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Wrestling Lockup With Brandon 6/21/17: Smackdown Live Dayton Recap

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

We are two days removed from this past Sunday's WWE Money In The Bank! Jinder Mahal is still our WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Baron Corbin is Mr. Money In The Bank and Carmella became Ms. Money In The Bank in a very controversial way. Daniel Bryan returns this week to Smackdown Live in Dayton, Ohio and has promised that the Women's Money In The Bank controversy will be the first thing he addresses.

** Smackdown Live Card **

- Big E battled Jimmy Uso.
- Dolph Ziggler battled Shinsuke Nakamura.
- WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens defended his title against Chad Gable.
- WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jinder Mahal battled Luke Harper in a non title match.

- The Women's Money In The Bank controversy is addressed.

- Randy Orton makes a threat to WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jinder Mahal.

- WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens throws out an Open Challenge for the title that AJ Styles tries to answer. 

** Smackdown Live **

- Backstage, all the women from the Money In The Bank Ladder Match are arguing about how it ended. Daniel Bryan arrives and says he wants to hear what Carmella and James Ellsworth have to say first before he makes a decision.

- Carmella and James Ellsworth Promo: Carmella says she's sick of hearing people say she made a mockery of the Women's Division and ruined a historical moment. She claims to have been overlooked since day one and mocks the other women. Carmella calls the fans internet trolls who've forgotten how guys like Seth Rollins needed help from Kane to win Money In The Bank and Bray Wyatt stopped Roman Reigns from winning it in the past. Carmella says she won fair and square and Daniel Bryan needs to recognize that and officially announce her Ms. Money In The Bank.

- Backstage, Charlotte finds Daniel Bryan and tells him that he needs to do the right thing about Carmella because it was a joke how the Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match ended. 

- Big E vs. Jimmy Uso: The match closes out with Uso countering the Big Ending and escapes outside. Both Usos try to walk out again, but Kofi flies off the steel steps and take out The Usos. Woods trys to stop Jimmy from leaving as Big E comes outside. Jimmy lands a shot on Big E and enters the ring. Big E follows Jimmy, dodges an Uso Kick and hits the Big Ending to score the pinfall.
Winner: Big E, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Nattie Neidhart and Tamina confront Daniel Bryan while on the phone with Shane McMahon. Nattie congratulates Bryan on being a dad now. Tamina, however, wants to know what's going on with the controversy of the Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match. Bryan says he'll make his decision soon and then asks Shane if he can call him back.

- Backstage, Naomi is confident that Daniel Bryan will make the right decision on the Women's Money In The Bank controversy. Lana interrupts and says she would've won the WWE Smackdown Live Women's Championship if it wasn't for Carmella and James Ellsworth distracting them. Lana challenges Naomi to another title match. Naomi accepts it for next week and threatens to slap Lana back to Russia.

- Interview With Randy Orton: Orton says things with Jinder Mahal are far from over, he's going to end Mahal's career even if he has to break the Singh Brothers' necks. Orton says Mahal disrespected the Orton family so maybe he should go to India and deliver RKO's to Mahal's family. Orton says Mahal made a big mistake and he can't turn back now.

- Dolph Ziggler vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: The match closes out with Ziggler landing an elbow, counters the Exploder suplex and hits the Zig Zag for a near fall. Ziggler traps Nakamura in a sleeper hold submission, but Nakamura escapes and hits a knee on Ziggler. Nakamura drills Ziggler with Kinshasa and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Becky Lynch interrupts Daniel Bryan and Sami Zayn. Zayn says Becky got robbed and he was rooting for her. Becky says it's frustrating because she had her hand on the briefcase until James Ellsworth got involved. Becky asks Bryan what he's going to do about it, but Bryan says it's complicated. Becky asks how is making the right decision complicated and then walks off.

- Kevin Owens Promo: Owens says there was an injustice that happened at Money In The Bank that's why he doesn't have the briefcase. Owens says he's still the Face of America and the WWE United States Champion so he's throwing out an Open Challenge to anyone from Dayton, Ohio. AJ Styles suddenly interrupts and says he's answering the challenge. Owens refuses because Styles is from Georgia. American Alpha interrupt next and Owens says they aren't from Dayton either. Chad Gable says he just moved here this morning so he technically is from Dayton. Owens wants proof, so Styles gives out Gable's address and tells the time keeper to ring the bell.

- "WWE United States Championship Match": Kevin Owens (c) vs. Chad Gable: The match closes out with Owens talking trash to AJ Styles who's on commentary. Gable drops Owens and gets a near fall moonsault off the top rope. Owens sends Gable into the post, but Gable comes back with more offense and hits a german suplex for a near fall. Owens surprises Gable with the Pop Up Power Bomb and scores the pinfall to retain his title.
Winner: Kevin Owens, by pinfall, to retain the WWE United States Championship.

- Backstage, The Hype Bros. remind Daniel Bryan that they were the #1 Contenders back in December before Zack Ryder was injured. Bryan says that if they can beat The Usos in a non title match next week then he'll make them the #1 Contenders again.

- Daniel Bryan Promo: Bryan says he and Shane McMahon have been discussing the Women's Money In The Bank controversy. Bryan calls out all five ladies to make his final decision. Bryan says there are no rules in a Money In The Bank Ladder Match and people have had help in the past, however, no one has ever had someone else climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase for them. James Ellsworth interrupts and accuses Bryan of being soft now that he has a little vegan baby. Bryan threatens to knock Ellsworth out if he ever says anything about his child again. All five ladies begin to argue with each other and Bryan has to calm them all down. Bryan announces that Carmella must forfeit the briefcase and there will be another Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match next week. Carmella and Ellsworth are furious as a brawl breaks out. Charlotte hits Natural Selection on Carmella and Becky Lynch traps Carmella in the Dis Arm Her submission to end the segment.

- Jinder Mahal vs. Luke Harper: The match closes out with Baron Corbin arriving with his Money In The Bank briefcase. Corbin fakes a cash in and laughs at Mahal. Harper hits a super kick on Mahal. One of the Singh Brothers jump on the apron and Harper takes a swing at him. Mahal grabs Harper on the distraction and hits the Cobra Clutch Slam for the pinfall. After the match, Randy Orton hits the ring, takes out the Singh Brothers and then unloads on Mahal. Orton clotheslines Mahal on the floor, tosses him on the announcers table and then tosses him into the timekeepers area. Orton hits the draping DDT on Mahal on the floor and tosses Mahal into the ring. Orton goes for the RKO but the Singh Brothers attack. Orton hits RKO's on both brothers as Mahal escapes.
Winner: Jinder Mahal, by pinfall.

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