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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 11.6.14: #TNA Impact Results

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's the TNA Impact results from last night's show. Impact took place from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This week's Impact saw the finals of the Tag Team Tournament to crown new #1 Contender's to The Wolves' TNA Tag Team Championship. Havok defended the TNA Knockouts Championship against Gail Kim. And the Bobby Roode Era as TNA World Champion begins. Let's get to some results.

- The Bobby Roode Era Begins: Kurt Angle kicked off Impact by inviting out the new TNA World Champion, Bobby Roode. Roode gets a few words out about how he feels when MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley interrupt. MVP accuses Roode of being a sorry excuse of a wrestler and thinks he would've been the champion if not for his leg injury over the summer. MVP wants a shot at the TNA World Title tonight, Roode accepts the challenge and Angle approves it. Bobby Lashley doesn't look too happy that MVP just cut him off for a title shot.

- "Finals of the Tag Team Tournament": The Hardy Boys vs. Samoa Joe and Low Ki: Back and forth action between the two teams early on. Jeff hits "Whisper in the Wind" on Joe and tags in Matt. Matt hits the "Side Effect" on Ki and gets a near fall. Matt hits a bulldog and a clothesline on Ki for another near fall. Ki fires back, hangs Matt in the "Tree of Woe" and hits a top rope double stomp for a near fall. Ki lifts Matt up but Matt counters with a "Twist of Fate", covers Ki, but Joe breaks up the pin. Joe locks Matt in the "Coquina Clutch", but Jeff comes off the top rope with the "Swanton Bomb", landing on both Matt and Joe, breaking up the submission. The Hardy's hit "Poetry In Motion on Ki setting up the finish. Jeff hits the "Swanton Bomb" on Ki and Matt hits a moonsault on Ki to score the pinfall. The Hardy's are the new #1 Contenders to the TNA World Tag Team Championship.

- James Storm has given Davey Richards a week to decide whether or not he's joining the Revolution.

- Backstage, Bobby Roode talks about when MVP suspended him over the summer, all the obstacles he's had to go through to get the TNA World Title and will show MVP why he's the "It Factor".

- A Segment Full of Creepiness: Samuel Shaw and Brittany are in the ring. Shaw talks about turning on Gunner, a man he thought was his friend and how Brittany has shown him the light. Brittany licks Shaw's face and it seriously looks like Impact is about to turn into a Cinemax after midnight movie as Shaw has Brittany in the missionary position on the mat. Gunner arrives and tells Shaw that he was his friend but Brittany got in his head, Shaw wanted to be like Gunner instead of being himself, the couple make him sick and look like two creepy bastards. Shaw swings at Gunner but Gunner ducks and starts choking out Shaw. Brittany jumps on Gunner's back allowing Shaw to low blow Gunner. Shaw puts on a pair of gloves and locks Gunner in a choke hold, choking Gunner out.

- Backstage, MVP says Angle showed his true colors when Angle took MVP's job. Angle says MVP showed his after what he did earlier.

- "Hardcore Match": Magnus and Bram vs. Devon and Tommy Dreamer: Dreamer and Devon jump the Brits on their way to the ring. Dreamer hits Magnus with a water bottle. Magnus crotches Dreamer on the barricade. Devon hits Bram with a water bottle. Magnus and Bram beat Devon with a turn buckle wrench until Dreamer unloads with a trash can lid. Dreamer gets drop toe holded on a steel chair. Magnus smacks Devon with a trash can. Devon returns the favor a little bit later with a trash can lid shot to Bram. Devon puts a trash can between Bram's legs and smacks it with a steel chair. The tower of doom hits as all four men are down afterwards. Devon counters a Bram suplex and sends Bram flying out of the ring and through a table. Magnus lands solid kendo stick shots on Devon and Dreamer. Dreamer kicks Magnus in the groin, hits a DDT and scores the pinfall.

- Backstage, Gail Kim talks about everything Havok has done to her but tonight Gail Kim is coming for the TNA Knockouts Title.

- I'm With Spud: Jeremy Borash interviews Rockstar Spud in the ring. Spud wants no one to feel sorry for him and explains why he was apart of Dixie Carter's faction in the past. Spud talks about being Ethan Carter III's friend until he realized what a wanker and a douchbag he was and he doesn't need ECIII anymore. ECIII and Tyrus interrupt and come to the ring. ECIII calls Spud a loser, the leader of the  loser fans and Borash and Spud owe everything to the Carter Family. ECIII tells Spud to apologize, Spud says no, so Tyrus grabs Spud. Spud says he's sorry......sorry ECIII is a big nosed douche bag. ECIII knocks Borash to the canvas then double teams Spud with Tyrus after Spud tries jumping on ECIII's back. Eric Young hits the ring with a steel chair and makes the save.

- Prematch Attack: Gail Kim attacks Havok on her way to the ring but gets destroyed by the female bulldozer. The referees stop Havok from avalanching Kim into the ring post, opening up a few punches landed by Kim. Havok rams Kim head first into the ring post, hits a forearm shot, drags Kim by the hair up the ramp and stops an attempted Kim comeback by tossing Kim off the ramp and onto the floor. Kim grabs her injured shoulder as officials check on Kim.

- "TNA Knockouts Championship Match": Havok (c) vs. Gail Kim: Kim refuses medical attention, demands the match to be started and it is. Havok hits a spine buster for a near fall. Kim keeps coming at Havok but Havok uses her power to just knock Kim back down. Havok picks Kim up on the apron and drops Kim down right on the ring steps. Havok begins toying with Kim, refusing to put her away. Kim counters a spine buster and scores a head scissor on Havok. Havok side slams Kim for a near fall. Kim delivers an arm breaker and scores a near fall with a cross body block. Havok blocks "Eat Defeat" and hits a spine buster for a near fall. Kim counters a choke slam and hits "Eat Defeat" for a near fall. Havok catches Kim coming off the top rope, plants Kim with a choke slam and scores the pinfall. Havok retains the TNA Knockouts Title.

- Backstage, Bobby Lashley is packing his ring bags and refusing to talk to MVP or support MVP in his World Title Match.

- "TNA World Championship Match": Bobby Roode (c) vs. MVP: MVP lands a double underhook for a near fall. Roode offensive fury with a back elbow, knee lifts to the gut and a legsweep for a near fall. The fight goes to the floor where MVP tosses Roode into the barricade and then the ring steps. MVP attempts pinfalls but Roode won't stay down. MVP hits "Ballin'" for a near fall. Roode hits a spine buster for a near fall. Roode and MVP trade blows before Roode lands a big superplex for a near fall. Roode dodges the "Drive By" and rolls MVP up for a near fall. MVP blocks the "Roode Bomb" and hits a kick on Roode. Roode counters MVP's neck breaker and hits the "Roode Bomb" for the pinfall. Bobby Roode retains the TNA World Title. After the match, Bobby Lashley hits the ring and lays Roode out with a spear. MVP puts his hand out for Lashley to help him off the mat but Lashley walks past him and leaves the ring as Impact closes out.

And that's a wrap my friends, thanks for reading this week's Impact results. Till next time, tap or snap.

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