Saturday, May 10, 2014

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 5.10.14: WWE Smackdown

It's Saturday and you know what that means. It's time for another WWE Smackdown recap. Last night we seen newly crowned U.S. Champion, Sheamus, in action. John Cena made one of his once in awhile Smackdown visits. All three members of The Shield were in one on one action. More storyline build up for WWE Payback in June. It's looking like we will be seeing rematches of Cena/Wyatt, Kane/Bryan and The Shield/Evolution for the special event.

Highlights of Smackdown:
- U.S. Champion, Sheamus, gave former champion, Dean Ambrose, his rematch for the U.S. Title. I think Sheamus has already defended the title more then Ambrose did when he had it (Sarcasm). Reigns and Rollins sat this one out as Ambrose rolled solo.
- Cesaro and Bad News Barrett continued their feuds with RVD and Big E as they were teamed up in tag team action. RVD accidentally kicks Big E in the face costing them the match.
- More "crushing" from Rusev as his undefeated streak continued on Kofi Kingston.
- Bray Wyatt cuts a promo on John Cena talking about judgment and about no one coming back from where they are going.
- The other two members of The Shield were in action as Reigns battled Mark Henry and Rollins battled Batista. Reigns showed unbelievable strength as he lifted Henry and Samoan Dropped him with ease. Rollins wasn't as lucky as he crashed and burned into the announcers table then suffered a huge Batista Bomb and appeared injured after the match.
- The Wyatt Family continued their feud with John Cena in the main event in a six man tag. Cena teamed up with The Usos but they came up short.

Quick Match Results:
- WWE U.S. Title: Sheamus (c) def. Dean Ambrose by pin.
- Cesaro and Bad News Barrett def. RVD and Big E by pin.
- Rusev def. Kofi Kingston by submission.
- Fandango and Layla def. Santino and Emma by pin.
- Roman Reigns def. Mark Henry by pin.
- Los Matodores def. 3MB by pin.
- Batista def. Seth Rollins by countout.
- The Wyatt Family def. The Usos and John Cena by pin.

WWE News and Rumors:
- AJ Lee was advertised to return for the upcoming WWE European Tour but now she has been taken off the advertisements.
- Possible rumor going around is Sheamus might be taking Batista's spot in Evolution when Batista takes time off.
- Speaking of Sheamus, rumor going around was that he and Sin Cara were involved in a backstage fight this week, where Sin Cara beat up Sheamus. Sheamus responded on Twitter stating that he didn't remember fighting and that was just the way they hug things out. So if it didn't happen, but that's how you hug things out? Then it must have happened? Sounds like someone is embarrassed that a little fella got the best of them.
- WWE will be releasing a new DVD/Blu-Ray in the coming weeks. Greatest Wrestling Factions will be the title. The DVD/Blu-Ray will cover some of the best factions in wrestling history. Some of the factions included are: D-X, The Four Horsemen, nWo, The Freebirds, Nation of Domination, The Heenan Family, Evolution and others.
- All you CM Punk fans, rumor has it that one of Punk's close friends has gone on the record stating Punk is officially retired. Again no official word from Punk himself.

That'll wrap things up for this edition of Wrestling Lockup with Brandon. I'll return Tuesday for the RAW recap and more WWE News. Till then tap or snap.

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