Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon: Twitter Talk #RingOfHonor #ROH

By @B_Rock1978

Twitter Talk: ROH and Destination America Edition

The big announcement this week was all about Ring Of Honor and their huge TV deal that they received from Destination America. What's really amazing about this whole deal, is the fact of how quiet the secret was kept. There was never any talk or hype at all about ROH getting a tv deal throughout the year. There was no talk of any meetings being discussed and no talks of ROH even looking for a tv deal.

After the announcement of ROH getting signed to a 26 week contract with Destination America, on Wednesday morning, I went to Twitter to kick off my new blog called "Twitter Talk".

After the huge announcement, I sent out tweets to everyone involved with Ring Of Honor, TNA Wrestling, backstage personnel that work for ROH and TNA, past ROH wrestlers that still have a huge bond with ROH, and even announcers and writers that have been apart of either ROH or TNA. Twitter being hit or miss most of the time, when trying to ask wrestlers questions, I surprisingly received more tweets back than what I was expecting.

I got in touch with current ROH Co-Host and former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Steve Corino, first. Corino really didn't give me a straight up answer on his opinion with the current plan. Instead, Corino hit me with some humor about how his day was going.

Next up was one half of The Wolves, Davey Richards. Unfortunately much like Steve Corino, I didn't get any real info or a straight up answer, more comedy relief instead. Richards stated he had a garage sale last week. And The Wolves official fan account, Wolves Nation, followed up with not knowing about it.

TNA wrestler Samuel Shaw tweeted back to me next and looks to be very excited about the ROH deal. Shaw has even stated that he is a fan of some of the talent in ROH. I agree with Shaw, ROH has a lot of great talent and I'm excited myself to finally get to see them on national tv.

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode, hit me up next. Roode says he's optimistic about the deal, but it's a big thing. I've always been a big fan of Bobby Roode, he's been a staple in TNA and knows what he's talking about.

I was also able to get a response from Dave Meltzer. Meltzer, for those that don't know, writes for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and is a very well known name behind the scenes in the Wrestling industry. Meltzer gave some good insight to the deal.

Former WWE/WCW/TNA writer Vince Russo tweeted me back and gave me a link to his show Vince Russo's The Brand, to get his opinion. I was hoping for a straight up answer, but he's got to get paid somehow and I understand that.

So there you have it, Ring Of Honor wrestling is now apart of Destination America. TNA Wrestling will have to step up their game now in my opinion. If you listen to Taz and his Human Podcast Machine show, he made a great point. With ROH ahead of TNA on the tv guide, TNA is going to have to up their game, because ROH doesn't mess around when it comes to great wrestling. Could we see a ratings war between the two shows on the same channel? Which would be a first ever. Or is this a polite way of Destination America telling TNA they need to step up their game or they'll be run off the channel by ROH?

Only time will tell. Thanks for checking out Twitter Talk. I'll be back with my second edition soon.


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