Thursday, January 29, 2015

3 Rivers Rundown 1.29.15: Super Bowl Week With John Jones

By @Kratoslives

Hello folks, I have a special treat for you.

I managed to get an interview with John Jones. Who is John Jones? He is a Super Bowl champion born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio who I became friends with. I know, how the hell does a "Ratbird" and Steelers fan become friends? Well truthfully, I don't know but it worked so here is the interview.

Jaison Roberts: John, what was it like preparing for the Super Bowl?

John Jones: "It was different for me because the week after the wild card game, I tore up my ankle in practice. I took a hit from Ray Lewis, which required surgery and put me on IR."

JR: Was there any special treatment for you?
JJ: "Yeah, none. I was still required to be in meetings and all team functions. In short, HELL NO!"

JR: What was the team meeting about the night before the game?
JJ: "Believe it or not, it was real relaxed, but they showed a clip from "Fight Club". The one where the guy kills everyone in the restaurant but one guy. He tells the guy that tomorrow will be the best day of his life. Which turned out to be the message to us, relax because tomorrow will be the greatest day in our lives."

JR: So was there ever any doubt about the game?
JJ: "Truthfully no. We knew we were going to win because we had the greatest D ever."

JR: So what was Brian Billick's half time speech about?
JJ: "I don't know."

JR: What do you mean you don't know?
JJ: "I don't know because I stayed out to watch Mary J. Blige perform. She was the half time show."

JR: Jones, man you're stupid. (Laughter) I can't believe you did that.
JJ: "Hey."

So there you have it Cleveland, the John Jones interview. I promise to bring you more from him. Maybe we'll be able to get his training camp story out of him in a later date.

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