Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wrestling Lockup With Brandon 6/29/17: NXT Recap

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

NXT is back this week with more exciting action! Two weeks ago we were left with NXT Women's Champion Asuka and Nikki Cross brawling throughout the arena until finally putting each other through a table. This week Asuka puts her title on the line against Nikki Cross one more time in a Last Woman Standing Match.

** This Weeks Card **

- "Velveteen Dream" Patrick Clark battled HoHo Lun.
- Oney Lorcan battled Hideo Itami.
- NXT Women's Champion Asuka defended her title against Nikki Cross in a Last Woman Standing Match.

- SAnitY sends a message to the NXT universe.

** NXT **

- "Velveteen Dream" Patrick Clark vs. HoHo Lun: The match closes out with Lun unloading on Clark, but Clark looks unfazed. Clark lands a boot and then a jackhammer on Lun. Clark goes to the top rope and hits the flying elbow drop to score the pinfall.
Winner: "Velveteen Dream" Patrick Clark, by pinfall.

- A video from earlier in the day shows Asuka arriving to the arena. Nikki Cross leaps onto the car windshield, but gets taken away by NXT Security.

- Backstage, William Regal informs The Authors of Pain and Heavy Machinery that they will both meet in two weeks with the NXT World Tag Team Championship on the line. Paul Ellering doesn't seem worried, but Regal puts Heavy Machinery over as NXT's possible next big things.

- Oney Lorcan vs. Hideo Itami: The match is thrown out as Lorcan lands a blow right to Itami's face, busting Itami's nose. NXT Medical check on Itami and tell the referee that Itami needs further assistance.
Winner: No Contest.

- Hideo Itami returns to the ring after being looked at backstage by the NXT Medics and demands his match with Oney Lorcan to continue. Lorcan returns and the match restarts.

- Oney Lorcan vs. Hideo Itami: The match closes out with Lorcan getting a near fall blockbuster. Itami tells the referee to check his nose again. Itami plays opossum to attack Lorcan, hit a couple suplexes and then a neck breaker on the top rope. Lorcan counters the Go 2 Sleep, but hurts his leg escaping. Lorcan ends up getting hit with the Go 2 Sleep on the second attempt and Itami scores the pinfall.
Winner: Hideo Itami, by pinfall.

- After the match, Hideo Itami calls out Kassius Ohno. Ohno arrives and he and Itami begin to argue. Nikki Cross suddenly distracts both men allowing Eric Young and Wolfe to attack from behind. Wolfe grabs a microphone and says that SAnitY ends forced friendships, pleasantries and lies. Dain says with chaos is how they end those things. Wolfe says that Eric Young is creating the master plan and he can't wait for it to unfold, but Nikki Cross will begin part one of that plan when she defeats Asuka tonight.

- "NXT Women's Championship, Last Woman Standing Match": Asuka (c) vs. Nikki Cross: The match closes out with Nikki hitting four straight fisherman's neck breakers, but Asuka is up at 9. Asuka kicks the title out of Nikki's hands as Nikki attempted to use it as a weapon. Asuka goes for a suplex from the apron to the floor on Nikki, Nikki counters and power bombs Asuka on a stack of chairs outside, but Asuka is up again at 9. Both ladies brawl up the ramp to the NXT stage. Asuka hits a forearm and then a flying hip attack puts Nikki down to the count of 7.
Nikki hits a swinging neck breaker on Asuka after draping Asuka on the barricade and gets another 9 count. Nikki hits Asuka with a ladder and then goes for a table. Nikki sends Asuka into the table then climbs the ladder. Asuka follows Nikki up the ladder and grabs her. Asuka hooks Nikki and hits a superplex on Nikki off the ladder and down to the arena floor, barely catching the announcers table. The referee counts, Asuka is up at 9, but Nikki is out for the 10 count. Asuka wins and retains her title.
Winner: Asuka, to retain the NXT Women's Championship.

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