Saturday, January 24, 2015

3 Rivers Rundown 1.24.15: NFL is the National Fraud League

By @Kratoslives

Ok, Roger Goodell enough is enough! It is time to get your League under control. Why is it that this league is always involved in scandals? Here's proof of what I'm talking about, Big Ben rape allegations, Ray Rice domestic violence assault, Adrian Peterson child abuse, Jim Irsay drug possession, Bill Belichick Spygate, the Saints Bounty Gate. Now this Deflategate story. I'm sorry, enough is enough. We want real answers Goodell!

Even though we know the answer, the Patriots are guilty, how did I come to this conclusion. Easy answer Belichick told the equipment people to cater to Brady needs. Everyone knows this, but they are trying to Jedi mind trick us into believing other wise.

Here's my proof.

The equipment manager gives Brady the balls to pick for the game. Then he warms up with these same balls, which are then used in the game. So let's go over all the hands that handles them. Equipment manager, Bryan Stork, Tom Brady, then a Wr, Rb, or Te. So none of these people didn't notice the irregularities in the footballs?

I know for a fact Bryan Stork should've noticed it. Why? He's the damn starting center and he touches it the most. Also, I just love how his name has been omitted. Think folks, Bill Belichick pointed to Brady, Brady pointed to an "I'm a dumb blonde" defense. With a splash of ask the equipment manager because "I'm not aware of the PSI pressure of a football". However, no one and I mean no one has mentioned Bryan Stork's name. Hello! HELLO! Don't you think this is odd? I do! I waited all week before even posting this. ESPN, FOX Sports, Bleacher Report, NFL Network, CNN Sports none of them has brought up this fact. Not even the National Press everyone has failed to mention his name. So do you think this is by accident or by design? I believe it's by design because they are guilty of cheating. People, please question what you've seen and read on this and watch the glaring oversight. Afterwards, question the most glaring thing which is 11 out of 12. This isn't a little mistake it's a failure to follow orders.

How can I write this with such confidence? Easy answer, he put the twelfth ball in the wrong pile before deflating it. That's how you get 11 out of 12.

So watch as Roger Goodell twists in the wind, praying for the Seattle Seahawks win Super Bowl XLIX, just so he can come back later and take a couple of draft picks. Then brag that the league did a complete investigation to remove the picks. But never owning up to the fact that Bill Belicheat  (Thank you Don Shula for the name) was cheating again right under their noses.

So as this goes forward please remember who told you this first, Jaison Roberts on this Blog!

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