Friday, January 9, 2015


By @ClvlndK8

Somebody pinch me! I still can't believe the Buckeyes are playing for the National Championship! It seems like only a few weeks ago (and it was) that we didn't think they'd even make the Top Four! Then, it was all about 'Bama... Could Urban beat Saban..... would the Cinderella Season end and the hands of his Nemesis.... Well, maybe this season should be compared to movies like Rocky instead of Cinderella. The Buckeyes keep taking hit after hit and they still get up and conquer! It's just been an amazing season so far and the final test, the final battle is on Monday Night against Marcus Mariota and the high flyin' Oregon Ducks.

First, a pronunciation lesson for you.  I worked for many years with an Oregon Alumni who got me watching Duck Football back in 2001. Oregon is pronounced Ory-Gun. If anyone who cares hears the dreaded Or-a-gone, you may get slapped, so be careful!

Second, all northeast Ohioans should be familiar with Duck QB Marcus Mariota. He was on our Browns QB Watch-list in 2013 and I for one was very sad that he went back to school instead of
heading into the draft last year. While it's been great for the Ducks, we all know what happened (again) to my Browns QB Situation. Sadly, I don't think the Browns have the ammunition needed to make a run at him in this year's draft, but that's beside the point. What I'm saying is that most of us knew this kid was the real deal before he won the Heisman. At 6'4" 220 lbs he's the picture perfect QB... 50 TDS vs just 6 Turnovers in his career. Damn. You gotta admire that, but it doesn't mean he's unbeatable....

Who To Watch - Oregon, we won't have to worry about WR Devon Allen who injured his knee in the game vs Florida. Leading the team with 7 TD receptions and 684 yards, he's one weapon MM won't have to use against us. Don't get too excited now, they still have six other guys with 4 or more TDs so there are still weapons, but Allen was also a return team threat. I do like the big guys and at 6'5" WR Dwayne Stanford should be watched very carefully!  As for their rushing game, with all the QB Hype, you might not have noticed that they had 42 rushing TDs this season.... vs 42 receiving TDs. For those of you who struggle with math, that's pretty damn even. RB Royce Freeman has 18 TDs but - whoa! what is this? QB Mariota has 15! Yikes!  Better keep him contained or he'll hurt you on the ground!

Buckeyes Who Have To Step Up: Ok so yeah Cardale Jones needs to have a good game. I like the way he bounced back vs 'Bama after some early struggles. And my boy Joey "Beast" Bosa has been hot and cold at times so he'll need to make his presence known. And obviously the #BellyShirtMafia of Ezekiel Elliott and Devon Smith will get their chances as well. This will have to be a complete team effort, all three sides of the ball, for the Buckeyes to win this game. But it's totally doable. 7-point underdogs? Pish Posh. Urban has been an underdog six times since coming to The Ohio State and guess what.... he's 5-0 so far. I say we make it a perfect 6-0 on Monday!

And now what you've all been waiting for: The Uniforms! Ok so maybe not all of you but there will be no green on the Ducks. I'm not sure why they are forgoing their signature color but my sources are reporting all White for the Ducks and Scarlet for the Buckeyes. I like the White. It'll be so much easier to see the dirt and grass stains from being pounded by my boys all night long. :)

Good luck Buckeyes and Stay Classy Fans as you watch and tweet and Smack-Talk all those lowly SEC Fans who are just lost without one of their teams playing in the Big Game. That alone makes me happy, regardless of the outcome!


Respectfully Submitted,
Cleveland Kate

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