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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 1.30.15: SmackDown Results

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. Today's edition is your Smackdown recap from last night's show. Smackdown was in Hartford, Connecticut, the sight where RAW was supposed to be on Monday, till a blizzard canceled the live show. We found out on the "Snowed In" edition of RAW on that John Cena will face Rusev at WWE Fast Lane. Also Triple H has challenged Sting to a face to face meeting at WWE Fast Lane. No snow is stopping us this time, Let's get into this week's recap.

- In Ring Segment with Triple H: Triple H talks about the snowstorm cancelling RAW, almost cancelling Smackdown, one million WWE Network subscribers, makes NFL jokes about balls and finally is here to deal with Sting. Triple H says he'll resolve his issues with Sting face to face and talks about the controversy with the Royal Rumble. Roman Reigns interrupts and out comes the new #1 Contender. Reigns says there is no controversy, because Reigns won the Rumble and is going to Wrestlemania 31. Triple H puts him in a match with Big Show so he can see if Reigns can win his next match.

- Roman Reigns vs. Big Show: Show gets in some shots on Reigns until Reigns hits a chop block. Reigns sends Show over the ropes with a clothesline. Show goes to work on Reigns' knee. Reigns again sends Show to the floor and kicks Show into the ring post. Reigns with a clothesline and a samoan drop and Show rolls to the floor. Back in the ring, Reigns goes for the "Superman Punch" but Show counters, plants Reigns with the choke slam and gets a near fall. Show climbs on the turn buckle, but Reigns is up and plants not one, but two, "Superman Punches" on Show. Reigns dumps Show off the turn buckle then nails the spear on Show to score the pinfall.

- In Ring Segment with Seth Rollins: Rollins brags about his performance at the Royal Rumble, says he almost beat Brock Lesnar, feels great and throws out an open challenge to anyone in the locker room. Ryback answers and is on his way to the ring. Ryback gets cut off and attacked by Mercury and Noble. Mercury, Noble and Rollins three on one attack Ryback until Erick Rowan and Dolph Ziggler hit the ring for the save.

- Tyson Kidd (w/Cesaro and Nattie Neidhart) vs. Jey Uso (w/Jimmy Uso and Naomi): Jey lands kicks on Kidd early until Kidd plants an enziguiri. Cesaro ends up trying to interfere but Jimmy tackles Cesaro. Jey gets distracted, allowing Kidd to hit the spinning neck breaker. Kidd covers and scores the pinfall.

- In Ring Segment with Rusev and Lana: Rusev thinks he should be the Royal Rumble winner. Lana is upset and Rusev says he's the most dominant unbeaten superstar. Rusev calls John Cena a loser and Cena doesn't belong in the ring with Rusev. John Cena's music hits and out comes Cena. Cena tells Rusev to shut his mouth or he'll shut it for him, says he's the face that runs the place, talks about all his accomplishments and says he and Rusev can fight it out now. Lana tells Rusev he's wasting his time so they both leave the ring.

- Backstage, Paige talks about her future WWE Divas Championship Match. The Bella Twins interrupt and Paige attacks the sisters. The Bellas eventually over power Paige and leave her laid out.

- Goldust and Stardust vs. The Ascension: Viktor takes control early, slamming Stardust on the mat then sending him into the corner. Konnar gets in a couple shots and Viktor gets a near fall. Goldust is tagged in and delivers a clothesline, an atomic drop, some corner blows and plants Konnar with a power slam. Stardust tags himself in on Goldust and Goldust doesn't look happy. Stardust drops Viktor then drops Konnar with the "Disaster Kick". Stardust gets distracted as Konnar shoves Goldust off the apron. The Ascension unload the "Fall of Man" on Stardust and pick up the pinfall. Goldust doesn't look too happy with Stardust after the match.

- "Casket Match": Kane vs Daniel Bryan: Bryan connects with kicks and then gets in some mounted punches in the corner. Kane tries to press slam Bryan into the casket, but Bryan counters and hits Kane with a dropkick. Bryan flips Kane into the casket, but Kane escapes before he can close the lid. Bryan dives off the ropes and takes out Kane. Kane finally gets Bryan into the casket, but Bryan kicks the casket lid open to escape. Bryan hits a suicide dive, sending Kane into the barricade. Kane dumps Bryan into the crowd, tosses Bryan over the announcers table, then tosses Bryan head first into the casket lid. Kane goes for the "Tombstone Piledriver", inside the casket, but Bryan counters with knees to the face. Kane plants Bryan with the chokeslam and then rolls him into the casket.
Bryan kicks Kane in the face and then locks in the "Yes Lock" submission on Kane, right inside the casket. Kane escapes the submission, takes all of Bryan's stiff kicks and finally clotheslines Bryan in the ring. Bryan counters both the choke slam and the "Tombstone Piledriver" and kicks Kane in the head. Bryan hits the running knee, sending Kane into the casket. Bryan slams the casket lid shut, trapping Kane inside and picks up the victory. Smackdown closed out with the "Yes Movement" celebrating.

And that's this week's Smackdown. Have a great weekend, till next time, tap or snap.


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