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Weekend 3 Count 6/25/17

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE brings you the Weekend 3 Count. W3C brings you wrestling news, rumors and recaps from around the wrestling world. You'll find news rumors and recaps involving WWE, NXT, Impact Wrestling, GFW, ROH, Lucha Underground, NJPW, House of Hardcore, NWA, ICW, CZW, FIP, AAW, EVOLVE, PROGRESS, SHINE, SHIMMER and any Indy promotion that I find an interesting story or a cool discovery in. Be sure to check out the W3C every Sunday afternoon at @TripleThreatCLE

** Theme Song Of The Week **
This week's theme song goes to the current Mr. Money In The Bank winner Baron Corbin.

*** WWE ***

- Money In The Bank: Be sure to check out my recap of WWE Money In The Bank from last Sunday and see how Baron Corbin and Carmella became Mr. and Ms. Money In The Bank.

- Mike and Maria Bennett Make Their WWE Debut For Smackdown Live: Last week at WWE Money In The Bank, Mike and Maria Bennett debuted for the Smackdown Live brand and going by Mike and Maria Kanellis. Mike and Maria appear to have a power couple gimmick that want to spread love to everyone.

- Big Cass Turns Heel: If you missed last week's Monday Night RAW, check out my recap of the show and see how Big Cass was revealed as the attacker that jumped Enzo from behind and why he did it.

- Carmella Stripped Of Money In The Bank: If you read my recap of WWE Money In The Bank you seen how the Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match ended in controversy. This past week on Smackdown Live Daniel Bryan stripped Carmella of the briefcase due to her controversial win.

- Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match Part 2: Daniel Bryan announced on Talking Smack Tuesday that not only will they have a do over on the Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match on this week's Smackdown Live, but James Ellsworth will be banned from ringside.

- Triple H Throws Out An Invitation: This past week, Triple H personally invited both Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor to appear on a future episode of Monday Night RAW to promote their upcoming boxing match in August.

- WWE 2K18 News: Seth Rollins officially announced on ESPN that he will be on the cover of this year's WWE 2K18 video game.

- WWE's ECW Coming To WWE Network: WWE announced this week that they will soon be adding the first two years worth of WWE/ECW episodes to the WWE Network.

- More Mae Young Classic Tournament News: WWE announced this week that the following five ladies will officially be added to the Mae Young Classic Tournament this summer: Abbey Laith, Tessa Blanchard, Jazzy Gabert, Taynara Conti and Kavita Devi.

- Punjabi Prison Match Returning: Nothing has been officially announced as of yet, but there are rumors that WWE is considering bringing back the Punjabi Prison Match. The match if it returns would take place at WWE Battleground and would be Jinder Mahal defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton.

** 205 Live Recap **
This week's main event saw WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville battle Rich Swann in a non title match.

- Backstage, Titus O'Neil interrupts Rich Swann and Akira Tozawa and offers a spot in The Titus Brand to Swann if he fixes his hair. Titus gives Tozawa a contract to join The Titus Brand, but Tozawa doesn't sign it. Titus says obviously Tozawa wants more money, so he'll draw up a new contract, let Tozawa think it over and he'll get back to Tozawa on Monday Night RAW.

- Jack Gallagher vs. Tony Nese: The match closes out with Nese hitting the ring post shoulder first and appears to be injured. The referee checks on Nese and goes to call off the match. Nese was playing opossum as he grabs Gallagher and sends him head first into the turnbuckle. Nese hits the running knee on Gallagher and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Tony Nese, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Noam Dar tells Alicia Fox on FaceTime that he wants to move on from Cedric Alexander. Alexander arrives and says the same thing. Dar tells Alexander that he's going to have to fish his own bag out of the bottom of the river. Alexander reveals that he has his bag in his hand. Dar realizes he was given the wrong information on which bag to toss into the river as Ariya Daivari appears looking for his $15,000 bag that his father bought him.

- Drew Gulak vs. Mustafa Ali: The match closes out with Gulak in control and trash talks Ali. Ali unloads, but misses an aerial move on Gulak. Gulak regains control and looks to finish off Ali. Ali suddenly pulls out a cradle pin and scores the pinfall on Gulak.
Winner: Mustafa Ali, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Austin Aries meets up with Jack Gallagher. Both men agree on forming an alliance with each other to try to be more successful on 205 Live.

- Backstage, TJ Perkins tells Rich Swann he doesn't appreciate Swann questioning his actions. Swann says they've been friends for a long time and he was just showing concern for Perkins.

- Neville vs. Rich Swann: Akira Tozawa is watching this match from ringside. The match closes out with Swann hitting a flying clothesline on Neville, unloads more offense and gets a near fall. Swann goes to the top rope again, but Neville cuts him off. Swann knocks Neville down and goes for a Phoenix Splash on Neville. Neville moves, causing Swann to crash on the mat. Neville traps Swann in the Rings of Saturn submission and gets the tap out win. After the match, Neville stares down Tozawa at ringside.
Winner: Neville, by submission.

*** NXT ***

- Mauro Ranallo Returns: WWE announced this week that former Smackdown Live announcer Mauro Ranallo will be returning to the company after a short hiatus. Ranallo will join the NXT commentator table for his return. Ranallo had taken a leave of absence from WWE at the beginning of the year after battling his personal demons dealing with depression. There were also rumors that JBL bullied Ranallo during their time together on Smackdown Live which made Ranallo's depression worse. Triple H and Ranallo met this past week and Ranallo posted the following on his Twitter page.

"THE NXT CHAPTER BEGINS! WWE and I mutually agreed to end my responsibilities on SmackDown having nothing to do with rumors about disputes. As I remained under contract with WWE, we discussed a variety of options. Despite originally agreeing to part ways, there was always a desire to continue working together. We have come to terms on a new agreement that benefits both WWE and me, and I am thrilled to announce I will now be part of the NXT broadcasting team."

MOMMA MIA!!! Welcome back Mauro!

- Bobby Roode To Defend The NXT World Championship: NXT announced that after their confrontation this past week on NXT, Bobby Roode will defend his NXT World Championship against Roderick Strong on the July 5th episode of NXT.

- Bobby Fish Makes His Debut: This past week during NXT TV tapings, former ROH wrestler Bobby Fish made his NXT debut.

- Axel Dieter Jr. Debuts: This past week during NXT TV tapings, Axel Dieter Jr., formally of PROGRESS Wrestling made his official NXT debut. Dieter was using his real name Marcel Barthel.

*** Impact Wrestling ***

** Impact TV Recap **
Impact was still showing their Impact tapings from India this week. This week's main event saw Impact World Champion Bobby Lashley and Ethan Carter battle GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron and James Storm.

- Backstage, Sienna tries to get Laurel Van Ness to focus on their tag team match tonight against Allie and Rosemary.

- "Sony Six Way X Division Elimination Match": Trevor Lee vs. Davey Richards vs. Suicide vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Matt Sydal:

** First Elimination: Sutter takes out Suicide, however, Lee sneaks behind Sutter, rolls him up with a handful of tights and scores the pinfall, eliminating Braxton Sutter.

** Second Elimination: Edwards unloads on Lee and Richards, saving Suicide from a double team. Edwards misses a charge and goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Lee hits a double foot stomp on Suicide and scores the pinfall, eliminating Suicide. 

** Third Elimination: Richards goes outside onto the floor. Edwards flies out and attempts a suicide dive on Richards. Richards grabs a steel chair and hits Edwards in mid air with it, getting DQ'ed.

** Fourth Elimination: Edwards grabs a steel chair of his own and unloads on Richards, getting Edwards DQ'ed as well.

** Final Elimination: We're down to Trevor Lee vs. Matt Sydal with the winner receiving the Sony Six Trophy. Sydal hits a standing hurricanrana on Lee and gets a near fall. Sydal tries another aerial offensive move, but eats a forearm from Lee. Lee goes to finish off Sydal, but Sydal hits a big roundhouse kick that stuns Lee. Sydal hits the Shooting Star Press off the top rope and scores the pinfall to win the Sony Six Trophy. After the match, Bruce Prichard, Scott D'amore and The Sony Six Pictures CFO Nitin Nadkarni come into the ring to present Matt Sydal with The Sony Six trophy.
Winner: Matt Sydal

- A video is shown from earlier of Rockstar Spud and Swoggle on the streets of India being separated.

- Backstage, Allie is worried because Rosemary isn't at the arena yet for their tag team match.

- Sienna and Laurel Van Ness vs. Allie and Rosemary: It looks like Rosemary was a no show until she suddenly crawls out from under the ring to help Allie. The match closes out with Allie getting distracted when both KM and Braxton Sutter arrive and brawl on the ramp. Allie gets knocked off the apron by Laurel. Sienna hits a german suplex on Rosemary and then hits the Curb Stomp to score the pinfall.
Winners: Sienna and Laurel Van Ness, by pinfall.

- Sonjay Dutt is shown on the streets of India celebrating his Impact X Division Championship victory from last week.

- LAX is shown discussing whether or not to attack Orlando wrestling promotions and take the promoters payrolls.

- Sonjay Dutt Celebration: Dutt arrives surrounded by Indian dancers and dances with some of them while heading to the ring. Dutt talks about how great it feels to finally becoming an X Division Champion, winning it in front of his friends and family and thanks the country of India. Low ki interrupts, but congratulates Dutt and says he won't make excuses because the better man won. Low Ki asks for a rematch and Dutt accepts, but wants a 2 Out of 3 Falls Match at Slammiversary. Low Ki accepts and then suddenly strikes Dutt to the mat and then does the same to Mahabali Shera who tries to help Dutt. Low Ki goes for the Warriors Way on Dutt, but Matt Sydal hits the ring and makes the save. 

- Mahabali Shera vs. KM: Shera shoves away medic that try to check on Shera after the Low Ki attack as KM hits the ring for their match. The match closes out with KM trying to get a quick pinfall. KM beats down Shera and goes after Shera's ribs. KM misses a springboard splash, allowing Shera to hit the Sky High and score the pinfall. After the match, Kongo Kong arrives and he and KM beat down Shera. KM plants Shera into the mat allowing Kong to hit a frog splash on Shera.
Winner: Mahabali Shera, by pinfall.

- Eli Drake and Chris Adonis Promo: Drake says he's sick of hearing the Moose chants and plans to do something about it at Slammiversary. Adonis says that Moose doesn't even deserve to be in any wrestling ring with him or Drake. Drake mocks Moose and says his mystery partner will probably be Bruce Prichard. Moose interrupts and admits that his partner isn't anyone currently in the Impact locker room. Moose announces the NFL's own DeAngelo Williams as his tag team partner at Slammiversary. A video package plays showing DeAngelo Williams and his signing with Impact Wrestling. After the video, Drake and Adonis attack and beat down Moose.

- Bobby Lashley and Ethan Carter vs. Alberto El Patron and James Storm: The match closes out with all four men brawling to the top rope. Lashley takes all three men down with a tower of doom spot. El Patron counters a spear from Lashley and Lashley eats the Last Call from Storm. El Patron unloads Si Kicks and then locks Lashley in the cross arm breaker submission. EC3 breaks up the submission, grabs his leather strap and whips the referee, DQ'ing his team. After the match, Storm chases EC3 backstage with his leather strap. El Patron takes out Lashley and celebrates with both the Impact World Championship and the GFW Global Championship. 
Winners: Alberto El Patron and James Storm, by DQ.

- Impact Icon Announcer Possibly Returning For Slammiversary: Wrestling Observer Newsletter revealed that longtime former Impact Wrestling play-by-play announcer Mike Tenay is being rumored to return at the Slammiversary event on Sunday, July 2nd. There has been no official word as of now.

- Talent Departures: Impact Wrestling officially announced the departures of Shane Helms, Al Snow and Simon Diamond this past week.

- Bobby Lashley Invites President Trump To Be In His Corner: Bobby Lashley recently sent out an invite to President Donald Trump for the July 2nd Slammiversary pay-per-view in Orlando. Lashley issued the Slammiversary invite to Trump after it was announced that Lucha legend Dos Caras will be supporting his son GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron by appearing in his corner.


** ROH TV Recap **
This week's episode celebrated the 300th episode of ROH TV. This week's main event saw ROH World Heavyweight Champion Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and Hiroshi Tanahashi battle Will Ospreay, Gedo and Hirooki Goto of CHAOS in a Six Man Tag Team Match.

- A video plays showing Jay Lethal, Christopher Daniels and The Briscoes talking about what ROH and the first 300 episodes have meant to them.

- Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser vs. Bobby Fish and Jay Lethal: The match closes out with Fish and Young trading shots. Bruiser comes in and he and Young hit a wheel barrow stun gun suplex combo on Fish. Lethal comes in but suffers the double team next. Lethal hits Lethal Injection on Bruiser. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection on Young, but Young counters, hits Misery and scores the pinfall.
Winners: Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser, by pinfall.

- The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia) vs. The Boys: The match closes out with The Boys hitting double drop kicks and follow that with a double plancha. Taven shoves Boy #1 off the top rope and then beats down Boy #2. Taven hits the Guerrero Special on Boy #2 and scores the pinfall. After the match, Marseglia scissor kicks the referee and The Kingdom send a warning to Team CMLL. Jay Briscoe then hits the ring and goes after The Boys, but Bully Ray and Mark Briscoe hold Jay back and try to calm him down.
Winners: The Kingdom, by pinfall.

- Punishment Martinez vs. Joey Daddiego: The match closes out with Daddiego trying to fight off Martinez, but Martinez ends things quick with the South of Heaven chokeslam for the pinfall. After the match, Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara try to check on Daddiego. Martinez attacks, hits South of Heaven on Ferrara and then attempts the Curb Stomp on Cheeseburger. Jay White hits the ring, brawls with Martinez and then clotheslines him to the floor.
Winner: Punishment Martinez, by pinfall.

- "Six Man Tag Team Match": Hiroshi Tanahashi and The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) vs. Chaos (Will Ospreay, Gedo and Hirooki Goto): Cody Rhodes was on commentary for this match. The match closes out with Ospreay accidentally hitting the OsCutter on Goto. The Addiction hit a springboard DDT on Ospreay. Kazarian hits a Stunner on Gedo and then Tanahashi follows that up with the High Fly Flow. Daniels hits the Best Moonsault Ever on Gedo and scores the pinfall. After the match, Daniels spits at Rhodes, forcing Rhodes to stand up from the table. Hangman Adam Page suddenly attacks Kazarian and whips him with a strap. Rhodes hits the ring and clotheslines Daniels. Rhodes beats down Daniels as Page hits Rite of Passage on Kazarian. Rhodes hits Daniels with his own finisher Angels Wings and then celebrates with the ROH World Heavyweight Championship to end the show.
Winners: The Addiction and Hiroshi Tanahashi, by pinfall.

- ROH Best In the World: Just a reminder ROH Best In the World was this past Friday. I will have the full recap of the show for you next Sunday on Weekend 3 Count.

*** Lucha Underground ***

** Lucha Underground TV Recap **
This week the 32 Person Cueto Cup Tournament continued.

- Fenix arrives to The Temple and dedicates his success in the Cueto Cup Tournament to Melissa Santos. Marty The Moth is then shown in the background watching Melissa.

- "The Cueto Cup Tournament Match": Cage vs. Vinnie Massaro: The match closes out with Massaro trying to use the metal gauntlet glove on Cage, but misses. Cage unloads on Massaro in the corner then hits the modified Brain Buster to score the pinfall and advance in the tournament. After the match, Cage puts his glove on and repeatedly beats Massaro with it and then choke slams him off the apron.
Winner: Cage, by pinfall.

- More hype videos of the upcoming Johnny Mundo vs. Rey Mysterio Lucha Underground World Championship Match.

- "The Cueto Cup Tournament Match": Marty 'The Moth' Martinez vs. Saltador: The match closes out with Marty hitting an Exploder suplex on Saltador and looks to be in complete control. Saltador tries to take advantage and gets a near fall small package on Marty. Marty hits an underhook suplex into a gutbuster to score the pinfall and advance in the tournament.
Winner: Marty "The Moth" Martinez, by pinfall.

- Backstage Mascarita Sagrada is prepping for his Cueto Cup Tournament Match. The Rabbit Tribe interrupt and treat him like he is their leader. Sagrada ignores them and walks away.

- At Marty "The Moth" Martinez's lair, Marty has a shrine dedicated to Melissa Santos. Marty talks to and licks one of Melissa's pictures as his sister Mariposa interrupts. Mariposa says that Marty's lusting for Melissa has made him weak and Mariposa will teach Marty a lesson should their paths cross in the tournament.

- "The Cueto Cup Tournament Match": Mascarita Sagrada vs. Pindar: The match closes out with Kobra Moon getting into the ring and distracting Sagrada. Sagrada grabs Kobra and lands a slap on her, before hitting a moonsault on Pindar for a near fall. Pindar hits an inside out power bomb on Sagrada and scores the pinfall to advance in the tournament.
Winner: Pindar, by pinfall.

- "The Cueto Cup Tournament Match": Mariposa vs. Fenix: The match closes out with Mariposa and Fenix trading shots until Fenix lands a kick. Both battle up to the top rope where they continue to trade shots. Fenix sends Mariposa flying off the ropes with a jumping palm strike. Mariposa misses a cross body block on Fenix and gets hit with the Fenix Driver. Fenix covers and scores the pinfall to advance in the tournament. After the match, Marty "The Moth" Martinez and Mariposa try to double team Fenix, but Fenix fights back and takes them both out with a suicide dive.
Winner: Fenix, by pinfall.


- Katsuyori Shibata Update: According to @STRIGGA of, Shibata has updated his blog, giving some more details about where his health is at after being diagnosed with a subdural hematoma from his April 9 match against Okada. He says the therapy is a "Heavy burden" on his body and his visibility has been impaired, having three eye surgeries thus far.

*** House of Hardcore ***

** House of Hardcore 27 Recap **
Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore returned to action this past week with HOH 27.

- JL Gold, Xander Sullivan, Lynx Lewis Jr. and Renegade defeated Alex Shepard, Jesse Daniels, Thirteen and Tim Kade in an Eight Man Tag Team Match.

- MVP defeated Bull James.

- Matt Cross defeated Andy Phoenix and Robbie Eagles in a Triple Threat Match.

- Billy Gunn defeated Jake Hager.

- Mohammad Ali Vaez defeated Tommy Dreamer in a Street Fight Match.

- The Young Bucks defeated The Spirit Squad.

*** FIP Wrestling ***

** FIP In Full Force Recap **
Full Impact Pro Wrestling returned with this year's In Full Force event. This year there were two world titles on the line. First up it was the FIP World Champion Fred Yehi defending his title against Joey Janela. WWN World Champion Matt Riddle defended his title against Jon Davis. FIP World Tag Team Champions The Hooligans defended their titles against Matt Tremont and Teddy Stigma. All that and more highlighted this year's show.

- Matt Stone vs. AR Fox: The match closes out with Stone defeating Fox by submission with a modified camel clutch.
Winner: Matt Stone, by submission.

- Parrow vs. Jimmy Lloyd: The match closes out with Parrow hitting Lloyd with a sit down Tombstone Piledriver to score the pinfall.
Winner: Parrow, by pinfall.

- Parrow's partner Drennen cuts a promo and states that Parrow is completely dominate. Drennen then promises that when Odinson returns in August no one will be able to stop the three of them. Mitch Mitchell interrupts, calls Drennen a bitch and says he doesn't back down from anyone. Parrow attacks Mitchell and tosses him outside as the locker room empties out. Parrow unloads on everyone and tosses bodies outside. Mitch Mitchell issues an open challenge to Drennen right now to be included in a Fatal Five Way Match. Drennen accepts.

- "Fatal Five Way Match": Drennen vs. Irish Jack vs. Mason Tyler vs. Mitch Mitchell vs. Vertigo: The match closes out with Drennen trapping Mason Tyler in a figure four leg lock submission and forcing the tap out for the victory.
Winner: Drennen, by submission.

- Priscilla Kelly vs. Aria Blake: The match closes out with Priscilla trapping Aria in a grounded octopus hold submission and forcing the tap out for the win. After the match, Aria attacks the referee and lays him out.
Winner: Priscilla Kelly, by submission.

- Timothy Barr cuts a promo and rips on women's wrestling. Barr says it's 2017 and women are just now figuring out how to wrestle. Kaci Lennox interrupts, slaps the taste out of Barr's mouth and then attacks him. Barr escapes and gives Kaci the bird as he exits.

- Anthony Henry vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman: The match closes out with Henry hitting a frog splash to score the pinfall. After the match, Dontay Brown says he's finished working with Henry and is going to invest his money into the Women's Division. Brown announces Aria Blake as his new client.
Winner: Anthony Henry, by pinfall.

- Matt Tremont vs. Teddy Stigma: Both men decide to not fight each other and instead team up and challenge for the FIP World Tag Team Championship.
Winner: No Contest.

- "FIP World Tag Team Championship Match": The Hooligans (c) vs. Matt Tremont and Teddy Stigma: The match closes out with The Hooligans delivering the Con Chair Toe on Stigma to score the pinfall and retain their titles. After the match, Tremont and Stigma shake hands even though they lost. Stigma then turns and lays Tremont out with Death Stick.
Winners: The Hooligans, by pinfall, to retain the FIP World Tag Team Championship.

- Timothy Barr returns cutting another promo. Barr rips on Kaci Lennox and says that she just like the rest of the women in FIP are worth nothing.

- "FIP World Championship Match": Fred Yehi (c) vs. Joey Janela: The match closes out with Yehi laying out Janela on a steel chair with an STO. Yehi then applies the Koji Clutch submission and forces Janela to tap out to retain his title. After the match, Martin Stone challenges Yehi for a title shot. Yehi accepts the challenge and then gets laid out by Stone as a warning.
Winner: Fred Yehi, by submission, to retain the FIP World Championship.

- "WWN World Championship Match": Matt Riddle (c) vs. Jon Davis: The match closes out with Riddle trapping Davis in the Bromission submission and getting the tap out win to retain his title.
Winner: Matt Riddle, by submission, to retain the WWN World Championship.

*** AAW Wrestling ***

** Killers Among Us Recap **
AAW was back with their Killers Among Us show. AAW Heritage Champion Pentagon Jr. defended his title against Trevor Lee. AAW World Champion Sami Callihan defended his title against Michael Elgin. The show also included Abyss, Low Ki, Zack Sabre Jr., John Morrison (Johnny Mundo) and many other wrestlers.

- ACH vs. Garza Jr.: The match closes out with ACH hitting the Buster Call Brain Buster on Garza to score the pinfall.
Winner: ACH, by pinfall.

- Eddie Kingston vs. Jeff Cobb: The match closes out with Kingston delivering back to back spinning back fists to score the pinfall.
Winner: Eddie Kingston, by pinfall.

- "Fatal Four Way Match": Jack Crist vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Paco vs. Davey Vega: The match closes out with Crist hitting the double underhook destroyer on Paco for the pinfall.
Winner: Jack Crist, by pinfall.

- Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Matt Fitchett: The match closes out with Sabre trapping Fitchett in a Triangle Choke submission and forcing the tap out for the victory.
Winner: Zack Sabre Jr., by submission.

- Abyss vs. Low Ki: The match closes out with Abyss laying down thumbtacks and JT Davidson getting slammed on top of them. Low Ki rolls up Abyss from behind and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Low Ki, by pinfall.

- "AAW Heritage Championship Match": Pentagon Jr. (c) vs. Trevor Lee: The match closes out with Pentagon hitting a Package Piledriver on Lee and scoring the pinfall to retain his title.
Winner: Pentagon Jr., by pinfall, to retain the AAW Heritage Championship.

- "Six Man Tag Team Match": Dezmond Xavier, Pete Wentz and DJ Zema Ion vs. Myron Reed, Stephen Wolf and Trey Miguel: The match closes out with Wentz hitting a moonsault on Wolf to score the pinfall.
Winners: Desmond Xavier, Pete Wentz and DJ Z, by pinfall.

- John Morrison vs. Brian Cage: The match closes out with Morrison landing a low blow on Cage and then hitting Starship Pain for the pinfall.
Winner: John Morrison, by pinfall.

- War Machine vs. ReDRagon: The match closes out with War Machine hitting a Pop Up Power Slam on Bobby Fish to score the pinfall in their AAW debut.
Winners: War Machine, by pinfall.

- "AAW World Championship Match": Sami Callihan (c) vs. Michael Elgin: The match closes out with Elgin getting a near fall Elgin Bomb. Callihan applies the Stretch Muffler submission, but Elgin escapes. JT and Jake Crist arrive to help Callihan, but Callihan orders them to leave ringside and refuses help. Callihan spits in Elgin's face and then gets hit with two rolling back fists. Elgin goes for the Elgin Bomb on Callihan, but Callihan escapes and scores a surprise rollup pinfall to retain his title.
Winner: Sami Callihan, by pinfall, to retain the AAW World Championship.

*** PWG ***

*Man On The Silver Mountain Recap*
The main event of the show saw Zack Sabre Jr. and Marty Scurll team up and battle Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish.

- Chuck Taylor vs. Trevor Lee: The match closes out with Taylor hitting a cross body on Lee to score the pinfall.
Winner: Chuck Taylor, by pinfall.

- "Triple Threat Match": Dezmond Xavier vs. Jason Cade vs. Jake Crist: The match closes out with Xavier hitting the Spiral Tap on Cade and scoring the pinfall.
Winner: Dezmond Xavier, by pinfall.

- Keith Lee vs. Lio Rush: The match closes out with Lee hitting the Spirit Bomb on Rush to score the pinfall.
Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall.

- Unbreakable F’n Machines (Brian Cage and Michael Elgin) vs. War Machine: The match closes out with The Machines unloading a series of power moves on War Machine, allowing Cage to score the pinfall on Rowe.
Winners: Unbreakable F'n Machines, by pinfall.

- Sami Callihan vs. Matt Sydal: The match closes out with Callihan trapping Sydal in the Stretch Muffler submission and forces Sydal to tap out.
Winner: Sami Callihan, by pinfall.

- Jeff Cobb vs. Trent Beretta: The match closes out with Cobb hitting the Tour of the Islands to score the pinfall.
Winner: Jeff Cobb, by pinfall.

- Zack Sabre Jr. and Marty Scurll vs. reDragon (Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish): The match closes out with Sabre and Scurll getting the submission victory. After the match, Chuck Taylor challenges Zack Sabre Jr. to a title match at the July 7th show.
Winners: Zack Sabre Jr. and Marty Scurll, by submission.

*** Other ***

- GLOW On Netflix: Just a reminder the new Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling TV show premired this past Friday on Netflix. The show is based on the old 80's wrestling show with the same name. The plot revolves around a struggling LA actress who answers a casting call for a new wrestling show called GLOW. Johnny Mundo/John Morrison appeared in the pilot episode.

And that's this week's W3C! Join me every Sunday afternoon as I bring you news, recaps and rumors all around the wrestling world!

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