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Weekend 3 Count 1/5 - 1/11 #WWE #TNA #GFW

By @B_Rock1978

The Weekend 3 Count is brought to you by Triple Threat CLE.

*** Weekend Flashback ***

- From now till the Royal Rumble, I'll be flashbacking to some of my favorite moments in the Royal Rumble. This week, I'm highlighting some memorable moments that involved The Undertaker at the Royal Rumble.

- Yokozuna and friends disposed of The Undertaker at Royal Rumble 1994.....well at least they thought they did.

- Kane saves The Undertaker than burns him alive in a casket at Royal Rumble 1998.

- The Undertaker returns and sends a message to Kurt Angle at Royal Rumble 2006.

- And finally a highlight video of every elimination The Undertaker has made in his Royal Rumble career.

*** WWE News and Rumors ***

- WWE caught a lot of fan negativity after this past weeks RAW. After RAW on Monday night, WWE went to social media and asked a simple question on Twitter. "Did you enjoy RAW?" 17,000 fans (and counting) say NO and thought the show sucked. Sources have said that the RAW show we got was a rewrite that was written at 3:00pm Monday, 5 hours before RAW went live.

- WWE announced this week that they will be making changes to their announcer teams. The following is the new lineup.
- RAW: Michael Cole, JBL and Booker T.
- Smackdown: Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Jerry Lawler.
- All PPV's: Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler.

- Here is WWE's list of pay per views and where they will be held for 2015.
WWE Pay Per View Locations

- After a long wait and a promise that was not delivered on in late 2014, the WWE Network is finally coming to the U.K. Vince  McMahon made the official announcement this week, stating the WWE Network will be available in the U.K. on January 19th. 

- This past week on RAW, Bad News Barrett was crowned new WWE Intercontinental Champion, defeating Dolph Ziggler. Bad News Barrett is now a 5-Time WWE Intercontinental Champion.

- Daniel Bryan has recently been very vocal about wanting a shot at Brock Lesnar. Bryan thinks they could do some amazing things in their match. If Brock retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Royal Rumble and Daniel Bryan wins the Royal Rumble, we very well could get that match at Wrestlemania 31.

- Speaking of Daniel Bryan, he is being advertised to wrestle on this week's Smackdown when it makes the jump to Thursday night.

- Brock Lesnar was voted Wrestler of the Year for 2014 in the year-end poll of Pro Wrestling Illustrated readers. Not sure how only wrestling 4 matches for the whole year gets you that honor, but apparently it does.

- It was announced that Triple H will be inducted into the 2015 International Sports Hall of Fame on Saturday, March 7, 2015, at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

- Sources are saying that there is a good possibility that "Macho Man" Randy Savage may finally get put in the WWE Hall of Fame. Savage is currently being looked at as being the lead wrestler to be inducted into the 2015 Hall of Fame.

- A wrestler by the name of Big Sean worked a WWE live event this week. Big Sean is the son of WWE Legend Big John Studd.

- Monday Night RAW turned 22 years old this week.

*** TNA News and Rumors ***

- TNA Impact is back!!! Stop what you're doing and read my Impact recap from this past Wednesday's show. If you already did then thank you......but feel free to go read it again.

- TNA is said to have had problems with their production equipment during Impact. TNA was taping the live show an hour ahead of the actual broadcast, which was lucky for them. It would have been disastrous to have that happen while running a live show. 

- Former 2-Time TNA Knockouts Champion and 1-Time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion, Awesome Kong, returned at Impact's debut this week. It appears Kong has made Havok her first target.

- Austin Aries defeated Low Ki this past Impact to become a 6-Time TNA X-Division Champion.

- After huge controversy in the TNA World Title Match on Impact, Bobby Lashley walked out the new TNA World Champion. Lashley is now a 2-Time TNA World Champion.

- TNA will be returning to their original home base, The Impact Zone, for tv tapings in April and May.

- We got our first look at MVP's new stable this past week on Impact. MVP is calling his stable The Beat Down Crew. The stable consists of MVP, Kenny King, Bobby Lashley, Samoa Joe, Low Ki and Eric Young.

- TNA president, Dixie Carter, recently stated that Impact will still be taped ahead of time for its weekly shows with a live show once in awhile for special occasions.

- It was announced this week that Eric Young, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards have all re-signed with TNA.

- Great news for TNA and their upcoming Lockdown free tv pay per view. The event has completely sold out. TNA will be taping Lockdown this weekend and plan on showing it on TV in early 2015.

*** GFW News and Rumors ***

- So what did you think of Global Force Wrestling's first pay per view? If you missed it, check it out. Or better yet catch my recap of the event and read what all went down.

- Jim Ross, who did commentary with Matt Striker at the pay per view, was interviewed this past week. Ross gave his opinion on how he felt the debut GFW event went. You can check that out here.

*** Other Wrestling News ***

- CM Punk was recently on Inside MMA. Punk says he'll be making his UFC debut 6 months from now. Punk has dropped a lot of weight and is looking at fighting at 185lbs. Punk was 220lbs. while with WWE. Punk also stated that no opponent has been announced for him yet and probably won't be until it gets within a couple months of the fight.

- Former WWE Champion Alberto "El Patron" Del Rio won the WWL Championship this week. El Patron defeated Glamour Boy Shane and "El Mesias" Ricky Banderas in a "Triple Threat Match".

- Alberto also made his ROH debut this week, defeating Christopher Daniels. ROH is said to be very happy with Alberto.

- Sources are saying that former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis and her husband Matt Bennett are both in talks with Lucha Underground and TNA. The couple currently are working independently for Ring of Honor. 

*** Special Announcement ***
With TNA and WWE moving shows around permanently this week coming up, the following is when you can catch my recaps.

- RAW recap: Every Tuesday afternoon.
- Smackdown recap: Every Friday afternoon.
- TNA Impact: Every Saturday afternoon.
- Weekend 3 Count: Every Sunday afternoon.

And of course monthly WWE/TNA pay per view previews on Sunday before every major pay per view. And major pay per view results on Monday afternoon. Thank you for reading my recaps and here's to a safe and happy 2015

That's this weekend's 3 Count. Join me every Sunday afternoon as I post news around WWE, TNA, GFW and around the wrestling world. Till next week, tap or snap.

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