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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 1.24.15: #ImpactWrestling Results

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's this week's TNA Impact recap edition. Feast or Fired returned to TNA, as we have the match to crown four new briefcase holders. MVP looks to have thrown his name down as a possible contender to his former friend Bobby Lashley and the TNA World Title. MVP's new faction called the Beat Down Clan, attacked Lashley and left him laid out last week, MVP took Lashley's TNA World Title hostage in the process. The Low Ki era as TNA X-Division Champion begins. Awesome Kong and Havok continue to tease us with face offs, with us waiting for the epic brawl to break out. What happened this week on Impact? You came to the right place to get that question answered.

- "Feast or Fired, Four Briefcases On A Pole Match": The match starts with instant brawling. Robbie E lifts Velvet Sky up on the turnbuckles and she grabs case #1. Rockstar Spud goes for a case but Samuel Shaw stops him. Shaw sends Spud flying, climbs up for a case, but gets crotched by Gunner. Austin Aries hits the IED, then gets tossed to the floor. Spud climbs over Shaw and grabs case #2. Aries gets thrown from the turnbuckles and The Wolves hit suicide dives. Aries goes for a suicide dive, but changes gears and grabs case #3 instead. Aries leaps off the turnbuckles and wipes everyone out with a cross body afterwards. Gunner and Bram trade blows as they both go for the last briefcase. Magnus lays out Gunner and Bram both with the tower of doom off the turn buckle. Magnus grabs the last case and this match is over.

Feast or Fired Winners: Robbie E, Rockstar Spud, Austin Aries and Magnus

- Backstage, Magnus and Bram have an altercation, as Bram blames Magnus for screwing him over. Magnus says it was every man for themselves. Bram shoves Magnus and both men are separated.

- In Ring Segment with Bobby Lashley: Lashley is in the ring and demands the Beat Down Clan to give back his TNA World Title they have in possession. Kenny King interrupts Lashley. King calls Lashley ungrateful, says he had help winning the title and everyone in the BDC is world champion material. King calls a referee out to the ring and wants a shot at Lashley.

- Bobby Lashley vs. Kenny King: King lands a double knee strike and a kick. Lashley catches King and press slams him onto the BDC, outside. King hits more kicks, an enziguiri, then charges Lashley. Lashley dodges and spears King in half. The BDC hit the ring and beat down Lashley, DQ'ing King. Samoa Joe and Low Ki hold Lashley up and MVP gets in Lashley's face. MVP says the only way Lashley is getting his title back, is if he meets him outside in the New York City streets, later.

- Havok vs. Gail Kim: Kim attacks Havok early, outside the ring. Kim with a cross body on Havok for two. Havok catches Kim's next cross body and slams Kim. Havok with a spine buster for a two count. Kim hits some forearms but gets kneed in the face. Kim lands a kick but Havok keeps coming, unloads on Kim and starts choking Kim until the referee pulls Havok off. Havok shoves the referee and gets DQ'ed. After the match, Havok hits the electric chair drop on Kim right on the time keeper table. Havok sets Kim up for the choke slam when the lights go out in the arena. The lights are back on and Awesome Kong is in Havok's face. Havok lands a punch on Kong. Kong clotheslines Havok out of the ring.

- Khoya vs. Tigre Uno: Khoya is the newest member of James Storm's Revolution. Uno unloads kicks, early. Khoya hits a fallaway slam on Uno, after catching Uno on a cross body attempt. Khoya charges at Uno and misses as Uno hits a springboard drop kick. Khoya regains control and plants Uno with the sit down power bomb for the pinfall. After the match, Storm hypes his match with Matt Hardy later and says there is always room for another in Revolution.

- Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young and Low Ki: Roode suplexes Ki but Ki returns with hard chops. EY is in and gets saved by Ki as Roode went for the "Roode Bomb". EY hits a DDT on Roode for two. Roode superplexes EY off the ropes and tags in Angle. Angle unloads with clotheslines, german suplexes and an "Angle Slam" on Ki. Angle goes for the ankle lock submission, but EY stops him. Roode chases off EY then applies the crossface submission on Ki. The referee gets distracted by Angle and Samoa Joe, on the outside. EY hits Roode with a steel chair, during the distraction. Ki rolls Roode up and scores the pinfall.

- Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus) vs. Jeremy Borash (w/Rockstar Spud): ECIII and JB trade verbal shots early. JB punches ECIII, pissing off ECIII. ECIII takes JB to the mat, lands some stomps and mocks Spud. Spud tries to get involved but gets laid out by Tyrus. Mark Andrews, winner of British Boot camp, jumps the barricade and makes the save. Andrews springboard drop kicks ECIII. Andrews and Spud double drop kick (Rock "N" Roll Express baby!! For those that remember them.) Tyrus. Spud hits a diving splash and Andrews hits a shooting star on ECIII and Tyrus.

- James Storm vs. Matt Hardy: Hardy goes for "Twist of Fate" early but Storm escapes. Hardy hip tosses Storm on the ramp. Hardy next bounces Storm's head off the steel steps. Storm gets in some offensive as he punches Hardy. Storm runs the ropes, but gets caught by Hardy and laid out with the "Side Effect", for a near fall. Storm connects with the "Closing Time" double knee breaker, and then goes for the "Last Call" super kick. Hardy ducks the kick, Storm counters Hardy's duck and goes for the "Eye Of The Storm". Hardy counters that and rolls Storm up for the pinfall. After the match, Storm asks for a handshake but Hardy isn't falling for it. Abyss hits the ring and attacks Hardy from behind. Storm nails the "Last Call" super kick on Hardy, as Abyss grabs "Janice" from under the ring. Jeff Hardy makes the save and drops Abyss with a jawbreaker. Jeff Hardy challenges Abyss to a "Monster's Ball Match".

- Feast or Fired Briefcase Reveal: Rockstar Spud reveals the TNA X-Division Title shot. Magnus reveals the TNA World Tag Team Title shot. Robbie E pulls a swerve on Velvet Sky and says since she got the case it's hers not his. Velvet reveals that she's fired and Austin Aries reveals the TNA World Title shot.

- "New York City Street Fight": Bobby Lashley vs. MVP: Lashley and MVP meet outside on the streets of New York City and immediately trade punches. MVP tosses Lashley into a door then hits him with a trash can. MVP lands knees but Lashley sends MVP through the door back into the arena. Lashley tosses MVP into the barricade. Lashley lands more punches until the Beat Down Clan hit the ring and attack Lashley. The BDC drag Lashley back outside and beat Lashley down on the sidewalk.  Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode run out and make the save for Lashley, chasing off the BDC. MVP dropped the TNA World Title on the sidewalk as they ran off. Impact closes out with Roode eyeing the title on the ground and Lashley eyeing Roode.

And that wraps up this weeks TNA Impact, till next time, tap or snap.

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