Saturday, November 1, 2014

Aliens Do Exist (The Secret The World Wanted To Hide)

By @Kratoslives

Hello followers! Thank you for the support. Let me give you a quick bio of myself. My name is Jaison Roberts I was born on 12/11/1970 in Pittsburgh, PA. I grew up being the odd child out of my parents offspring. While I excelled in football and basketball growing up, I never enjoyed playing them. However, when it came to Kung-Fu and Volleyball I was in heaven. Now I'm a father of 4 kids who have picked up my eclectic ways. A 24 yr old son who is a paramedic in med school. A 22 yr old daughter headed overseas to play ball in 2015. A 13 yr old son who has become a straight up hillbilly and watches NASCAR like kids watch Family Guy. And FINALLY, my 4 yr girl who has become a martial arts junkie like her dad. Now that all of that is out of the way, let's talk about this...

    Behoove me if you will, I know this
 blog is supposed to deal with sports. However I don't feel like it this week. So screw it we're going with Aliens this week.
    Every so often we are reminded we're not alone on Earth. I have discovered one of these instances. On 1965 on a cold Philadelphia day 18% to be exact a Alien was born. Nothing was spectacular about this Alien. Other than this Alien had a taste for violence. This taste eventually led, to this Alien being locked up. The Alien was now 17 yrs old and was now serving 18 yrs for it's crimes.
      Repented while serving time in jail this Alien had a change of heart. While in jail the Alien picked up the Sweet Science Of Boxing. Why would a Alien start boxing? Truthfully I don't know however I'm glad it did. After 5 yrs served the Alien was released back into the world. With a strong warning, "You'll be back! " declared the warden. 
     Never could a human been so wrong, after leaving jail the Alien moved head long into boxing. The Alien lost it's first bout which led to a 16 month seclusion from the ring. Upon it's return to the ring the Alien defeated Greg Paige in a unanimous decision in 1990. From there the Alien went on a 21 fight winning streak which lasted 2 yrs. Building up to a fight with a Floridian.
     Arrival time is upon us, Roy Jones Jr defeated this Alien in a unanimous decision. In defeat something special was sparked in this Alien. The Alien was now set to announce it's arrival, but it suffered one more set back. This time the lose was followed up by a knockout rematch victory for the Alien. However unbeknownst to us the boxing world had grown tired of this Alien. So in true evil fashion they set out to get rid of the Alien. 
     Reckoning time was now upon the Alien, a tournament was made. This tournament was to crown a Middleweight Champion. All the hard hitting humans where invited including this Alien. Let me introduce you to the pundits Keith Holmes, William Joppy, Felix Trinidad, and this Alien. All of these men where being ducked at the time. No one wanted any part of these guys especially Felix Trinidad. He was leaving carcasses all over the boxing landscape at the time. Plus he was doing it in crowd pleasing fashion KO's.
     Dominance is the only way to describe Trinidad vs Joppy a fifth round KO. While the Alien won a unanimous decision over Holmes. Now it was time for the world to be freed of this nuisance. Felix Trinidad and the Alien are now set to square off on 9/29/01 in Madison Square Garden. Uh Oh,  Houston we have a problem. Somebody forgot to tell the Alien he is supposed to lose tonight. Round after round it became more obvious, who was in control of the fight. Especially in between the 11th and 12th rd when we heard the command "Get Him Out Of Here"! With that Felix Trinidad was KO in the 12th Rd, thus the Alien has arrived to the general public in dramatic fashion. 
     How in the world could this Alien escaped our attention for so long? Let's review the most important fact he is a Alien. Since 1965 he has patrolled our planet that's 49 yrs folks. For 26 of those 49 yrs he has been fighting and defying logic. 26, yes this is no typo 26 yrs the Alien has been a dominate force in a young man's sport. As the Alien prepares to fight Sergey Kovalev a 31 yr old KO machine. I hope he knows what he is doing, or is it us who should be remembering.13 yrs ago he squared off with a KO machine he won by KO.
     So on 11/8/14 tune in to HBO because unlike most humans. I've been completely obsessed with this Alien. Think about this for the last 21 yrs this Alien has been building a legacy no human will ever match. So put your metal colanders on your heads, wrap yourself in plastic wrap. Lock your doors and pay your cable bills, so you can see this Alien. Before he leaves us for the cosmos.

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