Saturday, May 30, 2015

#WWE #EliminationChamber 2015 Preview

By @B_Rock1978

Elimination Chamber 2015 comes to you live from Corpus Christi, Texas. This year's Elimination Chamber we'll see all the titles on the line. The Intercontinental Championship and Tag Team Championship will be defended inside the career ending Elimination Chamber itself. Let's take a look at this year's match card.

- "WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match": Seth Rollins (c) vs. Dean Ambrose: Seth Rollins successfully retained his WWE World Heavyweight Championship last month at Payback, in a Fatal 4 Way Match. Dean Ambrose was one of the four men included in that match and came up short on a victory. Dean Ambrose demanded a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match with Rollins, because he still had a pinfall win over Rollins and felt he deserved to be number one contender. Rollins felt Ambrose was unworthy and refused to give Ambrose a shot at the title. Ambrose took matters into his own hands, attacked Rollins and threatened to bash Rollins skull in with a steel chair on cinder blocks. Stephanie McMahon put a stop to Ambrose ending Rollins' career and granted him his title shot tonight. Will the Seth Rollins Era continue? Seth Rollins says he's the future, will he prove it? Can Dean Ambrose, the WWE's resident "Lunatic", put a stop to The Authority's golden boy and become the NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

- "WWE United States Championship Match": John Cena (c) vs. Kevin Owens: John Cena successfully retained his WWE United States Championship in his final match with Rusev at Payback. Cena came out the next night on RAW and prepared to have his weekly U.S. Title Open Challenge, however, Kevin Owens interrupted Cena. Owens stated how he felt about Cena and planned to injure Cena like he did to Sami Zayn. Owens laid out Cena with a pop up power bomb and the match was made official by Triple H. Can John Cena retain the WWE United States Championship against a man hell bent on injuring Cena permanently? Will Kevin Owens succeed on his promise of taking out John Cena and winning the WWE United States Championship? Kevin Owens looks to be only the second superstar to hold both an NXT Title and a WWE Title at the same time. Paige being the first, who held both the NXT Women's Title and WWE Divas Title at the same time.

- "WWE Intercontinental Championship, Elimination Chamber Match": Sheamus vs. R-Truth vs. King Barrett vs. Rusev vs. Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler: The WWE Intercontinental Championship is currently vacant as former champion, Daniel Bryan, had to vacate the title due to injury. Dolph Ziggler and King Barrett look to be the major favorites to win the title, as both men have held the title the most times. Sheamus demanded the title be handed to him for being the reason behind Bryan's injury. Unfortunately for Sheamus he has to earn it the old fashion way...winning it. R-Truth and Ryback both  look to become first time Intercontinental champions. Rusev looks to become a first time Intercontinental champion after having a solid run in late 2014/early 2015 with the WWE United States Championship. All six men will step inside the dangerous Elimination Chamber and battle it out until there's only one man left standing. Which one of these six will be the last man standing and walk out the NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion?

- "WWE World Tag Team Championship, Elimination Chamber Match": The New Day (c) vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. Los Matadores vs. The Ascension vs. Prime Time Players: The New Day successfully retained their WWE World Tag Team Championship, last month at Payback, defeating Kidd and Cesaro in a two out of three falls match. Kidd and Cesaro are still on a mission to win back the tag titles that they lost to The New Day. The Lucha Dragons made a name for themselves in NXT, winning the NXT World Tag Team Championship, at one time. The Dragons look to add WWE gold to that list. The Ascension are also former NXT World Tag Team Champions, looking to finally dominate the WWE tag team division. Los Matadores and the Prime Time Players are the veterens of this match, who've been teamed up together the longest. Both teams look to finally become first time WWE World Tag Team Champions. For the first time ever, the WWE World Tag Team Championship will be on the line inside the dangerous Elimination Chamber. Which team will be the last team standing and leave the WWE World Tag Team Champions?

- "WWE Divas Championship, Triple Threat Match": Nikki Bella (c) vs. Naomi vs. Paige: Nikki Bella continues to be on a roll in the Divas Division, when it comes to defending her championship. Naomi came into the title picture a month ago when she took out Paige and stole her title match at Extreme Rules. Paige, who never got her rightful title shot she deserved, returned and sent a message to both Nikki and Naomi. Can Nikki successfully retain her WWE Divas Championship and continue to reign over the Divas Division? Will Naomi, who has Tamina Snuka in her corner, a new bad attitude and claims that she deserves the title, come out victorious? How about Paige? Paige returns with vengeance on her mind for Naomi and Nikki's championship in her sights.

*** Pre-Show ***

- MizTV with special guest Daniel Bryan: The Miz will host MizTV on the pre-show before Elimination Chamber. The Miz will welcome special guest Daniel Bryan. Bryan will try to update us on his current injury and career status. That's if The Miz let's him get any words in.

*** My Predictions ***
My Record: 26-13

Rollins wins
Owens wins
Sheamus wins
The New Day wins
Naomi wins

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