Friday, January 30, 2015 Predicts Super Bowl XLIX #SBXLIX #SB49

We all know that the Super Bowl is basically a celebration of commercials and halftime shows with a somewhat entertaining football game in the middle.  But between the deflated ball jokes and the many "I'm only here so I won't get fined" t-shirts, this should actually be a great game between the great Tom Brady for the Patriots and Richard Sherman for Seattle.  My prediction is that Katie Perry will throw in some type of deflated ball joke during her performance, the commercials will be extremely disappointing once again and the Patriots will win the game within the circus 34-24. - Mark West (@MarkW2112)

I'm going with the most violent team to win this year's Super Bowl. With that said I'm going 28 to 21 Seahawks. Patriots won't be able to deflate them. - Jaison Roberts (@Kratoslives)

When you give Hoodie and Tom Brady two weeks to figure out how to stop your best offensive weapon and throw darts between your defense, your chances are slim to none to win. Seattle will have to avoid turning the ball over and play a perfect game to beat the Patriots. Patriots 31- Seahawks 17.
- Chris Lee (@cleeverizon)

I'm going with the Seahawks. Will not have two awful games in a row. LOB will be ready. And they are not being bet on by the public. So, Seahawks 31-Pats 24. If you like to bet like me, take the Hawks as a pick 'em and I like the over. - Patrick Kocon (@CTown_WUJU)

Seahawks vs Patriots should be a good game. But past "good games" have been lackluster. I see the Patriots edging out the Seahawks possibly by a new hero kicker as time expires. Patriots 34 - Seahawks 31
- Chris Lulovics (@CLulovics)

I think it's going to come down to which quarterback wants it most. Tom Brady was dominate (flat balls or not) in the AFC Championship game. Russell Wilson played like Johnny Manziel did in his debut start, in the NFC Championship game, until the last four minutes. If Brady comes out dominate in the Super Bowl and Wilson goes flat, I highly doubt Wilson can dig himself out again. My prediction Pats 27 Seahawks 14. I gave my prediction, so I didn't get fined. - Brandon Albright (@B_Rock1978)

I keep trying to find reasons to pick the Seahawks because the Pats have annoyed the hell out of me the last two weeks but if you have to try and find reasons, they're not really there. Although I don't like how many people are picking the Patriots for such a close line, it's tough to pick against a HOF coach and QB. Patriots 24-Hawks 20. - Jason Disantis (@jddiantis)

After all is said and done, the snacks are devoured and Katy Perry is done jiggling, I think it'll be a close, competitive back and forth game until the man of the week, Marshawn Lynch, breaks out for a big play to seal the victory for the Seahawks. Russell Wilson will have two touchdowns, while Tom Brady will connect to Rob Gronkowski on two TD's of their own.
Seahawks 28 - Patriots 24 - Chris Williams (@nevaRWilliams)

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