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Leadoff with Lee 2.22.15 #ChrisBosh #Perkins #Cowboys #MarshawnLynch

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- Miami Heat All-Star forward Chris Bosh will miss the rest of the season with blood clots on his lungs. Bosh was admitted into a Miami hospital after meeting with a doctor Thursday night. His initial test proved to be inconclusive. Further testing took place and showed clots on his lungs. He will be treated with blood thinners for pulmonary embolism. Here is a great article by Alex Kennedy about his experience and the Cavaliers own Anderson Varejao.

- Kendrick Perkins will officially become a Cavalier tomorrow! Perkins accepted the buyout from the Utah Jazz after being traded there on Thursday and with the encouragement from LeBron James, agreed to sign with the Cavs. I can see Perkins help spell Timofey Mozgov and will provide extra depth to the Cavs frontline.

- NASCAR Sprint driver Kurt Busch has been suspended indefinitely for smashing his ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll's head against the wall of his home on September 26, 2014 at Dover International Speedway. Busch appealed his suspension but the ruling was upheld.  He will continue to peruse his return to racing by exhausting every avenue possible. I don't know much about racing but is he really suspended forever or just for a season?

- The Seattle Seahawks have offered running back Marshawn Lynch a contract extension that will pay him $11-$12 million the first year, and $9 million in years two and three. Lynch's agent, Doug Hendrickson, has said the framework of the contract are close but no deal has been reached. The reports of Marshawn Lynch, approaching 29 in April, possibly retiring may have some truth to it, but I can't see Lynch turning down that money. Even though the circumstances are different, Jim Brown retired at 29.

- Vikings running back Adrian Peterson reportedly requested or demanded to be traded to the Dallas Cowboys. Peterson may be feeling uneasy with the organization following his child abuse case. Dallas would be an ideal location, considering the uncertainty of the future of DeMarco Murray. But before any trade can be made, Peterson needs to be reinstated by the NFL. Peterson was in Minneapolis on Feb. 6 for a hearing in federal court, as the NFL Players Association sued the league in hopes of gaining Peterson's immediate reinstatement. But unless Judge David Doty rules in the NFLPA's favor, Peterson cannot be reinstated until April 15.

- In a fight that will either be billed as 5 years in the making or 5 years to late. Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Paciao is official.

Mayweather announced the fight with Pacquiao via selfie app Shots. With the SD (standard definition) pay-per-view going for $89.95 and HD format going for $99.95, this fight is expected to generated $400 million dollars. While both boxers are expected to make over $100 million apiece, the purse will be split 60-40 with Mayweather claiming the majority. This will be the highest grossing boxing match in history. Floyd Mayweather's record is 47-0, 26 K.O and Pacquiao is 57-5-2, 38 K.O

- Major League Baseball announced Friday their ideas for the pace of play rule changes to help speed up the game. The average baseball game lasts 3 hours and 8 minutes,with most games starting between 7:05pm-7:10. MLB experimented with the speed up rules in the Arizona Fall League and it was found successful in shortening games.

1. Managers must challenge replays from dugout.
2. Batters must keep one foot in box unless an established exception occurs
3. Play to resumes promptly once broadcast returns from commercial break.

Full details on rule changes can be found HERE.

I'm totally for anything to speed up the game of baseball. The Cleveland Indians are also experimenting starting games at 6:05pm in April and May. Hopefully this increases attendance for the early season games, while allowing parents to take their kids to weekday games during the school year.

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