Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 5.6.14: WWE Raw

Welcome back to another edition of Wrestling Lockup with Brandon. It's RAW recap time and it's the first RAW after WWE Extreme Rules last night. What's next for WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan? How will Evolution bounce back from their defeat to The Shield? Will Bray Wyatt and his followers continue to terrorize John Cena? What feuds will go down leading us to WWE Payback? Let's get this started!

Highlights of RAW:
- The Authority make Dean Ambrose defend his United States Championship in a 20 man battle royal. Ambrose survives to the final two with Sheamus, eliminating a decent amount of opponents on the way. Sheamus nails Ambrose with the "Brogue Kick" and dumps Ambrose to the floor to take Ambrose's U.S. Title. Triple H then puts The Shield in the main event later against The Wyatt Family and says Ambrose losing the U.S. Title is step one to The Shield's luck running out.
- RVD and Cesaro continued their feud as they battled in a one on one match.
- Bray Wyatt cut a promo on his victory on John Cena last night. Bray says he's doing what he's doing for the children, for the hungry, for the girls that think they are ugly. Bray says Cena will stand and fall alone and the children will look at Bray as a god.
- Cody Rhodes' losing streak continued.
- Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are told by Stephanie McMahon to lay low in the locker room because Kane is angry at what happened last night. Bryan and Brie try to sneak out in a car but Steph tells Bryan he has a match and will be stripped of the title if he doesn't wrestle. After Bryan's match, Kane's music plays, the newlyweds run to the car, but it doesn't start. Bryan fixes the car problem but gets attacked by Kane who's waiting. Bryan ends up knocking Kane off the hood of his car after Kane jumps on top of it then drives off as Kane sits up.
- Bad News Barrett gave Big E a rematch for the IC Title.
- Adam Rose and his party posse debut as they interrupt Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger's promo on wrestlers they want deported. Rose sends Swagger out of the ring then chases Zeb off as Rose and his party posse party in the ring.
- Evolution get involved in The Wyatt Family vs The Shield match. The 6 on 3 distraction costs The Shield as Bray hits "Sister Abigail" on Reigns for the win. Evolution attack The Shield after the match and lay out the hounds of justice. Reigns tries to fight back solo on Evolution but gets laid out with an RKO from Orton, a pedigree from Triple H and a triple power bomb from Evolution as a whole. Evolution celebrate together to close out RAW.

Quick Match Results:
- WWE United States Championship, 20 Man Battle Royal: Sheamus wins, last eliminating current champ, Dean Ambrose, to win the U.S. Title.
- RVD def. Cesaro by DQ.
- Ryback def. Cody Rhodes by pin.
- Alexander Rusev def. Kofi Kingston by submission.
- Daniel Bryan def. Alberto Del Rio by submission.
- WWE IC Title Match: Bad News Barrett (c) def. Big E by pin to retain the title.
- The Wyatt Family def. The Shield by pin.

WWE News and Rumors:
- Sources are saying that Batista may be taking time off from WWE sooner instead of later like planned. Rumor is Batista is not happy with his current angle and constant storyline changes they gave his character. (Boo Hoo) Can you tell I'm not a Batista fan?
- RVD suffered minor bruising and a cut on his face at Extreme Rules after crash landing on a trash can, missing the "Five Star" in his match with Cesaro.
- Rumored match going around currently is a Daniel Bryan vs Kane "Buried Alive Match". If it's as brutal as their "Extreme Rules Match" was, then I'm all for it.

And that is a wrap! I will be back on Saturday for the Smackdown recap and more WWE News that comes my way. Till then, tap or snap.

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