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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 11.20.14: #TNA #Impact Results

By @B_Rock1978

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's the TNA Impact results from last night's show. Impact took place from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Last night's Impact will be the last episode to ever air on Spike TV. As I sit and write these results, it was made official on Wednesday afternoon that TNA signed a new multi year TV deal with Destination America. Spike TV will be pre-empting TNA Impact the rest of the year, so this will be my last TNA Impact results for this year. TNA will return to TV in January on their new TV home, Destination America. Let's get to last night's results.

- In Ring Segment With Bobby Roode: TNA World Champion, Bobby Roode, kicks off the last Spike TV Impact, in the ring with a mic. Says Eric Young is his true friend and doesn't appreciate Bobby Lashley attempting to end Young's career last week. Lashley tried ending Austin Aries' career too, knows Lashley wants a title shot but tonight Roode wants Lashley no referees, no rules. Bobby Lashley wastes no time getting to the ring and immediately begins brawling with Roode. Roode and Lashley brawl throughout the arena and behind the barricades in the crowd before TNA Security break things up.

- Backstage Segment with Ethan Carter III: ECIII says it's a shame Eric Young was injured last week, then immediately challenges his former best friend Rockstar Spud, tonight.

- "TNA Knockouts Championship Match": Havok (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell: Havok gets double teamed early but shoves Kim and Terrell away easily. Havok unloads her power on Kim and Terrell until Kim is able to apply an octopus lock. Terrell follows with a submission hold of her own but Havok won't tap out. Out to the floor, Havok catches Terrell but Kim follows, taking out both ladies with a forearm. Back in the ring, Kim small package on Terrell for a near fall. Terrell hits some offense on Kim, but gets dragged to the floor by Havok and dropped face first on the barricade. Back in the ring, Havok, splashes both Kim and Terrell for near falls. Havok gets knocked back out to the floor, allowing Kim and Terrell to go at it.
Kim and Terrell are on the ropes as Havok returns and we get a tower of doom spot, wiping out all three ladies. Havok gets a splash and choke slam countered then gets chopped down by Kim and Terrell. Kim with a cross body on Havok and Terrell with a body press on Havok for near falls. Kim hits "Eat Defeat" on Havok and Terrell follows with an "Ace Crusher" on Havok. Kim and Terrell go at it again with Terrell sneaking in a sunset flip on Kim for the pinfall. Taryn Terrell is the NEW TNA Knockouts Champion.

- Backstage Segment with Kenny King and MVP: King wants to know why MVP is avoiding him. MVP says he needed time to think things over.

- Kenny King vs. Sgt. Chris Melendez: Mat wrestling early by King until Melendez gains offense and King retreats to the floor. Back in the ring, King applies a camel clutch on Melendez. Melendez escapes, hits King with a big boot, using his prosthetic leg and gets a near fall with a perfect plex. Melendez continues to unload on King until MVP slides in the ring and hits Melendez with a steel chair, DQ'ing King. MVP snaps and just unloads on Melendez's leg with the steel chair, continuously. Mr. Anderson hits the ring to make the save.

- Backstage Segment with Rockstar Spud: Spud accepts Ethan Carter III's challenge from earlier tonight.

- Backstage Segment with Kurt Angle: Mr. Anderson is pissed off. Angle says MVP has gone too far and promises Anderson that Angle will deal with MVP.

- In Ring Segment with Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud: ECIII says he's impressed by Spud and knows Spud wants to fight. Spud comes out and ECIII tells Tyrus to leave the ring and not get involved. ECIII says he knows he ruined Spud's life, knows Spud wants to hit him and offers Spud the first punch. Spud refuses to punch ECIII but kicks him square in the nuts instead. ECIII fights back and beats the holy hell out of Spud but Spud keeps coming back for more. ECIII gives Spud to Tyrus. Tyrus destroys Spud with a clothesline. ECIII says he won't stop till Spud decides to retire. ECIII then shaves off Spud's hair before leaving.

- Backstage Segment with Kurt Angle and MVP: Angle finds Kenny King and demands to be told where MVP is. MVP attacks Angle from behind and unloads punches on Angle. King asks MVP what he's doing and MVP says that's what happens when Angle wants to play games.

- "Hardcore Match": Bram vs Tommy Dreamer: Bram attacks Dreamer on his way to the ring. Dreamer tosses Bram into the ring post. Bram slams Dreamer on the entrance ramp and hits Dreamer with a trash can. Dreamer now busted open, tosses Bram into the ring post and suplexes Bram on the floor. Later in the match, Bram wipes Dreamer's blood off his face and wipes it on his own chest as a badge of honor. Bram, trash can shot on Dreamer for a near fall. Dreamer unloads on Bram with the Singapore cane and gets a near fall with a Russian leg sweep. Dreamer crushes Bram's nuts on a chair then gets a near fall with a clothesline. Dreamer baseball slides a trash lid into Bram's face. Bram comes off the ropes but gets a steel chair booted into his face then laid out with the Dreamer DDT for a near fall. Magnus hits the ring and helps double team Dreamer. Al Snow hits the ring and brawls with Magnus to the back. Dreamer cheese grates Bram's face then wedges a barbed wire wrapped chair in the corner. Bram nut shots Dreamer and tosses Dreamer head first into the barbed wire chair. Leaping DDT on Dreamer and Bram scores the pinfall.

- Backstage Segment with Kurt Angle: Angle says MVP just crossed the line and they're settling this once and for all.

- "TNA X Division Championship, Fatal Four Way Match": Low Ki vs Tigre Uno vs Manik vs DJ Z: Ki hits a mule kick on DJ Z early for a near fall. Ki and Manik get dropped with a DJ Z drop kick. Manik with a surfboard submission on Uno that gets broken up with a Ki double stomp. Ki kicks Manik in the head as Manik tries a suicide dive. Uno takes everyone out with an Asai moonsault.
A spot fest closes out the match with the end coming with Ki hitting a top rope "Ki Krusher" on Uno for the pinfall. Low Ki is the NEW TNA X Division Champion.

- Backstage Segment with MVP: MVP is trying to call Bobby Lashley but it keeps going right to his voice mail.

- In Ring Segment with Kurt Angle and MVP: Angle is in the ring with a mic. Says MVP abused his power, jumped Angle from behind and Angle immediately called the TNA Board of Directors for a proper punishment for MVP. MVP is on his way to the ring and gets in Angle's face. MVP says Angle is a former champion but has to call "mommy" for help, he's sick of Angle's snitching ass, sick of TNA and sick of the Board of Directors. Angle says he didn't call the Board of Directors to get MVP fired, will probably get in trouble himself for what he's about to do, but wants to start the New Year off right. Angle jumps MVP and starts unloading on MVP, beating him down. Kenny King hits the ring and helps MVP double team Angle. Mr. Anderson hits the ring to help Angle. Bobby Lashley hits the ring, spears Anderson in half and high fives King. Bobby Roode hits the ring and tosses King into the barricade. Roode and Lashley have a stare down then begin throwing punches at each other to close out the last TNA Impact on Spike TV.

And that's a wrap my friends, thanks for reading this week's Impact results. And thank you for reading all my Impact results every week. I'll be back to writing TNA Impact results come January. Till next time, tap or snap.

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