Friday, May 16, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 5.16.14: TNA Impact

Welcome back to Wrestling Lockup with Brandon. It's Friday, and it's TNA Impact recap time. Last week on Impact we saw MVP reveal to the world that he was the #1 Contender to Eric Young's TNA World Title. MVP attacked EY and put himself in the main event for the world title at Slammiversary. Kurt Angle appeared to have blown out his knee in his match with Ethan Carter III. Magnus' friend, Bram, viciously attacked Jeff "Willow" Hardy. Knux debuted with his carnival freak faction, The Menagerie. Mr. Anderson and James Storm would meet this week in one on one action.

Highlights of Impact:
- Eric Young tries to confront MVP as he arrived to the arena, however, security pulled EY away from MVP. EY says all MVP had to do was ask for a title shot instead of attacking him like he did. MVP says he'll let EY hold the title for a couple more weeks till he takes it from him. Later in the show, EY and MVP, begin brawling with each other backstage and down to the ring. MVP leaves EY laid out in the ring and tells EY he's defending the title tonight against MVP.
- Dixie and Rockstar Spud arrive at Dixie's house to find a table with her name on it in her yard. Bully Ray calls Dixie on her phone and claims to be in her house. Dixie orders Spud to go in and investigate cause she signs his paychecks. Bully calls back later to tell Dixie that Spud is a little tied up and she's all alone. Dixie finds Spud tied up and is finally face to face with Bully. Bully says he'll leave her alone and move on after she admits to the world that she fears Bully. Ethan Carter III knocks Bully out from behind and Dixie says that she fears no one.
- Jeff "Willow" Hardy looks to get revenge on Magnus and his friend, Bram, after Bram handcuffed and beat Hardy down last week. Hardy succeeds after Magnus refuses to use a crowbar that Bram tries to make Magnus use. Magnus and Bram argue after the match.
- Gail Kim steps up and challenges The Beautiful People. Kim beats Sky but gets laid out by Love after the match.
- Knux and his carnival freak faction returned as Menagerie member, Crazy Steve, faced Kazarian. This match honestly was a waste of time and more of a comedy act.
- Eric Young defeats MVP by DQ in the main event after Kenny King attacks EY. MVP ordered the match restarted but the referee refused. King knocks out the referee and joins in on the attack with MVP on EY. Bobby Lashley hits the ring to make the save for EY. Lashley, however, turns on EY and spears him. Lashley puts EY through two chairs with a powerslam then poses with MVP and King to close out Impact.

Quick Match Results:
- "Handicap Match": Willow def. Magnus and Bram by pin.
- Gail Kim def. Velvet Sky by pin.
- Kazarian def. Crazy Steve by DQ.
- James Storm def. Mr. Anderson by pin.
- TNA X-Division Title "Triple Threat Match": Sanada (c) def. Tigre Uno and DJ Z by pin to retain the title.
- TNA World Title: Eric Young (c) def. MVP by DQ.

TNA News and Rumors:
- Kurt Angle under went surgery this week to repair his torn ACL. Angle is expected to be out of action till October. Angle's TNA contract expires around that time frame so it is unknown where he will return to action, TNA, WWE or GFW.
- MVP tweeted out this week that he has suspended Bobby Roode indefinitely after Roode's actions last week.
- Kazarian and Hernandez have both officially left TNA. Both superstars contracts expired and both didn't resign.
- Dixie Carter sent out a tweet this week stating that MMA Fighter, Rampage Jackson, may be returning to TNA soon.

And that is a wrap my friends. I will return with more TNA News next Friday with another TNA Impact recap. Till then, tap or snap.

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