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Weekend 3 Count 5.4.15 - 5.10.15 #WWE #TNA #GFW

By @B_Rock1978

It's the Weekend 3 Count, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. The W3C, brings you news and rumors going on around the wrestling world. Whether it's WWE, TNA, GFW, ROH, Lucha Underground or the independent wrestling scene, I'll talk about it.

*** Weekend Flashback ***
- I still laugh every time I watch this promo. It's the night Bret Hart snaps and goes on a tirade about how the WWE screws him over.

*** WWE News and Rumors ***
- This past week on RAW, Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins and earned the right to make the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match at WWE Payback a "Fatal Four Way Match".

- Tamina Snuka made her return to WWE tv this week at RAW. Snuka served as Naomi's bodyguard and helped Naomi beat down the Bella Twins.
-NXT superstar, Sami Zayn, performed this past week on RAW. Zayn took on John Cena for the WWE United States Championship.

- During Zayn's match against Cena it appeared that Zayn suffered a legit shoulder injury. Zayn went Tuesday morning to get an MRI.

- More NXT injuries to report. Hideo Itami has suffered a serious shoulder injury and is expected to be out 6-8 months. Alex Riley is also having knee surgery and is expected to be out for a period of time for rehab.

- Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are set to finally make their return to RAW this Monday, after being absent for almost a month.

- This week on WWE Main Event, Damien Sandow, revealed a new gimmick. Sandow came out dressed like the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage and went by the name Macho Mandow. WWE are considering the idea of putting Sandow and Curtis Axel together as a tag team. Sandow would have his new "Macho Mandow" gimmick and Axel would continue his current Hulk Hogan gimmick with "Axelmania".

- Chris Jericho may be returning to the WWE ring again soon for another mini house show only tour. Jericho is being advertised in June for a few house shows. No TV time have been announced, so it may be house show appearances only again like he did this past winter.

- Goldust announced on Twitter this week that he received an MRI and will need shoulder surgery. Goldust will be out of action two to four months after the surgery.

- Hulkamania Running Wild Again? Apparently Hulk Hogan has stated that he approached WWE Head, Vince McMahon, and guaranteed McMahon he'd be wrestling at Wrestlemania 32. McMahon simply said he'd be looking forward to it. Nothing has even come close to being official on this one.

- Speaking of Hulk Hogan. Hogan's former best friend Ed Leslie (Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake), has been selling 8x10 autographed photos of Hogan. Hogan posted on Twitter that the signatures aren't real, he never gave Leslie any autographed pictures to sell.

- Renee Young and Chris Jericho have been announced as the hosts of the new season of Tough Enough.

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin has stated that he wants to officially be apart of Wrestlemania 32 in his home state of Texas. Many thought that Austin had Ill feelings toward WWE, cause he chose not to be apart of Wrestlemania 31. Austin stated that he felt WWE had no creative idea on how to use him, so he chose to not show up and watch Wrestlemania 31 at home.

- Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Diamond Dallas Page, was at WWE Headquarters this week filming footage for the upcoming "Best Of WCW Nitro Vol. 3".

- WWE is currently working on a documentary, honoring the late Owen Hart's career. The Hart Family have stated, supposedly, that they support the documentary. Owen's widow, Martha Hart, claims to have known nothing about the documentary and doesn't accept it. As many know, Martha Hart, has road blocked anything that had to do with Owen Hart in the past. Martha still holds the WWE highly at fault for Owen's accident that caused his death. Martha has stated many times that if the WWE wants to honor her late husband, then they need to just leave his legacy alone.

- Speaking of Owen Hart, this week would've been the week of Owen's 50th birthday.

- ESPN ran an episode of E:60 Behind The Curtain this past Tuesday. The episode gave a real behind the scenes look at Adam Rose, Xavier Woods and Corey Graves. You can watch that here:

*** TNA News and Rumors ***
- This past Friday on Impact, The Hardy Boys official vacated the TNA World Tag Team Championship, due to Jeff Hardy breaking his leg.

- Friday's Impact saw the return of Eddie Edwards, who was out with an injury. Bully Ray returned after leaving the company last year. Velvet Sky also returned after being forced to quit, due to holding the "fired" briefcase from the feast or fired match.

- Friday's Impact was Billy Corgan's first Impact. Corgan was hired last week to help with storylines, build characters, help with angles and recruit new talent for TNA.

- Billy Corgan was on Chris Jericho's "Talk Is Jericho" podcast this past week. I gave it a listen and recommend everyone to check it out. Corgan gave insight on what he'd like to do with TNA, talent and storylines. Corgan also talks about how he has been a fan of wrestling for almost 30 years and he actually understands the business more than people think. He wants to prove that he's more then a singer of a band, he wants to prove he can take TNA to the next level.

- Also TNA president Dixie Carter was on the "Steve Austin Show" podcast for a part one interview, if anyone wants to check that out. Haven't listened to this one yet personally, but it's in my downloaded library.

- Dixie Carter made it clear to the roster that are under TNA contracts, that they are prohibited from working with GFW on their off days.

- Jeff Hardy update: Hardy's doctors stated that his surgery on his broken leg was a success and the bone should heal strong. TNA is looking at possibly a 2-3 month absence for Hardy to rehab.

- TNA has officially cancelled their China tour that was supposed to take place in May. This has left a lot of negative morale in the TNA locker room, as many of the wrestlers cleared up their dates for the two week tour. Now most of the talent will be looking for part time independent shows to compete at while waiting for the next TNA tv tapings.

*** GFW News and Rumors ***
- Tickets for the very first GFW tv taping on June 13th, went on sale this past Monday afternoon.

- Jeff Jarrett announced some of GFW's roster that are locked in as of now for GFW's premier. The following have been picked up by GFW: Former TNA talent Sanada and Lance Hoyt, Bullet Club members "Machine Gun" Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, Davey Boy Smith Jr., Chris "The Adonis" Mordetsky (WWE's Chris Masters), P.J. Black (WWE's Justin Gabriel), former NFL lineman Quinn "Moose" Ojinnaka, Lei'D Tapa and Thea Trinidad (TNA's Rosita). Jarrett also announced former MMA star and ESPN broadcaster, Chael Sonnen will be the expert analyst for GFW.

*** Other Wrestling News ***
- Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Batista's name has made the Twitter rounds this week. Titus O'Neil of the Prime Time Players was asked by a fan if he would ever face his best friend Batista. Titus went on the record and stated it was unlikely Batista would return to the WWE.

- Jim Ross has stated that he is very interested in working for Jeff Jarrett and GFW.

- Independent legend, Chris Hero, was spotted backstage at TNA Impact this past Friday.

- Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore tv series debuts on the Fight Network this Tuesday. You can get Fight Network on Cablevision or if you have a Roku you can order the channel for $3 a month.

- With WWE Tough Enough making another comeback this summer, let's take a look at five past Tough Enough alumni members that didn't win but got WWE jobs.

And that's your Weekend 3 Count. Join me next Sunday afternoon for more news and rumors around the wrestling world.

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