Monday, January 26, 2015

WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Results #RoyalRumble

By @B_Rock1978

It's time to begin the journey down the road to Wrestlemania! First stop, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the Royal Rumble. Tonight we find out who will be main eventing Wrestlemania 31 and getting their Wrestlemania moment. Let's jump right into last night's recap.

*** Preshow ***

** The New Day vs. Adam Rose, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro was originally supposed to be a six man elimination match, however, it was changed to a regular tag team match. **

- Kofi Kingston and Big E. (w/Xavier Woods) vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (w/Adam Rose): Big E takes control with a back drop and a couple back breakers for a near fall. Kofi is in and near falls Kidd with an elevated drop kick. Kofi gets a near fall with a forearm off the ropes on Cesaro. Kidd and Cesaro tag in and out and go to work on Kofi with kicks, chokes and a slam by Cesaro for a near fall. Kofi sunset flip on Cesaro for a near fall. Cesaro with the "Cesaro Swing" on Kofi and Kidd follows with a drop kick for a near fall. Cesaro holds Kofi, allowing Kidd to plant another drop kick for a near fall. Kofi hits a drop kick and finally hot tags Big E. Big E hits clotheslines and a belly to belly before Cesaro hits a big boot. Big E takes control and tosses Kofi over the ropes onto Kidd. Big E hits a spear through the ropes, sending Cesaro to the floor. Cesaro counters Big E's "Big Ending" with a european uppercut.
Cesaro takes out Big E and Kofi next with another european uppercut. Cesaro superplex and an elbow by Kidd for a near fall on Kofi. Kofi counters Kidd's "Sharpshooter" and kicks Kidd to the floor. Xavier Woods gets involved and hits Cesaro on the floor, causing Kidd to get distracted and rolled up by Kofi for a near fall. Kidd locks in the "Sharpshooter" on Kofi, but Big E breaks it up. Cesaro hits Big E, Kofi sends Kidd to the floor then hits "Trouble in Paradise" on Adam Rose. Kofi rolls up Kidd but Cesaro lands a european uppercut on Kofi. Kidd plants Kofi with the fisherman's neck breaker and scores the pinfall.

*** Royal Rumble ***

- New Age Outlaws vs. The Ascension: Billy Gunn and Road Dogg take control early with head locks, arm drags, hip tosses and arm bars on Viktor. Road Dogg next lands punches and a knee drop on Konnar for a near fall. Konnar unloads shoulders in the corner on Road Dogg and gets warned by the referee. Konnar and Viktor work on Road Dogg with a splash, a hip toss, a reverse chin lock and a fist drop. Konnar near fall on Road Dogg with a kick. Road Dogg counters a belly to belly with a cross body on Konnar and finally hot tags Billy Gunn. Gunn punches Viktor, hits the tilt-a-whirl slam and goes for the "Famasser". Viktor dodges, tags Konnar then they hit the "Fall of Man" on Gunn and score the pinfall.

- Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon say they'll destroy Sting if he even thinks about showing his face again in the House of McMahon. Paul Heyman arrives and offers Brock Lesnar's services to take care of Sting for them.

- "WWE World Tag Team Championship Match": The Usos (c) vs. The Miz and Damien Sandow: Jimmy flies off the ropes on Miz for an early near fall. Miz hits the running corner clothesline on Jimmy. Miz and Jimmy counter each other as they climb the turnbuckles. Miz finally takes control with stomps and teases a tag to Sandow but refuses to do it, angering the crowd. Jimmy misses a samoan drop and Miz lands a back breaker for a near fall. Miz teases another Sandow tag but again doesn't do it. Jimmy unloads on Miz with a kick, a samoan drop and a Rikishi corner splash. Miz DDT on Jimmy for a two count. Jimmy counters the figure four by Miz. Miz ends up on the floor, where he pulls Sandow in a flying Usos path. Uso number two flies and takes everyone out. Jey misses a splash and Miz hits the "Skull Crushing Finale", but Jey kicks out at two. Jey hits Miz with the super kick and then the "Superfly Splash" but Sandow breaks up the pinfall. Sandow hits the "Skull Crushing Finale" on Jey. Miz crawls over and covers Jey, but Jey kicks out at two. Miz goes for the superplex off the top rope but gets head butted by Jey. Sandow gets kicked off the apron, trying to help Miz. Jimmy tags in and plants a super kick on Miz which allows Jey to hit a power bomb on Miz. Jimmy climbs the ropes and hits the "Superfly Splash" on Miz. Jimmy covers Miz and scores the pinfall. The Usos retain the WWE World Tag Team Championship.

- Backstage, Seth Rollins yells at Mercury and Noble for playing the new WWE Immortals game on their tablet instead of focusing on tonight.

- The Bella Twins vs. Paige and Nattie Neidhart: The Bellas double team Nattie early. Paige and Nattie double suplex Brie for a near fall. Paige and Nattie tag back and forth, working on Brie. Brie finally drops Nattie on her head and tags in Nikki. Nikki works on Nattie with mat wrestling and gets a near fall. Nikki hits a shoulder on Nattie for a near fall. Brie and Nikki double team Nattie for another near fall. Brie running knee on Nattie for a near fall. Nattie lifts Nikki up on her shoulders and slams her, then counters a Nikki submission with a "Sharpshooter" attempt. Nikki counters it by kicking Nattie off her. Nikki clotheslines Nattie after Nattie lands a blow on Brie. Nikki misses a corner charge on Nattie. Nattie goes for the tag, but Brie knocks Paige off the apron. Nikki hits Nattie with a forearm in the head and scores the pinfall.

- "WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Triple Threat Match": Brock Lesnar (c) vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins: Lesnar, two german suplexes on Cena, a german suplex on Rollins and a double german suplex on Mercury and Noble. Lesnar blocks a Cena "AA". Another german suplex on both Cena and Rollins. Lesnar tosses Cena and more germans to Rollins. Lesnar locks Cena in the "Kimura Lock" submission. Cena powers out and Rollins hits a knee on both. Cena and Rollins double suplex Lesnar. Cena "AA" on Lesnar and Rollins gets a one count. Out to the floor, Rollins sends Lesnar into the ring post. Rollins blocks Cena's "Five Knuckle Shuffle" but Cena counters the block. Cena another "Five Knuckle Shuffle" attempt but Lesnar drops Cena with another german suplex. Lesnar goes for another german but Rollins kicks Lesnar.
Cena and Rollins both near fall each other. Cena hits three clotheslines on Lesnar, finally dropping the beast. Lesnar catches Rollins in mid air and "F-5's" Rollins. Cena breaks up the pin attempt and gets another german suplex from Lesnar. Cena hits three straight "AA's" on Lesnar but Rollins stops the pinfall. Rollins tosses Cena into the steel steps then "Curb Stomps" Lesnar for a two count. Cena spear tackles Lesnar right through the barricade. Next, Cena sends Lesnar into the steel steps, then hits Lesnar with the steps in the head. Lesnar is laid out on the announcers table as Rollins flies off the top rope and drives an elbow into the heart of Lesnar, putting both men through the table. WWE Medical rush to the ring and check on Lesnar, who isn't moving, as Cena and Rollins continue the match. Rollins, two near falls with a rollup and a kick on Cena. Rollins blocks an "AA". Cena power bombs Rollins for a near fall. Rollins turn buckle power bomb on Cena for a near fall. Cena counters the "Curb Stomp" with the "STF". Mercury and Noble attack Cena, breaking the submission.
Rollins and The Stooges triple power bomb Cena, but Cena kicks out at two. Cena dumps Rollins to the floor and double "AA's" The Stooges. Rollins gets an "AA" next, but kicks out at two. Rollins blocks two more "AA" attempts, hits an enziguri and a "Curb Stomp" on Cena but Cena kicks out at 2. Rollins hits an awesome 450 splash on Cena off the top rope, but Lesnar is back in and german suplexes Rollins after the landing. Lesnar hits a german suplex on Cena. Rollins hits Lesnar with his briefcase twice then goes for the "Curb Stomp". Lesnar catches Rollins and plants him with the "F-5". Lesnar covers Rollins and scores the pinfall to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

- 30 Man Royal Rumble:

The Miz
Bubba Ray Dudley
Luke Harper
Bray Wyatt
Curtis Axel
The Boogeyman
Sin Cara
Zack Ryder
Daniel Bryan
Tyson Kidd
Diamond Dallas Page
Kofi Kingston
Adam Rose
Roman Reigns
Big E
Damien Sandow
Jack Swagger
Dean Ambrose
Titus O’Neil
Bad News Barrett
Big Show
Dolph Ziggler

- The Miz and R-Truth are #1 and #2.
- Bubba Ray Dudley returns as #3.
- Dudley and Truth do the "What's Up" head butt and the "3D" on Miz.
- Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper re-align and double team Bubba.
- Erick Rowan (who's banned) attacks Curtis Axel and enters the rumble. All three members of the Wyatts are in the ring. Harper and Bray double team Rowan.
- Bray eliminates both Harper and Rowan.
- Bray talks on the mic, taunting the locker room, sings "Whole World In His Hands and goes on to eliminate The Boogeyman, hits "Sister Abigail" on Sin Cara, eliminates Cara and eliminates Zack Ryder.
- The fans go crazy as Daniel Bryan enters at #10.
- Later in the match, Bryan hits a suicide dive through the ropes on Bray.
- Diamond Dallas Page makes a surprise entrance at #14.
- DDP hits a "Diamond Cutter" on Stardust, a "Super Diamond Cutter" on Fandango, a "Diamond Cutter" on Bray and finishes with his trademark "Bang".
- Rusev blocks a DDP "Diamond Cutter" and eliminates DDP and Fandango.
- Bryan gets knocked on the apron, then sent to the floor by Bray, eliminating Bryan. This moment right here is when the rumble ended for the whole arena, as heavy and loud "Boos" broke out.
- Stardust tries to eliminate his brother Goldust but fails. "Daniel Bryan" chants break out.
- Adam Rose comes out and his Rosebuds catch an airbourne Kofi Kingston and crowd surf him back to the ring, avoiding elimination.
- Roman Reigns arrives at #19 and gets heavy boos.
- Reigns clotheslines the Rhodes Brothers, Rusev and Bray. Samoan Drop on Goldust, tilt-a-whirl slam on Stardust then eliminates both Rhodes Brothers. The fans don't care, as they continue to boo the hell out of Reigns.
- Damien Sandow arrives at #21 and The Miz tries to steal his spot, ordering him to give up his spot to Miz. Miz gets knocked out by Reigns and Sandow enters the rumble.
- Sandow gets tossed by Rusev and The Miz mocks Sandow.
- Jack Swagger in at #22 and hits the "Swagger Bomb" on Rusev.
- Ryback in at #23 nails Bray and Rusev and hits Reigns to cheers from the crowd. Ryback hits the "Meat Hook" on Rusev but then Ryback gets beat down by Bray. "CM Punk" chants fill the arena.
- Dean Ambrose is in at #25 to a big pop from the crowd. Ambrose attacks Kane, Bray and Rusev right away.
- Titus O'Neil comes in at #26, talks trash and is eliminated right away. Sorry Santino Marella, you still hold the quickest elimination record.
- Cesaro who came in at #28 hits his big mid air European uppercut on Ambrose.
- Big Show in at #29, choke slams Reigns.
- Show and Kane both eliminate Ryback.
- #30 belongs to Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler hits the ring to a huge pop from the fans. Ziggler immediately eliminates Bad News Barrett.
- Cesaro with the "Cesaro Swing" on Ziggler. But Ziggler comes back and eliminates Cesaro.
- Show hits Ziggler with the knockout punch and Show and Kane eliminate Ziggler. The fans boo and grew very hostile again. This elimination allowed Kane to break Shawn Michaels record of 39 total rumble eliminations and set it for himself at 41, by rumbles end.

*** The Final Four ***
- Ambrose, Reigns, Kane and Show are the final four in the rumble. Reigns and Ambrose team up and fight Show and Kane. Show choke slams Ambrose. Show and Kane eliminate Ambrose and the fans boo very heavily again and a "Bullshit" chant now starts, as Reigns is left against The Authority. Kane and Show end up getting into it with each other allowing Reigns to come up from behind and toss both men out to win the Royal Rumble. The fans are livid as we now have a "We Want A Refund" chant.

- After the match, Show and Kane attack Reigns. The Rock's music hits and the most electrifying man in sports entertainment arrives. Rock hits the "People's Elbow" on Kane, then blocks a Show choke slam, which allows Reigns to hit Show with the "Superman Punch". Rock hits "Rock Bottom" on Show. Rusev, who apparently wasn't legally eliminated, gets back in the ring and attacks Reigns. Reigns spears Rusev and eliminates Rusev to officially win the Royal Rumble. The Rock and Reigns celebrate to the fans still booing and have a stare down with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon who are standing on the ramp, as Royal Rumble ends.

*** My Predictions Score: 4-2 ***

The New Day defeat Kidd, Cesaro and Rose. WRONG
- The Bellas defeat Neidhart and Paige. RIGHT
- The Ascension defeat New Age Outlaws. RIGHT
- Brock Lesnar defeats Cena and Rollins. Rollins doesn't cash in money in the bank. RIGHT AND RIGHT
- Royal Rumble winner: Daniel Bryan WRONG

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