Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cliff's Edge 5.27.15: An Ode to the King #Cavs

By @CLG2282

How about them Cavs???

All we heard was how difficult it was to defend Atlanta. They only thing people talked about was how short handed we are. And what did the Cavs do? Go out and sweep the #1 seed Atlanta Hawks.

Not only did they sweep, the Cleveland Cavaliers made it look easy. This may be the most efficiently I've seen a LeBron James lead Cavaliers squad play.

All lot of what I have talked about recently was the totality of the team. I've talked about how the Cavs have found rhythm and played together as a unit. One thing that was blatantly different about this Conference Finals series was about one man, LeBron James.

With the Cavs win tonight LeBron James, along with James Jones, has done something that Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird have never done. Make it to the NBA Finals for a 5th consecutive season. Doing so in quite an impressive fashion, might I add.

In the Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron James averaged a triple-double. Most memorable is probably the Game 3 overtime victory in Cleveland in which James notched 37 pts, 18 rebs and 13 asts. Not to mention the 3 steals he had during that contest or the late corner-three he hit to put the Cavs ahead for good.

James put his team on his back. Plain and Simple. No Kevin Love, a hobbled Kyrie Irving and against a hungry and lethal Atlanta Hawks team, LeBron James carried the Cavs to the Eastern Conference championship and the 2nd Finals appearance in franchise history.

Now I'm not saying he did not have help because that would purely be a lie. Shooters like JR Smith were key in the Cavs success. The scoring and defense of Shumpert and Delly were vital in stifling the Hawks. Thompson's rebounding, hustling and just courageous play helped lift the Cavs to another level. However, the most vital ingredient was the talent, leadership and example given by James.

LeBron was singlehandedly able to impose his will on the Hawks. In moments throughout the series, James was able to get into a zone where it seemed like he knew that he could change the game with every possession.  He attacked and picked apart the Atlanta defense. James also impaired the Hawks offense playing the passing lanes and being everywhere it seemed.

This thing is far from over but I just want to stop and give credit where it is do. LeBron, I tip my hat you you fella. When it started looking rough, you strapped the old work boots up and put the young guys on your back. You lead this young team in the way that champions do. Only four more games left to win. It's far from over but it's oh so close. Let's get this done Cleveland.


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  1. He has shown a lot of maturity. I love this dude, I was pisses when he left, it was a bad break up. Glad he's here though. I'm more of a Kyrie fan though.