Vince McMahon lied to him and said that Vince was going to make him the company's top heel, all he had to do was listen to everything Vince told him to do. Ryback also claims that he was told by Vince that Ryback was going to squash AJ Styles at Wrestlemania 32, but that also never happened.

- PWI 500: This week, Pro Wrestling Illustrated released their yearly Top 500 magazine, where they rank their best 500 wrestlers from all over the world. This year in the 26th annual edition, Roman Reigns was announced as being #1 on the list. Reigns tweeted out his gratitude and thanked the fans and everyone at PWI.

- WWE Hall Of Famer Mr. Fuji Passes: Last Sunday morning, WWE was saddened to announce that WWE Hall of Famer Harry Fujiwara, known to WWE fans as Mr. Fuji, passed away at the age of 82. WWE stated the following on Mr. Fuji's passing:

“His career will be remembered by different generations for different reasons but Mr. Fuji, whether as a Superstar or manager, is one of the most entertaining performers in the history of WWE.”

*** Cruiserweight Classic Recap ***
The Elite 8 in the tournament met this week to see who advanced to the Final 4. 
-- Gran Metalik defeated Akira Tozawa, by pinfall, with the Metalik Driver. After the match, Tozawa gets a chant from the fans and shakes hands with Metalik for respect. 

-- Kota Ibushi defeated Brian Kendrick, by pinfall. Ibushi reverses the Bully Choke, unloads a series of kicks on Kendrick and hits the Golden Star Power Bomb for the win. After the match, Kendrick gets "Thank You Brian" chants and a hug from Daniel Bryan who trained with Kendrick at Shawn Michaels' wrestling school.

- Cruiserweight Division News: Two weeks ago WWE announced that the Cruiserweight Division would finally be coming to RAW on September 19th. WWE also announced Rich Swann, Brian Kenrick, Noam Dar, and TJ Perkins as its first four competitors. This week WWE announced Tomasso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, and Cedric Alexander for the division as well. 

*** NXT ***

- Who'll Be Called Up Next?: The Inquisitr recently posted a top 5 on the NXT stars that they think will be called up to the WWE soon.

5. Bobby Roode
4. Austin Aries
3. Asuka
2. Samoa Joe
1. Shinsuke Nakamura

- Triple H Announces Takeover: Toronto: Triple H, WWE and NXT officially announced that they have a huge weekend lined up for Survivor Series weekend. NXT will show their pay per view NXT Takeover: Toronto on Saturday November 19th, one night before WWE Survivor Series takes place. Both events and also RAW on Monday will take place at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

- Ember Moon Interview: Newcomer to NXT, Ember Moon, was recently interviewed. Moon talked about wrestling for Booker T in his Reality of Wrestling promotion, how she trained with Booker T, Vance Archer and General Skandor Akbar, Booker helping her with her high flying move set, Booker suggesting that she travel around the world to get noticed quicker and how she plans to break the barriers set by the 4 Horsewomen of NXT (Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley). 

*** TNA ***
- TNA Recap:

-- Mike Bennett cuts a promo. He's saving TNA tonight and wants to clear things up with Moose. Bobby Lashley appears and guarantees victory over Bennett. Moose appears and guarantees he'll be the deciding factor in tonight's world title match.
-- Broken Matt Hardy defeated Crazy Steve, by pinfall. Brother Nero attacks Steve with his boot, allowing Matt to hit the Twist Of Hate for the win. After the match, Steve tells Matt that his son Max is now Rosemary's baby. The Hardy's rush off to find Reby Sky and Max.
-- Broken Matt Hardy uses Vanguard One to scan the Hardy Estate. The scanning reveals that Rosemary is in Max's bedroom.
-- DJ Z defeated Trevor Lee, Mandrews, Rockstar Spud, Andrew Everett and Braxton Sutter, in an Ultimate X Gauntlet Match, to win the vacate TNA X Division Championship.
-- Drew Galloway cuts a promo. Galloway says the fans turned their back on him, disrespected him and chose to cheer for a referee (Aron Rex) last week. Galloway promises to put Rex in the hospital. TNA President Billy Corgan arrives and says that Aron Rex talked Corgan out of suspending Galloway. Aron Rex hits the ring and brawls with Galloway around ringside until TNA Security separate both men.
-- Broken Matt Hardy finally contacts Reby Sky and tells her to get Max because his match with Crazy Steve was just a setup so Abyss and Rosemary could kidnap Max.
-- Ethan Carter defeated Eli Drake, by pinfall, with the One Percenter.
-- Reby Sky, Max and Señor Benjamin enter the Estate safe room. Reby tells Señor Benjamin to watch Max because she's going to look for Rosemary.
- New TNA Knockouts Champion, Allie cuts a promo. Allie is ecstatic to be the champion and thanks the fans. Sienna interrupts, but Maria Bennett cuts her off and tells Sienna to take the night off. Maria blames Allie for ruining everything and says this celebration is not for Allie, but will be for her opponent.....Maria.
-- Maria Bennett defeats Allie, by pinfall, to win the TNA Knockouts Championship. Maria ordered Allie to lie down and be pinned or be fired.
-- Mike Bennett gives Moose a pep talk, hands him a lead pipe and tells Moose to do the right thing tonight.
-- Reby Sky chases Rosemary throughout the Estate. Rosemary throws what looks like a baby off the balcony. Señor Benjamin appears with Max informing a heartbroken Reby that Max is safe. Reby tells Señor Benjamin to prepare the battlefield for a massacre.
-- Bobby Lashley defeated Mike Bennett, by pinfall, in a No DQ Match, to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Moose appears with the lead pipe, but refuses to help Bennett. Bennett gets a spear from Lashley allowing Lashley to score the pinfall.
-- Mike Bennett insults Moose, calling him names and mocks Moose for not helping him. Moose lays Bennett out with the Playmaker.
-- It's announced that next week it'll be The Hardy's vs. The Decay in a "Delete Or Decay" match at the Hardy Estate.

- Is Dixie Carter Leaving TNA?: Sources are saying that former TNA President Dixie Carter may be leaving TNA soon. With Billy Corgan now running TNA as the brand new TNA President, many think that Dixie is planning on leaving TNA altogether soon. 

- ROH TV Recap: 

-- Shane Taylor and Keith Lee defeated War Machine, by pinfall, with a double team top rope power bomb. 
-- Cheeseburger vs. Tim Hughes vs. David Starr vs. Joey "Diesel" Daddiego goes to a No Contest. BJ Whitmer and Punisher Martinez arrive both now managed by Kevin Sullivan. Punisher curb stomps Hughes, power bombs Starr and then hits his South Of Heaven finisher on Cheeseburger. 
-- The Cabinet defeated Dalton Castle and The Boys, by pinfall, in a Six Man Tag Team Match. Kenny King hits a superplex, Titus and Coleman hit a flying leg drop/frog splash combo for the win.
-- New ROH World Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole cuts a promo. Cole brags about being a two time champ and then mocks Kyle O'Reilly. Cole says O'Reilly will never be a world champion and it makes O'Reilly jealous.
-- The Addiction defeated The Young Bucks, by pinfall, to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championship. Kamaitachi tries to interfere, but the Motor City Machine Guns make the stop. Nick Jackson suicide dives into Kamaitachi and Alex Shelley. Chris Sabin grabs a steel chair away from Kazarian, swings it at Daniels and accidentally hits Matt Jackson instead. Kaz covers Matt and scores the pinfall.

** Field Of Honor Recap **
ROH was live last Saturday night at the MCU Park in Brooklyn, New York. The show presented wrestlers from ROH and NJPW.

-- Kushida defeated Dalton Castle.
-- Bobby Fish defeated EVIL, to retain the ROH Television Championship.
-- Michael Elgin defeated Donovan Dijak, to retain the IWGP Intercontinental Championship.
-- The Addiction defeated The Briscoes, War Machine, The Cabinet, Yano and Gedo and Cheeseburger and Will Ferrera, to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championship in a Six Team Gauntlet Match.
-- The Bullet Club ("Hangman" Adam Page, The Young Bucks and Takahashi) defeated The Motor City Machine Guns, Lio Rush and ACH in an Eight Man Tag Team Match. 
-- Kyle O'Reilly defeated Katsuyori Shibata.
-- Adam Cole defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tetsuya Naito and Jay Lethal, in a Fatal Four Way Match, to retain the ROH World Heavyweight Championship.

- New ROH Title Announced: Ring Of Honor announced this week that a new title will be created and the winner will be crowned at the All Star Extravaganza pay per view. That title will be the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship. This will be the first time we've seen a U.S. promotion run with a Six Man Title since WCW had one in the 80's.

- Truth Martini Finished: ROH announced that Truth Martini is no longer with the company. Martini is expected to have neck surgery soon, reason for leaving the company. Martini was actually supposed to return at Death Before Dishonor, however, plans of that changed when ROH turned Jay Lethal face in his feud with Adam Cole.

- Matt Tavern Returning: ROH announced that Matt Taven will be returning to the ring in September. He will wrestle in Mexico on September 16th before returning to the ring for ROH. Taven has been doing commentary for ROH TV, and teasing that he will debut a new version of The Kingdom.

** ROH All Star Extravaganza Card **

- "ROH World Heavyweight Championship Match": Adam Cole (c) vs. Micheal Elgin
- "ROH World Tag Team Championship, Triple Threat Ladder Match": The Addiction (c) vs. The Young Bucks vs. The Motor City Machine Guns
- "ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship Match": ??? vs. ???


- Season 3 Debuts: Season 3 of Lucha Underground debuts this Wednesday at 8pm on the El Rey Network. As always I'll recap every episode for you in the Weekend 3 Count every Sunday. The following was the advertisement for this Wednesday's premier:

“Wheel of Misfortune: The luchadores return to the Temple and a spin of the wheel can determine their fate; Rey Mysterio also in action.”


- Kazuchika Okada Backstage In WWE: NJPW star Kazuchika Okada was spotted backstage during NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 2 and WWE SummerSlam. Rumors have been shot down of a WWE signing because he’s signed to a New Japan deal, he legally cannot talk with WWE. Okada was reportedly there just as a guest of new NXT World Champion Shinsuke Nakamura.


- GFW Partnering With The Tennessee State Fair: Global Force Wrestling announced that they will be partnering with the Tennessee State Fair to run a series of shows taking place on each night of the event. The company will have a card each day for ten consecutive days from September 9th through the 18th during the fair.

*** W3C Wrestler Of The Week ***

This week's Wrestler Of The Week goes to the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla.....Chris Jericho! Jericho was first noticed in NJPW and ECW, moved on to become one of WCW's top cruiserweights in the Cruiserweight Division and then skyrocketed to huge success in the WWE.

- ECW Television Champion (1 time)
- WCW Cruiserweight Champion (4 times)
- WCW Television Champion (1 time)
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion (2 times)
- WWE Undisputed World Champion (1 time)
- WWE World Heavyweight Champion (3 times)
- WWE Intercontinental Champion (9 times)
- WWE European Champion (1 time)
- WWE Hardcore Champion (1 time)
- WWE World Tag Team Champion (7 times) - with Chris Benoit (1), The Rock (1), Christian (1), Edge (2), and Big Show (2)
- WWE Bragging Rights Trophy (2009) – with Team Smackdown (Kane, R-Truth, Matt Hardy, Finlay, and The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd)
- WWE Slammy Award (3 times)
Superstar of the Year (2008)
Tag Team of the Year (2009) - with Big Show
Extreme Moment of the Year (2014) - Hitting a cross-body on Bray Wyatt from the top of a steel cage on Raw

Jericho has also won many independent championships, trained in the famous Hart Dungeon, is the lead singer of the hard rock band Fozzy and hosts his own Podcast called Talk Is Jericho.

- Best Of Chris Jericho:

- Best Of Chris Jericho 2:

- Chris Jericho's Top 50 Matches:

And that's this week's W3C! Join me every Sunday afternoon as I bring you news, recaps and rumors all around the wrestling world!

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