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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 11.4.14: #WWE #RAW Results

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's the RAW results from last night's show. RAW took place last night in Buffalo, New York. RAW consisted of a big announcement for Survivor Series by the man himself, Vince McMahon. Big Show faced Mark Henry. Dean Ambrose battled Cesaro. Main Event time saw Randy Orton going one on one with Seth Rollins. All that and more. Let's get to those results.

- NO CHANCE IN HELL! Vince McMahon returned with The Authority to kick off RAW. Vince promotes WWE Network being free in November and announces that if The Authority losses at Survivor Series then The Authority will be no more. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are left with wondering why Vinnie Mac is doing this.

- Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro: Mat wrestling and quick pin attempts by both men early. Out to the floor, Ambrose slams Cesaro face first into the ring barrier then hits a flying elbow/bodypress. The lights go out and Bray Wyatt appears in his rocking chair on stage. Cesaro german suplex for a near fall. Ambrose with a huge clothesline for a near fall. Cesaro reverses a tornado DDT into a european uppercut for a near fall. Ambrose dumps Cesaro to the floor and hits the suicide dive. Cesaro gets a near fall on a back slide. Ambrose jumps up and hits "Dirty Deeds" for the pinfall. After the match, Ambrose goes for Bray Wyatt but the lights again go out and pop back on with Bray gone.

- Triple H makes the decision to call Randy Orton to lead The Authority at Survivor Series.

- Jimmy Uso (w/Jey Uso) vs. The Miz (w/Damien Sandow): Mat wrestling and fast pace action early. Damien Sandow doing his usual comical stunt double imitation of Miz throughout the match. Jey super kicks Sandow on the floor after Sandow tries rolling in the ring. Miz catches Jimmy on the distraction and hits the "Skull Crushing Finale" for the pinfall.

- Sheamus vs. Tyson Kidd (w/Nattie Neidhart): Rusev and Lana scout the match from backstage. Sheamus near fall with a knee drop. Kidd near fall with a drop kick to the face. Kidd goes for a head scissors but Sheamus counters with a power bomb into the texas clover leaf submission. The fight goes to the floor where Sheamus and Kidd trade blows. Kidd pushes Nattie into Sheamus' way and beats the ten count, beating Sheamus by count out. After the match, Sheamus lays Kidd out with a "Brogue Kick".
- Dolph Ziggler vs. ????: The Authority arrive and surround Ziggler. Stephanie accepts Vince's stipulation from earlier and guarantee The Authority will win. Triple H, next tries to recruit Ziggler for The Authority, claiming that John Cena will take all the credit if his team wins and none of the blaim if his team loses. Triple H promises he'll give Ziggler anything he wants if he tells Cena "no" and joins The Authority. Ziggler says the only thing he wants is The Authority gone and out of power. Triple H orders Ziggler to defend his WWE Intercontinental Championship against Seth Rollins, now, for making the wrong decision.

- "WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:" Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Seth Rollins: Fast paced action and good mat wrestling by the two men, one a rising star and the other a should be main eventer. Ziggler misses a splash and is sent into the turn buckle for a near fall. Ziggler sends himself and Rollins to the floor with a clothesline. Ziggler splash in the corner and a leaping elbow for a near fall. Rollins counters the "Famasser" with a rollup for a near fall. Rollins counters corner punches and then turn buckle power bombed Ziggler for a near fall. Ziggler hits a "Famasser" for a near fall. Rollins counters a super kick with an enzigiri for a near fall. Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble distract Ziggler as he went for the "Zig Zag". Noble drops Ziggler neck first on the ropes and Rollins hits the "Curb Stomp". Before Rollins can cover, Randy Orton slides in the ring and drops Rollins with an "RKO".....outta nowhere. Ziggler retains his WWE Intercontinental Championship as the match is thrown out.

- Stephanie McMahon tells Triple H they can't trust Randy Orton now. Randy Orton appears and wants Seth Rollins tonight. Triple H tells Orton he needs Orton and Rollins both on The Authority but grants him a match with Rollins tonight. After their match they need to put their hatred aside and put full focus on Survivor Series and beating Team Cena.

- Titus O'Neil vs. Ryback: Titus gets some power moves in on Ryback and finds time to mock Ryback. Ryback regains offense. The Authority are shown scouting Ryback as he hits the "Meat Hook" and the "Shell Shock" on Titus for the pinfall.

- Backstage, Big Show offers to be on Team Cena just to see The Authority lose power. Show talks about Mark Henry turning on him and how betrayed Show feels. Part of Show wants Henry's friendship back and the other half just wants to knock Henry out.

- Hey look, it's the Buffalo Bills at ringside. Good to see they haven't moved the team yet.

- Big Show vs. Mark Henry: Like watching two semi's collide. Big Show near fall with an elbow drop. To the floor, Henry sends Show into the ring post. Show charges and spears Henry. Show locks on his new leg submission but Henry makes it to the ropes. Show climbs to the top rope but gets tossed off by Henry. The Authority is shown scouting this match. Henry with the "World's Strongest Slam" but Show kicks out at two. Back on the floor, Henry gets DQ'ed as he hits Show with the ring steps. Henry lays Show out with the "World's Strongest Slam" on the ring steps after the match.

- Triple H tells Kane to go ask Mark Henry to join The Authority and tells Stephanie McMahon to trust him on The Authority winning at Survivor Series.

- Nikki Bella (w/Brie Bella) vs. Emma: A.J. Punk....I mean A.J. Lee is on commentary for this match. Emma with a "Tarantula" on Nikki. Emma goes for the "Emma-Mite-Sandwich" but gets kicked to the canvas. Nikki hits "Rack Attack" and scores the pinfall. After the match, Nikki orders Brie to slap A.J. which Brie does. A.J. shoves Brie down then goes after Nikki who runs away.

- Zack Ryder vs. Rusev (w/Lana): Rusev runs over Ryder easily. Rusev with a thrust kick and makes Ryder tap out to "The Accolade". The Authority scouted Rusev during the match. Rusev and Lana guarantee victory over Sheamus later on in the United States Championship Match, only on WWE Network after RAW. Sheamus comes out and says Rusev will finally be beaten.

- Stephanie McMahon tries to recruit Rusev with a spot on The Authority. Lana says they'll get back to her.

- Stardust (w/Goldust) vs. Fernando (w/Diego and El Torito): The Miz and Damien Sandow are on commentary. Diego and El Torito send Goldust flying into Miz and Sandow. Miz and Sandow confront Goldust. Fernando hits Stardust with the "Backstabber" during all the distractions and scores the pinfall.

- Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins (w/Mercury and Noble): Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are at ringside for this match. The fight goes to the floor where Orton bounces Rollins like a pinball into the barricades. Rollins looks like he's taking a book out of Orton's page with kicks and stomps, slowing down Orton. Back to the floor, Orton tosses Rollins into the announcers table then back body drops him on the table. Back in the ring, Orton counters Rollins on the top rope with a superplex for a near fall. Orton went for the hanging DDT but Rollins dumps Orton to the floor. Rollins hits a suicide dive then hits a flying knee for a near fall on Orton. Orton counters the turn buckle power bomb, Rollins counters back with a kick. Rollins goes for the "Curb Stomp" but Orton counters with the snapping power slam for a near fall. Orton goes for the "RKO" but Rollins back slides Orton for the pinfall. Triple H tells Orton to shake The Authority's hands now. Orton shakes Mercury, Noble and Kane's hand. Orton gets to Rollins and hesitates before shaking his hand. Orton then snaps and hits the "RKO" on Rollins. Orton unloads on Mercury, Noble and Kane until Triple H tries to calm Orton down. Orton decks Triple H and begins to unload on The Authority again. The Authority tackle Orton on the announcers table and Rollins hits the "Curb Stomp" on Orton, busting Orton open. Stephanie and Triple H tell The Authority to finish Orton off. Rollins hits another "Curb Stomp" on Orton as RAW ends.

**** Wrestling Lockup with Brandon Exclusive: After RAW went off the air, WWE Network went live with a special match to promote the free showing of WWE Network this month.

- "WWE United States Championship Match": Sheamus (c) vs. Rusev (w/Lana): Sheamus and Rusev traded back and forth early with their brawling and power moves. Sheamus sends Rusev to the floor and leaps off the apron at Rusev. Rusev catches Sheamus and power slams him on the floor. Rusev tosses Sheamus into the barricade then back into the ring. Rusev works on Sheamus with submission wrestling. Sheamus back on offense with clubbing axe handles and running knee lifts. Rusev hits a fall away slam for a near fall, stomps on Sheamus back and then locks in "The Accolade". Sheamus powers out and drops Rusev with "White Noise" for a near fall. Sheamus goes for the "Brogue Kick". Sheamus misses the finisher, then catches two thrust kicks to the head by Rusev. Rusev locks Sheamus in "The Accolade" and applies the pressure. Sheamus passes out from the pain and the referee stops the match. Rusev is the NEW United States Champion.

And that's a wrap on this week's RAW results, till next time tap or snap.

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