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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 7.4.14: TNA Impact


Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle, made his return to a full time TNA TV spot last week. How is that possible you say? Considering Angle is on the sidelines after having surgery on his leg a month and a half ago? TNA Board of Directors made the decision to strip MVP of all his powers of running TNA. Which opened the door for wrestling's only Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle, to be promoted by the BOD's as the new sheriff in town. Angle wasted no time in getting comfortable with his new job. Angle reinstated the recently permanently suspended Bobby Roode and gave Eric Young his rematch against Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Title. What other surprises will Kurt Angle have in store for us? Keep reading my weekly recaps and I'll keep you informed.

Today's Wrestling Lockup with Brandon is brought to you by Triple Threat Podcast. In this edition it's the TNA Impact recap edition. Let's get things started.

- TNA Impact kicked off from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with the man I just mentioned above, the new sheriff in town, Kurt Angle. Angle promises he will be fair and is just as happy as the fans are that there are no more power hungry people running TNA. Angle reinstated referee Earl Hebner then runs down tonight's card. Samoa Joe comes out and he looks mad. Joe accuses Angle of taking his new job just so he can give himself a TNA World Title Match when he's 100%. Angle tells Joe that Joe has nights when he gives his all and nights when he half asses his job, but Angle gives his all everyday. Joe talks about busting his ass every night on the independent scene and promises Angle he's going to see a new ruthless Joe and will be sorry he asked for it.

- MVP distracted Bobby Roode backstage allowing Kenny King to jump him from behind. Angle apologizes to Roode for it happening on his watch.

- " Triple Threat Match: TNA World Tag Team Championship": The Wolves (c) vs The BroMans vs The Menagerie. The Wolves hit their double team finisher to retain the tag team titles.

- Kurt Angle announced MVP vs Bobby Roode later. MVP reminds him he can't fight cause he's injured. Angle changes it to Kenny King vs Bobby Roode in a "Street Fight Match".

- "Street Fight Match": Bobby Roode vs Kenny King. Match Highlights: Roode owns King early just beating him all over the arena. King gets a trash can shot in but Roode is unstoppable it seems. Roode tosses King over the balcony to the section below. The match is officially started as both men are in the ring.
King goes for the "Royal Flush" on a chair but Roode counters with the "Roode Bomb" on the chair for the pinfall.

- Kurt Angle gives Austin Aries an X-Division Title Match next week, after Aries says how MVP roadblocked him every week. Aries wants to prove he can win it so he can earn the TNA World Title shot in the future.

- Brittany calls out Madison Rayne to apologize for her past mistakes. The ladies cut promos on each other. The ladies hug it and all is good until Brittany short arm clotheslines Rayne, turning on her. Brittany punts Rayne in the ribs and leaves her laid out.

- "Tables Match": Ethan Carter III vs Bully Ray. Bully sets ECIII up for a power bomb through the table but Rockstar Spud interferes and stops it. Spud and ECIII double team Bully until Rhino returns to TNA and hits the ring. Rhino sets Spud up for the "Gore" but fools us all and "Gores" Bully Ray instead. The fans chant "you sold out" to Rhino as ECIII puts Bully through a table for the win with a spine buster.

- Bobby Roode gives Eric Young a pep talk and will be in EY's corner tonight in his TNA World Title Match.

- Gunner, now Samuel Shaw's sponsor, encourages Shaw to change his life. Shaw starts by apologizing to his past nemesis Mr. Anderson and Christy Hemme. Both don't look impressed by Shaw.

- The Beautiful People try to sexually encourage referee Brian Stiffler to call the match for Angelina tonight in her title defense. Kurt Angle takes Stiffler out and puts Brian Hebner in.

- Knux yells at his carnival freak show buddies to start winning because he owes his loan shark money.

- "Knockouts Title Match": Angelina Love (c) vs Gail Kim. Velvet Sky gets kicked out from ringside after trying to interfere. Love hits "Botox Injection" but Kim falls to the floor. Instead of winning by countout, Love throws Kim back in the ring. Love goes for a second "Botox Injection" but Kim counters with "Eat Defeat" and scores the pinfall. Gail Kim is the NEW TNA Knockouts Champion.

- Kurt Angle announced that every title except the World Title will be on the line next week and a 20 man battle royal will determine the #1 Contender to the World Title.

- "TNA World Title Match": Bobby Lashley (c) vs Eric Young. MVP gets ejected from the match for trying to grab EY. Bobby Roode also gets ejected leaving it a one on one match. Lashley sent EY over the ropes and it looked like EY hurt his leg. EY goes for the piledriver but his hurt leg gives out. Lashley hits the powerslam for the pinfall to retain the TNA World Title. Lashley celebrates as Impact comes to an end.

And that wraps up TNA Impact recap. I'll be back next Friday afternoon for another recap of TNA Impact. Till then tap or snap.

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