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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 11.13.14: #TNA Impact Results

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's the TNA Impact results from last night's show. Impact took place from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Impact consisted of The Wolves defending their TNA World Tag Team Titles against James Storm and a mystery partner after Storm cashed in his "Feast or Fired" briefcase. Eric Young battled Tyrus. Samoa Joe delivers bad news. Main event time saw Austin Aries vs. Bobby Lashley. All this and more, result time.

- In Search Of MVP: Impact kicked off with Bobby Lashley looking for MVP. Kenny King doesn't know where he is, so Lashley tosses a garbage can against the wall, pissed.

- Davey Richards' Answer To James Storm: Storm is in the ring and wants to know if Davey Richards is joining the Revolution, now. The Wolves come to the ring. Eddie Edwards wants to give his opinion but Richards again says he can answer for himself. Richards says he's a Wolf and Storm is out of his mind, the answer is NO! Storm, Manik and Sanada attack The Wolves. Storm chokes Richards with a bullrope and steel chair shots Richards' leg. Storm hits Edwards in the head and Richards in the leg with his "Feast or Fired" briefcase. Storm announces he's cashing in his "Feast or Fired" tag team title match briefcase now.

- "TNA World Tag Team Championship Match": The Wolves (c) vs. James Storm and ???: Storm hits Edwards with "Eye of the Storm" as Abyss comes to the ring. Storm announces Abyss as the newest member of the Revolution and tags him in. Abyss hits a choke slam and the "Black Hole Slam" on Edwards and scores the pinfall. Storm and Abyss are the NEW TNA World Tag Team Champions.

- Madison Rayne vs Taryn Terrell: Back and forth action early. Terrell splashes Rayne from the apron to the floor. Back in the ring, Rayne, knocks Terrell off the ropes, hits a knee and gets a near fall. Terrell goes on the offense and refuses to put Rayne away. Rayne scores two near falls but has to release the pinfalls due to the referee catching her cheating in both attempts. Rayne goes for the "Rayne Check" but Terrell counters into a diving cutter for the pinfall.

- In Search Of Bobby Roode: Bobby Lashley asks Kurt Angle where Bobby Roode is. Roode has the night off to promote TNA. Lashley gets in Angle's face and is warned to back down. Lashley says he'll get what he wants, when he wants it.

- Revolution Recruitment: Manik hits up newcomer, Mahabali Sheera and says he wants Sheera to meet a powerful man.

- Kenny King Issues With Chris Melendez: King calls out Melendez, who comes to the ring. King says he loves America, he just hates Melendez cause he's a fraud. Mr. Anderson comes to the ring and calls Melendez a hero but gets told to shut up by King. Melendez says he has people that believe in him. King wants a match with Melendez then sucker punches Anderson before running away.

- "Handicap Elimination Match": The Menagerie vs. The BroMans and The Beautiful People: Rebel and Angelina Love go at it early. Crazy Steve smacks Love's ass, distracting Love. Rebel rolls Love up from behind for the pinfall. Knux gets pinned by Zema as Jessie held Knux's leg. Crazy Steve rolls up Zema Ion for the pinfall after. Love returns and hair sprays Rebel's eyes behind the referee's back, allowing Velvet Sky to score the pinfall on Rebel with "In Yo Face". Sky goes for a pinfall on Crazy Steve but Steve counters by holding down Sky and making out with her and pinning her in the process. Jessie hits a power bomb but show boats after. Steve hits a tornado DDT and scores the final pinfall for the win.

- Eric Young (w/Rockstar Spud) vs. Tyrus (w/Ethan Carter III): Tyrus unloads on EY with huge power moves early on. EY finally gets some offense in after Tyrus misses a splash. ECIII tries to get involved but Spud knocks ECIII out. EY drops the elbow from the top rope on Tyrus for the pinfall. After the match, Bobby Lashley arrives, spears EY, choke slams Spud then unloads steel chair shots on EY's arm. Lashley locks EY in a crossface until Austin Aries hits the ring for the save.

- Aries' Warning: Aries says he's pissed, Lashley can stop attacking people from behind and do it face to face instead. Aries wants Lashley tonight.

- Samoa Joe Vacates The TNA X-Division Title: Joe says he's not medically cleared to wrestle for quite awhile. Due to this, Joe must vacate the TNA X-Division Title. Joe says he'll be back to challenge for it when he's 100%.

- Samuel Shaw (w/Brittany) vs Gunner: Shaw tries to hit Gunner with a steel chair early on but misses. Gunner yells at Brittany but gets a chair drop kicked in his face by Shaw. Gunner sends Shaw to the floor and unloads on Shaw with a chair. Brittany distracts Gunner allowing Shaw to shove Gunner into the ring steps. Gunner comes back, suplexes and power bombs Shaw on a pile of chairs. Gunner yells at Brittany, telling her this is what they get. Brittany low blows Gunner but Gunner gets to the floor. Back in the ring, Shaw lands a chair shot and locks in the choke hold. Gunner counters with "Hangar 18" onto the pile of chairs and scores the pinfall.

- Bobby Lashley vs. Austin Aries: Aries with "IED" and a brainbuster attempt early but Lashley counters. Aries lands knees on Lashley and locks in the "Last Chancery". On the floor, Aries counters a Lashley slam and hits Lashley with "IED" on the barricade. Aries goes for a missile drop kick but Lashley pushes Aries away and delivers a huge clothesline. Lashley goes "Brock Lesnar" on Aries and belly to belly suplexes Aries over and over. Lashley beats Aries in the corner and goes for a top rope suplex. Aries counters and hits a missile drop kick. Lashley counters another brainbuster attempt but Aries unloads with elbow strikes. Aries sends Lashley to the floor then suicide dives Lashley into the barricade. Back in the ring, Lashley shoves Aries off the top rope and Aries lands on the ring steps.
Lashley destroys Aries on the floor by tossing Aries into the ring steps, tossing Aries around ringside and folds Aries in half with the spear. Both men get counted out in the process. After the match, Lashley press slams Aries on the ramp and locks in a "Crippler Crossface". Aries is choked out, Lashley chases away TNA officials and yells Bobby Roode's name in the camera as Impact ends.

And that's a wrap my friends, thanks for reading this week's Impact results. Till next time, tap or snap.

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