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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 5.9.15: #TNA #ImpactLive Recap

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE.  It's this week's TNA Impact recap for the week.

- This week's Impact was an advertised live episode, but it was taped two hours before air time, so I guess you can say this was taped in Orlando, Florida. This weeks episode also served as the beginning of Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan's debut behind the scenes of TNA.

- Eric Young kicks off Impact in the ring. EY is pissed that he had to wait 5 weeks for his World Title shot and says he's taking the title back tonight. Bully Ray's music hits and he makes his return to TNA. Bully has on a referee shirt under his old Aces and Eights biker jacket. Bully will special guest referee tonight's World Title Match.

- Ethan Carter is in the ring. EC3 says we're all dying to see EC3 the World Champion, he knows the fans will vote an arm wrestling match tonight against Mr. Anderson, thanks God for Impact and thanks God for EC3. Mr. Anderson comes out and reveals the fans voted 85% for a "Falls Count Anywhere Match".

- "Falls Count Anywhere Match": Mr. Anderson vs. Ethan Carter III: Anderson fights off Tyrus. Later in the match, Tyrus pulls Anderson to the floor and attacks him. Anderson counters and hits a "Mic Check" into the ringpost on Tyrus. EC3 tries to run but gets sent continuously into the barricades. Anderson tries to slam EC3 on a pile of steel chairs but EC3 escapes and gets a near fall rollup. EC3 with unsportsmanlike conduct by spitting in Anderson's face, pissing him off. Anderson hits a "Finley Roll" on the pile of chairs for a near fall. Tyrus comes back to life, grabs Anderson and "T-Bone Suplexes" him. Tyrus hits a corner splash and a heart punch on Anderson. EC3 covers and scores the pin.

- Backstage, Kurt Angle hugs Bully Ray and welcomes him back to TNA. Angle asks if he'll call the match down the middle. Bully asks Angle if he knows who he is before walking off.

- Backstage, Gail Kim and Awesome Kong agree to be on the same page in their war with The Dollhouse.

- MVP is in the ring and says Homicide isn't here tonight. MVP thinks The Rising had something to do with it. MVP reminds us that the BDC does what they want, take what they want, are considered thugs, but these thugs will take out The Rising. The Rising appear and Drew Galloway says anyone could've jumped Homicide, instead of looking at The Rising maybe he should look at his own BDC. MVP talks about his money and jewelry and fame and says he should've been the world champion, but Galloway stuck his nose in his business. Galloway and MVP agree to a impromptu match right now.

- MVP vs. Drew Galloway: MVP tosses Galloway into the barricade as the BDC and The Rising nearly go at it. MVP beats down Galloway and covers him continuously, but Galloway keeps kicking out. MVP goes for his finisher, but Galloway counters and hits "Future Shock". Galloway covers and scores the pin.

After The Match: Eric Young comes out of nowhere and knocks Galloway out with a steel chair shot. EY and the BDC beat down The Rising and leave them laid out.

- James Storm is in the ring with the giant present and calls out Mickie James. Storm says Mickie is a great wrestler, musician and mother and gives her his gift. Mickie opens it and reveals a purple guitar. Mickie thanks him as Magnus comes out. Storm gives Magnus a gift too which is a big spiked helmet. Magnus shoves Storm, isn't having it, calls Storm crazy and walks off. Storm tells Magnus to wait cause he has a gift for their son too. Magnus grabs Mickie's guitar and unloads it over Storm's head, laying Storm out. Mickie and Magnus are both pissed at each other.

- Backstage, the BDC ask Eric Young why he helped. EY says he seen they were a man down, he doesn't like MVP but they make great business partners, they took the title off Bobby Roode and can do it again tonight against Kurt Angle. EY tells MVP to think about it.

- Awesome Kong and Gail Kim vs. The Dollhouse: Kong goes for the "Implant Buster", but The Dollhouse breaks it up. Gail tags in as Kong hits Jade with the "Implant Buster". Gail goes for "Eat Defeat", but Taryn Terrell and Marti beat down Gail. Taryn rolls Gail up and scores the pin.

- Matt Hardy is in the ring. Matt talks about Jeff Hardy breaking his leg and sadly announces The Hardy's are vacating the TNA World Tag Team Championship. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode arrive. Aries says the tag titles have a curse on them, but it's an opportunity for Aries and Roode now, cause they're the best team in TNA. Davey Richards and a returning Eddie Edwards come to the ring. The Wolves are all heeled, cleared to wrestle and challenge Aries and Roode to a best of five series. Aries and Roode accept the challenge.

- Angelina Love is in the ring. Love says it's time for her and she's the only beautiful person here. Velvet Sky appears in the crowd and Love asks why she's here. Love says Sky looks terrible but is glad to see her and hopes she's back for good. Love says Sky is nothing without her and dares her to do something. Sky spears Love, lands some punches and chokes Love out.

- "TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match": Kurt Angle (c) vs. Eric Young (Special Guest Referee: Bully Ray): The BDC arrive and stand in EY's corner. Bully Ray warns the BDC to not get involved, but EY low blows Bully. The BDC beat down Angle, until Chris Melendez and The Rising hit the ring. EY goes to piledrive Bully, but Bully counters with a backdrop.
EY tumbles toward Angle who hits the "Angle Slam". Angle goes for another "Angle Slam", but EY counters, blocks an ankle lock and hits the piledriver. Angle kicks out at two, so EY goes to the top rope. EY hits a cross body block, but Angle rolls through and locks EY in the ankle lock submission. EY eventually taps out and Angle retains the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

And that closed out this week's TNA Impact.

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